New MJHD T-Shirts For Sale

Well, in the tradition of MJHD it is time to sell some t-shirts. Get your unofficial MJHD t-shirt here.

Although the t-shirt is expensive ($20) the sale of every t-shirt will allow me to donate money to MJHD (minus my 100% commission).

So now you realise how stupid this is. Please do not contact me about the t-shirt I don't intend to sell any.

For the members of MJHD that view this blog, and I know you do, please see the previous post on t-shirts (link here), where your Admin is selling t-shirts which say RIP MJ. I'm guessing if you can't read between the lines, and see that the whole MJHD site/forum is just a money-making scheme, you might as well bend over and let the Admin of MJHD swipe your own credit card up your ass.


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