Was TS Too Busy?

For a while TS/TIAI stopped with the redirects ...

OK. Let us stop there. They are not really redirects they are adverts for MJDHI. Redirects would actually point to other places; but TIAI is reduced to merely pointing at MJDHI. They even pointed to the 'backup forum' of MJKit while MJDHI was down.

Anyway back to the redirects/adverts and when and why they stopped. The TS/TIAI redirects stopped just as @TheIllusion777 got busy on Twitter.

For those who are unaware @TheIllusion777 claimed to be an Assistant Sound Engineer on the Invincible album; and also claimed that July 13th was Bamsday. Oh and the important bit - they were in contact with Michael Jackson.

Well @TheIllusion777 made an appearance on Twitter around mid-February. And as @TheIllusion777 gets busy TS/TIA stops redirects on May 1. Then @TheIllusion777 leaves Twitter on June 19; and lo and behold TS/TIAI starts with the MJDHI redirects/adverts on June 23.

Some may say this is mere coincidence. But really what are the chances of one cryptic asshole taking a break just as the popularity of another cryptic asshole gets too demanding? And then as soon as one is done, and deletes their Twitter account, the original cryptic asshole returns.

Now before you all sit there and think "Ah I see Doggy is bitching about MJDHI again" there are a few other things to look at.

TheIllusion777 has said a couple of weird things which should raise warning flags with all; which were caught and reproduced on MJHD.NET by memberSerenitys_Dream:

"2. In TIAI Updates, they always have a date hidden in the section numbers (1-18, 2-5, 3-9, etc). In Update 6.5, it had 11 sections (which makes 6.5-11 or 6/5/11). This again points to something on this date (or in The Summer)."

"I started posting THE DAY BEFORE Kenny Ortega testified about how MJ said “The Illusion was going to begin June 25th.” Furthermore, I created this email back in 2005! and as you notice, the name this email is under is Tim Story (TS). How could I possibly know ANYTHING about TS or the hoax BEFORE 2009? No, I am not saying I am TS….but isn’t it weird how I created this email BEFORE 6/25/2009? and the fact that I started posting the day BEFORE Kenny mentioned THE ILLUSION?"

So the Assistant Sound Engineer who is supposedly helping Michael Jackson with the hoax is spending his time reading the TIAI updates? Maybe why Bamsday may never happen - the ability to find good help is just so limited.

Tim Story? More like Jackanory. Fucking hell - I have an email account that is registered with the name Michael Jackson. This was done back in 2002. But hey I'm not Michael Jackson; and guess what it is not a sign of any type. It is just a name for an email address. I actually have a friend in London who was born Michael Jackson back in 1969 and I just threw his name in. And for anyone thinking that may be a clue his middle name is actually Nigel - not sure what his parents were thinking.

Then over at TheIllusion777 Wordpress blog there are some more odd statements made:

"As you all know, I deleted my Twitter account. It was not because I was a fake. It is because people were spreading malicious lies about me ... The main reason was the people that were spreading malicious lies and rumors about me. For the last time, I am NOT SOUZA. I am not associated with her and, quite frankly, I disagree with a lot of what she says. But that’s not to say that all of what she says is false. Some of it is true."

Now I read the complete list of @TheIllusion777's tweets and in all honesty some of the things said were worse than being called Souza - so why mention that bit? Was it the fact that people questioning the fact were too close?

"“Connecting the DOTS” Post #1"" and "“Connecting the DOTS” Post #2" used as titles - not very original seems TS had already done that one. Oh wait it is TS who is Souza.

"First, LMP said that Michael thought he’d end up like Elvis. As we can see by Eliza’s court case, there is ACTUAL DNA EVIDENCE that Elvis faked his death! So, what they are saying here is that Michael thought he would end up faking his death (eventually)…just like Elvis!" Now where have we seen a Michael Jackson/Elvis connection before?

And if you go through all of TheIllusion777's posts you'll see the same bullshit numerology used by TS.

I'm not saying 100% it is definite but with that little bit of looking deeper it does appear that Souza, TS, and TheIllusion777 are one and the same and just fucking with fans, and believers alike, in some twisted fucked up game.

No Love.


Reality Check

I'm sorry to keep harping on about informers, well actually I'm not but it sounded a good start, and how fucking lame they all are. But for some reason people keep believing the fucked up bullshit they keep spewing forth.

I don't really care what anyone investigating this hoax think. Each to their own and all that happy tree-hugging horse shit.

But really? How many informers are there? It would seem that anyone who knew, or met, Michael Jackson in the last 20 years has been given the task to announce his comeback. And not to the media but on Twitter, Facebook, and shitty forums. Nice to see even informers cannot be fucking bothered with MySpace.

Which is all well and good for those needing a swift kick in the believing department. But is it more harm than good?

A boy sits and watches the sheep. He gets bored so he shouts "Wolf!". The people from the village come running but there is no wolf. The next night the same thing. The third night a wolf really does turn up; and once again the boy shouts "Wolf!". The people from the village do not believe him, thinking it to be yet another joke, and the boy dies a gruesome death; being eaten by the wolf.

There have been so many supposed informers that if a real informer turned up he or she would be considered nothing more than a charlatan like all the rest.

And if you look at the supposed informers you can tell they have absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson. He had a simple message of 'love' supposedly; but his informers will be cryptic, somewhat abusive, and have a ton of math equations for you to figure out.

I, personally, don't think there will be any informers. It will just happen. Michael Jackson always did things a little bit more on the extravagant side.

Did everyone forget the music videos that the world waited for? Did everyone forget the world tours that wowed millions? And did everyone forget the last announcement made (Michael or not) at the O2 arena in London? The whole international media was watching, reporting, in awe.

And now everyone is expected to believe his comeback is going to be announced by some shady person on Twitter? Or his comeback his going to be announced on a forum with a series of cryptic clues? Or on some forum where you need to solve some fucked up math equation?

Does this even sound like the way Michael Jackson would do things?

Believe what you want I don't really give a shit. But for me I'll wait for the man himself and the worldwide spectacular that will be a comeback; in the extravagant style that Michael Jackson did everything.

No Love.


Britney Spears And The Death Hoax

Britney Spears released a new video called " I Wanna Go" which is an attack on the paparazzi. And in particular some of the dumb questions that they ask. Something to do with whether Ms Spears likes puppies. Don't ask it makes no sense really. Everyone loves dogs!

Towards the end of the video Britney pays homage to Michael Jackson with a take on the Thriller video. Where some guy comes in and rescues Britney form the paparazzi; and as they walk away he looks back and his eyes light up and a laugh his heard. OK it is not on par with Vincent Price by any means but it is obvious it was inspired by the end of the Thriller video; where Michael Jackson looks back and has yellow eyes and Vincent Price laughs.

The videos official release date is today, June 22, 2011, just in time for consideration for the MTV video awards; and 3 days before the anniversary of Michael Jackson's supposed death.

And for those needing more evidence that is definitely a clue of massive proportions; read the TIME magazine review which states at the very end:

"... but don't read too much into it until you see the live performance."

Very reminiscent of Michael's almost immortal quote of:

"Just because you read it in a magazine Or see it on the TV screen Don't make it factual."

All the pieces are coming together; Bamsday is just around the corner.

No Love

Legal Notice: This post is pure satire. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any death hoax. It is merely pointing out that a 'clue' can be grabbed out of thin air if you want to believe.


Back 2 Front

Woohoo back for 2 days and I'm already being accused of being some informer called Front. The fact that I have no clue who Back or Front is doesn't matter; it has to be me because I typed the word "atlas".

And Souza wonders why MJDHI is a fucking joke?

But wait there is even more evidence on this. Back or Front typed the word "dogma" in a post on the Nazi HQ forum.

Oh that is it then. Hell I know I am not Front but with evidence like that I'm close to believing it. LMAO

And to think I was even being nice to MJDHI. I even tweeted a couple of nice things. Well they were nice compared to what I usually tweet with regards to that forum.

First and Second.

But the following day Souza and Bec put their single brain cells together and decide I am someone. I actually cut Bec some slack because she is still weeping about Badkolo rejecting her little infatuation with him. Which kind of left Souza; who seems to have a short memory. Fuck, the hoax isn't even 2 years old and Souza has forgotten why Auntie Amy closed MJHD.COM.

So for now I'll end with a short message to Michael Jackson ... Oh shit I typed Michael Jackson as did most of the hoax community. Guess I am 95% of the hoax community too.

No Love.


The Daves AKA The Dogs

With almost every industry having some sort of awards ceremony it was high time that the Michael Jackson death hoax had some sort of award ceremony. So one was organized. Homeless Dave got together with Hoax News Network and MJHD Conspiracy and created what may become an annual event known merely as the Daves.

Trying to get all three in the same room is a nightmare. So it was eventually decided not to bother filming it. Without further ado here is the transcript of the filming that will be forever lost in the depths of Hell.

MJHDC: Welcome to The Daves. Some homeless guy decided to create an award ceremony for the Michael Jackson death hoax; and by association I got dragged into this fucking mess.
Dave: What he means is that he is proud to be associated with The Daves.
MJHDC: Do I bollocks. Its a fucking sham. I'm stuck in a room with a smelly homeless guy and the almighty, notice the sarcasm in my voice, Hoax fucking News Network.
HNN: There is no need to swear about it.
MJHDC: Fuck off.
Dave: OK. Now might be a good time to get things going with the first award.
HNN: The nominees for the first award, which is the biggest mistake on Twitter, are JermJackson5, Wingheart, Souza81, TheIllusion777 and TheMJInformer.
MJHDC: That is it? There are more fuck-ups on Twitter than them 5 assholes. Fuck I could find you 100+ just by typing 'fucktard' in the search.
HNN: Yeah but we limited it a bit to make things easier.
MJHDC: Easier for who? Nobody is voting on this shit.
Dave: Easier to type it all out.
MJHDC: Film it in high definition in case I murder you two fucks.
HNN: It'll end up getting typed. It always does.
MJHDC: Whatever. Get on with this fucking shit.
Dave: It was a close race between the final 5. Although some had more of an impact than others.
MJHDC: How long you going to talk about it? Just say the fucking name and move on you homeless bastard.
Dave: I was getting to it.
MJHDC: More to the point why are you homeless?
HNN: It is a long story. Trust me on that.
MJHDC: So is this awards shit going to be at this fucking rate.
Dave: Well; if you would stop interrupting.
MJHDC: Sure. Get on with it or I'll burn your cardboard box down.
Dave: Jermaine obviously angered the hoaxers when he attacked them.
MJHDC: How fucking dumb are you? Homeless twat. He did it hoping some fucking sleaze bag media, like TMZ, would pick up on it and advertise his lame fucking book that Oprah is most likely going to slap a Book Club sticker on. Tell him to grease his hair less, write a book about what he has achieved which will be about 4 pages, and stop trying to pay his child support with Michael's name.
HNN: Here Dave let the mutt do this if he thinks he is so great.

(Dave hands the cards to MJHDC)

MJHDC: I am not reading all this shit. I'll do it my way. Jermaine is a greasy motherfucker that is cashing in. Karen Faye is a dried up old hag that has done nothing. Souza is a fucking Nazi lesbian bitch. The Illusion and the Informer are both fucking losers jacking off to pictures of Sarah Palin in their Mom's basement. Hell one of those retards might be ButtFuckolo. Anyway the winner is Karen Faye. She tweets like she is someone when she is not. She was just a make-up artist for Michael Jackson. Nothing more nothing less. She is just sad and bitter and tweets her lonely venom on anyone who dares question the fucking oracle that is Karen Faye. Fuck her she is not shit. She'll most likely masturbate with this award just because it says MJ on it.
Dave: That isn't exactly what I wrote.
MJHDC: Too bad. It is done. Karen Faye got the award what is next?
HNN: Actually I am doing the next one.
MJHDC: Well get on with then. HNN. Horse-shit No News.
Dave: He's actually quite nice.
MJHDC: Got a lighter?
Dave: Yes. Here you ...
HNN: No Dave. Just No. Can we all get on with this before the end of time?
MJHDC: Well get on with it then.
HNN: The next award is for the best news coverage of the Michael Jackson death hoax. I, myself, was excluded for obvious reasons.
MJHDC: Like the fact that you don't actually do news. You had as much chance of winning as Karen Faye in a talent contest.
HNN: Anyway. The nominees for best news coverage of the hoax death are CNN, TMZ, The Sun, News Of The World, and The Huffington Post.
Dave: I didn't think we were including the Huffington Post because of the word huff and how it might be a bad influence on younger people.
HNN: We let the mutt in so a very obscure drug reference should be OK.
MJHDC: Fuck references. Just say it. Do Drugs. You will get high and then pop some downers. Repeat as necessary.
HNN: OK. Anyway. When we discussed this we decided that The Sun was instantly not going to win because of what they have done in the past.
MJHDC: What misquote Souza?
HNN: No. For the fact they were less than nice about how they reported on Michael Jackson before June 25 2009.
MJHDC: So it wasn't because they penned the phrase "Wacko Jacko" then?
Dave: Well we did take that into consideration.
MJHDC: Do you even know where consideration is?
Dave: Illinois.
MJHDC: (laughing) No wonder No News is fucked with this retard as a reporter.
Dave: Volunteer reporter.
MJHDC: (laughing) You don't even get paid. No wonder you are homeless.
HNN: Well for the same reasons we dismissed the News Of The World. Huffington Post was dismissed in this category as their coverage has not exactly been ground breaking. Which just left CNN and TMZ. TMZ broke the story and have had good all round coverage with stories that nobody else would even consider publishing. But on the other side CNN has given quality interviews with Larry King; and during one of those interviews the infamous Dave Dave interview.
Dave: I have never been on Larry King.
HNN: I said Dave Dave not Homeless Dave.
MJHDC: Clean the shit out of your ears.
HNN: Anyway with a tough decision it was given to TMZ due to their continued hoax clues and news.
MJHDC: Clues? What fucking clues? The fact Harvey wears a pink t-shirt is a clue he is gay? Google him it is already there. No fucking clues needed. What clues about the hoax have come from TMZ?
HNN: Well there was the armored truck moving the coffin.
MJHDC: Saw that on X17 Online myself.
HNN: Look we decided this already.
MJHDC: You and the homeless wonder there decided it not me. I only just came back. Notice I got back before Michael. That is how you do it. 2 years my fucking ass. 4 months and I'm back.
Dave: Unfortunately.
MJHDC: Shut the fuck up.
HNN: Can we just get this done?
MJHDC: Yep I'll do it all. You two fucktards go pick your asses or something and I'll announce the rest.
Dave: But it is called The Daves I have to be here.
MJHDC: Is that a police siren I hear?

(Dave exits the building running as fast he can for a homeless guy with asthma)

HNN: So you want to do all this on your own?
MJHDC: That is what I said.
HNN: OK. Have fun. I'm out. Peace.
MJHDC: Hey fucker I was saying that before you were even thought of. That is why I changed it because you had tarnished it.
HNN: Whatever.

(HNN leaves the building)

MJHDC: OK with those two fucktards out of the way let us just get down to the nitty gritty. These awards were thought up by a homeless guy that lives in a cardboard box; and shares his air space with a bunch of degenerates. Nobody gives a flying fuck what he thinks. As for Hoax News Network I've seen more news on that heathen EWTN channel. So to save you all a lot of time I'll give you my opinion; and hopefully someone will remember to rename it to The Dogs.

I actually agree with Karen Faye being the biggest mistake on Twitter. Most celebrities use Twitter to tell you what is going on with their career and the occasional tweet advertising their latest project. But not Karen; she tweets on and on about Michael Jackson. Yet when anyone questions her version of things she instantly gets all defensive and starts blocking people like it is going out of fashion. The dumb bitch has to realize that almost all of the people tweeting her have read conflicting things about Michael from supposed trusted sources. They are not necessarily questioning her but the fact they have been told something different. Dumb bitch didn't realize that a long time ago so now is seen as some evil, venom spewing, spawn of Satan. And over time she has got more and more defensive. Now she just looks sad and pathetic.

As for TMZ I don't agree. That bunch of clowns will publish anything if it means people will come to their website. CNN is about as reliable as Japanese nuclear reactor. The Sun is all tits and sport. The News Of The World is just fucking sleaze. The Huffington Post abuse bloggers by using their talents without paying them; while raking in the profits. Something to do with Huffington Post merging with AOL for $315 million and all the bloggers work was never compensated. Some lawsuit is in effect. So fuck them. I say don't trust any of the media. Investigate everything for yourself. The internet is so people from all over the world can finally get the reality of stories that were, back in the old days, just available via TV and newspapers. Every news source is sponsored, or owned, by some corporation; and as such has to be somewhat biased in their reporting. So say fuck it and find out things for yourself.

As for awards they are just the opinion of a few people who think they know better. Think your opinion really matters? Does it fuck. The music industry decides who wins what. Hell even American Idol is rigged to a certain extent. Try it next year. Vote for the worse one and see if they ever make it. What you see on TV is just a facade.

As for these Dave awards. Bullshit. Decided by a homeless guy and some fuck who plays with Photoshop. You don't need to be told by them, or me, who is good or bad in this hoax. You all have a brain to decide this shit for yourself.

Fuck it. I'm out of here. Remember - No Love.

HNN Notice: Cuss Count: Extreme

Legal Notice: The Daves Award ceremony was pure satire. It never actually happened. All opinions contained are from that person and that person alone. HNN is not sponsored.


Back And Barking

Four months have passed. What the fuck changed? Absolutely nothing. Well that is not entirely true. There are more fake Michael Jackson accounts on Twitter - who will turn out to be some cross-dresser masturbating to Perez Hilton pictures. The fake informers has risen by by at least two. We have @TheIllusion777 and @TheMJInformer; so that is two brain cells being wasted. Why don't they just fuck off and die a slow painful death somewhere?

MJ: Remember June 25, 2009 and how the whole international media covered the beginning of the hoax?
TheIllusion777: Yeah I do.
MJ: Well I want you to announce my return on Twitter.
TheIllusion777: Really?
MJ: Sure. We'll call it the anti-climax of the hoax. Not Bamsday but FartDay.
TheIllusion777: Yeah. I'll do it.

Fuck off. Lying cunt can crawl back under their little rock.

So to all the beLIEvers waiting for some big return of Michael Jackson. Take a look around. Fakes, Nazis, and more informers than the FBI. Think Michael would want to return to this shit? Would he fuck. He's sitting somewhere shaking his head and crying into his coffee at the mess the hoax has become.

So when July 13th comes and goes you still going to believe @TheIllusion777; who is already making up bullshit excuses that it might not happen? You going to believe some fucking freaky looking mask calling themselves @TheMJInformer? If so book yourself in to some fucking mental home and prepare for a long, long, stay.

Think. Would a megastar like Michael Jackson fake his own death in front of the international media and then allow some cross-dresser, in their mother's basement, to announce it on Twitter? In the almost immortal words of Macaulay Culkin, in Home Alone, "I don't think so."

No L.O.V.E



Back in the nineties Snow sang Informer. If only he had known about the Michael Jackson death hoax that was going to happen in 2009 he would of made it Informers; and had the Michael Jackson hoax death anthem.

Yet another crazy, unstable, person has made it on the scene to say when Michael will be back. But this one came out of the closet dressed in their Grandma's clothes attacking Twitter user @TheIllusion777; yet another informer.

The newest of informers, at the time of writing as it seems a new one arrives almost hourly, is a Twitter user going under the ID of @TheMJInformer.

As if the hoax hasn't had enough to contend with - with the Michael Jackson fans fighting amongst each other - now the so-called informers are going to start vying to be the most trusted informer.

But before following one of these crack addicts think about this one question. If Michael Jackson hoaxed his death on International television would he want some unknown, random, Twitter account to announce the comeback of all time?

And for those that care - @TheIllusion says the return will be July 13, 2011; Although they have already tweeted that it may not happen and just merely join the other canceled Bamsdays. @TheMJInformer has not set a date; but they have only been on Twitter for a short time so give them chance and I'm sure they will be plucking dates out of their ass like the rest of the informers that have come and gone.


Cuss Count: Zero

Legal Notice: None - although HNN is not affiliated with any real news agency; just in case someone thinks it is.


Where Is MJ?

Guest Report By: MJHDC

Seriously? You have to be fucking kidding? What butt-munching fucktard decided that Michael Jackson would reveal his location with some 2nd rate website?

George Santayana said: "Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it." and how right he fucking was.

Let us take a little tour down 'Hoax History Lane':

First stop. Joke Calms China gave some fucked up cryptic clues that Michael was in Germany. As soon as enough idiots had fallen for this joke a Myspace account was created. Surprisingly enough no proof or evidence that Michael Jackson was ever in Germany.

Second stop. The infamous Leahicm video; which came with the story that Michael had been in coma and was now on some security footage. Surprisingly enough that bullshit turned out to be bullshit also.

Third stop. InMySmallPaddedCell (actually InMySmallWay) turned up with some photos of Neverland which was proof that Michael Jackson was hiding out there. No he wasn't in any of the photos and no there was no proof. Yet again more bullshit.

Final stop. Some 2nd rate website (www.michaeljacksonfakeddeath.com) turns up saying Michael Jackson is on some little island in the middle of fucking nowhere. Yet again no proof of this claim. Yet more bullshit.

Do hoaxers, believers, investigators really think that Michael Jackson faked his death on international TV so he could have some fucktard announce his return on the Internet? Kind of fucks Bamsday right up the ass.

MJ: I'm back.
Person: Yeah and?
MJ: But I'm here.
Person: Yeah OK. But who cares?
MJ: What?
Person: We knew where you were. When you came back it was like you was returning from a vacation.
MJ: But this is Bamsday.
Person: If you say so.
MJ: Are you excited?
Person: Not really. Once the informer announced where you were, and TMZ started doing daily updates on your activities  it kind of ruined Bamsday for me.
MJ: Oh I see. Well I'll be off then.
Person: OK. Take care.
MJ: Fuck. Never should of revealed my whereabouts on the Internet.

I could say Michael Jackson is alive and well; and living in my basement. I have no proof of this but as the hoax has proven time and time again proof is not needed. And for those wondering - He is not really in my basement. There would be no room for him with the pile of dead bodies.

If you really think some shitty website is going to tell you where Michael Jackson is; then keep taking your medications. Just before you overdose your fucktard ass - stick a pin in an atlas and see where he will be next week.

Newsflash: Michael Jackson is on Twitter. He is also on Facebook. You want to know where he is why not just ask him; or one of the hundreds of fake MJs and informers?


Cuss Count: High

Legal Notice: MJHDC was not paid for his opinion. Hoax News Network is not affiliated with any real news agency.