Ode To Five

It was requested that a poem be done about Five, and I'll have to be honest I couldn't remember anything important that Five had done. So I went and looked at some of their posts and realized why I didn't remember any - nothing was said that was worth remembering.

Joke Calms China said "Germany is the key"
Five posted over 200 times "It's me, me, me"
Over 3000 posts with absolutely nothing to say
x_Skyline_Bleeds_Red_x still leads the way

Five just sits there and posts more pointless crap
Posting and posting without even taking a nap
No clues, theories, ideas, or anything to say
Hoping to hit the mystical 5000 posts some day

Five, one day you'll have 10,000 posts posted
You'll win a prize so your bread can be toasted
50,000 posts and you win a brand new car
But please stop and think - you are taking this too far



Anonymous said...



You just hit the mark AMAZING!!!



Anonymous said...


Five, or Orange Dude as she is known today,
is aggressive and nasty.
Her pics are the only thing she posts and the members think that she is brilliant for it!? Huh?
She is there to keep everyone's hopes up.
I haven't decided if she is amy or just a nutty ass kisser, but she is a shit stirrer, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I love the poem. You'll have to change the name to orange dude culver. Wacko changed her name.

Anonymous said...

Five is a wacko bitch

Anonymous said...

WOW It is not only me thanks for seeing that about Five too.

Five is German. She snoops the german forum and snitches the mods about their postings.

It seems as if she is workless, she posts in near every thread and she posts tons of trash.

These idiots lick her ass very intensive and don't see that she is really aggressive and nasty.
Five, on the other side, licks the asses of the mods and DiaperAmy's nasty hole and she seems to be happy with that, maybe their dirty asses taste better than the liquid of her two best buddies Johnny Walker and Jim Beam.

tis_ruthy said...

Am I next on your hit list? Warn me first because this is very depressing and upsetting. All you who feel the need to make these comments, why sign in as anonymous...why not tell people who you really are. This just makes me really sad..is this all there is, hate? Youre not going to change anyone you know.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, wish I found it sooner. Thank you for posting the truth.

Anonymous said...

P.S. How have you been, Chris? You can't hide from me!! LMAO!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Tis_Ruthy - Consider this the warning. Although I don't know when, if ever, I will get round to it.

@Anonymous - Chris? Not me. I don't think I've ever been called Chris before. So that is a first. Thanks I think.

Anonymous said...

@Tis_Ruthy: aaawww poor little thingy so it hurts? *snivel n sniff*

What do you think about that ppl the forum bashes, offends, slander, stalks? What do you think how they feel?

Just a little example.

As I recall Karen requested NOT to quote her posts to any other sites. But MJHD (not the porn site) still moves on and neither DiaperAmy nor the mods feel responsible to warn that members and delete the threads.
This is not about hate it's about justice. Let's say: KARMA STRIKES BACK!

So just take your "pain" and blast you (but don't forget the chapstick, your lips have to be smooth for kissing DiaperAmy's babypowdered ass)!!!

Yeah and I am anonymous for you (for a good reason and that is not your business) but not for MJHD Conspiracy (IIIPEEHEE *sing*).

MJHD Conspiracy: you still ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Tis_ruthy: "Every party needs a pooper that's what we invited you for, party pooper! Party pooper!"

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Anonymous - And MJHD keeps going on about respecting others - LOL. Respect others as long as it fits into what they want to do.

tis_ruthy said...

Again I ask ....post your real id's on this blog and also go to mjhd and say who you all are, say it to five directly.......because you sure as damned hell don't mind posting all our words and our id's all over this blog....go to MJHD and instead of spying anonymously...SAY YOUR WHAT YOU NEED OVER THERE, then I may have an ounce of respect for anything you post..until then you are gutless wonders.

Calling me a party pooper, calling everyone on mjhd mindless wonders and saying we lick amy's ass.....justtt about defines YOU, not us.
Take a long hard look in a mirror.

oh and of course the reply to my post will be the usual anonymous little name calling from the schoolyard and poor tis_ruthy is a mindless moron and teeheehee I am going to write a poem about her!(oh no not the dreaded poem manoeuvre, terrifying stuff). You cannot actually grasp the concept that someone, may have their own opinion, you have to tag everyone into one little sad group.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Party pooper.

MJHD Conspiracy: LOL I know, they are like flags in the wind.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Tis_Ruthy - My Real ID is here. It's the little pitbull that says MJHD Conspiracy next to it. As for the poem, you brought that up not me or anyone else; and it's not meant to be terrifying it is this concept called humor. And as for all the peeps using their real name/ID you might want to suggest that to the members of MJHD that Auntie Amy created to keep the figures up.

And why should we all trundle over to MJHD to make comments. The topics would be deleted or locked. So why bother? If there was free speech over at MJHD maybe more of the members would be real and not created by the Admin; Auntie Amy.

Your not allowed to question anything with regards to MJHD even though the most important clue may be that the actual site was created before Michael's reported death. Even when that was brought up in chat, the person was 'kicked' before they bashed the Admin. Incidently the person returned and finished the subject of the creation without once bashing the Admin.

So yes, if free speech was available at MJHD maybe we would come and share our thoughts, theories, ideas, and the like.

tis_ruthy said...

Why are you blaming the rest of mjhd for what happens with admin??? Why laugh at people who post topics and have interpreted it their own way..yes sometimes it may be wrong...but this is a forum of human beings not robots.

Why absolutely trash people who just want to be accepted, who enjoy feeling part of a group and want to be part of the admin team.

When push comes to shove, it is amys website.. she makes the rules..yes, were not all going to agree but it is her site. There are things I don't like but it is better to air dirty laundry out in the open instead of all this anonymous bashing..its negative and the way its going things will just escalate way out of proportion.

It's unfair of you to bash five publicly like this and it's your post about her that made me comment. You are irritated by someone but its ok to publish private details about them??? To make filthy comments about licking someones ass??? That is all ok in your book, because oh my god mjhd admin wronged you????????

If you despise the peoples on that site so much, why do you watch it and blog about it? I just don't get it. Im not buying that you just wish to inform people of the real truth...we can make up our own minds and you know it....any intelligent, constructive information you post is overshadowed by nasty name calling and hatred. I respect the basis for creating this blog, but I only see one road and that is a downhill one.

Where is your perfect hoax forum??? Let me see how you would run one....show me freedom of speech on it, your rules and everyone on there completely happy and I will respect all you have to say on here!

Anonymous said...

@MJHD Conspiracy: +WORD+

tis_ruthy: it's a tiny peek for you all (maybe you'll learn) how the stalked and bashed ppl feel when they read the shit about them at the (now famous - uuuhh I have to freeze with respect I guess) forum.
That bashed ppl don't know who the backstabbers are, as you do.

Well I am a anonymous and I am proud of it :).

Uuuh maybe who knows - yeah you never know, maybe I am MJ himself... (That was tasteless I know - but they even believed that DiaperAmy is MJ...)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear sweet arrogant self righteous ruthy! LMAO @ you .. why do come here if you don't care what someone thinks? This is a blog, a diary if you will .. read if you want, if you don't then there's the door, no one makes you come here. I find it very funny that everyone except YOU applauds the blog. Truth hurt? I think it must sting a little, as everyone that's ever been shit on by the illustrious Admin can't wait to see what's posted next. I, myself am having a blast and yes, it's at someone else's expense, but guess what? MJHD is having a bigger blast at all of YOUR EXPENSES and you are all too fucking blind to see it. Wake up and smell the fucking coffee trixie, reality bites and she's using you all. If you're too stupid to see it then I truly feel very sorry for you. If everyone here wants to stay anonymous, then so be it, it's their right, free country and obviously they have more sense to hide their identity unlike your almighty Admin.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Tis_Ruthy - I'm not blaming the rest of MJHD with what happens with Admin. I'm blaming the rest of MJHD for being mindless sheep that put up with the rules and regulations that are only enforced when the moderators, or Auntie Amy, feels like it. There are other forums out there; such as MJKit which people can join.

Admin, Auntie Amy, never wronged me, she wronged Michael by making money of his name. If you can't see that then you need to wake up. She makes more money than the hosting costs. Do you, other members, or the other moderators get any of the profits.

And as for Five aka Auntie Amy aka Orange Dude she can defend herself any time she wants. As can be seen I publish all comments whether they agree with me or not.

As for a perfect 'hoax forum' - it doesn't exist, and never will. It just will never happen. Just the way life is.

Anonymous said...

tis_ruthy go and write to your beloved forum that you don't believe anymore in a hoax and that you wanna leave the forum - not in a slimy "weep n sniff it hurts comfort and hug me" way. You will see what kind of answers you'll get, esp. from Five.
EXCEPT she reads this blog...

Tell me, where heave you been the last four month, haven't you read that rude and insolent posts, the copied statements of Karen's FB, the defame about the Jacksons and and and? Are you really that blind??? Come on, put up or shut up!

Anonymous said...

@tis_ruthy :
Dear Miss or Madam or Mr tis_ruthys

What's wrong with you ?? At least you write a lot... Are u angry?? Poor little thing...

1. @tis_ruthy : why don't you give your real name her and not your nickname?? Your website ect..., your FB's account and your nickname on MJHD forum... Please feel free to do so... everybody here will appreciate.

2. for me : the website of Amy is the best rag mag website on internet : no respect at all for anybody, for the Michael Jackson's entourage and family !!!!!

The Amy's website is not the website of the real fans of Michael Jackson : there are there just people who disrecpect the others, Everything is ok for Amy !!!!! In particular INSULTS for the others not for her and her army of mods : sorry of trolls...

i am not a troll said...

Hi tis_ruthy

As u can see i do not write as anonymous... Please give us your identity...

We look foward to discovering it soon !!

FYI : I am not a troll

Anonymous said...


How respectful they are, amazing!!!
Now tis_ruthy now what?! Again a quote of Karen on that forum! Is that how the users show respect? No mod or admin deletes that... So shut up with your hymn of praise to that pile of shit called MJHD forum!!!

tis_ruthy said...

My id on mjhd is tis_ruthy......as you are in hate mode...I shall again go over what I initially asked .. quid pro quo....you have my mjhd id ...instead of trashing people anonymously, may I have your id.

I am not anonymous on here as you can see ..yes bring on the hatred and call me a troll and use the f word, because I didnt lick YOUR ASS ... who's ASS am I to lick, I am confused ... apparently I must not lick Amy's ass or I shall be trashed on here....so must I lick your ass or risk being called a troll and a mindless moron who is being used by the evil witch of the west, Amy!

In my view I have been given two choices...do I listen to amy and the mods ... or do I listen to you ... heaven forbid I have my own opinion or you all come out in a gang and call me names..you act like the very people you despise!

I gave you my mjhd id ....I asked for yours, nothing more.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Tis_Ruthy - If I gave out my MJHD ID on here do you not think it would be banned in a heartbeat?

Don't lick my ass, or Auntie Amy's - I agree, be yourself, have your own opinions, but all I suggest is that you keep your eyes open. Not everything is as it seems. I mean when the information about Admin came out, nothing in it was what was not on the internet, why close the forum because someone Googled her name?

I'm glad that you have your own opinions, and I'm glad you are willing, and able to express yourself. But if Five has a problem with this blog should she not defend herself (and yes she has been here).

And for the record I didn't start the name calling that is other people's opinions. Not saying that I agree with them just that there is no censorship, and everyone has the freedom to write their opinions as they see fit.

tis_ruthy said...

Well im on MJHD too, so I must be a and I quote "mindless moron and a pile of shit who needs killing"....strange how your so wounded by your treatment on MJHD, but you enjoy laughs at others expense....have fun with your very clear agenda.. this is nothing to with Michael or amy... its about YOU. This is your show, have fun, but don't include a lot of decent people in your pitiful spite.

tis_ruthy said...

Last time i shall post, not only are you a coward but you are a liar, today you posted this..."So, according to the mindless members over at MJHD, this is good. Obviously they never read it. Just saw some text in front of them and decided to post a "Wow this is great" comment.

Like i said have your fun, its your stage enjoy it, but leave innocent people out of your hatred.
ps, dont yallll forget to bash me on your twitter too....if you hunch together close enough yallllllll can lick each others ass, just like we do on mjhd ......oops maybe we are all the same!! cya pile of shit, mindless moronssssss....your words, not mine!

Anonymous said...

@Tis_Ruthy -

We love you; we really, really do. You have to know that.

But we'd love it better if you'd mosey on back over to MJHD and return to your native language of BAA-BAA.

We like this train...


Anonymous said...

This is directed to the people on MJHD:
YOu are hypocrites over at MJHD. Look at the most recent thread about Karen Faye. You have called her all kinds of names, she doesn't come to you, you invade her space. Why don't you leave her alone? All you do is post tabloid trash, you are a tabloid. How many of you are really fans? You don't have a right to get mad at MJHD conspiracy when you are in fact bashing people.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Tis_Ruthy - You must have been one of the mindless members or you wouldn't have had an issue with it. I originally didn't mean all MJHD members just the ones who seem to always comment "Wow this is great" or things like it. But you stepped up to the plate, and proved you are one of them. As it was your last post (so you say) have fun; but don't forget that when the shit hits the fan over at MJHD don't any of you little whining bastards come crying saying you wasn't warned.

As for a show? Hope you enjoyed your episode. You bitch about this blog, yet you return time and time again.

i am not a troll said...

@tis_Ruthy : Actually the logo of MJHD is not a pittbull but a french bulldog. Those dogs are very nice...

Morevover, why don't you complain to Amy and ask her to remove all the post concerning Karen besides the familly and the kids of MJ. Is it ok if the members of MJHD insult others??? For you it seems to be yes, cuz all those crazy and insulting posts are still there.

Anonymous said...

Tis Ruthy, I don't bless you with my presence on MJHD, therefore, you don't need to know who I am.

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