The Majority Of MJHD Hate Me

Before anyone thinks this is one of those whining posts like Auntie Amy does - it is not.

MJHD members, and others, if you do not like me I do not care. It is as simple as that. I don't give a fuck what you people think of me. I'm just putting my point across, if you don't like it fuck off somewhere else where everything is all sterile, and censored, and controlled - oh wait you already are - MJHD.

I just enjoyed a great night's sleep - see I don't care what people think about me. You dumb fucking ignorant bastards come on here saying I am 'dirtying' Michael's name because I comment on a money-making, scheming, whore. Yet you attack me for voicing my opinion and say "L.O.V.E" and everything else Michael stood for. Look at yourselves before you try to analyze me. Ever thought I may be the one standing up for Michael while you dumb fucks stay and let Auntie Amy rape your minds for her own financial gain.

I am not the one who originally used the term "Jacko" on a website (especially when Michael hated that name). I am not the one that is asking for money for doing something a fan would do as appreciation for the music, the videos, the concerts, the memories.

So to all the haters at MJHD that think I give a fuck about their whining:

Kiss my motherfucking undiapered ass you stupid little fucks. And time will show you that I was right, Auntie Amy is in it for the money, and you can all feel like a bunch of cocklicks for supporting someone that degraded Michael's name.

Other than that have a great day. Peace


I am not a troll said...

Please keep on writting! I love your posts!

Do you know if Amy has a shop of diapers??

Anonymous said...

MJ would be just SO, SO proud of his FANS at MJHD, don't you think? Because, you know, you're only a REAL fan if you're on that forum. All others are non-beLIEvers, or haters.

None of the members at MJHD are deluded by thinking that MJ's an 'angel', or a 'god', or the 'sexiest man on earth', and none of them have hidden dreams that they're the only person in the world that would be able to 'take care of' him, or 'save' him.

And you can seriously tell that everyone at MJHD takes MJ's message to heart, can't you? They're just SO steadfast in putting out his message of love and unity.

He's got to be SO proud to know that these are his REAL fans...

Anonymous said...

WOW! Great post, really and +word+.

I don't know who you are and I love what you do, I support you and you are so damn right!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

I am not a troll said: "Please keep on writting! I love your posts! Do you know if Amy has a shop of diapers??"

I don't know if she has a shop for diapers or not. But as she reads this blog I'm sure the idea is now crossing her mind.

Also, AmysDiapers.com is available. So Auntie Amy can head over to GoDaddy and add it to her list for just $7.99 (US dollars not Aussie dollars).

Anonymous said...

I'm a supporter of this blog. Hello MJHDers. Smile.

I am not a troll said...

MJHD Conspiracy :
You should have a commission for her new website : AmyDiapers.com. cuz you give her the name and the cost of the domain... !!

So Amy is also a faithful reader of this blog.. She should post there ! Please Amy comment ! Please.......... !!

And tell us the real purpose of your website ! Bashing into MJ's family and friends

Anonymous said...

When will there be a silverwolf poem?

Anonymous said...

Nah...really don't think this qualifies as whining. LOL!

You might want to get some pointers from your girl over there at MJHD if you want to go for whining...Just sayin :)

MJHD Conspiracy said...

I'd email Auntie Amy for some tips, but I'm sure she is too busy counting her money. LOL

Anonymous said...

Still eagerly waiting on the silverfish poem. Glad I'm not the only one.

GirlwitBrains said...

I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!! yes and im a minority of them...but finally someone that thinks the same way i do!!!!! seee you got some "haters" yourself but u dont wanna quit...unlike stupid amy

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