Ode To Silverwolf ... Finally

I know it has been a long time coming, but things get in the way (work, life, and other things that cross my mind) but finally the Ode to SilverWolf aka SilverFish is complete.

Ode To SilverFish

They call you Silverfish even though it isn't your name
Shouldn't that tell you something about what people think
More than just me hates you I'm sure your parents do to
Your moderating controlled by Amy, how low can you sink?

Would it really hurt for you to think for yourself?
You that stupid that you need Amy to wipe your ass?
Some think you are Amy but some think Chaos Wolf
The name used on a diaper fetish site with no class.

So you moderate the MJHD forum and think you do good
Deleting and moving posts and topics but nothing else
You mean nothing and they laugh behind your back
Kissing Amy's ass has proven to be bad for your health

Keep nominating people and I'll eventually add them to the MJHD Poetic wall of shame.


Creative Advertising At MJHD

We all know that MJHD has advertising, it is the biggest money make for Auntie Amy, it makes more money per day than the donate button does in a month. But the adverts don't always match the overall feeling of the website or the forum.

So as another gift to Auntie Amy, and all the members of MJHD here are some adverts which are more fitting:

The tag line could be "For the busy administrator who is just too busy counting money to stop."

No tag line - the advert speaks for itself.

Once again the advert speaks for itself.

So hopefully, with these ideas in mind, we will all see more appropriate advertising on MJHD.



Auntie Amy Needs More Money

With the debate about when MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com was created still not settled - well it is settled, just that Auntie Amy hasn't admitted it yet. A new angle on the debate comes into play.

On October 29, 2009, Auntie Amy registered the website www.thisisalsoit.com through GoDaddy. And yes once again this would be October 29, 2009, Australian time.

Luckily, this time she was smart enough to hide personal information but she was not that smart as it redirects to MJHD.

So to avoid any issues, I checked with GoDaddy and the customer number for MJHD and ThisIsAlsoIt are exactly the same.

So the people who are legitimately going to MJHD are not enough for Auntie Amy; she needs to increase her revenue by having sites that redirect to MJHD.

And a word to the wise - hiding public information only works if you have your public information hidden from the start. But when you add it to accounts that were, and are not hidden, it unfortunately makes hiding the information pointless.

So for the loyal members of MJHD please be aware that the increase in trolls, and people who believe Michael is dead that will soon be arriving was caused by Auntie Amy trying to cash in on people looking for information and details about the film.



MJHD Ask For Darkness - I Am Happy To Oblige

Some of the the people, obviously from MJHD, think that what they have seen written is vile, disgusting, and a load of other pointless words. Now after Tis_Ruthy's appearance supposedly I am confused, and need to look inside myself for the evil that I truly am. It was something like that - not too sure seems I only read it once. So I took a look and for once MJHD members that wanted to bash me were right; I had gone soft to some extent. So now I'm back...


Six thousand members; not all of them real
Auntie Amy makes money on her google deal
Afraid to speak for fear of being banned
What you give, she takes with one hand

The Illuminati - two words which can't be mentioned
All of the topics must be approved and sanctioned
Auntie Amy rules the forum with an iron fist
If you question her then she will be pissed
(It's OK she wears diapers for that)

You all bitch about Karen Faye and Facebook
Have you ever stopped and took a look?
It is one persons opinion, just words and thoughts
MJHD stole and were eventually caught

All you fuckers can come back here and bitch
Ramblings about how I'm evil - that's rich!
I'm not the one selling or dirtying Michael's name
I leave that to MJHD and Auntie Amy's game

And that was pretty light. I was going to get really dark but the words dead, Amy, cum, blood, and whore shouldn't appear in any sentence. So I lightened it up.

So for the ones taking notes - this is how Auntie Amy sees Michael's name:



You Just Couldn't Make This Up

I originally logged in to do a quick poem on Silverfish; but I was checking email at the time, and someone had sent a link to the MJHD forum and said I had to look it.

So I did. What drugs are those people taking? I mean, I know some crack addicts that don't even think this shit would be normal.

The topic is "my computer sent me a strange message??i tryed that 7 thing someone brought up". I apologize for the spelling errors in the title and the connected post but I had to leave it as originally posted.

EternalBliss.Mikela wrote: "i was on the forum and stuff and searching other things in my other tabs…you know search Michael Jackson sites and stuff..i was looking for site with 7 links and kept clicking on 7 links…the 7th link each time…okay well i kept doing this and it brought me to a page that said.."Are you sure you want to do this?"….weird..it had like no answer box or nothing just the big words on the screen…so i go and refresh the page..the same words come up bigger.."Are you sure you want to do this?"..so i wait..and im think now..yeah i wanna do this..and i was like going around this page for like a secret passage thing or somethiing ..found nothing..so in the web address entry thingy i typed yes….so the screen refreshed but like my computer like went into some freaky mode..like my whole entire screen was filling with words..seven,alive,and all this stuff..like everything was flashing b4 my eyes..and like this clip started playing…my volume was up and it was like..opera music?? playing in the background..you know suspense music..like dunh duhn nun nun dhunhdun..something like that….and then this is it in big words..with Michael's voice just saying like this is it.the way he says something like thriller..like he was saying THIS IS IT..like as a statement..then my screen went blank..i was angry..i think somebody was hacking my computer but my virus control didnt detect anything..and now my history has been erased..my search history..its all blank…can somebody explain this too me cuz im freaking out…now im trying to go back to all the sites in the order that i did but nothing yet..ive been trying for like 2 and a half hours now…that seemed like so surreal..wth….edit:i meant 7 links..i was nervous and was typing fast..sorry"

Then fellow MJHD member, Loveu, replied: "That sounds totally weird. Maybe someone is messing with you or maybe our beloved Michael is trying to tell you something!"

You have to be kidding me. This Is It has been out for 2 days and the best that can be posted is this drugged-up shit? Come on. It doesn't even work.

"so in the web address entry thingy i typed yes" and nothing would of happened. Ever hear of HyperText Transfer Protocol? The word 'yes' on it's own would do nothing in the address entry. At the very best it would search for a site with a common ending such as .com, .gov, etc.

And mysteriously EternalBliss.Mikela cannot remember the link where all this marvelous technical magic took place.

Did you realize if you type EternalBliss.Mikela into the address bar it just comes up with a white page with the word MORON?

On a more serious note, and no this isn't me confused or anything, Henda11 put up a post for a petition for the media to stop using the term "Jacko". Something I wholeheartedly agree with. And yes I did sign the petition if the MJHD members want to try and work out which one I am.

The MJHD Forum topic is here. And if you just want to sign the petition without visiting MJHD then just go here.

Now although I support this petition 100%, and have never liked that term being used, I do have to wonder how the Admin of MJHD, Auntie Amy, feels - seems the original web page of MJHD used to say "Is Jacko Really Dead?" rather than the "Is The King Of Pop Dead?" that it now uses.

Let's hope Auntie Amy has truly learned the error of her way (well at least in this aspect) and has made retribution by signing the petition.


The Majority Of MJHD Hate Me

Before anyone thinks this is one of those whining posts like Auntie Amy does - it is not.

MJHD members, and others, if you do not like me I do not care. It is as simple as that. I don't give a fuck what you people think of me. I'm just putting my point across, if you don't like it fuck off somewhere else where everything is all sterile, and censored, and controlled - oh wait you already are - MJHD.

I just enjoyed a great night's sleep - see I don't care what people think about me. You dumb fucking ignorant bastards come on here saying I am 'dirtying' Michael's name because I comment on a money-making, scheming, whore. Yet you attack me for voicing my opinion and say "L.O.V.E" and everything else Michael stood for. Look at yourselves before you try to analyze me. Ever thought I may be the one standing up for Michael while you dumb fucks stay and let Auntie Amy rape your minds for her own financial gain.

I am not the one who originally used the term "Jacko" on a website (especially when Michael hated that name). I am not the one that is asking for money for doing something a fan would do as appreciation for the music, the videos, the concerts, the memories.

So to all the haters at MJHD that think I give a fuck about their whining:

Kiss my motherfucking undiapered ass you stupid little fucks. And time will show you that I was right, Auntie Amy is in it for the money, and you can all feel like a bunch of cocklicks for supporting someone that degraded Michael's name.

Other than that have a great day. Peace


A Great Post Over At MJHD

From the comments I realize some people think my commentary of MJHD is vile and disgusting. This post does not address that. I don't care if the minority of people don't like what I have to say. If you don't like it don't read it. And I'd feel the same if the majority of people were of the opinion that my commentary was vile and disgusting. It is my opinion on a blog; if you don't like it don't read it - I'm not forcing anyone to read this; it is just there. If people want to read it that is great, if not then that is choice.

Anyway the main point of this post is a topic that was started by KeepXTheXFaith over at MJHD. The topic is their opinion of the This Is It movie (and it does contain some spoilers that those who have yet to see the movie may not want to know). And in all honesty, it is a well written post by KeepXTheXFaith. It is not critical of anyone, or anything, just stating the facts as they saw them; when they watched the movie.

The topic can be found here (remember it does contain spoilers).

It is days like this, that I just sit back and smile.



Ode To Tis_Ruthy

I wasn't going to do this one, but then I thought why not. Silverfish can wait a day or two.

Tis_Ruthy you think that I care what you think
You come to this blog trying to cause a stink
You just made yourself look stupid and dumb
If I wanted to attack MJHD you'd all feel numb

You complain and you whine and throw a fit
Saying this blog and these people just will not quit
You are damn right we will not quit on this blog
You can fuck off back to MJHD you stuck up snob

If you hated this blog and thought us all wrong
Why come back? Are you smoking a bong?
So take your points and shove them up your ass
Just for fun wrap your points in broken glass.


I Have Been Twitterized

OK, due to popular demand you can now follow me on twitter. Don't ask me why, but there is the occasional time you want to write a quick one line joke and a post just doesn't seem right.

So if you have nothing better to do follow me on twitter.


See you all there.

MJHD In The Media - It Wasn't Good News

So MJHD made it to the media, well actually the Scotsman website. Then they all got excited because MJHD was mentioned in a review of the This Is It movie.

The thread, started by MJHD member Serendipity, thinks it great that Andrew Eaton mentions the MJHD website in his review of the film.

Why do these people not read what they are posting? The article, by Andrew Eaton, states:

"It was all an ingenious, mindbogglingly elaborate plan to pay off his huge debts. He'd pretend to die, and the inevitable surge in music and merchandise sales would make him enough to start over."

So, according to the mindless members over at MJHD, this is good. Obviously they never read it. Just saw some text in front of them and decided to post a "Wow this is great" comment.

Andrew Eaton states that Michael, if he did hoax his death, did it purely for the money. Did it so he could make "enough to start over again."

So if Michael did it for the money, all your other theories are surely shot in the ass. He didn't do it to prove a point to the media, he didn't do it to prove the media is full of lies and hatred, he didn't do it for the fans, according to Andrew Eaton he did it purely for the money. So all the members of MJHD have been praising Michael for nothing because if your going to believe Andrew Eaton, Michael did it for the money and not the fans - so it's just a job.

Then just when you think the insanity cannot get any worse along comes member 3D and says: "Wow! Michael! Did you see this article? It's really OK to come back now. The world is waiting and they want back! We love you!!!!!!"

Oh no, back to the "we are so important that Michael reads this forum" crap again.

Read the article Serendipity. Andrew Eaton is saying Michael did it for the money, and not the fans, or any other reason, so although he mentions MJHD (not the porn site) he basically says you all wasted your time because Michael did it for the money - pure and simple.

Why do these members not read the posts of their own members? KLHayes put a great article on the front page about not believing everything you read and a lot more besides. My suggestion, Serendipity go back read that article by KLHayes, and when it sinks in and makes sense log in and then start to comment properly. Until that time stay away from the computer.


Five Changes Name To Orange Dude Culver 405

I'm hoping the poem wasn't that bad that Five changed their name because of it. Strange coincidence most likely. Would the name change distract people from thinking that Five is Auntie Amy? If the name is no longer the number on your front door people will soon forget I suppose.

Orange Dude Culver 405 is a bit of a mouth full so I'm glad I got the poem out of the way. Although it ends in '5' still.

So please Silverfish/wolf, Tis_Ruthy, and any moderator please do not change your names until your official MJHDC poem has been completed.

Orange Dude Culver 405? Seriously was you whacked out on medication at the time? Drop a few pills and start seeing orange people. The orange people are the Oompa Loompas from the original WIlly Wonka film. Don't be afraid, they want to help you. Speaking of which you might want to get some help.

405, did you know your picture to word ratio is approximately 7:1 (based on three random posts)? Speak up more. Your username has more words than you say.


MJHD - The Album

So as the peeps over at MJHD are so important it is only a matter of time before a compilation album is made for them; who knows it may even be a soundtrack to the film "MJHD - More Bullshit Than A Dairy Farm".

Here is the track listing, which I'm sure George Lucas will be interested in when he makes the movie. And in the movie I want to be cast as Auntie Amy - the warm feeling of pee filling my diaper as another adult stranger changes me for all to see - just sounds so wrong it might actually be fun.

Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy
Miley Cyrus - Quit Telling Lies
Mary J Blige - No More Drama
Live - Selling The Drama
Uncle Jim - Funky As A Diaper
Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Andrea Parker - Breaking The Code
Thompson Twins - We are detectives
Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds

Auntie Amy, when you read this, because I know you do (see I'm a lowly blogger Michael doesn't come to me like he does to the almighty oracle known as MJHD), don't forget you caused this.


Traffic Still Declining While Members Rise

OK so traffic may still be decining over at MJHD. But who cares, the members numbers keep going up and up.

According to Site Analytics the number of unique page views has dropped and dropped at MJHD; but somehow the member number continues to rise. The figures are:

July 09: 36,759
August 09: 16,061
September 09: 11,570

So with unique page views dropping like dead flies how do member numbers keep rising? In all honesty it is impossible, unless the new members don't post anything which would be pointless as they could just read without signing up.

And for the oh so important people at MJHD. Reality, and proven figures, would suggest your not that important. Could it be that your scripted appearances of clues, and the endless censorship is no longer amusing. Or could it be that when someone already registered with MJHD (or Auntie Amy) creates a new member it doesn't count for anything because it is not a unique page view?

Technical note: Unique page views represents the number of individual visitors who have reviewed your pages: Each visitor to your site is counted only once, no matter how many pages he/she opens. This is based on IP address so that figures cannot be cheated by spam and scripts.


Ode To Five

It was requested that a poem be done about Five, and I'll have to be honest I couldn't remember anything important that Five had done. So I went and looked at some of their posts and realized why I didn't remember any - nothing was said that was worth remembering.

Joke Calms China said "Germany is the key"
Five posted over 200 times "It's me, me, me"
Over 3000 posts with absolutely nothing to say
x_Skyline_Bleeds_Red_x still leads the way

Five just sits there and posts more pointless crap
Posting and posting without even taking a nap
No clues, theories, ideas, or anything to say
Hoping to hit the mystical 5000 posts some day

Five, one day you'll have 10,000 posts posted
You'll win a prize so your bread can be toasted
50,000 posts and you win a brand new car
But please stop and think - you are taking this too far



Ode To Auntie Amy

So that people don't think I am showing favouritism to Rhiannon I had to create a little poem for Auntie Amy. Before anyone decides to complain that I can't write poetry I already know this; but it is Sunday morning and God is smiling down so I thought why not.

Amy, your a florist, writer, and web designer
As scams go yours couldn't be finer
Making money with Paypal and Google
Logo design by Henda looks like doodles

Auntie Amy you need to really be honest
More and more people are picking up on this
So put on your diaper and shout out with glee
"I wear a diaper and I like to pee"

You know that Rhiannon will come to your aide
Kissing your ass and enjoying the taste
Commenting on things which she has no clue
Oh wait some people think Rhiannon is you

Have a wonderful Sunday (Tuesday if your computer runs on MJHD time).


Helping Out MJHD Again - I'm Just Too Kind

I noticed that Henda11 had been playing with MS paint, and was trying to design a logo for the website/forum of MJHD. Well, I wasn't too impressed as they were very generic. So seems I'd found out where Photoshop had installed I decided to help Auntie Amy out; and design her a logo.

The logo is free of all copyright; and the MJ image in the back has a public domain license attached so that is safe too. Auntie Amy it is my early Christmas present to you.

See, I'm not the disgruntled member, some retarded people try to make me out to be.


Five Answers - The Clues Not The Moderator

So that everyone can really enjoy their weekend, and smile in the knowledge that they got the clues right. here are the answers for the clues that have been released this week:

#1: Just a simple one, the ABR (Australian Business Registration) number of Amy Sampson. It was listed on the Australian government's website.

#2: 5037853162289321; the Google Adsense account for Amy Sampson. Remember this number as there are approximately 23 other websites it is on.

#3: 06262010 is the date. 14703.93 is the amount Amy will make after paying for dedicated hosting with GoDaddy.

#4: It was just an anagram - Header Purifies Tits. Which when unscrambled is Diaper Fetish Is True.

#5: -1. Someone got it spot on, so here's their explanation: "
It indicates the number of posts a member has posted. Only the Admin can have a -1 posts on their username which indicates that the MJHD Admin has been posing as members while posting in the forums because there are a host of members with -1 on their user name."

That's the five clues answered. Hope most of you got them all correct.



MJHD Locks Out The Illuminati

Before I go anywhere with this post I wholeheartedly believe that the Illuminati and New World Order is right in everything that they do; no matter what they do. I'm kidding. Now that my bank account is safe from the Bilderberg Group I'll get to the point of this post.

Someone, most likely Auntie Amy, decided in their infinite wisdom to lock, or delete, all topics regarding the Illuminati. Why? - I don't know - the official response over at MJHD, supplied by moderator Henda11, is "People post topics about the Illuminati and NWO to intimidate people ... I have had 1st hand experience of friends who have let it rule their life ... it is completely pathetic."

Woah, hold up. It is pathetic? Rules lives? It intimidates people?

Pathetic? From the people following MidnightMLK on twitter - don't make me f**king laugh. You follow a person on twitter because they have told you what? Oh yeah they told you that GH was controlling their mind and committing astral murders; and trying to control Michael too. Wait - Mind Control? Like what the Illuminati are alleged to do? So why not lock the MidnightMLK topic, because someone robbing the world through corrupt banks doesn't scare me half as much as a nutjob on twitter thinking they are being astrally attacked by Gary Hudson while they experience DMT.

Also MJHD, in their infinite wisdom, allow a topic which was started on 10/17/2009 by MJHD member all4love to remain. In it all4love claims: "I have been researching 2012, energy, vibrations, etc for quite some time now and Michael just slots right on in there."

2012? The end of the world is slightly more worrying than a bunch of power-crazed bankers thinking that one day they will rule the world. Hell, in 3 years there will be no world to rule.

And while we are bitching at topics remaining. Who selectively allowed the topic on 33NWOmj's twitter remain? Just in case you didn't guess it the 33 could be the thirty-third level of the Freemasons aka Illuminati - could it be more than a coincidence there are 33 clues in the movie? And just in case the 33 means nothing NWO aka New World Order is the Illuminati.

And for some people it might seem weirder to believe that Michael Jackson is alive than the fact a bunch of power-crazed, warmongering, bankers are controlling the world. And the Illuminati, and NWO, have been investigated a lot longer.

So Tupak Shakur mentioned that the Illuminati were trying to kill him because he was a successful, black, musician. Why would there be the possibility that they might go after Michael - because he's black, successful, and a musician. Nah. It's a coincidence and Henda11's friends let the Illuminati rule their life so obviously all the people who know about the Illuminati will be ruled by them just like Henda11's friends.

Come on members of MJHD. If you like it at MJHD that is great. But would you let your neighbour come round and tell you what you can and cannot discuss? The Admin, Auntie Amy, and the moderators need you. Without you the members there is nobody to moderate. Without members Amy has nobody clicking her ads; making her money. Don't roll over, stand up, and if you don't get what you want go to other forums.

MJHD keeps mentioning they are the biggest and best MJ forum concerning the faked death. But that is only possible because of the members.



What F**king Script Are They Using At MJHD?

So the topic was entitled "What Happened To The MJHD Shop, Amy?" Before I fell off my chair laughing I decided to read it. WTF is this?

From reading the topic, I came to 3 possible conclusions:

1. TrustNoOne is actually Amy.
2. TrustNoOne received her script by email.
3. TrustNoOne has their head so far Amy's ass they can't even see the light.

For those that don't want to give MJHD the traffic the main part of the script is as follows:

TrustNoOne: "I thought about the shop again and would like to know if it's completely off target. I like Dragon's MJHD sign very much and could imagine it on bracelets and even printed on T-Shirts and caps. It could be a 'cryptically' written "Addicted to" or "I luv" and the MHJD sign. Think that would look great and no rights stuff to take care of………."

Admin: "Hi Trust – It's a great thought, I would really love to do the MJHD apparel, but I don't own mjhd.com or anything like that – wish I did then it would work out great. Sadly, the merchandise has been met with much controversy – with Michael's name or not – and I think I'd prefer to leave it alone."

Seriously, what a load of shit. "has been met with much controversy" should read "I am a dumbass who put MJ RIP on t-shirts, traffic went down and less of these morons were clicking on my ads."

What the hell is happening over there? Auntie Amy has you so brainwashed that you cannot see the truth. Think Michael, when he returns, is going to be oh so happy that you supported another money making schemer? Get real.

Clue #5 - The Final Clue

Today's clue is an oddity, but at the same time it is also an important clue. The clue is:


That is it for the clue. As usual, if you don't have a clue what the clue is on about, ask Auntie Amy. But if you need a hint - Think about members.

And the answers for all 5 clues will be given some time this weekend.


Jonathon @ Michael Jackson Hoax Death

So as all the Australian members of MJHD are banding together, and during the lull in the wait for the release of This Is It - The Movie, through MJHD member GetItRight comes Jonathon with startling revelations who reveals ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

But wait, the drama does not stop there. More and more MJHD members are getting messages which also reveal ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. What the hell is going on at MJHD? Is Auntie Amy wearing the wrong perfume?

Allegedly, according to an old saying "If you give 100 monkeys typewriters they will eventually create Shakespeare." (Something like that any way).

Wikipedia will re-write this phrase by the end of 2009: "If you give 100 MJHD members enough drama the will eventually create ABSOLUTELY NOTHING."

I'm not complaining, or even questioning, the intelligence of MJHD members, just that in their quest for the truth they have allowed themselves to be lead by drama and obvious stupidity. The worse bit is that Auntie Amy doesn't care how stupid the members of MJHD look as long as they click the donate button.

Auntie Amy has to be looking at the whole of MJHD as an episode of Neighbours (It is a really tacky soap in Australia). She is watching, laughing, and counting the cash as she rapes the minds of the MJHD members; and their wallets.

Victory For The Real Fans

Finally the Admin of MJHD is starting to see sense. The line of tasteless, and down right tacky, clothes that the Admin of MJHD was selling seems to be no more.

A quick jaunt over to the MJAS (Michael Jackson/Amy Sampson) shop and at the moment (10/23/09) there is nothing there.

A moral victory for all the true fans of Michael. Tonight we celebrate in the streets.

But wait, it still doesn't alter the fact that the Admin of MJHD was selling t-shirts and other tasteless items which stated that Michael Jackson was Resting In Peace.

So on the high of this victory, I urge all members of MJHD to look deep into your hearts, look past the hype of Amy's sob story, look past the fact you mistakenly clicked the donate button, look past all that, stand up and proudly shout "THIS IS IT - NO MORE WILL I BE LEAD BY A MONEYMAKING SCHEMER!" Then politely, and merrily, go to MJKit's forum where free speech is still alive; and Moderators don't delete topics without reading them.

On the subject of Moderators deleting topics without reading them (It was possibly a message from Michael. Not that important, delete it.) How do you become a moderator at MJHD with only 15 posts? Is there an application form? What about the members that have worked their asses off investigating, analyzing, and researching since day one?

Michael Is Latoya - It Was On MJHD

I know a lot of people who visit this blog think I just want to bash MJHD, and the Admin of MJHD, but I don't. Sometimes I like to help them out in their investigations.

Well I noticed they had some discussion regarding Michael being Latoya (although I think the National Enquirer covered this back in the eighties) and I was a bit dubious at first. But I fired up Photoshop for the first time, and you know the comparison is like looking at twins.

Obviously I am joking. Come on MJHD, I know not much is going on until the movie comes out but digging up old National Enquirer stories until it does is sinking a little low. Who next - Larry King is Michael, Glenn Beck is Michael?

Actually I can't ever remember seeing President Obama and Michael in the same room. Could this be a coincidence or something deeper?

While I'm here. Why when you go to MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com does the title bar say Michael Jackson Death Hoax? What is the point of changing the title after members have already questioned the grammar?



Clue #4 - An Anagram

Nothing major this time, and in homage to JCC, it is an anagram:


Have fun with that one. Remember if you don't have any idea whatsoever ask Auntie Amy over at MJHD.


How Much Does Free Speech Cost?

Slightly off-topic, but what is up with MJHD Chat? When you go to enter Chat you are greeted with the screen below:

Now the screen clearly states: "The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Discussion is brought to you by Gixaw Chat and is no longer controlled by MJHD or MJHD Administration. MJHD and it's Administrator take no responsibility for any events and/or conflicts within the chatroom."

Well a little bird told me that last night a member by the name bec came into the chatroom and asked about timestamps as hers was displaying that she was last logged in on 10-23-2009 even though it was only 10-21-2009.

Instantly she was jumped on by the moderators of the chatroom (who don't have any right to moderate seems it is not controlled by MJHD any more) and told that the subject was off limits because it would lead to questions about Amy and possibly bashing the Admin.

But, surely, as a hoax death site which investigates various things concerned with the faked death of Michael Jackson wouldn't the fact that the date is 2 days off be important? It certainly ties in with other possibilities about the site being created before the reported death.

So the question remains. Why do moderators, linked to MJHD, have the right to constrict the flow of freedom of speech and thought in a chatroom not controlled by MJHD? Is it OK to discuss all other possibilities as long as you don't question what could be the most important thing about the whole MJHD site - it's creation?

And as a closing note for the MJHD members, that have discussed the possibility that there is more than one person acting as Admin of MJHD. Notice the screen above says "ADMINISTRATOR" not "ADMINISTRATORS" - so a single person and not a group of persons.

Finally, and all MJHD members should be posting topics about this like crazy - MODERATORS NEED CASH TOO. If Amy was to give up some of her profits to the people that actually do the work, maybe they would be more accommodating if they were receiving some of MJHD's vast profits.



No Hard Feelings

I'm a fair person, and I'd like to balance all the bad vibes about MJHD at the moment. So without further ado, free of charge, I offer Amy, the Admin of MJHD, one of my carefully crafted slogans.


Totally free and feel free to use it as a new tag line on the website if you want. And Amy I have the t-shirt already designed for you.


Ode To Rhiannon

Oh MJHD member Rhiannon
The only thing that rhymes is cinnamon
You comment on things you don't know
Take your mouth away from Amy's hole

You claim I'm disgruntled and rather upset
You don't even know if Michael is Latoya yet
You sit on your pedestal as you judge
Take your mouth away here comes Amy's fudge

You think I care what you say about me
I care about as much as Eminem and Christopher Reeves
Say what you want you stupid little bitch
When I reach between my legs its not from an itch.

We love your special helmet Rhiannon - Keep the faith

The MJHD Muppet Show & Amy The Puppet Master

Before I start with this post I would like to congratulate a MJHD moderator once again for getting the answer again; although not the first this time. And yes it is true that is the amount Cubestat.com says the Admin of MJHD will make after paying for dedicated hosting.

Yes on June 26, 2010, after paying for dedicated hosting, with GoDaddy, Amy will have earned $14,703.93.

So that leads me on to the point of this post. How much money do the moderators get paid?

From what has been posted on MJHD, and other forums, has proven that the moderators of MJHD do all the work, with deleting posts, editing posts, and removing topics etc.

So, just how much of the $14,000 are the moderators going to get? Absolutely nothing, all they get is the eternal gratitude of Amy, the Admin of MJHD, and a smile as she walks off counting her money.

The moderators take all the crap from members that are truly upset with the rules that the moderators are commanded to enforce; and for this they get a nice big thank you. Amy who only comes on, under various different account names on MJHD, only appears when it is either time to create drama or write another "poor little me, everyone hates me, but don't forget to buy a t-shirt, premium membership, and a charm bracelet which someone on the forum will design for free so I can make more money - oh and click that donate button."

So if the moderators have any backbone whatsoever you should start asking for your cut of the profits that Amy is making while you try and work out if Latoya, Joe, Jermaine, or Katherine is really Michael.

Clue #3 - The Future Holds The Truth

Well, in keeping with the JCC (Joke Calms China) theme, this third clue is a little bit more difficult than the second clue.

06262010 = 14703.93

And once again for those working out the clues here's a little hint: If there was no donations or sales, the year would be great.

You know that hint just makes it too easy; but if you do get stuck ask the Admin of MJHD for a little help on this one.


Finally They See The Light

What can I say. Finally MJHD members have started questioning the facts around MJHD and the Admin. The thread can be viewed here. As soon as I am told the thread has been deleted by the moderators or the Admin I'll put the screenshot here so it can be seen.

Ladies and gentlemen that have seen the light - Welcome To The Real World.

Just a couple of small points to mention while I am here:

Congratulations to the first person to get the 2nd clue correct. I never thought it would be a MJHD moderator that would get it first. Actually I wasn't sure MJHD moderators were allowed to admit reading this blog.

Clue #3 Coming Tomorrow.

Another Clue: The Evidence Keeps Coming

So for all that enjoyed yesterday's clue, and some of you got it right, here is the new MJHD clue. A little bit easier this time; but fun none the less:


Now as a hint, this number is why you don't need to donate any money to MJHD.

Talking of donations, you all know the 'paypal donation' button on the MJHD website, which helps the upkeep of the site, or the Admin make money if the truth is finally sinking in, have you ever looked at the source code for that button? Well, for those that answered "no" here is a snippet of that source code:

name="business" value="payments@michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com"

And I know this is going to be explained as yet another glitch, or the Admin didn't realise there was an option for personal use, but donations are meant for charities that need money to help people, animals, or causes not a business which already makes in excess of $900 a month with running costs each month less than half that.

Have fun with the clue and remember "The Truth Is Out There To Be Found If Your Eyes Are Not Blinded By The Hype."


A New Clue For MJHD - Like JCC But Better!

Just a quick, short, post - done just for fun.

Well, as the MJHD forum members liked the clues from Joke Calms China (JCC) here is one to really baffle you all:

64 190 890 302

Now you just have to work out what it means. And MJHD members if you need help with this one ask the Admin of MJHD.


What Is In A Name? - The Rebuttal

For those that never saw the blog/forum entry here is the full unedited text of what Amy Sampson, the Admin of MJHD, had to say:

Hi there everyone – it seems the time has come once again when the spotlight has turned from Michael Jackson and the Hoax Death discussion and has been brought back to myself, MJHD Admin. I would like to say a big hello to all of our MJHD Admin ‘Haters’ who are having a wonderful time at the moment on their Forums and Blogs – taking a ‘so-called’ constructive look at me personally and at this site as usual.

I feel the need has arisen to address a few issues and pose a few questions of my own. I realise that I had two options regarding this situation – to either ignore all of you ‘Haters’ or address you. In my decision of writing this post to you, I realise that my words and entire post will be under your scrutiny. You will most likely copy it word for word into your little Forums and onto your Blogs, make snide remarks about me, laugh, joke and be as rude as possible – however I no longer have the patience to ignore you, but at the same time, I don’t really care what you have to say either.

You may be curious as to what I’m about to say though. Firstly, I would like to remind you that the more you speculate and try to ‘dig’ into my personal identity and personal life – the more wrong you are.

You continue to look into the identity of the name ‘Amy Sampson’, merely because it appears on the IP Lookup information available freely on the internet. Had it ever occurred to you that this might not be the only name of it’s kind?

You continue to look into this name – and you’re all convinced that any and all information you find about ‘Amy Sampson’ is the same person. It has obviously never occurred to you that there is more than one person of that name in Australia, USA and the World –in fact I would go so far as to say that there are hundreds.

If you do a Google Image search on this name – there are many pictures of different women, however all of you ridiculous ‘Haters’ still choose to believe there is one person of this name and that’s that.

You have done some digging as you call it and it has brought you to a Blog or two. These Blogs tell you exactly what you want to hear about this person and this name so you believe every word. You have found out – because someone told you so – that a person named Amy Sampson is the Admin of this site and that she is also the Admin of other sites. It has never occurred to you that it’s not the same person because that is not what you want to hear.

I feel sorry for you. It has obviously never occurred to you ‘Haters’ that you should be ashamed of yourselves. All of you, who contribute to your little Blogs and Forums have your screen names. No one knows your real first name – let alone full name. No one has slandered your name or has said nasty untrue things about you, and I’m sure if you were honest with yourself, if someone (or many people) were doing this to you, you would feel deeply hurt and angered.

But the sad truth is, you don’t even stop to think that what you’re doing could be hurting someone’s feelings. All you want is to make yourself feel good, by bringing someone down, slandering them and embellishing untrue rumours about them.

And the even sadder thing is the reason why you’re doing this…because the person with this name decided to create a website, devote many hours to it’s creation and upkeep, spend money on it, put a Forum on it and continue to work on it for hours each day. You are sadly justifying to yourselves that because the Admin of MJHD has put this site on the web, that it’s OK to bad mouth her and talk about her in a degrading and nasty way.

You have decided that because MJHD Admin closed down the Forum when people were digging into her personal identity previously, that it must mean that she was guilty of what they accused her of.

Had it not ever occurred to you that if you were in the position of MJHD Admin – to find that some of your own members had posted multiple links to a website with mountains of information about her so-called identity along with mountains of UNTRUE information, of a very degrading and rude nature that you would have shut down your Forum also? Had it not occurred to you that MJHD Admin did not want this kind of Untrue CRAP all over her own Forum and realised the only way she could stop being degraded and slandered on her own website was to close access to the Forum for a few days?

No, of course you haven’t thought of that. Why? Because to you, ‘Amy Sampson’ is just a name -10 letters on a page. To you this is not an identity or a real person.

Wake Up. Do yourselves a favour and find something else to bitch about. You are all wrong and just making yourselves look even more ridiculous, the more you carry on and on about MJHD Admin.

With what you are doing, there are only two possible outcomes….for MJHD to be shutdown completely and to cease to exist or for it to get bigger, better and stronger.

I assure you, it’s not going to be shutdown.

Good news travels fast – but bad news travels even faster.

I want to thank all of you for making this site even bigger and for giving it so much more exposure. The more you carry on about MJHD Admin and the site itself, the more exposure the Hoax and this site is getting, so you’re essentially making my job that much easier.

You are, however, at the same time, making yourselves look like complete idiots.

Such a shame.

For those of you who are curious about MJHD Admin and want to know about her please visit this site: http://www.amysampson.com.au

Tweet This Post #amysampson

Now here comes my rebuttal to the statement, and errors, that Amy Sampson, the Admin of MJHD, made.

Firstly I start by pointing out that I have never made a snide, or rude, comment about Amy. All my comments have been aimed at how the site of MJHD, including the forum, have been run. Were some of those comments childish, immature, or stupid? Yes; but I was dropping it down to the level of the Admin of MJHD. Which she has clearly proven by her post.

"You may be curious as to what I’m about to say though. Firstly, I would like to remind you that the more you speculate and try to ‘dig’ into my personal identity and personal life – the more wrong you are." - Sorry Amy, none of it is wrong. For starters all of this can be tracked, and proven by IP address, and your ISP, and various other ways.

And as for digging - the information that has been posted is just the start. If you want to make it personal that is fine by me I have all the information that I need. I was directing my efforts purely on the MJHD website/forum because every effort has been made by that site to make money. My blog does not sell t-shirts which say "Rest In Peace MJ". Also you make enough through Google Adsense to maintain the site; if you want the full account details posted I can do that for you.

You claim to be searching for the truth; but would you still be searching for the truth if it was not profitable?

"You continue to look into this name – and you’re all convinced that any and all information you find about ‘Amy Sampson’ is the same person. It has obviously never occurred to you that there is more than one person of that name in Australia, USA and the World –in fact I would go so far as to say that there are hundreds."

Amy it has obviously never occurred to you that I did my research. I will stand behind my information (all publicly accessible) 100%. Heck, I could even give your business details here if I wanted. But as I said, and to repeat the point because with some people things don't sink in too well, I put my efforts in to the reality of the MJHD site/forum and not you personally. You I do not care about, I just care that you are taking the very members that keep your site alive for a ride.

"If you do a Google Image search on this name – there are many pictures of different women..." Woohoo, this bit was not me as I have never mentioned what you look like. But it did give me a warm feeling to know that more and more people are on to your scheme.

As for people slandering you. Not sure where you got that from - guessing it must be another of the haters and not me. But if it was directed at me you are most definitely wrong as everything I have put can be proven, and there are secure copies of all the proof with a third party if you wish to dispute any of it.

"But the sad truth is, you don’t even stop to think that what you’re doing could be hurting someone’s feelings. All you want is to make yourself feel good, by bringing someone down, slandering them and embellishing untrue rumours about them."

Actually that is so untrue. It is because of people's feelings that I started this blog. To prove that your site is nothing more than a money-making scheme to you. And the only reason you remain the Admin is because of the money.

"devote many hours to it’s creation..." - It was created on (and I'll be kind and use your time and date for this) the next day. How many hours is that considering the time difference?

"With what you are doing, there are only two possible outcomes….for MJHD to be shutdown completely and to cease to exist or for it to get bigger, better and stronger."

If I wanted MJHD closed down I would of made that happen by now. I don't care if your website/forum stays up. I'm just giving people the information, what decisions they make from seeing and reading it is their choice. And as far as I am concerned you are doing a great job on shutting it down yourself; you really do not need my help.

New MJHD T-Shirts For Sale

Well, in the tradition of MJHD it is time to sell some t-shirts. Get your unofficial MJHD t-shirt here.

Although the t-shirt is expensive ($20) the sale of every t-shirt will allow me to donate money to MJHD (minus my 100% commission).

So now you realise how stupid this is. Please do not contact me about the t-shirt I don't intend to sell any.

For the members of MJHD that view this blog, and I know you do, please see the previous post on t-shirts (link here), where your Admin is selling t-shirts which say RIP MJ. I'm guessing if you can't read between the lines, and see that the whole MJHD site/forum is just a money-making scheme, you might as well bend over and let the Admin of MJHD swipe your own credit card up your ass.


How Dumb Can MJHD Members Be?

Before everyone starts bitching, saying I have no right to attack MJHD members intellect levels, let me just state that I am not attacking the intellect of anyone; merely the ability to read information.

Has anyone else at MJHD noticed that all the members that were there at the beginning, that made the site what it is, are now primarily over at MJKit and other forums.

Back to the main point of this post; the fact that certain members cannot read information that is clearly laid out in front of them. Hell, Michael Jackson could sit next to some of you people and you wouldn't be able to see it because your eyes are blocked by the ass cheeks of the Admin as you kiss her lying ass.

Quoting from the following topic on the MJHD forum; member Rhiannon, stated: "And as for the discrepancies in the Google cache, if you want to see something weird, go to the Google news search, and over on the side you can search by dates, go set the date parameters to like 1980 and search for anything! Stuff pops up listed as cached for decades before it ever even happened. No lie."

Sorry, but if you read the post that got this subject up and running again it doesn't even mention Google's infamous cache - just time zone issues.

See, and that is why today I resign my membership to the MJHD forum. Everyone is stuck on the same things, and you have to be in a certain 'click' to get your point across. And if your not in that 'click' your post is either ignored or people comment about stupid immature things over it.

And as for Michael reading that forum - get a grip on reality. You already forget the t-shirts being sold which state Michael is dead? (read the previous post and see for yourselves if you don't believe it). Michael would have nothing to do with that money making website/forum. Michael was all about giving, and the MJHD website/forum is all about taking - why would he want anything to do with that?


Public Information Is OK By MJHD

So the thread about Karen Faye has been on the forum of MJHD for over 20 hours now; and the Admin of the site has been on the forum and not locked or deleted the thread to protect Karen Faye from unnecessary, and senseless, 'bashing'.

Therefore it can only be determined that as long as the information is on the Internet it is OK by MJHD standards to post, and allow, it. With that in mind here is the information which can be found out about the Admin of MJHD; Amy Sampson.

All of the following information was derived from a simple Google search which anyone could have completed. I know this has been done previously, but I thought I would confirm the details myself rather than just let someone with a grudge say everything was so.

Amy, the Admin of MJHD, is also the admin of a diaper fetish site. Her profile is here: Fox Tales Times. So Admin of a hoax death site and a diaper fetish site. Must get quite confusing whether to post about Michael Jackson or soiled diapers.

Wikipedia, on the subject of diaper fetishism, states: "Many diaper lovers gain arousal from "wetting" or urinating in their diapers. A smaller number gain the same arousal from using the diaper to "mess" or defecate."

Amy, the Admin of MJHD, has her own website. Which not unsurprisingly has various links back to MJHD. But one point of concern is the page "Bored at work? Why not play a prank!" In my honest opinion it looks bad that the Admin of a hoax death site is on about playing pranks. There are other posts on the Admin's website that could be mentioned but that is another post all on its own.

Amy Sampson, the Admin of MJHD, has a Twitter profile. Where she states she is a writer, florist, and web designer. Just to make a point here, she is not a florist, her official title according to her employer is Floral Assistant. The Web Designer item is interesting though, might explain why the Admin of MJHD has 23 other sites.

Talking of websites. Ever wonder when MJHD was created? Was it June 23? Was it June 26? Well according to Syra.com.au the site michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com was created on June 25, 2009. So checking the Syra page I found their phone number and contacted them. I asked them why they used an incorrect time and date on their servers considering their servers were located in Perth; Australia. They said that they didn't and that their servers were set to the same time as the rest of Perth (Western Standard Time - 15 Hours behind Pacific Time in the US). If you want to check this call Syra on 08 9422 0800 (please be mindful of the time difference from your country to theirs). And the whois page for MJHD is right here.

Michael Jackson's death was reported at 2.26PM on June 25, 2009. Add the 15 hour time difference and you are in to June 26, 2009. Therefore using the available data MJHD.com was indeed created before Michael's alleged death. The Admin has disputed this in the past and will dispute it again, but the facts, which are all linked here, from results from a Google search, are all here and tell the truth.

Read all the posts of this blog, discover the true driving force behind MJHD. It is not the truth; as the facts speak for themselves the driving force behind MJHD is money.


MJHD, Karen Faye, & This Blog - Who'd Of Thought?

For those of you following this blog, let me say that I was not sure that I was even going to do this post. I was unsure that it tied in with the whole reason that this blog exists. But then a MJHD member sent me an email which said that this blog was mentioned on MJHD. So I went and read the MJHD forum post which mentioned this blog to find out it was a post about Karen Faye (Read the forum topic here unless it gets deleted by the Admin or Moderators).

So now here comes the dissection of the topic:

The members of MJHD obviously don't agree with Karen Faye deleting one of their members from her Facebook page. The question is why? Karen Faye's Facebook states that she does not want the information from her Facebook page posted on forums or other websites. So if you joined Karen's Facebook and can't even abide by the one little rule why even bother joining?

Now to the individual posts:

Post #6, Dunno, Germany says: "Well...that's publicity for us, isn't it?"

Publicity??? It proves that the members of MJHD cannot read - that's it. If a person asks for their Facebook not to be published elsewhere and you do it proves you cannot read and also have no consideration for anyone else. Also it proves the Admin is a hypocrite, did she forget only a couple of months ago when things that she did not want publishing were spread all over her own forum? Does history have to repeat itself over and over again before someone finally learns?

Post #10, Shinchan states: "... I'm not interested in her."

If you are not interested in somebody why post about them?

Post #11, Groovylicious169 states: ".. Karen I think that you are nuts too .. you sounded too crappy to be around MJ."

Excuse me if I missed something. The best comeback that 10,000 years of evolution has given us is "you sounded crappy." Walk past any high school and you can learn better comebacks than that.

Post #19, Shirley-grace, Germany states: "Maybe we should start a welcome thread for them."

Why? Has the Admin given up making members? Come on! As a previous post says on this blog, the member numbers go up, yet the page views is dropping like flies. Also if you think someone is nuts why welcome them?

Post #54, Five states: "Right on ... she's pissed off ... she been punk'd."

Punk'd? Where? - I can't even be bothered to comment on this. It kind of speaks for itself.

Page #5, Post #154 Miss C mentions this blog. Woohoo (sarcasm). I don't need traffic I have enough thanks. I have enough people that read this blog and know the truth behind MJHD, the Admin of MJHD, the money-making schemes of MJHD, and the various other sites that the MJHD Admin is a member of.

So, almost 7 weeks after starting this blog nothing has changed at MJHD. They still get easily sidetracked and start arguing and bickering about the slightest little thing. Don't get me wrong, MJHD has some good ideas, thoughts, and theories, but they get thrown off course so easily.

And for the record I'm a member of MJHD too. I even posted on the topic of Karen Faye. Now the big question is - who am I? Actually the bigger question is why has MJHD slowly gone down the tubes to the level it is at? MJKit which was started as a backup is slowly overtaking MJHD in sense and overall constructive, investigative, work.

Go MJKit.


Guinea Pigs & Lab Rats At MJHD

A user posting on the MJ Truth blog has accused the Admin of MJHD of treating the forum members as an experiment.

In the comment the user, only identified as 'UsedUser', accuses the Admin of MJHD of:

"Playing us all"
"She started the web to study how human can dig deep and make ‘dead’, ‘alive’."

The user then goes on to explain that they have tried registering approximately 10 times with no success.

If MJHD wishes to be successful it should ensure new members can actually become members. After all with no members there is no advertising - which in turn means no money for all the upgrades that the Admin of MJHD is always on about.

Read the full comments at MJ Truth.