Jason Pfeiffer Speaks Exclusively

The man that has been causing controversy in the mainstream media and in the Michael Jackson hoax death realm spoke exclusively with me today in a phone interview.

MJHDC: So this is Jason Pfeiffer I am speaking too?
Pfeiffer: Yes it is.
MJHDC: OK, let us not get caught up in any of the media lies and start with the questions right away. So you are the gay boyfriend of Michael Jackson?
Pfeiffer: Yes I am.
MJHDC: (Laughing) Sorry, but have you any proof of that other than your word?
Pfeiffer: There are pictures.
MJHDC: I did a Google Image search on that, and well to be honest, every picture with you and Michael, or Michael's family had a certain Arnie Klein in it too.
Pfeiffer: What are you suggesting?
MJHDC: I'm not suggesting anything. You are very defensive. I was just stating that Arnie Klein is in all the pictures with you and Michael. Some might say that your boss, Arnie, is in actual fact your gay lover and you came out with this bullshit to cash in.
Pfeiffer: What? I was Michael's lover. If you don't believe me I don't care.
MJHDC: OK. Work with me here. Let us work on a hypothetical level for a while. Let us suppose Michael Jackson is indeed gay, why would he choose you; I mean your no oil painting, you are out of shape, and in all honesty you look like a cheap Arnie Klein knock off?
Pfeiffer: Me and Michael connected. We shared a lot in our childhoods.
MJHDC: How? I'm not playing the race card here but you are white Michael was black. And at the age of 5 Michael was famous you was not. I don't see the connection.
Pfeiffer: What the fuck. Don't ask stupid questions of course I'm white.
MJHDC: Yeah. I said that you was white. I also said you were never famous until now and that basically you looked like a cheap Arnie Klein knock off.
Pfeiffer: Leave Arnie out of this, he is not just my boss, he is my lover.
MJHDC: Oh really? Thought Michael was your lover?
Pfeiffer: Yeah he is.
MJHDC: But you just said Arnie was.
Pfeiffer: I was confused. I am hungry.
MJHDC: Aren't you always? Anyway, some people may see it that you are nothing but a mule for Arnie Klein.
Pfeiffer: Do I look like a mule?
MJHDC: (Laughing) Actually more like an ass. But how would you answer the question?
Pfeiffer: What question? Oh the one about being a mule. I am not an animal of any kind and these rumors of me being a mule are a lie. For starters I only have 2 legs.
MJHDC: So is Arnie paying you while you take this time off to do various interviews and that to spread your lies?
Pfeiffer: Yeah. It is great. I make money from the interviews and Arnie pays me at the same time.
MJHDC: About your alleged relationship with Michael. Why leave it until now to talk about it?
Pfeiffer: Well Arnie is a bit short of cash. And he hasn't got his jacket back yet. So one night in bed Arnie suggested it and I thought it was a great idea.
MJHDC: So what about proof about this relationship?
Pfeiffer: Ask Arnie, he'll confirm everything.
MJHDC: Anybody other than Arnie Klein?
Pfeiffer: Not really.
MJHDC: So basically you are saying you had a sexual relationship with Michael Jackson and nobody but you and Arnie know anything about it; but it really happened?
Pfeiffer: I knew you wouldn't believe me.
MJHDC: Well Michael wasn't gay, he married twice, and dated a few women. And now you expect the world to believe you and Arnie Klein. And nobody else knows but you and Arnie. You see what I'm getting at?
Pfeiffer: You are just jealous I slept with Michael and you didn't.
MJHDC: But you never slept with Michael. To be honest your just lying.
Pfeiffer: Fuck you. I knew this was a bad idea. You hate gays and love Nazis. And you hate everyone and everything.
MJHDC: (Laughing) You obviously read the comments on my blog.
Pfeiffer: Well I slept with Michael ...
MJHDC: Of which you have no evidence.
Pfeiffer: Fuck you.
MJHDC: Tell Arnie I said hi, and he needs a better shit-packer than you to spread lies.
Pfeiffer: I will.
MJHDC: (Laughing) Thanks.
Pfeiffer: Wait, they are not lies, Arnie said it was true.
MJHDC: I'm sure Arnie thinks they are true. But for Arnie the line between reality and his sick fantasies is very blurred.
Pfeiffer: No. Arnie is great. At work we do this thing where I sit in his chair and pretend to be him and then he pretends to be me. Then I tell him off, he cries, out comes the Vaseline ...
MJHDC: Whoa! That is a great place to end this interview. Just so you know. I do think you and Arnie are lying, and not just in bed together, and nobody is going to believe your bullshit lies that you are spreading.
Pfeiffer: Fuck you. I don't care.

At that point the phone interview ended. As can be seen from the vagueness of Jason Pfeiffer's answers it is obvious to even the blind man, with a blind dog, and has a blind girlfriend that he is nothing more than a lying shit-shoveling faggot that is under the guidance of Arnie Klein.


Legal Notice: Jason Pfeiffer is indeed a homosexual and by his own admittance is condemned to hell according to the Bible. Not being religious in any way I neither condone or condemn the lying faggot to eternal damnation in the pits of Hades. Although it would look like this interview actually took place it did not. This post is satire. Although the basis of this post remains true in that Jason Pfeiffer has no actual proof, or evidence, that this alleged relationship took place.


Video: The Bullshit Continues

The new MJHDC video was released; entitled "The Bullshit Continues". Basically showing the amount of shit that goes on at MJHD.NET.



Numbers Are Important In The Hoax

Don't bother getting your calculator out. There is no 777. There is no 999. But suddenly numbers are important. They have to be; a thread was started on MJHD.NET saying so. The thread "So... Whats Your Size?" has 6 fucking pages.

Study and LastSevenWords must be shitting themselves that the numbers are now making sense to these fucking retards.

I forgot everything had been cleared up and Michael had not only been found and his comeback date confirmed by TMZ that these fucking crackheads can take the time to discuss their measurements on a 'hoax death' site. Fucking dumb cunts someone will sue the shit out of you for false advertising. Flowers, gold pants, and now their fucking measurements. What the fuck is it a hoax forum for the mentally challenged? I mean the S&M Concentration Camp have lost the plot with all the Illuminati bullshit but they sit proudly with their tin foil hats watching the fucking mentally handicapped retards over at MJHD.NET discussing their fucking sizes.

Wozniack pops in on the thread to declare being a square. No. You are a dumb fuck for encouraging this mindless behavior. Slag.In.The.Dumpster opens up her fucking whining mouth to say "Yay I am a pear." No you are a fucking retarded whining bag of shit that has no right to waste oxygen keeping that fucking pea you call a brain active. Souza and Mo would have this thread locked, blocked, and the Gay SS patrolling for people wanting to post on such a thread.

I have said it before and I'll say it again - Michael could be sitting next to these drooling fucking half-wits and they still wouldn't find him. Fuck, he could be repeatedly punching these fucking turds in the head and they wouldn't find him.

Come on, there are forums for people to discuss sizes on. Weight Watchers most likely has one. And if you are at the other end of the scale Anorexics Anonymous most likely has one too. Get your asses on those forums and discuss your sizes and that shit.

And let us be honest here, your sizes are not going to matter. Michael will take one look at the lobotomy scars and drool - grab his crotch and moonwalk his little white socks out of there.

To save you having to read 6 pages of mindless drivel I did the math work for you. The average size is 37-29-39 allegedly. And the most prominent body shape is a pear.

See Slag.In.The.Dumpster stop harping - your pear shape is just normal so fuck off and cry somewhere. Wait a week and then post 3 more paragraphs about returning. So some two-faced cunts that really want to see your dead body under a bus can give you a bunch of fucking flowers.


Legal Notice: There is no actual proof that some of the members of MJHD.NET are retarded half-wits but at the same time the posts speak for themselves.

Pepsi Knows Something

A recently leaked advertisement for Pepsi definitely suggest that they know more than they are letting on.

Leaked Pepsi Advertisement

Pepsi spokeswoman, Nicole Bradley, sent the following statement:

"Pepsi neither deny or confirm that this advertisement has anything to do with Pepsi in any way. All things will be revealed only at the time they are meant to be revealed and not before. The LAPD have started an investigation to the source of this advertisement. Although if any soft drink company was to be involved in Mr. Jackson's fake death it would undoubtedly be Pepsi."

Larry King, of CNN fame, said "What? Pepsi? I'm getting fucking divorced and you ask about Pepsi knowing anything about Michael. When I was talking to him the other ... oh shit, forget I said that. Damn. Suppose that will be another slip-up that makes it to Youtube."

Although no reliable sources can confirm the Pepsi advert media attention whore, Paris Hilton, had this to say "Well nobody asked me if it was OK. I was tanning at the time, I suppose they didn't want to disturb me. The could have called my Blackberry, the number is 200-50-1901 no wait that is my Social Security number. I'm such an airhead."

So at present it would seem only time will tell if Pepsi know anything and if they have exclusive rights to a comeback tour with sponsorship.


Legal Notice: Pepsi, Nicole Bradley, Larry King, or Paris Hilton had nothing to do with this post. It is merely satire to take up some time until some new evidence or clues come about. Also 200-50-1901 is not Paris Hilton's SS#.


Does Everyone Know About The Hoax?

Over at MJHD.NET there is a thread concerning Sony and their choice of words in their new advertising campaign. The words in particular are "SONY - Make.Believe" and "SONY - Like.No.Other" which supposedly point to Sony being involved in the hoax.

Sony employ thousands in their marketing departments around the world. And now they don't even have to think to get paid because Sony are forgetting their $15 billion dollar profits to promote the hoax to the world. So that is thousands of Sony employees added to the people that would have to know about the hoax.

General Manager: We need a new advertisement.
Ad Executive: Shall we promote the PS3 and how it does everything?
General Manager: Not this time. I think we need to tell the world what we know.
Ad Executive: You mean about the hoax?
General Manager: Yes, but in a way where it looks like we are still selling electronic equipment.
Ad Executive: We could have Michael Jackson moonwalk behind the Sony logo.
General Manager: Too obvious.
Ad Executive: How about we put a fedora hat on the O in Sony?
General Manager: I like it, but still too obvious.
Ad Executive: What about we just put the words "make.believe" under the Sony logo?
General Manager: Great idea. Doesn't say we know anything but at the same time says everything.
Ad Executive: I'll get my department working on the commercials.
General Manager: Hold up on that. I'll check with Mr. Jackson first.

It just doesn't make sense that all these people are supposedly in the know about the fact that Michael Jackson faked his death. Add all the Sony employees to the LAPD, LAFD, Jackson family, the TII production crew and dancers, TMZ, the media, Conrad Murray, Kenny Ortega and almost anyone else that has had some connection to Michael Jackson in the past 30 years or so and you end up with close to a million people that are in on the hoax; and that doesn't even include all the psychic nut-jobs that have received word from the spirits saying Michael is not dead.

At A Seance

Weird Woman: Is there anybody there?
Spirit: Yes, I am.
Weird Woman: Have you seen Michael Jackson?
Spirit: No, but then again last Tuesday I did see someone but I can't be sure.
Weird Woman: I am trying to contact Michael Jackson.
Spirit: Have you tried leaving a message with Kurt Cobain?
Weird Woman: Would that work?
Spirit: I doubt it. You see Michael Jackson is not dead. I was just pulling your leg. It gets lonely here. Sometimes I don't see anyone for weeks at a time.
Weird Woman: You are of no use.
Spirit: Be like that. I'll haunt you if I want. Well I won't really but it sounds good.
Weird Woman: Seen Elvis by chance?
Spirit: Can't say that I have. Although I was haunting a Wal*Mart in Alabama and I thought he was stocking shelves there.
Weird Woman: Never mind.

So with all these people knowing about the hoax, how come the big question of "where is Michael Jackson?" still remains unanswered. It would seem that everyone except those investigating the hoax is aware, and knows, that Michael faked his death and what he is up to right now.

Sony's next commercial is more 'in your face' about what they, and almost a million others connected to Michael are aware of but are just not saying:


Legal Notice: Kurt Cobain is not a messaging service for spirits - please make no attempt to treat him so. Sony had nothing to do with this post in any shape or form. This post is merely using the Sony logo for satire.


Rest In Peace Beloved Hoax

Less than ten months ago, on June 25, 2009 when Michael Jackson was supposedly rushed from 100 North Carolwood Drive to the UCLA hospital, a hoax was born. Sadly it lived a short life and before a year passed it was dead.

Thanks to people like Amy Sampson, Souza, Mo, and Badkolo and insanely run hoax forums it was doomed to die. It was almost a conspiracy to kill the hoax.

From the very beginning Amy Sampson screwed with members and moderators alike. Using the hoax as a way of making money from advertising and always looking to make more money with various schemes such as "premium membership" and selling t-shirts - looking back Auntie Amy was nothing more than a poor mans forerunner to Brian Oxman.

Along came MJKit which later became the S&M Concentration Camp. With a trio of Nazi fucks running the place anyone who had an idea that disagreed with the official forum stance on a subject was instantly ridiculed and banned. Yet the dumb fucks wonder why the "Nazi" tag sticks. Soon the topics about the hoax were weeded out to make way for the topics about the Illuminati, Mind Control, and a bunch of other conspiracy theories that had little, if anything, to do with Michael Jackson.

Thrown in to the mix we have MJHD.NET which has little do with the actual hoax and is more an amateur psychology unit with emotional support and flowers everywhere. In all honesty MJHD.NET is more like a fan forum as opposed to a hoax forum. Topics such as "I Had A Dream Last Night" "I'm Feeling Sad Today" are there for members to offer their advice and thoughts.

So we come to today. The day the hoax dies. In actual fact it is not the day the hoax dies it is the day the investigation of the hoax dies. All the people that made the hoax forums places where information and ideas were shared and discussed have gone. What is left is a shell of what could have been. Everything could have been so much more, so much bigger, just a lot more than it is.

So at this solemn time I'd like to personally say something to the various members of the forums, the people that have left the forums because of the way they were treated, and the admins of the current forums.

To the S&M Concentration Camp members that are left: The Nazis are constantly saying to open your eyes to the Illuminati and their tricks. But the members that remain should open their eyes to how previous members have been treated and why they are no longer there.

To the MJHD.NET flower shop members that are left. None of you are trained psychologists; and none of you are ever going to replace Google image search. Some horny 300 lb woman sat at a computer wants to see pictures of Michael Jackson wearing gold pants they can search for them. Learning to use something useful like a search engine might be more useful than putting up some flower smiley and clicking next. As for how people are feeling, everyone has a shit day nobody really cares. A few people put up a hug smiley and a flower smiley and instantly forget what your problem is because they have their own which are more important.

To Souza & Mo: Forget the Illuminati bullshit. You want to do a forum on the Illuminati and all the secrets they supposedly have create a separate website. Remember you are MJDHI stick to the topic. RFID chips have nothing to do with Michael. Then once you get back on track, start to treat your members better. It is good to have differences of opinion it opens discussion. Stop treating everyone who disagrees with you as a piece of shit; you know no more than them. Finally, get your egos back in check. You used to be good investigators in the hoax then somewhere along the line you seemed to think you were the fucking best thing since sliced bread and everyone else was beneath you. Truth is we are all on this journey together nobody really knows anything for sure a lot of it is speculation.

To Lara: Get your forum in order. Forget all the emotional support shit and the dreams. If some fucking person has some pseudo-erotic dream about MJ it has nothing to do with the actual hoax. There are already enough MJ fan sites and forums they can put that stuff. Then you need to get your moderators in order. If they are going to follow instructions they need to do it all the time not just when it suits them. Inconsistency in rules is just as bad as having none and making them up on the fly.

To all the people that left the hoax forums: Get together and create a forum where investigation and the hoax are not only the main topics but the topics. A lot of you are great investigators and made the original MJHD what it was. All together you could make one of the most informative hoax forums around.

If these few things do not happen the hoax will die. It will be seen as some conspiracy which the public will always view as some Illuminati bullshit theory when it is much more than that.


Legal Notice: The opinion in this post is merely the opinion of someone who uses a dog as an identity. It is not satire just a vision of what will happen if the hoax forums stay on their current paths.


Fuck L.O.V.E

All of these people that are supposedly trying to spread the message of Michael Jackson and yet the second you disagree with these people you become public enemy #1.

Before anyone starts fucking whining like a cunt my name is MJHDC not IMissMJ, MJ4Ever, MJLOVE, HealTheWorld, or MikeLickMe. I'm not spreading Michael's message. Never will. I don't believe in all this happy horse bullshit. Is he the world's greatest entertainer? Without a doubt. Has he written some of the most astounding music ever? Definitely. Was he concerned with the environment, people, and all that? Of course.

But I'm not Michael Jackson. Personally some little fucking crack whore is going to die because of drugs I say push the fucking needle in further. You want to end your life injecting shit into your veins go ahead. I don't give a shit. Your life - you die I don't. You see I call a spade a spade. If I think you are a retarded fucking waste of oxygen I'll tell you that. I won't tell you that you are a nice person and then behind your back say you are a soulless waste of life and couldn't get a date at the fucking annual meeting for the blind you fat bitch. If that is what I think of you I'll tell you that.

As I am sure some are thinking "Shut the fuck up you heartless bastard; what has this got to do with Michael Jackson and his hoaxed death?" I'm on about people on forums - and not whether they are heartless bastards or tree hugging, tofu eating hippies. I'm on about the hypocrisy that exists in the forums.

A perfect example of the hypocrisy is the S&M Concentration Camp - run by Hitler, Goering, and the gay SS. When you join and post in the "Introduction" thread they are all "Hi, welcome, hope you enjoy it, thanks" but disagree with the three Nazi fuck-ups and they are warning you, telling you that you are wrong because you disagree with them. And before you know it you are some worthless piece of shit stuck on Badkolo's cock from his latest STD infected male conquest.

And then you have the other side of the coin. MJHD.NET. Make the mistake of posting in the "Introduction" thread and 50 people pounce on you with fucking flowers, hugs, kisses. You dumb fucks just because the username reads ILoveLaraAndMJ doesn't instantly make them a nice person. It could be fucking Jeffery Dahmer you are hugging, kissing, and handing the flowers to. Do you dumb fucks do this on the street? A complete stranger says "Hi" and you are hugging and kissing them and giving them a nice bouquet of flowers. Of course you don't.

And at MJHD.NET get into a disagreement and you don't have to worry about Nazi fucks warning you, ridiculing you, and disagreeing. No, they just ban your ass. "Give us our fucking flowers back and get the fuck out."

You don't believe me. Read the comments on this blog. True colors come out. People from the same forum bitching about each other under anonymous. Call it stress relief or something. But people post comments about other members, mods, admins, knowing they can't be banned.

Ever wonder why there is drama on these forums? Because a lot of the members are living a fucking lie. Being nice is stressing them out. They just want to go postal on some of the members, mods, and admins but are worried they will be banned. The hoax forums already gave us Amy Sampson and all her fucking lies. How did she get away it? Because the members were lying too.

Picture this scenario. Someone posts in a thread entitled "Doubles Used In TII" about Kenny Ortega tweeting "Buy my DVD. HSM4 coming soon L.O.V.E. T.O.Y Peter Pan" someone posts in reply 'Sorry sweetie what does that have to do with doubles?" when they really just wanted to type 'What the fuck??? Kenny Ortega look like a double to you? Are you fucking blind? It says DOUBLES in the topic; can you read or are you just ... fuck it just turn the computer off, put it back in the box, and jump under a speeding bus I don't have time for this bullshit. Just fuck off.'

And through all this hypocrisy stress levels are rising to boiling point. And when they reach breaking point all hell breaks lose because of something so minor. Shit, someone forgets a comma in a paragraph and there is 40 pages on it, the member is banned, and 20 others have now shown their true colors of hating most of their fellow members. And this all happens because all these people that log into a hoax forum and for one reason and another changes from their normal self to some spineless fucking wimp.

What happens to the people who do say something? Why haven't you seen them posting? Where are they? Gone. Banned from forums for suggesting the Admin made a mistake. Tired of the drama and bullshit in the forums. Left to create other forums.

Hypocrisy is going to kill the hoax. People are going to get tired of being controlled by Nazis, getting bunches of flowers, and being banned for nothing. And then less and less people will be investigating the hoax, and in turn the hoax will be left for a few to run rampant with creating theories out of their ass over at S&M Concentration Camp about the Illuminati. And MJHD.NET will be all Gold Pants and fucking flowers.

Keep the hoax alive - tell someone you hate them.


Legal Notice: Blind people need love too. This post is satire.


MJHD.NET Member Making Money

It has been quiet for Henda on MJHD.NET. The wristband idea fell through after the minimum order amount rose. The XBox 360 scam just never took off. Nobody cared that some family got robbed and the most important thing to replace was a fucking games console.

But while things have been quiet with the hoax Henda has been busy. He has been working on opening his own store.

At the grand opening in Eldon Garden Shopping Center, Henda had this to say: "Well nothing has been happening in the hoax. I know the name Michael Jackson will sell anything I mean you have to look at the shitty books being sold. One night I was looking at some topics on MJHD.NET and that is when the idea hit me - a flower shop."

The store was opened by Michael Cookson, the Lord Mayor for Newcastle, as he cut the ribbon he jokingly said "I didn't know anything about this hoax site until last week. I had a look at it and no matter what anyone posts someone gives you a bunch of flowers."

Speaking about the affiliation of the store with the hoax website and forum Henda said: "Well fuck it if I cannot con these fucks into giving me money I'll sell them some shit. Have you looked on the forum lately? Fuck, you could post a topic saying you just wiped out the whole Jackson family and had gay sex with Conrad Murray while Brian Oxman watched and them dumb fucks would give you a bunch of flowers. Some of the members sent me a PM saying they had allergies and I mentioned this to the Mods but nobody gave a shit. I'm going to make money off these dumb fucks. Every time anyone puts that fucking annoying 'flower smiley' up it is free advertising for my store."

Henda's Flower Shop in Newcastle


Legal Notice: Henda has not actually opened a flower shop. Michael Cookson is indeed the Lord Mayor of Newcastle but had nothing to do with anything. This post is merely satire.


Is MJHD Still Playing Games?

Someone emailed me some pictures today which kind of spread some weird light on who and what is going on at MJHD.NET

I went back to the MJHD.COM archives via MJHD.NET to verify one of the pictures but the image was not there; nor are most of the images which were on the MJHD.COM Wordpress forum. I have no reason to doubt the person who sent the pictures and have no reason to doubt their validity.

Any way the first picture was posted by Andromeda on a thread where everyone posted pictures of themselves on MJHD.COM.

Picture posted by Andromeda on MJHD.COM

The second picture was posted by the admin of MJHD.NET LaraLovesMichael.

Picture posted by LaraLovesMichael on MJHD.NET

Anyone noticing a person that is the same in both photos? What the fuck is going on with the hoax forums?


Conrad Murray Enters The Matrix

Some thought that the Matrix franchise had ended with Matrix Revolutions. Neo was carried away by the machines and the Matrix itself rebooted.

But thanks to Warner Brothers, the Wachowski brothers and Joel Silver the Matrix is about to be turned on one more time. With the majority of the cast returning to recapture the magic of the first three films.

The announcement was made today at the Warner Brothers studios in Hollywood in front of the media and a star-studded audience.

Warner Brothers spokesman Rob Delaney greeted the group with: "If you thought the Matrix was over you have not seen anything yet. This 4th installment will be bigger than the the three previous installments combined. This is truly the rebirth of the Matrix. Prepare to enter the Matrix in 4D. The whole film will be filmed using ground breaking technology that will immerse the viewer from all four dimensions."

Rob Delaney also put a stop to the rumors on who would replace Laurence Fishburne in the role of Morpheus. "When it was decided that Laurence wasn't going to be able to take part due to contractual obligations elsewhere we originally thought of dropping the Morpheus character from the film. But the character is such an integral part of the film so we started looking for a replacement and I think in Conrad Murray we have found the perfect person to pick up the role."

Keanu Reeves, reprising his role as Neo, spoke about the forthcoming film: "It is going to be strange working so close with Conrad Murray. I've been following the news on him and when they said he was going to be playing Morpheus I must admit I almost shit myself. But when we met for the first time I sensed he was a bit nervous so I donned the sunglasses and said to Conrad - I know CPR - which made him laugh and we have got on well since."

Although the film is not expected to be released until Spring of 2011 it is already creating much hype within the movie business. Many are speculating that it could be the biggest grossing film since Avatar.

"I was a bit nervous having to take over where Laurence left off. But I called Laurence and we chatted for a while and he put me at rest. The fitness regime for the film has been a little tiring with court and everything but thanks to Keanu and Carrie I'm keeping up." said Conrad as he spoke to reporters.

Although the exact storyline of the movie is a closely guarded secret it has already been confirmed by the Wachowski brothers that the special effects of the movie will blow anything that has been seen before away.

Joel Silver said "At the end of Matrix Revolutions we saw the Matrix rebooted and it lost that green tint making it appear it was once again the real world. Matrix Conclusion starts by showing that the Matrix was running on Windows Vista and when it has a problem the green tint returns and the Matrix starts again."

The film will not be released until Spring of 2011 although the hype for this movie is expected to start well before then.


Legal Notice: Nobody knows anything about this film. It has not been discussed with anyone but the voices in my head. This post is merely satire and does not include references to lesbians in any shape or form.


Why oh why do some people still think that TMZ has anything to do with TIAI? TIAI has nothing to do with TMZ in any shape or form. And the proof is in the registration.

TMZ (www.tmz.com) WHOIS Details

Domain Name Administrator
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank CA 91522
wbol-admin@warnerbros.com +1.8189777900 Fax: +1.8189773135

Administrative Contact:
Domain Name Administrator
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank CA 91522
wbol-admin@warnerbros.com +1.8189777900 Fax: +1.8189773135

Created on..............: 1996-02-15.
Expires on..............: 2014-02-15.
Record last updated on..: 2010-03-18.

Domain servers in listed order:

TIAI (www.thisisalsoit.com) WHOIS Details

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)

Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration THISISALSOIT.COM@domainsbyproxy.com
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599 Fax -- (480) 624-2598

Created on: 29-Oct-09
Expires on: 29-Oct-10
Last Updated on: 22-Dec-09

Domain servers in listed order:

That is the WHOIS listing for both TMZ and TIAI. For those not sure what a WHOIS actually is it is a query/response protocol that is widely used to determine the registrant and owner of Internet resources such as domain names. (Wikipedia Article)

As can be seen TMZ who is owned by Warner Brothers uses their own web servers (name servers) to host their websites (ns.warnerbros.com) whereas TIAI uses ns45.domaincontrol.com which is owned by GoDaddy. Also TIAI registration points to DomainsByProxy.com, 15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 which is the address of GoDaddy.

Just because TIAI redirects to TMZ does not mean TMZ has anything to do with it. The HTML of TIAI is just a redirect that that is changed daily. It could point to any website at all.

It just makes me laugh that people still think that TIAI is tied into the hoax through TMZ. Shit I could create a website with redirect code to point to anywhere. For further details on the redirect codes used by TIAI see the previous post entitled "MJHD.COM Is Linked To ThisIsAlsoIt.com"


Legal Notice: TMZ does not TIAI. This has been proven before and it was proven that Amy Sampson, old MJHD admin did in fact setup TIAI.


The Illuminati Infiltrate MJDHI & MJHD

When they are not busy taking over the world with their devious plans of world domination where do you find the Illuminati and, or, the Freemasons? Trolling around the Michael Jackson hoax death forums.

So someone points out on MJHD that someone is posting on MJDHI that Souza and Mo must basically stop putting a ton of crap about stuff they don't know - which is the Illuminati and Freemasons. Obviously whoever it was had not read the S&M Concentration Camp in a while as it is 90% Illuminati/NWO posts and topics.

As usual, the S&M Concentration Camp deleted that particular thread. So the person did what any self-respecting Freemason would do and that is head on over to MJHD to talk about it.

So the person at MJHD, going under the name of CernentiaeOculus, says: "Anyway, as I stated at Souza and Mo\'s forum, I am a member of the Mason\'s. More precicely, I am a member of the Knight\'s Teutonic, a branch of the Mason\'s. In other words, I am a modern day Templar, and a member of some status; this is why I was chosen to be their spokesperson to Souza and Mo. They have made some outrageous claims, and have been made aware of our feelings on this. They make our brothers, the Illuminati (another branch of the Masons) look very bad, and draw far too much attention to all of us. All I asked was that they simply cease their baseless accusations against us. They claim they have been silenced; yet it is they who silenced me. I refuse to be silenced! My brothers refuse to be silenced as well! All that the Order requests ist hat factless rumors stop being spread. We had nothing to do with Michael Jackson; in life or alleged death."

(read the continuing drama at http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=6733)

So a member of some standing is sent to talk to drugged up Dutch lesbians about Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and all that other shit? Must be very high up. Any lower and you'd be on the 1st step.

But it doesn't end there. Our esteemed Freemason cares what people think and starts a topic entitled "Do you honestly believe we killed MJ?" where CernentiaeOculus starts with: "I have a question for all of you. Those that do believe the illuminati murdered Michael Jackson; do you honestly believe my brothers and I would do such a thing? We are a respectful Order, and we have no interest in this man. And why would we? He was never a member, nor was he ever even a threat to us. He may have high status amongst you, but to us he is nothing. And I do not mean this in a bad way, I am simply stating there is no reason for us to take an interest in him."

Well that is all cleared up now. Someone allegedly in the Freemasons says that the Illuminati did not kill Michael Jackson. So simple. So now we can all go back to the actual hoax and drop all this Illuminati bullshit once and for all.

But just before you all leave the Illuminati read on further. Someone called Eastern Star jumps in and says something, and in reply CernentiaeOculus calls Eastern Star 'Sister' and then Eastern Star calls CernentiaeOculus 'brother'.

This is picked up on by mjselfsweet who asks how they knew to call each other brother and sister. Which is explained away by CernentiaeOculus that the Eastern Star is a female masonry. Then another member called HeidiLovesMJ points out via some web links that Eastern Star is for men and women, and that the Teutonic Knights also have female members as well as male members.

Then the intrigue really starts. When HeidiLovesMj and, another member, mjjexitus question these facts in steps the moderator MJ4everLOVE and says: "I'm going to say this 1 more time before I start warnings. These people are members of our forum and we do not tolerate hateful, sarcastic or bashing comments of our members. Please be respectful or avoid these threads. Thank you."

What the fuck? You can pretend to be Freemasons and bullshit to people, but if you question these fakes you get a warning for bashing and being disrespectful? Fuck Off. What next? If someone comes on pretending to be Michael Jackson nobody is allowed to question it? For fuck's sake if nobody questioned anything might as well pack your shit up now and fuck off home.

Then member HeidiLovesMJ asks: "I don't see the mods questioning these people claiming to be the freemasons or illuminati. You jump in because people are questioning them yet you do not protect the members from these people claiming to be something they are obviously not. And how did the illuminati member be allowed to mention the unmentionable names of Souza and Mo without being questioned? Something is wrong with all of this IMO."

(The drama will undoubtedly continue at http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=6734)

A very good point. A forum that has allegedly had a stalker is going to try to inhibit members from questioning the motives of certain people? Next time the next messenger from MJ turns up I hope the dumb fucking moderators roll out the red carpet, grease their fucking asses and get ready to get shafted for their ignorance. Stupid cunts read the posts where members question someone but fucking fail to notice two alleged Freemason members making mistakes and fooling people.

It is because of stupidity like this that makes all the moderators look like dumb cunts. MJ4everLOVE should shut her fucking pie hole and read the entire fucking thread before she jumps on a member. Dumb fucker if you read it all it was a couple of members looking out for the rest of the forum and trying to point out the inaccuracies that the two alleged Freemasons had made. Maybe everyone should stick to posting Gold Pants pictures and fucking handing out flowers instead of caring about other forum members.


Legal Notice: Stupidity is not a disease some people practice the art. Read more of MJ4everLOVE's posts to see this art in action.


MJHD Trading Cards Released

In a press conference in Tokyo, Japan, Topps released their latest set of trading cards. The new set are entitled "MJHD" and were released in Japan today.

Topps spokesman, David Wright, talking about the MJHD trading cards said "We released these cards firstly in Japan because the kids go nuts for them over here. The entire set is a collection of 250 cards ranging from Michael Jackson himself right down to Kai Chase. Obviously the Michael Jackson card is the most elusive with only 1,000 produced so far. But if your looking for a Kai Chase there are 2,000,000 to find. We hope to release these cards in the US and Europe later this year."

Attending the press conference was Weird Al Yankovic who unbeknown to many has been an avid trading card collector for 25 years. "I was on ebay before I flew out looking for Michael Jackson. I found a dorito with his image for $300 but no card. The last one sold on ebay went for $250,000 but that was before they were released."

Joe Jackson, never one to miss a free meal, said "I don't get it. Today was the first time I actually saw the cards. I'm less famous than Murray; hell even Jermaine is more famous than me. What is wrong with these people?"

Stores all over Japan sold out of the cards on the day of their release; and the same is expected in the US and Europe when they go on sale later this year.

Topps spokesman, David Wright, finished with "It is almost just like the hoax. Nobody can find Michael Jackson."

Examples of the MJHD Trading Cards
(Click image for full size)


Legal Notice: Although David Wright is a spokesman for Topps neither he or Topps have anything to with these cards. Card designs are subject to change.


Inaccuracies In The Autopsy Report

Although the 51 page autopsy report has been considered a fake since its release. It does prove that the hoax is indeed a hoax. This one document has so many inaccuracies and contradictions that when looking at the overall picture with other facts and statements from people surrounding the hoax - it leaves no other option - it has to be a hoax.

The full report is available here; in PDF format and requires a PDF reader (such as Adobe or Foxit) to read it.

So starting at the beginning, page 1, the person autopsied was identified by a driving license. How many people take their driving license to bed? Allegedly Michael was in bed completely knocked out by a cocktail of drugs supplied by Dr. Murray, but just in case he took his driving license with him. That is one fucked up routine. Brush teeth, get in pajamas, put driving license in pajama pocket. Come on; we are meant to believe that he went to bed with his driving license?

Staying with page 1, it states that a Dr. Cooper pronounced Michael dead. Which leads to the question why the hospital never formally announced the death and it was left to Jermaine to do. If the doctor had pronounced Michael dead, and was willing to put his name to it, why not go on TV and just say so?

Page 2 just gets worse. "At around 1200 hours, Dr. Murray found that the decedent was not breathing and he pulled the decedent onto the bedroom floor and began CPR." No, he didn't. The 911 call said he performed CPR on the bed and the 911 operator had to tell the 'qualified' doctor to move him to the floor. Then it goes on to say "Throughout the transport all medical orders were given by Dr. Murray." So when the alleged ambulance allegedly took Michael to the hospital all orders came from Conrad Murray. The guy was doing basic CPR wrong why take orders from him? And in the infamous ambulance photo where was Murray? The ambulance wasn't that big that he could of been lounging in a seat way back. And if he was giving the orders wouldn't he have had to be close to Michael?

Onwards to page 3. The description of the scene. This is just great. It shoots Murray's claims to pieces. "Several empty orange juice bottles, a telephone and lamp were on the tables as well." Hold up. Supposedly there was no phones. Murray said so. Which to be honest always struck me as odd. You live in a fucking mansion and some dumb, incompetent, retard forgets to put in phones. $100,000 per month on rent and no phones. Shit. He could have gone to Best Western for about $2,000 per month and got a free phone in his room. But this one statement does prove one thing - Ed Chernoff is a real attorney because he lies his ass off for his client. Chernoff said Murray did not immediately call 911 because there was no house phone in the room where Jackson was and he could not leave his patient to make the call. So true - better to watch a friend/client not breathing than call 911 for help on a phone that allegedly does not exist.

Page 3 also states "There was a closed bottle of urine atop a chair." Who the fuck wrote this autopsy report - William Shakespeare? Nobody uses the phrase atop. No wonder the police are so bogged down in paperwork. They have to think up words. Investigate a crime and then get out the trusty thesaurus to make sure the report is a literary piece of art.

Also on page 3 it states "The body was positively identified as Micaheal Joseph Jackson by visual comparison to his California drivers license." Great work Sherlock Holmes. The guy supposedly looks like his driving license so it must be him. Case closed. But before you go get Watson for a quick celebratory drink, just one question - Michael's driving license says Michael Joe Jackson so how did you get Joseph?

Pages 5 through 10 are a list of all the medications allegedly found. These were investigated by Elissa J. Fleak. In a article with LA Weekly Elissa Fleak is described as "The coroner’s tribal liaison for Native American remains, and its representative under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. It’s her job to determine the ancestry of remains and return the bones to their tribes for proper burial ... When she isn’t returning Native American remains to their ancestral burial grounds, Fleak has another highly specialized, if darker, skill: She unravels the mysteries of how children die." Why is a person who specializes in ancient remains and how children die listing all these alleged medications? Surely the LA Coroners office has someone who specializes in medication.

Page 15 states "The body was not clothed and no clothing is available for review." Wait a minute here. Page 3 clearly states "The decedent was wearing a hospital gown." So no clothes? What Michael left his home in the nude? Who took his clothes? The clothes could be big evidence. There could be DNA from people that were around him just before he allegedly died. If there is no DNA of Murray on there then he couldn't have performed CPR. Critical evidence is missing and nobody gives a shit. Barney Fife would be laughing his ass off.

Page 17 states "Both testes are in the scrotum and are unremarkable and without trauma." Well that clears that up. Dr. Arnie Klien's ex gay lover said that Arnie said Michael was sterile because Joe Jackson kicked Michael in the nuts so hard it left permanent damage. Seriously you couldn't make half this shit up. Michael Jackson's dermatologist's ex gay lover says something and it splashed all over the Internet. Who would trust a guy with a grudge that looks like a cross between a prison inmate and one of the Right Said Fred group?

Page 21 states "The circumstances do not support self-administration of propofol." Well that is Murray's defense shot in the ass. Nice try though. Pity Ed Chernoff didn't read that. This is also confirmed on page 31 where it states "It would have been difficult for the patient to administer the drugs to himself, given the configuration of the IV set-up. Someone with medical knowledge or experience would have started the IV." There is Murrays defense. He didn't know how to do CPR so that brings into question whether he has medical knowledge or experience.

Page 35 takes us back to sperm. Well actually "active spermatogenesis with the usual number of Leydig cells." So once again we told by an autopsy report that Michael was producing sperm and testosterone. So a man comes into hospital allegedly suffering from a cardiac arrest and they are worried if his sperm count is alright? Is it normal procedure to check sperm production? I checked a few other autopsy reports on males that I found scattered on the Internet and not one mentioned anything about sperm. One guy had been shot, another drowned, and the other had suffered a heart attack. So why was this non-important information so important for an autopsy report?

I'll admit that I'm no doctor and a lot of the medical stuff in the autopsy report made no sense to me whatsoever. But the few things pointed out prove without a shadow of a doubt that Michael's alleged death is a hoax. Nobody can get their story straight. People are lying here, there, and everywhere to try and cover up the hoax.

So as a final point - all you Justice4MJ nuts, and other non-believers, that want to see Murray on death row. Read the fucking autopsy report, check it against the other statements, and documents, that have been released and realize that not only is the autopsy report a bag of shit that contradicts all previous statements by everyone it proves that only a false autopsy report would be used in a hoax.


Legal Notice: Anything which may look like either legal or medical advice is not.


The S&M Interview

Travel down any little Dutch back street, and you will leave the serenity of the Netherlands and find the darker, sleazier, side they forget to mention. It was in this dark, seedy, area that I met the infamous Souza and Mo of MJDHI fame in a small bistro.

Souza and Mo agreed to this interview on the condition that no location would be mentioned, and their pictures would not be used.

MJHDC: (laughing) So you may know I'm not really your biggest fan.
Souza: You just don't like us. Which is why we agreed to this interview. Just to prove you wrong.
Mo: Yes exactly what Souza said.
MJHDC: So you supposedly did a couple of lame interviews. Will you admit they were set up?
Mo: What do you mean set up?
MJHDC: Well, there was no deep questions and both fucking muppets that allegedly did the interviews didn't exactly ask for clarification on some of your answers.
Souza: We gave the answers that we felt were right. We don't care if anyone agrees or not.
MJHDC: OK. So they were basically bullshit to promote your own over-inflated egos.
Souza: Are you going to ask questions or just insult?
Mo: Of course they will ask questions. That is why it is called an interview.
MJHDC: Yeah. Be pretty pointless if I don't. Kind of like the other two interviews you did.
Souza: Get on with it then.
MJHDC: OK. I'll go to the most important question first - so you two a couple of rug munching dykes?
Mo: Our sexuality has nothing to do with the hoax.
MJHDC: Nor does the Illuminati but you have a whole forum about that shit.
Souza: Our sexual preference is not important. If Mo, or myself, were lesbians it wouldn't matter. And I'm not saying we are either.
Mo: (whispering to Souza) That was close I thought you was going to tell him darling.
MJHDC: Seems you won't admit that you are a couple lesbians; anything going on between one of you and Badkolo?
Mo: I thought he was gay.
Souza: Nothing is going on with either of us and Badkolo. As for him being homosexual that has never been confirmed.
MJHDC: Pretty much everything on your forum and blog was never confirmed but it didn't stop you. Talking about your blog and that; what was with the now infamous dog autopsy?
Mo: That was funny. We were sitting at Souza's apartment and were just bullshitting and Souza suggested it and we just laughed. Then Souza laughed and said nobody would believe it. So we put it out there and people really believed it for a while. We laughed about that for a long time.
Souza: Our investigations occasionally lead us down the wrong path but we just regroup and start investigating again.
MJHDC: So what is with all the Illuminati bullshit that is on your forum?
Mo: We were on this website, and they had some good information, and so we copy and pasted into the forum.
MJHDC: But what does it have to do with Michael Jackson?
Souza: Well the connection between Mike ...
MJHDC: You mean Michael.
Souza: Whatever. The connection is the whole music industry is controlled by the Illuminati.
Mo: Especially that Beyonce.
Souza: Mo we discussed this. It is the whole music industry.
MJHDC: But the forum is Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators not Music Industry Hoax Investigators.
Souza: It is our forum, and notice I said forum not concentration camp, and we will allow whatever subjects we want.
MJHDC: And if people don't agree with you they just get ridiculed right?
Mo: No. Souza just explains we are always right, except the dog theory, and then we wheel Badkolo out to issue warnings.
MJHDC: (laughing) Even you two have to see the funny side of having a gay clown as your forum 'security guard'?
Souza: No.
MJHDC: OK. So the classicbands.com interview was that faked because the interviewer sucked big time and the website itself looks like it was designed by Crayola?
Mo: No that was a real interview.
Souza: Yeah it was real. People complain that the questions were lame. But at least we get the hoax out there.
MJHDC: I for one am not to happy with you two allegedly representing the believers. You make it sound we are all a bunch of Illuminati fearing fools.
Mo: The Illuminati is everywhere. They are powerful. They can have you killed.
MJHDC: So how are you two surviving as you unveil all their plans?
Mo: We hide in Souza's apartment so they cannot find us.
Souza: You are not meant to tell them where we hide.
Mo: Sorry.
Souza: It is OK love.
MJHDC: So that Dutch newspaper how come you never stood up for yourselves?
Souza: What?
MJHDC: Well they basically took the piss out of you, and you never corrected them. You just fed them the Illuminati bullshit. You looked a right pair of muppets in that one.
Souza: OK this interview is over.
MJHDC: (laughing) But I haven't asked you about the Hitler connection yet.
Mo: That is just wrong.
Souza: Mo, stop talking, they will just twist it so we look stupid.
Mo: (giggling) We did the dog autopsy theory. We are doing a great job ourselves.
Souza: Let us just go back to my place. I have this new lubricant we can play with.
Mo: Do we have to sell the pictures again? I really don't care if Badkolo gets kicked out of his mothers home.
Souza: Look we said we would help him. His boyfriend can't help him obviously.
Mo: Why? Is his boyfriend gay too?
Souza: Well duh. Luckily I don't lick you for your brains.
Mo: You mean like right?
Souza: I know what I meant.
MJHDC: Ladies, and I use that term as loosely as possible, thanks for your time. I know you have drugs and lesbian things to do.
Souza: Fuck you.
Mo: You are welcome sweetie.
MJHDC: (laughing) Yeah, you have a great day too.


Legal Notice: This interview is fictitious and Souza and Mo have never admitted being lesbians. Neither Badkolo or his boyfriend have admitted to being homosexual. Although the lubricant mentioned was never named my apologies to KY Intense for getting you involved.


Coca Cola Release New Label

Shortly after Conrad Murray made his brief appearance at court today in Los Angeles Coca Cola announced a new label which will be released for two weeks in June this year.

Coca Cola spokesman, Scott Williamson, said "After today, thanks to the defense team of Conrad Murray, the Michael Jackson and Coca Cola link was advertised without us even having to spend a dime on advertising. We couldn't have asked for better advertising."

Ed Chernoff, defense attorney for Conrad Murray, after the court appearance said "The defense team has no connection with Coca Cola, and Conrad is not making any profit from this. Although it does show Conrad in a better light."

Scott Williamson continued "We expect this to be our biggest selling limited edition can. If all goes well we may release other limited edition cans related to Michael Jackson. Who knows in the future we may get Brian Oxman to help us sell some 'Justice4MJ' coke cans."

The limited edition can is going to be on sale from June 7, 2010 to June 21, 2010. Although the official can design has not been approved the draft below from Coca Cola shows what the can is expected to look like.

Artist impression of new Coca Cola label


Legal Notice: This can design has no connection with Coca Cola and although Scott Williamson is a spokesman for Coca Cola he never said anything. This can may or may not ever be seen in the stores.


New MJDHI TV Series

HBO announced yesterday that as part of their Summer line-up they will introduce a new show called MJDHI: Dutch - Behind The Scenes Of The Hoax.

HBO spokesman, Diego Aldana, said "We know this show is going to pull the audience in. It has everything, sex, drugs, and techno music. We took the three main people of MJDHI and put them in a single apartment, much like Three's Company, but with the added twist that they will be investigating the theory that Michael Jackson hoaxed his death."

The main cast will be Souza played by Rachel Stevens, Mo played by Sophia Bush, and Badkolo played by Rowan Atkinson.

Souza, Badkolo, and Mo
(Rachel Stevens, Rowan Atkinson, and Sophia Bush)

Rachel Stevens, former member of S Club, said "When I was approached by HBO to do this series I really didn't want to play a Dutch lesbian that hangs around with some gay guy who lives with his mum. But when I read the script and saw who some of the possible guest stars were I knew I just had to do it."

With regards to the guest stars that will be appearing, Sophia Bush, no relation to former President George Bush, said "I think it is great that the Jackson family can see the funny side of all this. In the first episode we have Joe Jackson sell Badkolo a used car and then Badkolo has to try and get the money to pay him before Joe has him kneecapped."

Rowan Atkinson, of Mr. Bean fame said "I don't know who these people are in real life and when I was researching my character I really felt sorry for them. I mean they they think the Illuminati is running the world. If that was true my paycheck would be signed by David Rothschild. And then the whole lesbian thing, and the fact that my character Badkolo, is in real life gay and living at home with his mother just cracked me up."

Although HBO were unable to confirm the exact date that the series will start air they did state that as the date gets closer an advertising campaign would start worldwide. Diego Aldana finished the announcement with "This is really it. People will see the reality behind these people and what really makes them tick. It is one of those shows where the reality is a whole lot crazier than the image they portray on their forum."

The website of the show is http://www.hbo.com/MJDHI


Legal Notice: Although Diego Aldana is an actual spokesman of HBO he had nothing to do with this announcement. The show MJDHI: Dutch may not actually exist and none of the celebrities mentioned know anything about it.


These People Represent You?

Whether you are a hoaxie, believer, or just plain curious you need to grow a fucking backbone. You need to start standing up for yourselves. Words are not enough - action is the only way forward.

I'm talking about the bullshit article that appeared in the Dutch newspaper, Leeuwarder Courant, featuring the Dutch, alleged lesbians, Souza and Mo. I read the post over at the S&M Concentration Camp and I read the translation to English and was disgusted. The translation reads as:

"Michael Jackson is not dead, he's alive. And he will come back. Soon he will be in the spot light again. He will then wake up humanity with his message: the world is about to be controlled by a secret society or worse, the Antichrist.

Michael is in hiding to come back stronger and to expose the New World Order. This is the firm belief of the masses, who seek each other on the Internet. At http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com they exchange clues and ideas. They impute Michael of some kind of messianic role.

The forum also attracts fierce opponents of the "Jackson-alive' thought, which results sometimes in threatening messages. That is why these two Dutch initiators use their nicknames Mo and Souza. But Mo does reveal that she's a 41-year-old resident of Kollumerland.

That there's a consistent pattern in people denying the death of a celebrity, does not Mo's mind. The evidence showing Elvis is alive is minor in proportion to this case. "Maybe 1/10 part of clues we have about Michael Jackson being alive".

According to Mo and Souza there's major evidence in the death certificate. "It shows the name Michael Joseph Jackson. That name is not according to his other official identification documents. Those show Michael Joe Jackson as his name. That's something that can't be changed overnight".

Soon after Michael's death was reported they started doubting. Michael was remembered on CNN by his friend Dave Dave, a man whose face has been maimed in 1983 because he deliberately was set on fire by his father. Dave Dave told how Michael took care of him and was like a father to him.

Mo and Souza were amazed by Dave Dave's appearance on CNN: those gestures, that way of talking. "We fell off the couch, and yelled: That's him!". Michael's and Dave's faces were simply to match by computer.

Mo and Souza say say it is unbelievable that the full autopsy was released to the public, while the lawsuit against Jackson's doctor yet has to begin. The meticulous description of the body does not match the body of Michael, they believe. There is no mentioning of the burns Jackson sustained during shooting a Pepsi commercial. No word on the cosmetic cleft in his chin, or the skin disease lupus.

Mo is definitely not a fan of Jackson, she stressed. "The real die hard fans don't even notice what's going on. They just write 'Oh we miss you so much' on the fan forums, that's just how far they get. We started investigating because things just don't add up.''

"The ambulance with which he was transported to the hospital made three attempts to exit the drive way backwards, that makes no sense, as Google Earth shows there's a huge roundabout on the property. Why didn't the ambulance speed up, and were there no alarm lights nor sirens?".

To Mo and Souza it's clear: Michael's disappearance is linked to other major events: World improvers as Reverend King, President Kennedy and Princess Diana were removed, the secret society of the Illuminati is about to hit, the Age of Aquarius is coming.

Kollumerland's Mo keeps her identity a secret because threats were ventilated towards them. She knows that she's laughed at, but it is less important. She is convinced that she will have the last laugh when Michael emerges. Please be patient."

These two cunts don't represent me in any shape or form. I don't give a fuck about the Illuminati. I don't think they have anything to do with Michael Jackson whatsoever. But because so many are willing to buy into this bullshit and keep their Concentration Camp forum going, they are allowed to do shitty interviews with sub-quality websites and newspapers that 98% of the world cannot be bothered to read.

These two fucking dykes are representing you just in case you didn't realize it. When you tell friends and family that you believe Michael Jackson is alive this is the shit they will think of. They will think you believe that everyone since the dawn of time has had some connection to the Illuminati; and that the Illuminati is some all-powerful, elite, organization that can 'off' anyone they feel like.

These two dumb fucks are making you look ridiculous. You know how everyone thinks of Muslims as a bunch of cave dwelling terrorists thanks to the media. The same is now happening right before your eyes you are going to be thought of as a Illuminati-fearing nut that thinks that reptiles took over the White House years ago.

Michael Jackson is not dead, he's alive. And he will come back. Soon he will be in the spot light again. He will then wake up humanity with his message: the world is about to be controlled by a secret society or worse, the Antichrist. - Whether the newspaper said this in jest or not is not the point. This is the message you get when you look at the S&M Concentration Camp. Michael Jackson is going to save us all against the Antichrist. Every fucking topic is about the fucking Illuminati almost.

Today I denounce my membership to the S&M Concentration Camp. I don't want to be represented by theses cunts. Do I believe Michael Jackson faked his death? Yes. Do I believe that the Illuminati had anything to do with it? No. Do I want the world to think I am some Illuminati-fearing nut? No. Fuck the Illuminati. They just are not as powerful as they are made out to be. Otherwise all these people spilling the secrets of the Illuminati would be deader than Jermaine Jackson's singing career.

Next time you are about to log in at the S&M Concentration Camp think before you do. Do you want to be tarred with the same brush as Souza and Mo are painting you as?

Dog Autopsies and the Illuminati is not what this is about. And if nobody logs into the S&M Concentration Camp these two fucking idiots will no longer be representative of what a believer is.


Legal Notice: Souza and Mo have never been proven to be lesbians although it is clear that at the very least bisexual is on the cards for both of the rug munching Dutch admins.

Is Justice4MJ A Racist Group?

In a couple of days, if all the paperwork is complete, Conrad Murray will be making an appearance in court once again. Conrad Murray, will be center stage once more as he continues the charade of court proceedings.

With Conrad Murray only getting charged with involuntary manslaughter and not getting first degree murder with the possibility of the death penalty there has sprung out of nowhere the group going by Justice4MJ.

But just why are these people screaming for justice? The LAPD did a shit job in stopping access to a possible crime scene. Latoya and Katherine Jackson were allowed to remove things from the possible crime scene. The fudged autopsy which took forever and a day to actually get completed. The various leaks of information from the Coroner's office. The District Attorney's office took there sweet time to actually charge Murray with anything and when they did they allowed him to come in when he was ready to. And then Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Or is there a deeper reason that these people screaming for 'justice' have popped out the woodwork to try and ensure that Conrad Murray receives life imprisonment or worse?

Looking at the facts that the media gave, which is mostly what they want us to know and not really the truth, Conrad Murray recklessly gave medication to Michael Jackson which caused him to have a cardiac arrest and subsequently die.

So using the facts to prove murder you have to fulfill various variables.

Provocation - Was Conrad Murray provoked when he allegedly killed Michael Jackson? Conrad Murray was getting $150,000 per month as a personal doctor. Not exactly the best provocation killing your meal ticket.

Self Defense - Was Murray attacked by Michael Jackson? Not likely seems even the media never picked up on it.

Diminished Capacity - Was Murray nuttier than a fruitcake when he gave the alleged lethal injection? No. He was fully aware of what he was doing.

So the only thing that can be proven, in a court of law, is that Murray gave a dose or Propofol, or some mixture, and that turned out to be lethal; allegedly. Involuntary manslaughter is the best you could go for with all the 'supposed' facts that are available.

So where were the Justice4MJ people when Dr. Kevorkian was on trial. This guy admitted committing euthanasia on at least 130 different people. Where were these fucking do-gooders when he was on trial? He only served EIGHT years of a 10-25 year prison sentence for 2nd degree murder.

They were absolutely nowhere to be found. Why? Because Dr. Kevorkian is white. If he was an African-American like Dr. Murray they would have most likely been all over him like flies on shit making sure he received the death penalty.

So while these assholes are standing outside the courtroom with their banners and placards screaming for so-called justice the deeper feeling behind their cause is nothing more than racist bigotry that just wants to see another black man either die needlessly or rot in a prison cell for the rest of his life.

They don't want justice they want their movement to be seen as a great cause yet if they get their way, once Murray is imprisoned for life you won't see or hear from these bigot racists ever again.

Justice4MJ Merely A Racist Group?


Legal Notice: There is no proof that Justice4MJ is a racist group. But actions do speak louder than words sometimes.


Spoon Bender Geller And 0.2%

Over at MJHD.NET, in the topic The Uri Geller Show, allegedly Uri Geller announced that maybe Michael Jackson will be making a comeback next week. Allegedly after a show Uri Geller said:

"I shouldn't be saying this, but there will be a person here next week. Everybody here in the Netherlands knows him or her he / she is a Mega star and he will reveal himself here next week. This will be breaking news all over the world. I'm 99.8 % sure that he will be here next week, but there is a possibility that he won't show up." (paraphrased)

Hold on there Uri - just how did you know this ground breaking news? We haven't forgot that your fucking useless psychic powers did not pick up that Martin Bashir was nothing but a snake. And we haven't forgotten that Michael severed his friendship with you in 2002 because of your part in that documentary. And now we are all supposed to jump up and down like a bunch of Miley Cyrus fans because you say Michael Jackson is making a comeback next week?

But wait, with your great psychic powers you didn't actually say that. Because you put a 0.2% possibility of it not happening in there. Nice cover for when it doesn't happen. Like me making a prediction that I'm 99.8% sure next week Souza will declare her love, publicly, to Mo - but there is still a 0.2% chance she won't.

I'm not sure why PianoGames is all over this guy. I mean the PianoGames forum is like some scary shrine to Uri Geller. But before I even think of believing Uri on this in the slightest I'd like Uri to answer a couple of questions:

Why didn't your mystical psychic abilities pick up that Martin Bashir was a useless fucking cunt?

What did you do with the 'expenses' money that Bashir/ITV paid you?

Do you really expect us to believe that Michael's comeback will be announced by a person he put on a 'hate list' along with Tom Sneddon and Gloria Allred?

And how come the only time it was mentioned that you and Michael had patched things up was after June 25, 2009?

Come on, Michael announcing his comeback through Uri 'I bend spoons' Geller is about as likely as Michael announcing his comeback on Karen Faye's Facebook page. This guy is one fucking crackhead that is relying on the 0.2% possibility of it not happening to save his sorry ass when it does not happen.


Legal Notice: Uri Geller is a tosser. This is public opinion by a lot of fans of Michael Jackson and people that are not fans of Michael Jackson. The fact that he can bend spoons does not mean he can predict the future. I bend forks but have no psychic powers.