Google And The New World Order

Over at the S&M concentration camp they seem to have run out of musical stars to blame the Illuminati on; which is a pity as I was waiting with bated breath for the exposing of the Backstreet Boys as nothing more than Illuminati masters and then finding out that as Justin Timberlake was the successful one he must be the Illuminati kingpin.

But alas, it is no longer the musical superstars that are being picked on as Illuminati masters or slaves but Google.

Seriously, there is a thread entitled "Illuminati Symbol On Google". No shit. If you go to image search and type in "Illuminati symbol" there is actually thousands of them - actually 72,600 (with SafeSearch turned off).

So the search engine giant is nothing more than an Illuminati plot to control us all. There is only one problem with this theory - that being that if you type "Illuminati Secrets" into Google it gives you 944,000 results (once again with safe search off).

Now as this mystical Illuminati are supposed to be all-powerful, all-knowing, and really clever would it not make sense that Google would block searches for "Illuminati Secrets" rather than just revealing everything to the world and his brother? And if Google are indeed tied in with the whole Illuminati scam then they won't be for much longer.

Illuminati Leader: Excuse me Google can I have a word?
Google: Sure thing Master.
Illuminati Leader: Something very disturbing has been brought to my attention.
Google: What is that Master? I swear that virgin we sacrificed was a virgin. Dave, told me his brother went parking once with her but nothing happened.
Illuminati Leader: What? Oh her, yes I am sure she was. No it was another matter.
Google: If it is about that owl statue I was nowhere near it when it got knocked over. I'm thinking Beyonce with her big booty did that.
Illuminati Leader: Beyonce? What are you gibbering about?
Google: Oh, you didn't know about the statue?
Illuminati Leader: No. What I am concerned with is your lack of secrecy.
Google: Hey? I never told your wife you wear lace underwear beneath your robes.
Illuminati Leader: No. Shut up, I mean the secrets of the brotherhood.
Google: Sorry Master but you have lost me.
Illuminati: I was at your search engine and I typed in Illuminati Secrets and got 944,000 results detailing all our plans.
Google: It is a complex algorithm so 944,000 results is good. Did you try some of the more complex searches?
Illuminati Leader: No I didn't. You can't be telling people are plans and secrets.
Google: That is what a search engine does. People look for things and I help them find it. You want Britney Spears naked I can find you 1,120,000 links in less than a second.
Illuminati Leader: I don't care if that washed up hag is naked or not. I must ask you to turn your robe in.
Google: What? My robe? But I didn't do anything.
Illuminati Leader: You gave our plans and secrets to all those that looked for them.
Google: Sorry about that. OK fair enough. I'll go. I'm Google I'll start my own Illuminati - maybe I will call it Goominati.
Illuminati Leader: Get out, and never darken these hallowed halls again.

(As Google is leaving he can be heard muttering under his breath)

Google: Good job he never checked the book search, 2,910 books on this place.


Legal Notice: There is no proof that Google is attached to the Illuminati and as they host this blog it would be stupid to say so without proof. Google is not a person and therefore does not really speak. Illuminati Leader is a real person, Rothschild, who had nothing to do with this post.


FDA Poster Update

Once Joe Jackson had realized there was money to be made from the government he contacted the FDA.

Michael Herndon contacted me with the latest poster that the FDA hope will be released in Mid-March along with the "Apple Murray" poster.

Michael Herndon, FDA spokesman, said "When Mr. Jackson heard that we actually paid to use Dr. Conrad Murray in FDA promotional material his people contacted my office and asked what he could do to help raise awareness in healthy eating. Although we saw it as Mr. Jackson out to make another buck without actually doing something we mulled the idea over and decided that it had possibilities."

Joe Jackson had a statement emailed to me which just said "Mo money mo money!"

Michael Herndon added "We hope to try and get the rest of the Jackson family involved seems they are in the news so much. Who knows, by March we may get to see Mr. Jermaine Jackson on a turnip."

FDA Poster Promoting Healthy Eating


Legal Notice: Although Michael Herndon is an actual FDA spokesman he had nothing to do with this post. An attempt to contact him ironically was fruitless. Joe Jackson never released a statement. And I wouldn't hold your breath on the other posters.

L.O.V.E. Is In The Air

Like the first day of Spring, like the first bud flowering, like the warm sun shining on your face, love is in the air. Nothing warms a heart more than a show of affection. It even brings a tear to the eye; well actually it brought many tears to my eyes - mostly through laughter.

Over at the S&M Concentration Camp, in the thread "Let's Do This One More Time..." Souza states that she is not a fan of Michael Jackson. I agree with her point that you don't have to be a fan to see something is not right with all of this. But just before she has time to rest on her laurels forum member Sunrise asks a question to Souza.

Now the question wasn't anything bad it was merely questioning something Souza had said in the old MJHD forum and asking for some sort of clarification. But who answers? Mo. And she jumps to the defense of Souza so well.

"You are putting to much emphasis on comments Souza made months ago. It's extremely irrelevant, anyone can say someone is cute without being a fan, anyone can like an artist's music without being a fan, and admire a person's abilities without being a fan. There's nothing odd about that. Stop scrutinizing her words, it's not going anywhere. Souza made her point, period."

Whoa hold up there Mo, just before you don your dungarees and start a lesbian stomp of some monstrous proportion it was merely a question. Nobody was scrutinizing anything until you got your knickers in a twist and jumped to defend your true love. Firstly the question was directed at Souza - I know some people think you are the same person but let us not confuse that matter with that fact. Why jump in when Souza actually could of, and did, answer the question herself? Actually Souza answered it with more self-respect.

But it does bring in to question why Mo was so quick to jump in to defend Souza. Was this merely a lover defending the one that holds her heart or was it deeper than that? Did Mo have a tear in her eye as she defended Souza like a lesbian knight in shining armor without the Rothschild coat of arms on it?

Seems very suspicious. In my personal opinion, which counts for very little, it would seem that Mo was too quick off the mark to defend her love. Not a bad thing totally, but come on just admit it. Shave your heads, have each others names tattooed on your arms with little hearts, don your dungarees and step out and say "We ARE lesbians and proud of it."

Well the feeling of love has passed now - I have a feeling it was merely a kidney stone.


New FDA Poster Released

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new advertising poster, to make people more aware of healthy eating, today at a press conference in New York.

FDA spokesman, Michael Herndon, said "With all the drama concerning Dr. Conrad Murray and how often he is in the news just lately the FDA thought he would be the ideal person to use in a 'healthy eating' campaign. With his reputation for over-prescribing lethal drugs we at the FDA felt that nobody would want to see Dr. Murray. We decided on using an apple for two reasons - because of the phrase 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' and also because of the Michael Jackson 'Applehead' reference."

This Is Not It (TINI) supporters were removed from the press conference when they started chanting "Justice for Michael". Police were forced to use mace and taser guns. One TINI supporter was injured during the scuffle and required medical treatment.

About the scuffle Herndon said "We are trying to promote healthy eating and these supporters are on about justice for Michael. As my dear old grandma used to say 'Save the drama for your Mama - or in this case the court room."

The poster is expected to be on billboards all across the United States by mid-March.

New FDA Poster For Healthy Eating


Legal Notice: Michael Herndon is an actual FDA spokesman and may not have actually taken part at the press conference which may, or may not, have taken place. No TINI supporters were hurt in the making of this post.


The Concentration Camp Is At It Again

What the fuck is wrong with the Dutch duo and their gay sidekick Bumkolo? No matter how they try to act they always show their true colors eventually.

And this time by ganging up and attacking MJFanForeverAndADay (Maura). And why the attack? Because she made a mistake on an emblem, and suggested that Michael might be related to the Rothschild family. Big fucking deal.

And lo and behold stepping out from the shadows is Bumkolo who mentions that they have paid $500 on research. So why is the bankrupt fucker living at home with his Mommy? Bumkolo put the cash to something useful like moving into your own place.

But this is what the fuck is wrong with the S&M forum. A member makes a mistake and instead of discussing it and working on it the Admins and the moderator jump all over the member and attack her. And the dumb fucks wonder why it is considered a concentration camp.

An open message to Souza, Mo, and Badkolo,

If you want your forum to succeed and flourish the first thing is to remember that without members your forum is nothing. You have had theories in the past that have fallen flat on their faces, but nobody is allowed to say on your forum that you may be wrong otherwise they get banned and ridiculed.

If you think something is wrong, as you run a forum, you have to discuss it and not just jump on members for voicing an opinion. Your forum is not a blog, is not a personal opinion, it is a collaboration of all members ideas and theories. As stated without members you have nothing.

And what is wrong with ideas you don't agree with? It opens up discussion, it allows other members to see other opinions. And if you want to bitch that this blog is merely my opinion - that is because it is a blog; but allow everyone to comment on this blog with their opinions of agreement or disagreement - hell all three of you have commented here.

But the most important thing that remains now is that you have created a divide between yourselves and your members. You have your members afraid to say anything against any of your theories because they will be banned for disagreement. You complain that this blog calls you Nazi cunts yet you act exactly the way the Nazis acted. You even admitted on this blog you watch what members say.

Half of your members know that you are BOW. It was no big shock when BOW started on about "Souza and Mo are more correct". Propaganda and drama - exactly the same shit you learned from Auntie Amy. Only difference was Amy did it with more style; and kept the respect of her members right up until the end.

Now I know all your little fucking pets are going to bitch about this post. Think I give a fuck? No. But if you see this post as a bashing of you and the forum it proves how fucking far up each others asses you really are. This post is merely giving notice that you are slowly losing your grip on reality and just how unimportant you really are.

MJHD Conspiracy



Janet Jackson Speaks Exclusively

Since suggesting that there may be something between Janet Jackson and Conrad Murray I was contacted by Janet's manager, Kenneth Crear, wondering if I would do a phone interview with Janet so that she could set the record straight. I agreed as long as I was given permission to place the contents of the conversation unedited on this blog. This was eventually agreed to by Kenneth Crear.

So earlier today I dialed 1-800-CALLJANET and the following took place.

Janet: Hi, this is Janet. If you would like playtime fantasies press one, for kinky stuff press two, and for all other calls press three.
Me: Umm is this Janet Jackson?
Janet: Who is this and why are you calling?
Me: MJHD Conspiracy, and your manager said to call.
Janet: Oh the dog blogger. What the hell is wrong with you? I was looking at your blog and you suggest I'm dating Conrad Murray.
Me: Well, in all honesty it was done as a joke.
Janet: I don't care. You are one sick individual with your fascination with lesbians, Nazis, and Dutch people. What the fuck is a Bumkolo any way?
Me: Well it is not a fascination. And a Bumkolo is a bankrupt faggot that lives with his Mommy.
Janet: You have a problem with gay people?
Me: Just bankrupt ones that wear gay sunglasses and talk shit.
Janet: And the Nazi shit?
Me: Well that is a comparative statement. Not that the Dutch duo are Nazis; just they act like it. Thought it was funny to call their forum Auschwitz.
Janet: A lot of people died at Auschwitz during World War One.
Me: Surely you mean World War Two?
Janet: Does it matter? I mean thousands die so sixty years later you can use it for making jokes. That just isn't right.
Me: I suppose when you put it like that it sounds bad. But the comparison is still funny. People just need to lighten up a little.
Janet: Lighten up? You are fucking sick, I don't even know why I agreed to talk to you. Millions of Jews die, and you use it for humor and that is lightening things up a bit?
Me: Well, even though it was funny there was only so far I could take the Auntie Amy wearing diapers stuff. Next thing was how Souza and Mo was running their concentration camp, I mean forum.
Janet: And now you are having a go at me and my brothers for reforming the Jackson 5?
Me: Yeah sort of. It's like this. If you had steak, and then someone forms ground beef into the shape of steak still doesn't make it steak.
Janet: You saying I am ground beef?
Me: Better than chopped liver surely?
Janet: Well yes, but still.
Me: So did you read the whole blog or just the parts with you in it?
Janet: I read some of it. But to be honest a lot of it was just about dirty diapers which I didn't understand the connection to anything.
Me: Oh that, that was Auntie Amy she was the original admin at MJHD.COM.
Janet: She must be one sick bitch. I went to MJHD.COM and it was full of pornography.
Me: MJHD.COM is just short for MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.COM.
Janet: What? Michael is running the website?
Me: No, it is a website/forum about Michael hoaxing his death.
Janet: Oh, they know then?
Me: Well yeah. So Conrad Murray what is going to happen there?
Janet: We have no marriage plans.
Me: I was actually on about legal proceedings. By the way what is his real name?
Janet: I call him Snookums.
Me: Not what I meant. But OK. So why is Jermaine so gung-ho about a Jackson 5 reunion?
Janet: Between you and me it is because he'll do anything to make money off Michael's legacy. I don't need the money but Jermaine does. Last night I actually caught him going through my trash.
Me: Did you let him in and feed him?
Janet: No way. I called 911.
Me: So you don't get on with Jermaine?
Janet: Get serious. Nobody does. He is an arrogant asshole. Mum said the other day she wishes she had kept the afterbirth and thrown Jermaine away.
Me: So, about you and Conrad Murray - do you have a tattoo of him?
Janet: Well I sent Conrad the picture you put up and he laughed. He said that if only you knew where it was.
Me: So where is it?
Janet: That would be telling, but needless to say I sit on Conrad a lot.
Me: Changing subject quickly - any chance of Michael making a comeback soon?
Janet: Remember the time of death was 2:26 and the date soon will be 2/26.
Me: So he will be back in a couple of days?
Janet: He may be, but then again he may not be.
Me: Did you watch This Is It?
Janet: I was going to but there was a preview of Avatar on at the same time. So I missed it. Some friends said it was good though. Conrad watched it on DVD the other night.
Me: So how do you think you will do replacing Michael?
Janet: Do you mind if I sing?
Me: No, go ahead.
Janet: ABC its easy as 132...
Me: Sorry, isn't that meant to be 123?
Janet: I'm putting my own twist on it.
Me: It doesn't really work though. Might be why people think there should be no Jackson 5 without Michael.
Janet: What the fuck. I can do anything I want.
Me: Within reason I suppose so. But you cannot change the lyrics, that is going too far.
Janet: Fuck you. This conversation is over.

At that point Janet hung up the phone. When I tried to call back all I got was voicemail.


Legal Notice: This conversation may not have taken place, and if it did it may not have been like this at all. There is no evidence to suggest Badkolo is gay except those sunglasses. There is no proof that Janet and Conrad are dating.


Miley Cyrus Knows What Happened

Just when you think there is no new clues, just when you think we have to wait until April 5th to see what happens with Conrad Murray along comes a clue which bites you in the ass.

Miley Cyrus knows what happened to Michael and on August 10, 2009 at the Teen Choice Awards she declared to the world that she knew.

In the above video watch the section 1:35 - 1:46. Not only does Miley don a fedora hat but she sings these words:

"My tummys turnin and I'm feelin kinda home sick
Too much pressure and I'm nervous
That's when the D.J. dropped my favorite tune
A Michael song was on
A Michael song was on
Michael's so alive."

This compared to the original lyrics which are:

"My tummys turnin and I'm feelin kinda home sick
Too much pressure and I'm nervous
That's when the D.J. dropped my favorite tune
and a Britney song was on
and the Britney song was on
and the Britney song was on."

Could this be the real reason that the pop starlet really stopped tweeting? Was she scared of revealing something? The excuse that she tweeted was that her boyfriend wanted her to delete it for a 'good reason'.


Legal Notice: Miley Cyrus may know nothing and she may have changed the song for a different reason than the one stated above. Although satire humor suggests the one above to be slightly more humorous.

More Nuts Than A Gay Bar

Just when you think you have seen it all and you kind of feel nothing could top the S&M forum in stupidity ranks something comes along that just makes you sit up and say to yourself "How the fuck did these retards get on a computer?"

I was over at MJHD.NET and noticed a thread called "MJ Suicide Cult - Are They For Real?" Now I'm not saying the MJHD.NET members are retarded but I am pointing the finger at this cult and the dumbass reporter, Clarence Starr, who reported decided to put this shit on the Internet.

In the thread there is a link to a Wordpress site called The American Titanic which has the report on this cult.

Now the article is all about some cult that is allegedly going to commit suicide on Michael Jackson's birthdays. I kid you not, these fucking retarded assholes actually said "birthdays". Not sure how you commit suicide more than once but these people are going to do it. Maybe through some mystical power they have harnessed the ability to reincarnate so they can commit suicide each year.

But before you think to yourself "Birthdays??? It can get no more fucking stupid." it does. One member of the cult has even spoken to Michael from the grave. I swear there should be IQ tests before allowing certain people on computers. Michael said from the grave: "Drink from my cup and join me in paradise. We will sing and dance together again all throughout eternity."

But these nutjobs don't stop with that. Not only did Michael speak from the grave, he also spoke as he died to Murray.

While Conrad tried to revive the superstar, he saw Michael’s spirit looking down on him and the spirit spoke to him and said: “Thriller. It is time. Tell my real fans to now follow me to join me in my new Neverland that has been given to me by my father who is in heaven. Until the appointed day, I’m not coming back in the flesh. Then, with those who join me now, we will all rise again.” (extract from the article)

But wait, before you dismiss this as a load of old bullshit, there is a prize awaiting you if you are stupid enough to commit suicide on Michael's birthday - you get to sit at the 'chief table' in the 'chief room'.

The original article was put up on July 19, 2009 and a quick Google search of suicides on August 29 didn't bring up anything related other than the original article. So someone decided to chicken out at the last moment. Or maybe they got a message from Michael saying "Not this year - maybe next, the chief room isn't quite ready yet."

There was a suicide bombing in France on August 29, 2009. A suicide bomber in Pakistan on the same day. Also some fat girl committed suicide on the same date because the other kids were making fun of her. And some guy committed suicide because he lost his iPhone.

Suicide bombers, fat girl, and an idiot die from suicide but as of now the Michael Jackson Suicide Cult lives on.



Superstars And Strange Tattoos

Superstars getting tattoos is nothing new. But more and more it would seem that they are trying to relate some sort of message with their tattoos.

Megan Fox, the one with the big thumbs, has famously tattooed on her ribcage "There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart." Angelina Jolie has a Buddhist Pali incantation on her shoulder which translated means "May your enemies run far away from you. If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always. Your beauty will be that of Apsara. Wherever you may go, many will attend, serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides."

But just lately the trend for messages in tattoos has reached new heights (or lows depending on how you look at it).

Recently, Beyonce was spotted sporting a fresh tattoo which might suggest the crazy drugged up dutch duo may not have been so far off the mark in suggesting that she is controlled by the Illuminati.

More revealing is the tattoo that Janet Jackson was spotted sporting. Conrad Murray is now adorned on Janet's left arm. Is this a clue to the fact that Murray is completely innocent and all current legalities involving him are merely a facade to cover the love affair of Janet and Conrad?

However the most revealing tattoo may be the one sported by music mogul Simon Cowell. Recently spotted paddling off the coast of Devon. With the famous This Is It logo and the words "MJ ALIVE" underneath who could ask for a bigger clue than this?


Legal Notice: There is no proof that the dutch duo are on drugs - although it would seem likely by their theories. Also some, or all, of these tattoos may not be real.

Four Plus Janet Still Does Not Equal Five

Janet To Replace Michael In Jackson 5

Janet Jackson is to replace Michael Jackson in a reunion of the Jackson 5 allegedly. Joining Tito, Marlon, Jackie, and Jermaine.

Where did this news exclusive come from? None other than Jermaine himself. Anybody who has seen the Jack5ons - A Family Dynasty will know none of the brothers can really stand him. You can't really blame them Jermaine does come off as an arrogant bastard to be honest most of the time. Marlon in a couple of episodes looked like he was ready to knock Jermaine out - most likely concern if Jermaine's hair would damage the floor when he landed stopped him.

So Jermaine is going to wheel Janet in to replace Michael. What the fuck is this guy thinking. No disrespect to Janet - but at the 2009 American Music Awards she did kind of resemble some cow dancing round the stage in that badly fitting outfit which can best be described as "shit brown".

No, no, no, this cannot happen. Michael deserves better than this. I don't care if you think Michael is alive or dead you know he deserves better than this. Janet did her thing and Michael did his but no way is she even his class. You'd be hard pushed to say she is even in the same school.

Replacing Michael with Janet would be like Take That replacing Robbie Williams with Marilyn Manson. The Jackson 5 had their time, and it was with, and because of, Michael. It does not need to go down in the history archives as some sort of 'vegas style' act that just does not know when to quit.

Leave the Jackson 5 memory exactly as it was - a great group that succeeded and propelled Michael to mega-stardom.



World Exclusive Message From Soup

A couple of days ago I received an email from someone who claims they had no place to turn to. I'd go into detail here but the email says it all really.

To: mjhdconspiracy@gmail.com

From: michellesimpson@yahoo.com

Date: Friday, February 19, 2010 - 10:20PM

Subject: Please Help!!!!

I am sorry for contacting you. My friends will think I am crazy contacting someone who is happy to be called a dog. I don't know who else to ask about this. I'm sorry for not making sense but at the moment I am pretty shaken up; I have even started smoking. The other day I made lunch for my family and myself and as usual the kids finished and went outside, the husband finished and disappeared in case the I needed help with the dishes - he always does this. As I was eating the phone rang and it was my friend Debbie, her son is in hospital with some fungal growth. Kevin, who lives next door, to me, not to Debbie said that he thinks they will amputate.

But after I got off the phone I went back to the table to finish my lunch; although to be honest I wasn't really feeling like eating as Debbie had gone into graphical detail about how the fungal growth was starting to spread.
But as I sat down, I looked at my bowl and the alphabites were spelling out a message, the message was "DUTCH LESBIANS TELL LIES MJ2010". I didn't know what to think. I called my husband in but he just shouted something about time to see the doctor again. I called my daughter and she looked at the bowl and took a picture with her cell phone.

As I said I didn't know what to do or what to think. I decided to see if this had happened to anyone before, so I got on the Internet and googled MJ2010. There was no results that made any sense and none that were linked to dutch lesbians. But from what I can make out it seems MJ is Michael Jackson. I'm still not sure what the 2010 means though.

As I did more and more research on the Internet your blog was the only link which had anything to do with Dutch lesbians and Michael Jackson. Please help me if you can.
I attached the photo from my daughters cell phone. Well I didn't she did but you will get to see the picture no matter who attached it.

Michelle Simpson

After reading the email and looking at the picture I was compelled to reply to Michelle and decipher the cryptic message in her alphabites.

To: michellesimpson@yahoo.com

From: mjhdconspiracy@gmail.com

Date: Sunday, February 21, 2010 - 6:25PM

Subject: re: Please Help!!!!

Hi Michelle, In reply to your email, the only thing that I can think of is that the "DUTCH LESBIANS TELL LIES" refers to Souza and Mo. They have a website, forum, and blog that is basically an Illuminati headquarters.

As for the "TELL LIES" they did say practically every single musical artist is involved with the Illuminati in some way - If Britney Spears had enough brains to feel fear she'd be popping pills like a kid with a new Pez dispenser. In my opinion all this Illuminati bullshit is exactly that - bullshit. It is merely paranoia created by a few people that seem to think that less than 2% of the worlds population can control the other 98% through music and music videos.

As for the "MJ2010" I have no clue. Maybe it is a message from Michael himself warning against the "DUTCH LESBIANS" that "TELL LIES". I am not sure. Who knows? I don't that is for sure. Maybe you were chosen to announce his comeback this year. Who knows? Not me.

As for the other things you mentioned. Don't worry about Debbie's son. He'll be fine. He will be able to steal the shoes they show in the shops now as he wont need the left foot shoe. As for your husband helping with dishes make the tight fucker buy a dishwasher; or at the very least make him tell the kids to do the dishes - child labor laws only count if the kids say something. Hope that has calmed your nerves a little bit.

MJHD Conspiracy - Laugh@Hate

So from all this we can conclude that Michael is alive and surfing the Internet. With Michelle's permission I have included the picture that her daughter took.

Michelle's Soup Message


Legal Notice: Satire Humor. Michelle Simpson never emailed me. There is no proof that Souza and Mo are lesbians - but it is funny as hell to suggest it.

Is The Hoax Becoming Too Far Fetched?

With what sounds like a headline from the National Enquirer "Little Green Men At We Are The World Recording" we have green suited people suggested as Michael and then we have the alien-looking Arnie Klein wanting a green jacket back.

Little green men? It is turning into an alien conspiracy. Forget the Staples Center, forget the O2 Arena, even forget Forest Lawn - we should all be camping outside Area 51 to find out what is going to happen next.

Little fucking green men and green jackets. I know the whole world is meant to be doing its bit by going green but this bares the same sublime ridiculousness as the S&M bullshit that the Illuminati are controlling everyone in the music industry.

So Michael is now allegedly a little green man in a suit at the We Are The World 25 video recording? Give me a fucking break. Nobody would of spotted Michael Jackson arriving at the studio, and none of the musical artists would have known him. I can just imagine Lionel Ritchie saying "Ooh look at that green guy, it is Michael." At which point, if you believe the Dutch dykes, the Illuminati would have had Lionel taken out for uncovering the master plan of taking over the world.

And as for Arnie Klein - that fucking faggot can go right back under his little rock and wait for time to erase his fucking ugly face from existence. "Oh poor me I want my $10,000 jacket back". Piss off you ugly fucker you got enough money from Michael to pay for about a thousand jackets that you didn't even earn. You only want to bitch about the jacket to get your ugly face in the news. Nobody trusts you. You rate up there with Murray on doctors not to trust as far as you can throw them.

But I digress. With little green men we enter the realm of Derek Clontz. Is this whole hoax being taken from plausible to ridiculous for a reason? Is it some sort of attempt to ensure that all believers, or beLIEvers, are made to look crazy and insane?

There are just too many clues that lead to dead ends. Too many people trying to make something out of nothing. Kenny Ortega take note - I don't think you know anything. Your fucking tweets are nothing more than marketing. "Ooh if I tweet as if I'm tweeting to Michael I can put asses on cinema seats. And if I do the same again when the DVD comes out I can sell a few more." I have a suggestion for you Kenny, put your fucking dog down, it has four legs so it can walk, start a fucking rummage sale and sell your wares that way. You know about as much as the shit your dog leaves on the sidewalk. High School Musical sucked by the way! Step Up 2 The Streets was better.

Notice the people that Michael really considered friends haven't found their way to a TV studio to say what they know. Liz Taylor has said practically nothing, Macauly Culkin has been very quiet, Diana Ross may have even died seems she has been so quiet even though she was named as a possible guardian of the children.

Did we get these close friends talking at the memorial? No, we got Magic Johnson on about Kentucky Fried Chicken. In my opinion anybody that actually knows anything has been silent. Macauly, Diana, Liz, and Katherine Jackson have all kept quiet about everything.

Not like fucking Jermaine who jumps on any TV station to say how he is as good as Michael. Fuck off Jermaine nobody would have known who you were if it was not for Michael. Then the other three brothers jump on the bandwagon and have a TV series. Michael is not in it but it must have been contracted that they had to mention him at least 5 times per episode to get people to watch. Give it a couple of months and Jermaine will be on your local TV station with weather reports.

The hoax is very much alive as is Michael. But the hangers on are slowly having their days numbered as they look sadder and sadder with all their publicity and whining.



Arise Sir Henda

Just when you thought it was safe to get on the Internet again, after the Nigerian bankers have left with their emails promising millions along comes Sir Henda of Newcastle. Like a knight in shining armor he is coming to the rescue of Chris and his parents.

"Today i learned that a family friend who lives 2 houses away from my mother had her house broken into the day before she returned from holiday with her son and husband. They took just about everything they could get there hands on in the short amount of time that they could. Anyway, they took chris's xbox 360 which is he completely adores. Before i moved into my own place a few years ago we went to a BBQ at his parents house once and all we did was play XBOX while everyone was out in the back eating food and having a drink. He is a cool kid, and i feel so sorry for him and only wish i could buy him a new one.

Now as far fetched as some of you may think this sounds, i want to let you know i am being totally honest, and most of you who know me from previous months know that i am honest person, and so i am asking you a huge favour. Below is a link, and yes it is a referral website and yes you have to use your credit card as such to complete an order in order for me to recieve a referral.

Straight away i want to put your mind at rest and let you know that no, this is'nt one of those scam websites, and it has actually aired an Advert on TV over the past few days.

I am not here to feed you any sad sob story, but if i could i would buy him a new one straight out of my pocket, but that is not the case.

After scouting around on forums, i have been told that if i get the referrals quickly, then all you have to do is cancel the offer after the console is recieved, and it is his birthday in 12 days time and i hoping to give it to him then.

So what i was told was....sign up using my referral link http://consoles.freebiejeebies.co.uk/155177 , and then complete the offer known as HOMESTEAD and sign up using your card. you do have 30 days and i myself have signed. So by the time your 30 days expire i would of recieved the console and given it to chris by then, and you can cancel the account on homestead without getting charged.

I whole heartedly hope you don't think i'm trying to pull the cotton wool over your eyes and con you, because thats not what i am doing at all."

Fuck off. You have to be kidding me. Henda has been a member of MJHD.NET for less than a month and everything he is posting involves making money.

There is no proof Chris exists. But if he does he lost an XBox 360. Fucking big deal. Who gives a shit? I'm sure that is all his parents would be worried about. Has he no friends who can lend him an old PS2 or an XBox? Admittedly not as fun, but hey something is better than nothing.

And then are members expected to purchase a TV for him to play this XBox 360 on? And remember no lame TV it has to be a LCD Widescreen preferably 32".

Henda throws up some suspicious link to the Freebie Jeebies website. Definitely somewhere that sounds trustworthy enough to start putting credit card details in. Sounds like some website that is just waiting for some sucker to put their credit card details in.

Why does this XBox 360 have to go to Henda and not straight to Chris? And why is Henda going to give it to him on his 12th birthday? Are members expected to buy a present that Henda can give to Chris?

Fucking scam after scam. First the wristbands, and now a XBox 360. What next - members expected to chip in on Henda buying some new fishing gear? Fucking cunt is sticking it to the members like an Irish Catholic priest sticking it to some little kid. If Henda would have been honest he would of put the truth:

"Hi my name is Henda. Bend over and take it up the ass and I'll get an XBox 360"

I'm all for helping people out. But if everything was allegedly taken I'm sure there is more important things a family need than an XBox 360. And that is if the family even exists.

Fucking hell, we could add he is a cancer sufferer and contact the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Dear MAW Foundation,

There is this guy called Henda, I know what you are thinking but it really is a guy's name, and anyway he needs new fishing gear and a season ticket to watch Newcastle United. If you could get Chris Jericho to present it to him that'd be great as he really loves him - yes in a sick sort of way (just kidding). Oh and he doesn't have cancer, but if I say he does you might actually do something.

One last thing, he does a lot for lots of people. Chris and his family had everything stolen by thieves and the biggest concern was a XBox 360. Yeah I know it sounds suspicious (I blogged about it sounding suspicious) but if you do it he'll stop asking various forum members for money for some cause that isn't really a cause.


The Dog.



Larry King Speaks

Due to various broadcasting laws about profanity the interview that I completed at CNN was never aired. When I requested the video so that it could be shown CNN denied this request although it was said that I could put the entire transcript online.

Here is the entire transcript of the interview between myself and Larry King:

Transcript - Larry King Live 02/17/2010 (DO NOT AIR)

Larry: So they call you the dog?
Me: Yes Larry. Well that is one of the better names I get called.
Larry: So why are you on CNN?
Me: I don't know Larry. Have you seen the blog?
Larry: Well, yes, you are one disturbed individual.
Me: Thanks Larry. I like your work too.
Larry: (laughs) You are not in my league at all young pup.
Me: I could do your job. No problem.
Larry: (still laughing) Go on then; you interview me.
Me: Sure. OK. You sure about this?
Larry: In your words - No problem.

(Larry and the dog switch places. Despite pleas from the director Larry allows this charade to go on. The director opens a bottle of vodka.)

Me: So, Larry welcome to your show.
Larry: (laughing) Well thank you.
Me: So let us get right down to it. Do you read any Michael Jackson hoax related forums?
Larry: Yes I do. Any in particular you wish me to comment on?
Me: Lets start with the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators forum.
Larry: (laughing) Oh you mean the S&M forum. I know you have a lot to say on that subject.
Me: But what do you have to say Larry?
Larry: I don't buy it. What is with all this Illuminati paranoia got to do with Michael? It started off alright but now I'm starting to think Alex Jones writes most of that shit.

(Floor manager mentions that cursing will be bleeped out)

Me: So you don't believe in the Illuminati?
Larry: Well we, I mean they, exist but not to the extent that they seem to think. On the forum you mentioned they are a theory away from tying Jesus into the Illuminati.
Me: You know he's still alive?
Larry: (chuckling) Who, Jesus or Michael?
Me: Michael.
Larry: Well that I cannot comment on. Is Michael alive or is Michael dead? Only a few know for sure.
Me: Are you one of them?
Larry: (laughing) Well if I say I am your next question is going to be if he is alive.
Me: Yeah.
Larry: OK. Let us just get this out the way. Michael is alive and I do know that for sure.

(Larry whispered to the floor manager about editing that section out)

Me: So when can we expect a comeback?
Larry: Holy shit! Sure you don't want me to just call him and you can ask him.
Me: Sure.
Larry: (laughing) It is not going to happen.
Me: OK. So back to the S&M forum. Larry, what is your opinion of how the forum is run?
Larry: The Admins of that forum are fucking Nazis.
Me: Surely just a comparative term?
Larry: No. They are fucking Nazis. Dictators. Let us be honest here dog, this shit is never going to be aired so I can say what the fuck I like. Nobody is going to see it.
Me: Well is there any point in continuing?
Larry: (laughing hard) Not really. But hey I have some time to waste. You?
Me: Sure. So why were the Jackson brothers wearing earpieces?
Larry: Because there was 4 brothers and only one brain. So they had to be told what to say.
Me: So which was the smartest brother?
Larry: None. All in it for themselves. No wonder Michael faked his death. Get away from these fucking leeches. Mind if I smoke?
Me: No, go ahead, So has Michael ever mentioned Jermaine, or any other brother?
Larry: The guy had to fake his death. Think he cares about them? Although there is the occasional text message about Jermaine's hair. And last night we were watching the re-run of the Family Dynasty and Michael was shooting sucker darts at Jermaine and Tito's hat on the TV.
Me: So why the faked death anyway?
Larry: Because the Illuminati are out to kill him. (laughing so much he had to drink water). No seriously I cannot answer that.

Unfortunately at that point the interview was stopped and I was escorted out of the CNN building.

Below is one of the test screens that was shot whilst lighting and sound were setting up.

Larry King At My Interview


Legal Notice: This interview never took place and Larry King has never been proven to be either a Illuminati member or having an opinion on the S&M forum. This is merely satire.


What The Hell Is Wrong With This World?

OK, we all know that Michael's message is clear - that we have to change the world. He also had the message about people changing themselves, in Man In The Mirror Michael sings "If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change."

Some may wonder what the fuck I am going on about and why the hell I am even quoting Michael. Some think that I shouldn't even be associated with anything that he is associated with. But all will become apparent eventually.

Over at MJHD.NET forum member, O-Drey-O, who had an encounter with some homeless person. Her story is:

"This morning, on my way to college, I was waiting for the tramway, the station was full of people. Homeless persons usually come to ask for money , usually I give them some , even if I know that some will buy beer or such things… I can’t stand seeing people in the street. Anyway,today one came to me and asked me if I had something to give him. Unfortunately, I had absolutely nothing this time so I apologized and said no. He insisted, I told him that I hadn’t anything again. Then he got angry and cursed at me in front of all the people, and then punched me in the face. I fell on the floor, and he left. But it was not even that which hurt me the most. The behavior of people around me hurt me even more. I understand that they could me scared, but they didn’t even move to help me to get up, or not even ask me if I was ok! They just pretended they hadn't seen anything, yet I was just in front of them, on the floor!"

Nice to see people fucking stand around and do nothing while someone is assaulted. What the fuck is wrong with these people? What is wrong with this fucking screwed up world where people will stand by and watch this sort of shit happen?

In 1964, Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death in New York. Various neighbors watched this attack from the safety of their homes. Until eventually one neighbor called the police. 46 years later and nobody has learned anything. Apathy still rules the majority. People unwilling to get involved. I'm not saying people should put themselves in danger, and in the case of Kitty Genovese, I wouldn't suggest going to tackle some psycho who later admitted to three murders either. But come on, anyone of the neighbors could of come out of their safe little houses and started shouting, possibly scaring the attacker off, possibly saving a woman's life. We as people are no longer neanderthals we know the difference between right and wrong. So why are so many willing to do nothing when something like this goes on?

On the same thread, Anjibad recounts a similar experience:

"Last week in the bus tunnel, here in Seattle, a high school girl got jumped by a few people and she was down on the ground and they were kicking her in the head!! The worst part is there were two cops standing right there watching it happen. Someone got it all on tape!!! They said they weren't allowed to intervene, because they were hired for private security!!! What they hell are they there for then?!!!! The whole city is outraged!! The girl is ok, thankfully!! I really hope those aholes get canned!!!!! It really is unbelievable what this world has come to!!! I'm sorry you had to see it up close and personal!!!"

So it wasn't their job? Fucking lame excuse for human beings. A person is more important than any job. Fucking lame people in a uniform but not the balls to fill the uniform. If they don't get canned their boss/supervisor should be fucking put against a wall and shot for allowing such pussies to be calling themselves security guards.

Anyway forum member Doll comes on with this piece of useless advice: "Well...it was really sad what happened to you...but remember, they are only human, and they make lot's of mistakes...The man who hurt you....forgive him...he has a sad soul, unfortunatelly...and somehow he needs to "heal" himself first."

Fuck that shit. Forgive him? Why? Forgive him for being an asshole? I don't think so. All this forgive and forget shit is why people stood around and did nothing. The world is in a state of Apathy, with fewer and fewer people willing to stand up and be counted.

If the homeless guy doesn't know right from wrong that is his problem not O-Drey-O's problem. Fuck forgiveness. Should we have released Jeffery Dahmer because he had a sad soul? He only killed 17 people (at least) you never know he might learn the error of his ways and we can forgive him. I'm sure there would be a cue of people wanting to forgive him and let him live right next door.

This world has got to stop giving people excuses for wrong actions. It is fucking ridiculous that we are meant to feel sorry for these assholes for what they have done. Other people go through exactly the same thing and don't turn into assholes. Not everyone from a broken home becomes a robber. Want to know why, because some actually think before they act. Next time you see some punk in court charged with raping a 78 year old crippled woman (not Five) think about if it was someone you knew that he raped, your mother or your grandmother. Would we as people still want to be so forgiving? Still want to pity him because he grew up in a single parent home?

Fuck Apathy. Fuck Excuses. Every single person is accountable for their actions.



Support Lisa Before It Is Too Late

I was reading my last post, The Police are coming, and the more I thought about it the more pissed off about it I got. Not the police thing, I couldn't give a shit about the dutch lesbian's crazy, paranoid, ranting about this blog. What pissed me off is the way Mo and Souza (in typical Hitler and Goering style) jumped on Lisa1232 for stating that some things made sense.

Lisa said in the thread entitled "MJHD Conspiracy" on the S&M forum "I FOLLOW him . he makes some since , but i havent been here long enough to understand anythinq. i agree with some points but i ignore . alot of fake people on here . i stick with it thoo ."

Notice Lisa never said she agreed with everything I wrote; just I make some sense. So what gives Mo the right to jump on her back and suggest leaving?

No wonder the Hitler & Goering comparison makes so much fucking sense. Agree with the Dutch dykes or be asked to leave. Fuck off - this is not Nazi Germany. People believe what they want, when they want.

Lisa never said Mo and Souza were like Nazis, but I did. Lisa never suggested there is a possibility the Souza and Mo are lesbians, but I did. Lisa never suggested Souza and Mo were the same person, pointing to the times they are online and when they post - but once again I mulled the idea over for a while. Lisa never said Souza and Mo were drugged up lesbians with their heads up their own asses - but I'm sure I did.

This is the reason that this blog exists. Not to give another side, or even to stand up for the rights of anyone, but to point out some of the shit that goes on.

Show your support for Lisa to be able to think freely, and speak freely, without fear of repercussion by donning the following wallpaper on your computer:

The S&M forum constantly goes on about the Illuminati controlling and influencing people; yet they should put their rocks down before they break their glass houses.


The Police Are Coming

So according to a couple of new posts over at the S&M Nazi forum Mo states that the police are coming! Would that be after the lawsuit that I'm still waiting on?

On the topic imaginatively titled "MJHD Conspiracy" Mo states "Have you seen the sick Hitler related shit this blogger posted about Souza and me? I have reported the blogger to the police. He can talk about freedom of speech and first amendment as much as he likes, but with what he blogged he most certainly broke the law. The police are after him for stalking, defamation of character and copyright infringement. If you agree with the blogger on the things I mentioned above, I rather see you leave."

Let me break it down for the lame lesbian Dutch ass.

Stalking - No. Reading a public forum to decide an opinion doesn't count as stalking.

Defamation of character - No. Once again it is an opinion, mixed with satire and humor, I can say anyone is a lesbian if I think they are doesn't mean it is against the law. If it was against the law Perez Hilton would be doing between 10 to 15 years instead of his blog.

Copyright infringement - No. Just nothing on this blog is an infringement of copyright. Everything on this blog is used under the terms of "Fair Use". Anybody has an issue with anything on this blog that they feel infringes copyright can email me and ask for it to be removed; stating why.

And talking of stalking, defamation of character, copyright infringement let us look at the S&M forum.

Stalking - You follow a hoax. You watch what happens with the Illuminati, Jacksons, and everyone involved more than I follow your forum.

Defamation Of Character - You claim everyone is either a member of the Illuminati or a mind-controlled slave of the Illuminati. Think of how many people you have defamed the character of before you start pointing fingers.

Copyright Infringement - Look at the forum, how many images, videos are of copyrighted material? Think about it.

So Souza and Mo, blow it out your Dutch lesbian asses. You are like Hitler and Goering. Someone on your forum says they agree with some of the things on this blog and you say they can leave. How is dictatorship treating you?

You have admitted following members to see what they write, and you throw people off the forum for having an opinion, and the whole world apart from your lesbian asses is either part of, or controlled by, the Illuminati. Paranoia must be a bitch to live with.

As for the police bullshit. It is just that bullshit. Come on, you threatened a lawsuit and now the police are coming. That is the best you can do. Get off the drugs, and your paranoia will subdue. Take the tin foil hats off and accept the airwaves that the Illuminati are broadcasting 24/7.

Although the police bullshit does prove one thing. I was right about something. Now was it the lesbianism or who certain bloggers were? Or maybe the Hitler/Goering comparison hit a nerve?

And Lisa1232 keep the faith. All you did was say some of this blog made sense, nothing about the Hitler/Goering lesbians and their paranoia.



Traffic Rank At The S&M Forum

According to some lame pitbull the previous post "Dogs & Traffic" was inaccurate because it used "Page Views" instead of "Traffic Rank". The post was originally written on January 15, 2009 and using "Page Views" showed a decline in traffic to the michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com website.

Now some pitbull got all worked up about how you have to use "Traffic Rank" because it is so accurate.

So I decided to look in to all this traffic statistics a little more deeper than before. And even took the suggestion of using "Traffic Rank" because it is allegedly more accurate (more on that later).

So the pitbull, was wrong again. Why fucking bother trying to explain something and then not actually checking it?

According to Alexa.com's blog the "Traffic Rank" is merely a calculation of reach and page views. So how could the original article on traffic be wrong? If "Page Views" are used to calculate the "Traffic Rank" then surely if one goes down they both go down.

And on the subject of "Traffic Rank" that is falling again, as is the "Page Views". In fact the only thing on the rise is "Page Views Per User" which would mean less people but more page views. So a few hardcore members click around the site more than they did. Happens with every forum as members check their old posts to see if anything has been added or can be added to a previous topic.

So using the graphs as of today, from Alexa, here is the traffic reality:

Traffic Rank - Clearly on a downward slope. Alexa does not measure anything with a traffic rank less than 100,000.

Page Views - Another declining graph.

Reach - Yet again on a downward slope.

Page Views Per User - The only graph on the up.

So as stated, Alexa does not monitor any site which falls below the 100,000 "Traffic Rank" mark, hence why on the "Traffic Rank" graph it appears that MichaelJacksonHoaxForum fell off the face of the earth at certain times.

"Page Views" shows a decline as does "Reach", in fact the only one graph on a rise is Page Views Per User, which as explained means less users are viewing more pages.

But what does all this mean? To be totally honest it means nothing. It means that figures can show whatever you want. I could of picked the high points out of each graph to make it appear that the website was doing wonderful. Figures like these are not accurate. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts the world over will tell you to take figures like these from any website, not just Alexa, with a pinch of salt.

What gives a true figure? Nothing. It is all how you read a figure. As Louis Brandeis said "I abhor averages. I like the individual case. A man may have six meals one day and none the next, making an average of three meals per day, but that is not a good way to live."

The only true way to look at traffic is to realise it doesn't matter. Hitler forced thousands to believe his Nazi bullshit with propaganda. As thousands were believing it does it make it right? Of course not - the guy was completely off his rocker.

So let us say for argument sake that 10 million people view the S&M forum does it become more believable that the Illuminati are controlling the world? No. If the Illuminati was so powerful, and in control of everything, there would be two dead dutch dykes for revealing all Vigilant Citizen's information on a MJ hoax site.

The year 1999 gave us the Y2K fear and millions around the world thought the world would end at the stroke of midnight when the year 2000 kicked in. It never happened.

Traffic is not important, about the only thing the fucking dumb pitbull got right, if billions see bullshit it doesn't stop it from being bullshit. What is important though is the message contained in that bullshit - and at the moment the S&M website seems to think that the message is that the Illuminati rule the world through music videos and Disney films.



I Am A Sick Bastard Allegedly

According to Souza I am a sick bastard. Not sure how she came to this conclusion seems I never publicly said that I want to paint myself with her blood while I shit on pictures of Mo; all while wearing Bumkolo's sunglasses and Amy's soiled diaper.

Oh well, it was on the S&M forum so it must be true. Now talking of truth there is a blog from an all-seeing eye (Illuminati reference has been noted and forwarded to Alex Jones, Vigilant Citizen, and Rockerfeller) which has some emails which proves that Amy and the moderators of the old MJHD created the now almost legendary John Smith.

Now the all-seeing eye blog got me thinking, seems as it is the season for assumptions (seems someone assumed I am a sick bastard) that the all-seeing eye is indeed a reference to the author. Now who has an avatar that is an all-seeing eye?

Souza's Avatar On The S&M Forum

Now I'm not going to jump to the assumption that Souza is the all-seeing eye, and that as the Illuminati use an all-seeing eye as a symbol; that Souza is none other than a mind-controlled slave of the Illuminati. Nor would I jump to the assumption that Souza and Mo are all the animals with blogs against a little dog.

Illuminati Symbol

But the question still remains - If I am so sick, and so wrong all the time, and have nothing of importance on this blog why do they feel the need to start topics discussing the other animals discussing this blog? Which in turn comes to the question - Why advertise these hate blogs, including mine, on a Michael Jackson related forum when Michael was all about L.O.V.E?

Isn't time that these two-faced dutch cunts stopped being so two-faced and actually practiced what they try to preach? But then again nobody is sure what they are preaching anymore because everything is done by the Illuminati allegedly; so we just wait for the Vigilant Citizen to come up with some new stuff so the dutch dyke duo can paste it all on their forum.



Fuck The Illuminati

What the fuck is going on at the S&M forum? It's turning into Alex Jones' training camp. Every fucking thing is connected to the Illuminati. Beyonce is nothing more than a mind controlled slave of the Illuminati. Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati. Lady Gaga is a puppet of the Illuminati and Walt Disney is just some evil fucker putting all these triggers in films so that they will do as they are told when they get older.

But some think this is all bullshit and that if Jay-Z of the Illuminati then why would his wife be nothing more than a mind controlled slave? Surely that is for the little people that the Illuminati are supposedly trying to crush. And if Lady Gaga is the best that the Illuminati can come up they might as well take their billions and pack up now. The woman is a little out there but so is Marilyn Manson or is the devil-worshiper Manson in on all this Illuminati shit too? There is nobody left to trust any more.

Don your tin foil hats, build a nuclear shelter, and kiss your life goodbye as the big bad Illuminati take over the entire world.

Anyway, back to Walt Disney and his Illuminati triggers. I was always dubious of Dumbo. I know a flying elephant had to be just some sick, twisted, fucker playing with my mind. And the fact he needed a feather is just a big sign that Dumbo was indeed a metaphor for a crack whore that was being supplied mind altering drugs by the Illuminati.

Holy fuck that is just one film. And that sick cunt Disney has already got kids hooked on crack because it is OK because Dumbo did it. Crack dealers must be loving this shit. Sell the adults some crack and give them a free DVD of Dumbo; and the next generation of crack addicts are born.

Mary Poppins another flying crack whore. That umbrella was just a metaphor for a crack pipe; or at the very least a bong.

Then we have the 1955 classic "Lady and the Tramp". Hold the fucking front page. That bastard Disney knew all along what was going to happen. "Lady and the Tramp" was just the forerunner of Lady Gaga. These damn sick Illuminati fucks have had this planned for years. Damn.

1971 saw the release of "Bedknobs & Broomsticks". Once again that sick fucker Disney puts his Illuminati thoughts in to the minds of young children. A witch, a wizard, and talking fucking animals. No wonder the kids of the 70's didn't need as many drugs as their 60's counterparts Disney had already fucked their minds over. No fucking drug could be as good.

Fucking hell this bastard has some 400 feature films listed.

But I digress somewhat. What has all this Illuminati shit got to do with Michael Jackson? The forum is still called "Michael Jackson Hoax Investigators". But the only topic that seems to be discussed is Illuminati and Freemason bullshit.

So why all this Illuminati crap on a MJ hoax death forum? Because the Double Dong team are fucked up in the head worse than Disney. The belief that the Illuminati is controlling every pop star out there. The belief that Michael was nothing more than a mind controlled slave of the Illuminati.

Sorry, but the Illuminati is only as strong as you believe them to be. If the all-seeing, all-knowing, Illuminati were that powerful how is Alex Jones still alive? That fucker is on them like a fly on shit. Anyone connected to the 13 bloodlines moves and Alex Jones is there. So why, if the Illuminati are so powerful, is he still alive and harassing them?

None of this Illuminati bullshit makes any sense with regards to Michael Jackson. And the only fear that the Illuminati has over people is myth and legend of how powerful they are. If they were as powerful as is being made out would a Michael Jackson Hoax forum be allowed to uncover and divulge all their plans?

Fuck Souza & Mo. Leave things alone. Copying and pasting Vigilant Citizen's website to your forum proves nothing more than you know absolutely nothing and your previous big exposure before the release of "This Is It" wasn't worth shit. If your members want to read about the Illuminati, which has no connection to Michael, they can go to Vigilant Citizen's website; or are they so fucking retarded that they need you two lesbian dumb cunts copying and pasting it to the forum?


Movie Theory Submitted

An avid reader of this blog emailed me to ask for my autograph! Allegedly I am famous. I was sat, reading emails, and instantly thought 'what the fuck are they on about?' and went on to read the entire email. Anyway the upshot of the email is that I am now starring in a film. I appear as Sherlock Holmes' dog and this links me to Michael hoaxing his death.

So the theory went - That as Sherlock Holmes dog I must be good at investigating things. Also as his dog I would be very much like him - investigating things in a non-linear way.

The Sherlock Holmes Movie Poster

And, lo and behold in the top-left corner there sits a very familiar face.

Sherlock Holmes' Dog

Well, I'd love to say it is me that starred alongside Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law but it wasn't. As for any links to me and movies - as far as I know there is none.


Sarah Palin Knows

As Murray made his way into court yesterday, some may have missed the news story that Sarah Palin, was outed for writing crib notes on her hand the day before. She did this at some tea party. I'm not 100% sure why you'd need notes at a tea party - to me it seems pretty obvious "milk and two sugars".

But the more important news is that while Murray was charged and then released Sarah Palin was giving another speech; and this time her hand was clearly visible for all to see. But another important fact was the podium she was at.

Sarah Palin at a speech (02/08/2010)

When you go for a closeup of her hand it clearly shows that Sarah Palin knows something about Michael Jackson hoaxing his death.

Clearly visible are the words "TMZ", "MJ 6/25",
"Jermaine Knows" (crossed out), and "Murray - LOL"

Why didn't the mainstream media report on this? Simple because the act that was meant to be seen was Murray. When asked about Michael, by Glen Beck, Sarah Palin simply stated "I cannot tell you anything, just watch and see. But let me tell you this Glen; The Best Is Yet To Come."



Murray Charged Today - Big Fucking Deal

Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter, and bonded out for the tune of $75,000. Big fucking deal. Does this mean the hoax is dead? About as dead as Michael.

The guy got charged. So what. It's not like he is sitting in a 10' x 8' cell with Bubba wondering if the showers really are as unsafe as the rumors say. Did the guy looked bothered? Did he fuck, he was sitting in a cafe an hour before he was meant to be in court. Hardly the actions, and demeanor, of guy who is about to become Bubba's bitch for a couple of years.

California law, Penal Code 192(b) states that Murray could serve between two to four years. Maybe when he gets put in a cell with Bubba's cousin for three years there might be some need for concern. But just being charged is nothing. Fuck the judge even said Murray could continue to practice; just not sedate people. Come on, if it wasn't a hoax what judge would allow a doctor accused of killing someone by illegally used propofol to continue practicing. It is just a big act to make sure it looks like something is being done.

As for the mass exodus that is expected on hoax forums - all I can say on that is "Goodbye and good riddance." It's been 7 months. That is it. Think of the Elvis believers that still to this day know that Elvis never died in 1977, poor bastards have waited years for an answer with nothing but some religious-like blind faith that he is still alive.

Someone wants to leave the hoax forums because Murray was charged let them go. No great loss.


New Header - New Era And All That

As most will have noticed the header of this forum has changed. It went from:


The reason for the change is because too many fucking retards are taking themselves seriously. Come on people, you have "The Cat", "New Dawg In Town", "Gorilla Roars", and "All Seeing Eye". How the fuck do you expect to be taken seriously? How fucking dumb are you? Did any of you stupid fucking cunts sit there and go "Oh I'll call myself The Cat because we have a dog already, that will make my whole argument, and blog, credible."?

You all jumped up and started whining about THIS blog for attacking people and yet that is exactly what you do. Fucking hypocrites lighten up. This blog is littered with what I consider humor. Do I give a flying fuck if a few dumb animals cannot get humor? No, I don't give two shits. Actually it makes me laugh, that you create these hate blogs against a blog.

And to answer a few points these lame animals have asked, and given their incorrect point of view, here are some facts that you never bothered to look in to.

Why keep going on about Auntie Amy? Simple, the fucking stupid bitch wears diapers as a fetish. That shit is funny as hell. Come on the subtle humor in the Admin of a MJ Hoax Death forum wearing diapers while she administers the forum is just a funny visual to imagine. You couldn't write something as funny as that. And if it wasn't true why did the stupid bitch close the forum down when it was revealed? She proved it was true by her actions.

Do I have a grudge against the Aussie, diaper wearing, ex-Admin? Yes, just for her lies. No I am not an ex-moderator that is out on a personal vendetta against her because I was fired. I just started the blog because I saw through her lies.

Do I care that people are creating blogs attacking THIS blog? No, it is fucking funny as hell. Because these lame blogging animals are taking the whole thing too seriously. Come on, the S&M forum is practically the Illuminati headquarters; absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson. The whole situation just has so much humor in it now that you have to laugh.

What next? The animals creating manifestos? The animals all grouping together to see which one will get to the top of the pack? Give it up, nobody gives a shit - the only thing people care about is what you write.



Quick Quiz

Seems every animal is making videos about other animals I thought I'd throw one together. The subject wasn't worth too much time.



More Members At The S&M Forum

I know I have the reputation that I am merely here to bash people; and call them Nazis. To prove this is not true I would like to congratulate Souza and Mo on the recent influx of members to their forum.

But as usual curiosity got the better of me and I thought I'd have a look and see what I could find out about some of the newest members at the S&M forum. I was able to get images of the latest members:

Michelle, 22, and studying for a a degree in Paranormal Studies, joined because she was sure something was not right and she knew she could find the answers at the S&M forum.

Gerald, a retired actor who is most famous for playing bystander #214 in the sitcom Friends, joined to prove that all that he had thought is actually true.

Sharon, who although as it would appear has lost the use of her arms, will undoubtedly be a valued member of the S&M forum.

Dave, recently released under the Care In The Community program. Although usually heavily medicated he has been involved for the last 4 months in searching for aliens in Utah.



Beyonce - Jay-Z - Illuminati Connections

Over at the S&M forum if you click the "View Active Topics" at the time of writing there is 12 topics relating to the Illuminati. Lady Gaga is an Illuminati puppet, Beyonce is giving off signs of a connection, and Jay-Z is a Freemason. This doesn't even begin to show the Illuminati, Freemason, and N.W.O. connections throughout the whole of the active topics.

Why is the Illuminati being pushed by Souza and Mo? Why is Beyonce giving occult symbols through her videos? When did Jay-Z become a Freemason?

So Beyonce is giving symbols of that she is nothing more than a mind controlled slave. We know this because Souza has kindly put all the evidence in one place.

It starts off with the essential information about Monarch Programming. Monarch is not just a butterfly but a mind control program. The lyrics don't mention the words monarch or butterfly so how that connection was made is beyond me totally. And no butterfly in the video either. But somehow there is a connection to the Monarch Programming.

The lyrics are the connection. It all makes sense now. Beyonce sings: "Every night I rush to my bed With hopes that maybe I’ll get a chance to see you When I close my eyes I’m going out of my head Lost in a fairytale, can you hold my hands and be my guide?" That does it. Case closed. Beyonce is nothing more than an Illuminati controlled slave.

I know some are going to misinterpret these lyrics that she may have been rushing to bed to dream about a man and that when she does she goes out of her mind because he is not actually there. And that she wants the man in the dream to guide her to the real man. Don't be fooled it is all part of the NWO to take over the world.

"Clouds filled with stars cover the skies And I hope it rains, you’re the perfect lullaby What kinda dream is this?” is sung by Beyonce where she is talking to her controller. I'm not 100% sure on this but I'm guessing that Beyonce is a Thomas The Tank Engine fan and at night while Jay-Z is away doing concerts and that she dreams of the fat controller.

“Tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain Not even death can make us part What kind of dream is this?” Now Beyonce is just going too far. Allegedly she is giving her soul to the controller aka Lucifer. Terence Trent D'Arby must be a fucking Illuminati God by now with his "Sign Your Name Across My Heart" hit. Wouldn't have anything to do with love this statement? You know like the marriage vow "Until death us do part". No, Satan himself is controlling Beyonce.

Then the video analysis starts. We have a dove, we have Beyonce lifting off the bed. What does all this mean? It means Beyonce is in to black magic. I say who gives a shit about Beyonce, I saw on TV once that fucker Criss Angel levitate others as well as himself. Now that bastard should be stopped. Criss Angel even goes so far to use the name Angel. add another 'i' and you get Crisis Angel - holy fuck Criss Angel is the grim reaper.

Then the analysis goes on about a rainbow, and how it is there basically to show Beyonce's commitment to Lucifer aka The Fat Controller aka God Of Light. Holy shit the connections are everywhere. Judy Garland sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Fucking whore was just telling millions of kids that somewhere over the rainbow there is no pot of gold just Lucifer and eternal damnation unless you follow the Illuminati.

Then elsewhere on the forum Jay-Z gets outed as Freemason. Any proof of this? No. Even though Jay-Z is worth in excess of $200 million no lodge has admitted he is one of them. Hell, I'll start a lodge so he can join - The Imperial Lodge Of Jay-Z. Now, Jay-Z, if you ever read this start donating money to the lodge in your name.

So why all the Illuminati connections? I really don't see how any of it ties in with Michael Jackson in any way. Unless you go with the theory that S&M put out before about Michael being nothing more than a mind controlled slave of the Illuminati.

It is all bullshit, in my opinion, and has nothing to with anything. You can read whatever you want in to any video. P Diddy, in the video of "Come With Me" has a whole flock of doves. Does that mean the bastard is worshipping Satan better than Beyonce? Or could it just be a symbol of new life? Who knows? Who cares? It is a music video, most of which are forgotten 6 months after they are released.