Three Years Later (Almost)

This may very well be the last post on this blog. You'll notice I say "may" because even I'm not too sure.

With the three year anniversary of the passing, rapidly approaching, of Michael Jackson (fake or not) realization has finally set in.

The purpose of this blog was always just a place for me to put my opinion somewhere so that when I am old and gray I can look back and see what the hell I was on at the time. It has never been about how many people read it. It has never been about how many people agree with me. I really, and honestly, couldn't care less if people read it; or agree with what I wrote.

But I awoke this morning, with a pretty busy schedule of things to do - programming for clients and a few other things for friends. Anyway, while I was doing this a sudden burst of realization hit me.

That realization was whether Michael Jackson faked his death or not it makes no difference to me in the long run; because of what I believe. I believe that if Michael Jackson faked his death, which I'm not 100% certain of, he is never coming back. You just don't fake your death for some 'game' leaving clues and all that shit. And if he didn't fake his death - well then he's dead anyway.

And as for all the other stuff. I've done my bit. I wrote what I felt, and eventually knew, what was going on with regards to certain people in this whole hoax investigation. I wrote it mainly as notes, but at the same time if anyone thought of looking into the hoax at this late point they would have a warning of what shit is going on.

So, as I said, this may be the last post unless something earth-shattering does happen. Maybe, and this is a long shot, Michael Jackson does make a return and proves me wrong. But I'm not holding my breath on that.

I leave one message for anyone that finds this - "Think for yourself. Don't take anyone's word for anything, including mine, look into everything. Because the second you stop questioning you become a sheep."

And for those wondering ...Look for a MJDHI forum account that was deleted yesterday ... LOL