Perpetual Population

According to the U.S. census website - a child is born every 7 seconds; and someone dies every 13 seconds. This leads to the theory that the population, in theory alone, is doubling.

The U.S. is, obviously, just one country out of many. But if the same proportions are happening the world over eventually the world will be overcrowded; and as a result natural resources which were once considered infinite will at some point cease to exist.

Using the U.S. as an example; calculations for a year would be:

Total Births Per Year (U.S.) = (365 x 24 x 60 x 60) ÷ 7 = 4,505,143
Total Deaths Per Year (U.S.) = (365 x 24 x 60 x 60) ÷ 13 = 2,425,846

With a constant birth and death rate this would mean the population of the U.S. would rise by 2,079,297 each and every year. So after 10 years there are over 20 million 'extra' people in the U.S. And in 100 years (in the year 2111) there will be an 'extra' 200 million people in the U.S. alone.

The U.S. population at present is hovering around the 300 million mark. Which means by the year 2111 it would, in theory, be 500 million; give or take a few million.

The more exact figures are:

Present 2011 U.S. Population: 311,000,000
One Hundred Year Increase: 207,929,700
Projected 2111 U.S. Population: 518,929,700

A 40% increase, over 100 years, in the U.S. population alone.

With the world population expected to top 7 billion by the end of this year; using the same 40% as used for the U.S., the world population by the end of 2111 could be as high as 10 billion (9.8 billion). And by 2211 the world population could be, if the rates stay the same, almost 14 billion people (13.72 billion).

These figures are all estimates at best since the birth, and death, rate for each country varies; and then each country varies from year to year. But the one constant throughout the world is that the average age at death is rising globally. People are living longer; thanks to medical advances, science, nutritional improvement, and generally better living standards.

So in 200 years we have to find space, and resources, to support an extra 13.72 billion people.

Or do we?

Mankind has always had a need to classify, and regulate, everything but itself. Could now be the time that for the sake of survival mankind regulates itself?

Introducing "Perpetual Population". Basically a figure is determined and that figure is maintained. So if the figure 7 billion was determined as all the earth can handle then that is the figure which should be maintained.

When the world population hits 7 billion all births and deaths are reported on an international level. And at the end of each year, if the births outweigh deaths, the difference are humanely put to sleep; and removed from the population. In the U.S., for example, this would be 2 million people a year; at present rates.

But who decides who dies? Luckily nobody has to decide. Time will dictate who does and who does not make it. We just cull the elderly.

Now before everyone gets sentimental about Grandpa and Grandma you have to look at the bigger picture. Do you want to see Grandpa and Grandma survive a few extra years; or would you sleep better knowing they did their part in ensuring mankind was able to exist for generations and generations after they were gone?

It seems a little drastic, and some may even say heartless, but we have been doing it for centuries with everything else. Every year billions, if not trillions, of trees are cut down, in sustainable forests, to make room for new trees to grow. Every year thousands of old, decrepit, buildings are torn down to make way for new ones. We, as mankind, do this because on this earth we only have so much space; and ultimately only so much natural resources.

Why is it not done with mankind? Fear. Pure and simple. Because whoever makes the decision to regulate mankind will eventually be regulated themselves.

Note: This post does not identify a 'true' problem and nor does it attempt to offer any 'real' solution to a 'theoretical' problem. It is merely thinking out aloud. Sometimes the darker sides of life need to be thought about no matter how much we wish they did not.


Dream Dictionary

Ever since I upgraded to Windows XP, and McDonalds upgraded their free WiFi to actually be faster than a 56K modem, I have discovered more and more things on the Internet.

One of the things I discovered was a Dream Dictionary online. It is at DreamMoods.com. So I looked up the dream I had last night.  Now before I mention what the dream means I better tell you what the dream was about.

The dream I had went like this; as far as I remember: I was stealing from Walmart and I was getting my usual toiletries, food, and a couple of luxury items. Well as I was putting all this stuff in my various pockets they never seemed to fill. So I put in more and more stuff; and then it just got ridiculous and I was putting 50" wide screen televisions in my back pocket.  Well as I was doing all this I didn't notice the shelves were empty and there was nothing left to steal. So I started making my way to leave the store and all the workers were crying. As I got to the door I was stopped by Elvis dressed as a cop and he said "Not on my watch." and escorted me to his police car. I thought we were going to the police station but we stopped and he started selling everything to all these famous people. Celebrities were just buying all this stolen Walmart stuff because it was Elvis selling it. When he was done he had about $100,000 and he gave me $50,000 and said "Now make a fresh start" and let me go. Well I went straight to a realtor and got myself a home. But when I moved in all the Walmart employees that no longer had jobs asked if they could move in. Me and the Walmart employees devised a plan to launch Davemart. I don't know how it turned out because I woke up.

Maybe I shouldn't have ate that cheese string before I went to sleep.

So, as I said, I looked it up online in the Dream Dictionary:

Stealing - To dream that you are stealing, suggests that you are feeling deprived. The locale (at home, the office, at school, etc) of where the stealing takes place is indicative of your neediness. Alternatively, stealing signifies unrealized and unfulfilled goals. You may have set your goals too high.

Shelf - To see a shelf in your dream, suggests that there is something that you need to put aside right now. You need to put your ideas or plans on hold.

Crying - To see someone else crying in your dream, may be a projection of your own feelings onto someone else. If you do not cry in your waking life, then seeing someone else cry may be a little easier to deal with then seeing yourself cry.

Police - To dream that you are arrested by the police, suggests that you feel sexually or emotionally restrained because of guilt. The dream may also be a metaphor that you are feeling apprehensive about something.

Money - To give or spend money in your dream, is analogous to giving love.  You are looking for love. To see others giving money away, suggests that you are feeling ignored, overlooked or neglected. Someone is not paying enough attention and showing enough affection toward you. If you are hogging or hoarding money, then it denotes insecurity or selfishness.

House - To see a new house in your dream, indicates that you are entering into a new phase or new area in your life. You are becoming more emotionally mature. If you are locked out of the house, then it represents rejection and insecurity. You feel you are being left behind.

So, according to the Dream Dictionary I am feeling deprived; with unfulfilled goals. I need to put plans on hold. I should feel like crying. I am emotionally restrained; or apprehensive about something. I am feeling ignored. But I am entering a new phase and becoming emotionally mature.

It is Monday mornings like this I just wish I had stayed asleep. But it is a good place to see what the hell I am subconsciously thinking while I sleep. And it is also good to know I am not just wasting time while I sleep in my cardboard box; but am sorting my life out.


Damn I Married Souza

No I didn't. It was just a funny title.

A Twitter user by the name of @Michaels_Tree (previously @Truth_Goddess) put up a Twitlonger about me and my wife. And rather than waste time answering her personally I thought I would allow everyone to see both sides at once and let them decide for themselves.

As can be seen allegedly I was challenged to go in chat on mic or on cam; or even meet in person. Yeah I want to meet psychotic mental outpatients in person. So yes it is true I ignored them purely on the basis that I don't accept challenges from every single crack whore going. Does that make me a coward? In my book it makes sense to avoid the crack whores.

Allegedly I mix yellow piss and bullshit together. Back in my younger university days I did a lot of stupid stuff that the following morning I could not remember so I am not going to deny this. But the crack whore goes on "just like they did to Michael." I'm sorry did I ever say I was bothered what Michael Jackson's message was? No. The blog was originally a look at the forums around the hoax death; and is now a place where the unholy trinity gather and share their uncensored views on anything. I have never said I stood for anything that Michael Jackson stands for. To be honest more likely to be the Anti-Michael Jackson.

Allegedly I insulted anybody who happens to be in "an assisted device." Don't remember doing that. All I remember doing is calling out someone who said they were when they are not. But wheelchairs have their funny moments in life so what the hell; yeah assisted devices are funny - and how some people got there is also funny. Notice I said SOME. A guy in a wheelchair because he fell out of his mistress' window when her husband returned is a funny way to end up in a wheelchair. And the wheelchair connection is because @Michaels_Tree entered chat under another name claiming to be in a wheelchair. The IP address, which is static, matches both. I have at present took the more righteous path not to publish it.

The crack whore also states that I offered to help her. This I did before I found out from countless others on Twitter what a nut she was. Now I wouldn't piss on the bitch if she was on fire.

It is also alleged in the Twitlonger that I am in some way connected to Badkolo, Souza, and Mo. Not sure where that idea comes from. She never read this blog obviously; or asked Souza - just another random accusation with no merit.

There is mention of my god. Which as an atheist really makes no sense but OK if I have to pick a god I want the christian God; with Allah's butt and Buddha's eyes. Just don't expect me to pray to something that doesn't exist. And as myself, HNN, and Homeless Dave are the "Unholy Trinity" it kind of speaks for itself with regards to how I view religion.

So there is the answer to the Twitlonger for everyone to read. Nothing is hidden. Anyone wants to bitch about any of it go ahead - all comments, except spam, get published.



Well I have spent the last 2 days updating my crap laptop from Windows 95 to Windows XP. I got a copy sent to me from a friend. Now I do not condone people copying software in any way; but it is Windows XP and it is obsolete now according to Microsoft. So I updated WIndows XP at McDonalds with all the patches, updates, service packs, and crap which took about 3 hours longer than installing the operating system.

To cut a long story short. As I was running Windows XP I decided I would go professional like MJHDC and HNN and start using Photoshop instead of Microsoft Paint. Well to cut another long story short my laptop failed the system requirements for Photoshop (thanks for that Karl). So I googled "Photoshop alternatives for free".

This is where the post should really start, because it is at this point I found a package called Artweaver from Artweaver.de. Anyway I consulted with MJHDC to see what he thought. He said:

"It is not Photoshop. Look you homeless reject why not use Gimp? Anyway this Artweaver is not Photoshop but as all you have used before is MS Paint you'll have a ball as it is better than MS Paint. Now stop bothering me and write a fucking post so I don't have to."

I also asked the guy serving at McDonalds he said he had never tried Gimp but if I wanted to go to his place later we could give it a go. He played with Artweaver and he liked it - not sure why he kept drawing hearts though.

So if you are looking for an art package there seems to be many options; but as free options go the choices are less.

I like Artweaver purely because it is better than MS Paint; but it is not so complicated like Photoshop seems. But if you want to use Photoshop filters and that you can with Artweaver Plus which is a mere 29 Euros - and the way the Euro is going that will be about 5 US dollars soon. It does a lot more than MS Paint; and yes it has a few less features than Photoshop but it is good none the less.


In The Name Of The Father

Actually that should read "In the name of the dog, the reporter, and the homeless bum." Because the two strangest hoax blogs have merged; and Homeless Dave was dragged along as entertainment.

The blogs of MJHDC and HNN are now "The MJHDConspiracy News Network" - All the irrelevant things to do with anything can now be found in one place.

All three will author various posts which will be identified when they post. All three are on Twitter and have separate Twitpic pages; but now the insanity is all on one blog. Scary that the homeless wonder is now able to post actual posts.

No Love.


No No Love Bamsday

Just like the real Bamsday the No Love Bamsday is not going to happen. Because for some reason the people against fakes and bullshit artists have an issue with personal details of these fuckers being released for the world to see. I'm not 100% sure why; but last night in finalizing the torrent for release today the subject of 'legalities' came up.

Not all of the information was gained in a legal manner and some of the people involved in the collection of the information had some issues with that. Through discussion the only possible solution that all could agree on was to release a torrent with only the information that was gained legally. I personally was not in agreement and rationalized that "if these fakes were not so full of shit they would have nothing to worry about" but at the same time I was not alone in gathering the information; and as such had to partially agree with the majority.

As the discussion progressed, and with myself throwing a 'hissy fit', I decided without the information that was obtained 'shadily' it wasn't really a bam and was more of a fizzle. And as such not worth doing.

I totally understand people being worried about the legality issues but at the same time I feel it is the lesser of two evils. But as I said the majority rules and as such is not being released at this time.

Anyway as I awoke this morning I was thinking about the whole thing, and reasoned that although there will be no #NoLoveBamsday - it had already happened. In the week leading up to July 13 people on forums and on social networking sites had already taken a stand against the current batch of fakes.  And as July 13 came and went without so much of a sniff at a bam people were most likely going to be more aware of the fakes and not be conned by these basement dwellers in the future.

So although there was no #NoLoveBamsday there was a bam among the believers in realizing that there is only so much bullshit that can come from these fakes; and that the future looks that little bit more rosier because they will not be fooled so easily.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank all of the people that worked on #NoLoveBamsday (the unknown heroes as I have been referring to them as of late) and I apologise that at the last minute some of those heroes got cold feet with regards to legal issues. #NoLoveBamsday may not be happening but the information is out there; and 50 people have all that information.

And for anyone reading this that is thinking of becoming a fake in the future.  As fans, and believers, we have been down that road. Don't bother because more and more people are waking up to the fake basement dwellers that are seeking attention by pretending to be Michael Jackson or an informant.


A Question For Hoaxers

A quick question for believers, hoaxers, and fans that have somehow stumbled into the murky world of the Michael Jackson death hoax.

A man, you do not know, who will not tell you who he is, walks up to you and says:

"Hey I have just seen a seven-headed monster and it was called Babylon. This means the dreaded Armageddon will happen in just 2 short weeks."

Do you believe his story?

Of course not. The guy is most likely some drugged up fucker high on crack. You politely tell him to fuck off and die somewhere where he is not wasting oxygen which can be used for a brain that might actually use it.

But just as you utter the last words of that statement, and he walks off still happy as he never heard a word you said, you start to think about the Michael Jackson hoax death and what has gone on.

A man you don't know, who will not say who he is, tells you they have been charged with the task of informing the world that Michael Jackson will bam on July 13, and you believe him. Why?

I am actually serious for a change. This really intrigues me that people will believe every word some nutjob hidden by a computer screen, claiming to have worked on the Invincible album, says. Yet a man who is in front of you, and is living breathing flesh is instantly dismissed.

In all of the whole MJFD and Illusion bullshit I have seen very few of the people that follow these basement dwellers to actually prove what they say. And prove it in 'real world' terms. Not some fucking cryptic math clue that could mean anything and will be tied to the first coincidence that it matches (News Of The World and Clue #1 of Rebirth as an example). Why does nobody ever just say:

"OK Mr Informer who won't say who they are but you are supposedly announcing the King Of Pop's return prove it and then I might listen to you. And I mean real proof. Because if you came to my house with that cryptic math shit as your only proof I'd be unloading bullets on your ass faster than Casey Anthony unloading children."

Like I said. I am actually curious how these fakes have all come and gone and been believed by so many. So if people could actually comment, even as anonymous, it would make me feel better. Well, in reality it wouldn't make me feel any differently at all; I'm just curious - which can also be interpreted as a nosy fucker I know.

No Love.


Is The Hoax Dead?

With a little over 2 years since the Michael Jackson death hoax started; is it time to call it quits?

Ask any Michael Jackson fan to describe Michael and you will hear phrases such as:
  • Legend
  • Icon
  • Loving
  • Caring.
  • Great father
  • Humanitarian
  • Selfless
With that said would a caring, loving, humanitarian pull such a hoax on his fans? Does not sound very caring or loving. Would he allow his family to go through 2 years of turmoil for a hoax? Because no matter what, whether a hoax or not, the family have been through the ringer for the last 2 years.

Some have suggested the family are unaware that the death of their family member is a hoax because Michael Jackson is under protection after receiving some kind of death threat over his music catalog and various song rights ownership.

It may be slightly possible. But when Michael Jackson received death threats previously it was dealt with without some elaborate hoax. And as for all the shady 'key players' that have been suggested that may have had some involvement in a 'death conspiracy' they are all still doing what they were before June 25, 2009.

Some have indicated that the Illuminati may have been plotting to kill Michael Jackson for his music catalog. But in the grand scheme of things the music catalog is neither important or of great value.

See, according to all the myths and legends that surround the Illuminati; they control all the governments of the world and all the money of said governments. With governments all around the world dealing in trillions of dollars the Michael Jackson music catalog, valued, approximately, at best at around 1 billion dollars is a mere drop in the ocean. Why kill a man for a billion when you have trillions and trillions? Also the idea that Michael Jackson was such a threat to the Illuminati is a little hard to believe. Once again according to the myths and legends that surround the Illuminati they can have anyone taken out whenever they feel like it; after all if you control the government you control all the government (for example the FBI, CIA, police, etc.).

Then there is all the inconsistencies that have happened on, and since, June 25, 2009 that are connected to the death and all the aspects after it. Some have suggested the death certificate is fake, the autopsy is fake, and the will is fake. But are these really inconsistencies? Time and time again the system has been shown to be failing; not just in the case of Michael Jackson but in every day circumstances too. Are system failings enough to declare a hoax?

And then there is Conrad Murray, who in September will be facing an involuntary manslaughter charge. Many believe Murray will walk and thus prove a hoax. Unfortunately, recent events in the Casey Anthony trial have proven that the justice system is not perfect.  Some jurors from that trial have stated they felt Casey Anthony was indeed guilty but the evidence presented to support that claim was lacking. The case against Conrad Murray, from what we have seen so far, is based purely on circumstantial evidence and as such does not appear to meet the high standards to prove "without a doubt". So Murray may indeed walk away from all this with nothing more than a slightly tarnished reputation; but is that enough to say it is a hoax?

I am not saying it is not a hoax; but if it is it has to involve a lot of people and be so well planned that no informer, or wannabe informer, is going on to Twitter, a blog, a forum, or Facebook to announce a return. And if it was because of some 'death conspiracy' against Michael Jackson then I don't expect a return anytime soon; if ever.

No Love.


July 7th

This is it. These are the coming days of the return. This is the time of the big BAM. Well it really isn't but I just got all caught up in the bullshit hype of the day.

TheIllusion777 started the day with the fact that the News Of The World newspaper closure was a the big clue for "Day 1 - Rebirth" Big clue? It is not even closing. Rupert Murdoch isn't running some shitty cryptic 7 days of Christmas (or Mikemas) blog he is running a an international corporation. And the crafty bugger is not closing the News Of The World he is renaming it to the "Sunday Sun" or some shit.

And really the News Of The World was the best clue? Let me sum up the News Of The World: Sensationalist lies, sensationalist lies, tits, sordid sex lives of celebrities, and sport. That is it. So the fact that the News Of The World is changing its name to avoid a 'phone hacking' scandal is really no big deal; just a smart business move on behalf of Rupert Murdoch. so if that is the best clue for day 1 TheIllusion777 might as well pack their shit up now before everyone knows who they really are on July 14.

And on this glorious day filled with sevens (7/7/2011) where did TS/TIAI send everyone with the redirect? Straight to the Souza Freakshow aka MJDHI.  Is TS/TIAI trying to say that MJDHI is the only place worth reading for clues? They are not redirects they are merely adverts to get people to go to MJDHI so Souza can treat people like shit for disagreeing with her.

Well, in my opinion, they only have 7 days left and then July 14 2011 aka "No LOVE Bamsday" rolls round and will expose these fake asses once and for all. Auntie Amy was shot down with a few personal details - The fakes are being blown to pieces with everything from contact details, elfproef voor BSN’s, photos, chat logs, login IP addresses - actually the works. They all go down on July 14.

Next time the phone rings it could be a true fan, and believer, calling to say "You are fucked!"

With regards to the "No LOVE Bamsday" it is not just me there are actually about 50 people that have been gathering this information; and without their help it would not have been possible. So thanks to all the nameless heroes for their work.

The clock is ticking ... the end is near ... the fakes will all disappear.

No Love.


Police Brutality

When is the world going to wake up to these bullies in blue?

Before everyone says it is not all police - it is. They may not be the ones doing the actual beatings but they are the ones allowing cowards to hide behind the badge that they represent.

Search Google, or Youtube, for the term "Police Brutality" and you will find countless cases, and videos, which show police from various countries beating on the innocent.

Supposedly the main stay of law in almost every land is "Innocent until proven guilty" yet the police, who are out of control are classing anyone that they feel like as "Guilty" and acting like judge, jury, and in some cases the executioner.

And why is nothing being done? Because we are all raised to believe that the police are the good guys. Sorry, but that idea is complete bullshit. The good guys don't beat innocent people, the good guys don't taser 14 year old girls, the good guys don't kick a man already bleeding to death.

Corrupt police persons paint a target on every single cop's back. And for the police persons that are not corrupt you ensure that target gets bigger and bigger each day.

That is a quote from the Boondock Saints movie, where Father Monsignor is talking about the Kitty Genovese story to a packed congregation; and he says:

"Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men."


Cuss Count: Not too Bad

Legal Notice: Nobody mentioned in this post endorses the overall tone of the post. This post is a response to the lack of accountability in 'police brutality' cases which have gone unpunished for too long.

Hoax Psychology 101

Before I start I'd let to get one point out of the way - There are indeed some fucked up crackheads that have attached themselves to the Michael Jackson death hoax. Now I can names; but then "No Love Bamsday" on July 14 will not be as much fun.

So why do these fuckups all attach themselves to the Michael Jackson hoax death? Because of all this "It is all for love" bullshit.  That is what gets them in every single time. They look at the believers, and the Michael Jackson fans as a whole, and see all the love crap flying around and attach themselves like some blood-sucking leech. Because all the other fan groups, such as Metallica fans, would just tell them to "Fuck off and die slowly somewhere."

And then they go on some sort of crusade to be so polite to inform all the believers, and fans, of what is going to happen. Until it doesn't happen - then they disappear like shit down a flushing toilet.

But it is that brief time of attention that brings out all these supposed informers; making up for the fact their Moms did not breast feed them.

Well I didn't just want to point the finger at these fucktard crackheads without some sort of evidence. so I went to PsychologyToday.com who had this to say about attention seekers:

"Attention is sometimes described as a spotlight, focusing your awareness on a subset of what's going on in your head or in your environment. Some people have more control over it than others do, and everyone has more control in certain situations (when they're free of distractions) and on certain drugs (stimulants such as caffeine and Ritalin)."

So basically, all these fake informers and fake Michael Jacksons on Twitter and Facebook do not have have enough control of what is going on in their brain.  That is right. According to the psychology world these fucktards are fucked in the head and need to be doped up with Ritalin.

You hearing that Souza? It is not your fault totally; just your brain is somewhat wired wrong. Get your ass to the doctor and get some Ritalin. Suppose the Army of Love could hold an intervention while it still exists? Who knows.

But while these "Fucktards of Truth" are getting the attention they crave they will never get help; and just go on creating accounts and arguing with their schizophrenic personalities. So with all this "It is all for love" horseshit you are slowly mentally killing these fuckups of society.

Now before everyone starts with the 'hate comments' for me calling it "All for love bullshit" I have been in this hoax for 2 years and I have seen hundreds of so-called fans go on and on and on about love and all of a sudden switch into some psycho because someone does not agree with them. It is these people who preach one thing and act in a different way that refers to. And also, me I preach hate, truth, and evil. Most people would say I do a good job proving that.

See, it is still "No Love" but with a side order of "caring".


Interviewing Randy Jackson

Recently I caught up with Randy Jackson and questioned him about the possibility his brother had faked his death. The transcript that follows is unedited.

MJHDC: Hey Randy. Whoa you have piled a few pounds on.
Randy: What?
MJHDC: So let us jump right in to this. Did your brother Michael fake his death?
Randy: I don't have a brother called Michael.
MJHDC: I see what your saying; so you are saying he is dead?
Randy: No. I'm saying I don't have a brother called Michael.
MJHDC: So that is how you want to play it?
Randy: Play what?
MJHDC: So what do you think of Jermaine writing a book?
Randy: What the fuck does Jermaine Jackson writing a book have to do with me?
MJHDC: Well nothing but I thought you may have an opinion.
Randy: I haven't read it. What am I suppose to say?
MJHDC: Nothing if you never bothered to read it. Bit of a dysfunctional family.
Randy: You don't even know my family. What the fuck?
MJHDC: OK. So what do you think of Conrad Murray's upcoming trial?
Randy: Nothing. I have more important things to worry about.
MJHDC: Well you are a cold bugger for sure.
Randy: I just don't care about this Murray character.
MJHDC: Well I understand that but I thought you might have an opinion.
Randy: Hell no.
MJHDC: Anything to say about Janet's book?
Randy: Janet who?
MJHDC: Oh your just not with it today.
Randy: You mean Janet Jackson?
MJHDC: Well yeah. Didn't think I'd have to use your sister's last name.
Randy: My sister? Oh fuck I know what is going on.
MJHDC: (laughing) So does Jackie. Least you listened to your brother's song.
Randy: Dawg you got the wrong Randy Jackson.
MJHDC: So your a double? Does the whole family use doubles?
Randy: I'm on American Idol.
MJHDC: Is that like Jermaine on 'Dance Like Michael'?
Randy: I am not Randy Jackson.
MJHDC: OK. So what is your name.
Randy: Randy Jackson.
MJHDC: See, I knew you couldn't fool me. So how is your Mom?
Randy: She is fine. Oh you mean Katherine Jackson; she is not my Mom.
MJHDC: I could understand you disowning your Dad, Joe, but not your Mom.
Randy: I'm not disowning my Mom just she is not my Mom.
MJHDC: So you were adopted?
Randy: No.
MJHDC: See that is better.
Randy: Look. You know Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez?
MJHDC: Yeah.
Randy: And the other judge is?
MJHDC: Simon Cowell.
Randy: Exactly. That is me.
MJHDC: Simon Cowell is white you might want to stick to impersonating Randy Jackson.
Randy: What? Oh fuck. Simon Cowell left.
MJHDC: True. Might not want to bother impersonating him.
Randy: I'm not impersonating Simon Cowell.
MJHDC: Good; you would never pull it off.
Randy: Huh?
MJHDC: So do you see Michael coming back?
Randy: I am Randy Jackson not Randy Jackson.
MJHDC: What? That doesn't make sense.
Randy: What I mean is that I am a different Randy Jackson.
MJHDC: Evolved? Obviously. Nobody would expect you to stay the same. Jackson 5 was just an era.
Randy: I wasn't in the Jackson 5.
MJHDC: Your brother's death must have really upset you. You are forgetting everything.
Randy: Oh dawg I am so out of here.
MJHDC: Well thanks for stopping by Randy. Any plans for later this year?
Randy: Well I'll be doing some publicity for American Idol.
MJHDC: Thought we discussed this. You are no Simon Cowell.
Randy: (throws chair) I'm out.

So although it may be easy to point fingers at the Jackson family it is clear from talking to Randy that June 25, 2009 has seriously effected them; and it may be years before they can come to terms with it enough to discuss it.

No Love.