Finally The Sheeple Are Waking Up

The topic is entitled "Just wondering..." An important topic gets started, and as with all important questions the redneck inbred Admins do not bother to answer it.

And the question was: "I don't know if this has been discussed before... but does anyone know why the members page says the MJHD founder joined on June 1, 2009??" - asked by ellbell290.

Shamone is the first to answer with: "This new forum wasn't created until around November 12th. Trust me, I know."

The other notable response was from Joperri1; who said: "MJ died on June 25th, so how can this be. Maybe we need to hear the answer from the person involved. Hummm. Seems a little bit odd. This site was already in the making before MJ's fake death. Maybe it's all part of the plan and another clue....(or an error) JUST WONDERING TOO"

This is one of those times you have to read the entire post to get the full picture.

How can the founder be registered on June 1, 2009? And to think the sheeple thought I was crazy when I suggested June 23, 2009. This is even worse.

But the good news is that the sheeple are waking up, and asking questions. Now we just have to wait to see what Fuckfish says about this. MJHD can deal with their own conspiracy this time; I don't even need to say anything for this situation to look fucked up in one way or another.


MJHD - Now The Bible Is In On The Hoax

It had to happen. As soon as two inbred, redneck, trailer trash, bible thumping, hicks were put in temporary charge by the diaper wearing Admin that remains lurking in the shadows, the Bible makes it to MJHD.

I'm pretty sure when God started the whole creation process some 10,000 years he was thinking "What if Michael Jackson wants to commit a hoax death? I better put some clues in the Bible so it can be traced back to me."

Surprisingly enough it wasn't one of the inbred Admins, but it was a member who hadn't posted but 11 times, so here is what they put:

"And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the Day of Atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land. And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family..."

It's actually from the book of Leviticus (Lev 25:8). So there we have it, Joperri1, MJHD member has proven that Michael Jackson faking his death was fore written in the Bible. Glad that is cleared up.

So now Joperri1 has cleared that up, they can unravel the codes within the book of Revelations to say when the world is going to end.

I know there isn't much going on at the moment, and that apart from the ongoing is Murray going to be charged or not, but come on the Bible?

Creating night and day, ensuring MJ gets a mention, and then the Apocalypse. Oh and don't forget once you have MJ's faked death done to include that other guy... you know his name... Jesus.

You want to read this crackpot shit head over to this link here.


This Dog Has Joined Facebook

Social networks are everywhere. Whether it is Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook, no matter where you go everyone you meet is on one of them; except the occasional person who is lost in cyberspace.

So if you need to find me on Facebook just search for the term "mjhdconspiracy" I should be there somewhere. Don't be surprised if you find the occasional fan site too (seriously there isn't one yet - but who knows).

So I'll be posting the occasional thing on Facebook when it is worth looking at but not really worth writing a blog post.

Also I'm still on Twitter. With the same username "mjhdconspiracy". So now you can find out whats happening at MJHD wherever you go.



It Is Coming It Is Coming

So according to Fuckfish, the database will be worked on by an expert on Tuesday. And for those with nothing to do on Tuesday it will be 9.00 AM if you want to schedule the time off work, or just make sure your calendar is empty at that time.

Nobody is saying whether this is the same technical expert that was going to charge $300, and nobody knows if the welfare disability check that Nightmare gets is actually paying for this. Nightmare has some disease, I don't remember what it is called, just know that it involves something in the womb growing in other places. Think it was called Endometriosis. It had something to do with a quilt. Fucked if I care or remember.

So with that in mind I'm almost 100% sure that it is time for the Paypal donate button to make a return.

Now Auntie Amy used the standard Paypal button:

Just a standard button. But Fuckfish and Nightmare are experts in PSP (Paint Shop Pro I'm guessing and not that they are happy they know how to play Tekken 6 on Sony's handheld) so they will design their own. An artist's impression is shown below:

This is merely an artist's impression of what is expected to come. But with two inbred, redneck, tobacco chewing, trailer trash, dumbasses completing the artwork, it won't be far from that.


Does MJHD Need Auntie Amy To Survive?

Before anyone mentions the release of personal information on this blog caused her to leave in the first place. Remember I did it because she started screwing with MJHD. Not to get rid of her. If the diaper-wearing Admin returned tomorrow, and told Fuckfish and Nightmare to hit the road I would be happier than one of Fuckfish's pigs in shit.

Before you all think I have finally lost the plot, and need locking up in a secure wing of some obscure mental hospital, there are reasons for these thoughts.

Auntie Amy started off well. OK, so she put "Jacko" by mistake, and basically admitted she wasn't really a fan by doing so, but the website and forum was up before the death had been announced (and for the non-believers just read that as 'up right after the death was announced').

Auntie Amy, the diaper-wearing Admin, had the sense to ensure that members stuck around. She'd create fictitious members, drama, and a whole host of situations to ensure members came back. She even created thousands of members so that everyone would feel part of something big.

Auntie Amy, was mysterious as Admins go, in the fact that she spent her time hiding, never showed up for days, and didn't actually answer any questions which would really need answering. She created an air of mystery around herself.

The diaper wearing Admin could at least type. Fuckfish has the typing capabilities of a kindergartner. Auntie Amy composed her well chosen posts with all the skills of an aspiring writer.

So yes Auntie Amy lost it and sent MJHD down the tubes but if she leaves these two moronic inbreds in charge she will have to watch HER creation, which evolved thanks to the members and their hard work, fall into obscurity.

So without further Ado, I plead for Auntie Amy to step out of the shadows (we all know you are still there), bring your database (we all know you have a good copy somewhere), and rescue MJHD from these inbreds and obscurity.



The Fight Continues

If you read the previous post you may have noticed that I said I was going to give up blogging about MJHD until something earth-shattering happened over there.

I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that MJHD is dead in the water. The second, more personal, reason is that I felt as though I was banging my head against a brick wall - trying to show the sheeple what was really happening at MJHD. I was thinking if they haven't figured it out now they never will.

Well, as I backed the blog up, I was reading through the comments, and more comments arrived, I felt the sheeple hadn't learned a thing, some had still not opened their eyes. So if I stopped blogging what would happen? Nothing much to be honest. But people may think that MJHD is OK now; and I never want that to happen because it is in the worse shape it has ever been and Hitlerfish is trying his very inbred best to fill Auntie Amy's empty diaper with his redneck mother Nightmare.

So now is the time to ensure that nobody is under the illusion that everything is well over at MJHD. Now is the time that people must be told what is really happening. Now is the time that the final nail must be driven into the coffin of the bastard child website of Satan that is MJHD.

The rule change about the Illuminati proves that we, the members, have a voice and if we all shout at the sane time it is loud enough to get through to the inbred, redneck, Administrators Hitlerfish and Nightmare.

The fight not only continues it will continue until MJHD takes its last foul breath before disappearing from existence.


Mine Is The Last Post You Will Ever Read

This blog has run it's course. It was never here for any other reason that to point out how MJHD was being run. It has done that.

Auntie Amy may still be lurking somewhere in the background, as Hitlerfish and Nightmare screw around pretending to be Administrators but to be honest almost everyone with open eyes can see that MJHD is dead in the water.

Also there is nothing to comment on anymore, everyone knows Hitlerfish is a retarded inbred, and Nightmare has the technical abilities of roadkill. There is no point pointing out the mistakes of these two fuck-ups.

So until something really shakes up over at MJHD it's time to just give up on posting about the disaster area that is MJHD.


Predict The Future - Win A Prize

Before anyone gets too excited the prize is just the knowing that you were right. That is the grand prize.

So the predictions that everyone has to try and work out are:

  1. When will Auntie Amy return to prove she never left?
  2. How many spelling errors can Hitlerfish get in one post?
  3. What date will MJHD shut up shop for good?
  4. Will anyone care?

That is it. Nothing too difficult; just a little something for everyone to think about. And so I don't have to comment on my own blog here are my predictions:

1. Very soon, before the end of the year.
2. In excess of 100.
3. January 1, 2010.
4. I doubt it.

So now let's see everyone else's predictions. And just because we need a rule - the only rule is that Hitlerfish is banned from guessing how many spelling mistakes he will make. Although the dumb ass will still get it wrong any way.



Stupidity Knows No Bounds

Someone posted a link in the comments. The link was to a post on MJHD, the post was concerning the embedding of Youtube videos.

I, myself, thought that with all of Hitlerfish's errors this post could get no worse. But was I wrong. The MJHD member StrangernMoscow had to reply. The reply reads:

"I'm excited about this, but what will the videos contain? Real videos of MJ after his hoax?


I was shocked, that this person had managed to even turn their computer on. I mean how the hell did they manage to turn a computer on and register for a forum in the first place? What will the videos contain? Anything that you link to in Youtube - it really isn't rocket science.

Just as I thought nothing in the world could top the stupidity of the post I saw who it was signed by, ~StrangernMoscow~. Now I know I have been accused of being cynical in the past but is it just me that sees the "~" on each side? Exactly like Hitlerfish. And lo, and behold, the person only has two posts.

Auntie Amy tried this trick, of creating members. She was at least smart enough to make it less obvious.

Hitlerfish, if you need to create members to prove that MJHD is not dying, or as most think dead, you know you should pack your shit up and move your trailer somewhere else.



If You Obey All The Rules You Miss All The Fun

The title of this post is a quote from Katherine Hepburn. And before the MJHD Admins get too excited she was not talking about MJHD.

So the database is corrupted, all the good posters, and members are leaving. Yet the rules remain in effect. The same rules that stop people posting, stop people from thinking, stop the members from expressing themselves.

If you want to read the rules they are here.

So let us look at these rules and see what they actually say:

"We do allow freedom of speech, but note that this is within the confines of the stated rules." - This can basically be translated as you can talk about anything you want as long as we agree with it.

"As members you can make the lives of the admins and mods much easier if you use this function when you come across a post that violates these rules." - This can be read as Please snitch on other members this is guaranteed to cause drama when it is discussed by the Admin with other people.

"All members are valued at MJHD." - You are kidding with this right? It can be read as please support Silverfuck and Nightmare as they screw up the forum.

"This rule includes Private Messages as well." - So you are saying Private messages are not private? How the hell do you intend to enforce this one? This can be read as We will snoop on your private messages.

"There is to be no swearing at MJHD. This is a child-friendly website." - Not sure which church they go to but come on seriously kids swear just as much as adults now. This can be read as Don't swear we are god-fearing Christians and do not want to go to hell.

"Michael Jackson was (and is) a great individual." - Whoa that had to be inherited from Auntie Amy. (and is)? Who forgot to remember he was still alive? That should not be read point blank.

"He also has made several videos, and many women adore him. However, discussing him in a sexual manner is not allowed." - He made more than several. But we'll let that slide. Discussing him in a sexual manner is not allowed? Michael spent 50% of his time on stage grabbing his crotch. Read this bit as you can watch videos of Michael, but don't tell anyone on MJHD what you saw.

"Invading the privacy (i.e., obtaining and posting personal information) of any MJHD Member, Moderator or the admins is forbidden. Privacy is valued at MJHD." - Privacy for for who? Certainly not the people that are constantly harrassed my MJHD. Please read this bit as it is OK to invade the privacy of everyone as long as it is not an MJHD Admin or moderator.

"Bashing his family/friends/associates will not be tolerated." - Even if they turn out to be fakes? You cannot bash his family? What? Read this as you cannot write the truth about how the Jackson family and friends of Michael have acted and profited from all of this.

"In no capacity may members discuss his children." - They have no connection with their father faking his death? There is a difference between bashing the children and discussing them. Read this as we do not want to talk about his kids no matter how important they are and also ignore the posts about them on the forum.

"Posting opinions and theories is allowed. It is highly encouraged." - Encouraged as long as it is not describing Michael as sexy or mentioning the Illuminati or his family or his kids. Read this as only discuss what we tell you to discuss. All other posts will be deleted.

"We will not allow posts that are obviously trying to mislead others into believing something." - Too dumb to even comment on. Read it as do not try to convince people of anything they do already believe. If someone believes Michael is dead let them alone.

"No one is to claim they personally knew MJ either." - So if Miko Brando joins MJHD all his posts will be deleted. Read as we already have a theory what happened we do not want anyone to say that theory is wrong.

"There is to be no discussion about the illuminate." - So it is OK to discuss the Illuminati? Oh sorry, got it. Don't discuss light. Read as we are rednecks and know nothing about this. Do not discuss it as we will look even more stupid than normal.

"It is a hoax-death website. If you want to discuss the illuminate, NWO, etc. then this is not the forum for you." - nwo33mj ring any bells? Read as if you think the illuminate (whoever they are) had any involvement fuck off to Alex Jones' website.

"If you want to know why a thread was locked, deleted, or post edited, then please PM one of the administrators, or one of the moderators." - Who will instantly lie to you. And say they had nothing to do with it and it was someone else. Read this as if a post is locked, deleted, or edited don't complain or the Admins and moderators will discuss you behind your back.

"Finally, have fun." - You have got to be kidding me. Don't discuss anything, don't upset anyone, don't suggest anything to other people, don't talk about all the people involved except for Dr Murray, but have fun. Read this as if you read this far we are still taking the piss out of you.

So that is the rules in a nutshell. I did hear on the grapevine there was a set of rules which mentioned invading Poland but I have not seen these for myself so cannot verify that.

With all the rules, the warning system, it is no wonder that MJHD is dead in the water. Even the Titanic had a chance before it sank - MJHD does not. Abandon ship! Abandon ship!

Five Months Of Information Down The Toilet

So today, November 25, 2009, Nightmare announces on the post entitled "Database....Bad News" that the old database is beyond repair.

Her exact statement reads: "This is painful to write. We've tried everything we can. We had several computer experts tell us that what we did SHOULD have worked. They've talked us through the steps over the phone, one came over...and nobody can figure out why the database isn't working. The bottom line is we've done what we can, and the old information is lost. We really wish that we had better news. But you know you're not doing well when even computer techs are stumped. What is wrong? No one knows. An error in the database, perhaps faulty coding, we don't know; and neither do they. Sorry to let you down guys."

One word - Bullshit. There is no database in the world that a DBA (Database Administrator) cannot retrieve at least some of the data.

They talked you through it over the phone? You are kidding right? You expect the members of MJHD to just believe this crap?

"But you know you're not doing well when even computer techs are stumped." - Computer techs? There are so many areas in the computer world that a technician cannot be expected to be a master of all of them. Did you actually try a DBA? Did you contact me, or any of the others that offered help? NO.

So instead of being humble (thought that was part of Christianity) and accepting offers of help you would rather just lose 5 months of information. Way to shit on the members.

Get a room full of Database Administrators, and I guarantee not one of them will ever say that they cannot get any information from a corrupt database. Sure, there may be some information loss; but not the whole database.

Nice to see Christians unable to accept offers of help for the greater good of the members of their forum.



Nostradamus Could Have Predicted This

Members saw it. This blog saw it. Other forums saw it. Hell, I'm sure even the blind saw it. Everyone saw the demise of MJHD when Auntie Amy left.

Since Auntie Amy's departure MJHD has been on a downward spiral to oblivion. The alleged John Smith crashing the forum on purpose, Hitlerfish's inability to spell or listen to his members, and Nightmare's great technical advice have all helped MJHD sink faster than the Titanic.

Actually the only people not seeing MJHD sink are the Admins and moderators; who blindly act like everything is well.

Guess what? All is not well, and unless you start listening to members, and trying to get more than the same 10 people posting, it is never going to be well again. More to the point - why not try to get members to look at the posts that actually mean something. Anna.K did a great post on the month since June 25, 2009 and yet more people were concerned with pointless topics about the failure of MJHD.

Suppose they are so used to being told what to think by Auntie Amy they are not used to free will to read whatever they want. They need direction.



Let Me Run MJHD Properly

I'm always portrayed as just constantly bashing MJHD, the Admins, and some of the outlandish theories. So to offset the balance here is my suggestion.

Hitlerfish, let me buy MJHD from you, at whatever price you paid Amy. Just give me the domain, and both the Wordpress & phpBB3 databases and I will be the Admin. I will give the members THEIR forum, the way they want it. A forum that does not listen to it's members is never going to be a family always just a forum

I will show you how a forum should be run - with no dictatorship, no donations, no banning of possible subjects because they involve the Illuminati.

Just a thought. But hey I read the comments on here from MJHD members, and others, I know what they want in THEIR forum.



According To MJHD Michael Is No Longer Sexy

So with the departure of Auntie Amy, somehow I thought things would get better over at MJHD.

Then Silverfish and Nightmare took over, and things went from bad to worse. First four months of hard work went right down the toilet; and even though members (myself included) have offered to fix this for free, none have been asked. The question remains why? If you want it fixed let someone fix it - as stated before it is not rocket science.

The intelligence of the Admin staff dropped big time when Auntie Amy left. All other things put aside she was a smart cookie - I mean she got people to pay for her fetish without them knowing for almost 3 months.

Just when I thought MJHD Admin had sunk as low as it can go Silverfish sinks even lower. I know he's a christian, I know he's a redneck, and I know he is greasy but his latest move goes beyond stupidity into the realm of insanity.

As of Sunday, November 22, 2009 it is now no longer acceptable to describe Michael as sexy. You have to be fucking kidding me. The guy danced with his hand on his crotch 50% of the time.

In the post "Funny Pictures Of Michael" Silverfish answered the question "What happened to the sexy Michael thread?" with this statement:

I am the one that deleted the thread in question. Read the rules: There is to be no posts where MJ is discussed in a sexual manner. This was not allowed before MJHD went down, and it is still a rule now. The pics here are fine--except for one that I deleted.

Everyone can share pics without talking about him in a nearly X-rated manner. To quote the former mod Dk--"Michael Jackson is NOT a piece of meat."

Note: As stated by DK in their comment below, the quote from DK was not even in reference to the MJHD forum.

Oh come on it is harmless. And if Michael didn't want to be considered in that way, no way would he have danced the way he danced.

Silverfish, get off your holier than thou soapbox and realize that just because you are as ugly as fuck does not mean women do not look at photos of guys in the same way as you look at photos of your Mom.

Silverfish aka Silverfuck will from now on be referred to as Hitlerfish.

I never thought I'd type this statement, but here goes:

Bring Back Auntie Amy


Official MJHD Conspiracy Wallpaper

The official wallpaper of this blog. Didn't know that the blog needed an official wallpaper, but seems an avid reader of the blog went to the effort of creating it I thought hell, why not.

So thanks to the designer and here is the official wallpaper of this blog:

Who knows, next it will be t-shirts, mugs, bracelets - oh never mind MJHD already did that.


Nightmare Vs Silverfish - Which is The Dumbest?

I was posting over at MJHD when I realized that another member, badria, had asked a question concerning a 'topic started' column on the forum - topic was even entitled "post started column!!" and Nightmare in her infinite redneck wisdom decided to answer as an Admin.

Seriously, you couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

Basically the question/suggestion was: we need to add a 'topic started column'. The answer, by Nightmare the Admin, was:

"Depending on which style you're using, somewhere near the top of the screen is a view new post button or link. There is also a view unanswered post & active topic links.

These buttons or links are located in different places, depending on which style you are using, but they're alway near the top of the page."

Whoa there Nightmare, you completely missed the suggestion. Turn your Willie Nelson 8 track down a little and take Silverfish's cock out of your mouth before you try to answer something. Also thinking might help.

You didn't answer the question. The answer, so you know for future reference, is:

No matter what style you are using, underneath each topic is the username of the person who started it, and the date and time it was started.

There, that wasn't too hard. It is a standard feature of phpBB3 (and has been since version 1.0) - so you don't need to say how much hard work you put in to adjusting anything that already existed.



Silverfish Continues To Lie - Lie #2

Alright I predicted it would happen in the last post, and not to blow my own trumpet too much, I was right.

In the topic "We are a GO on imbeding youtube video's!!" Silverfish states: "Okay guys, embedding youtube videos are okay! We had to custom make our own BBcode to do it, but it's done. EXTRA special thanks to alexwestconsulting for his amazing youtube video on making this work! (I will personally email this guy if he has any contact info!

DayDream did most of the work, I pointed out where things needed changed, and we are all good to go! So WOOHOO--youtube videos can be embedded now!"

First thing first. The lie is: "We had to custom make our own BBCode..." No you didn't Silverfuck, its a BB code (notice the space) that was first published 4 days after the release of phpBB3.

Secondly, why thank Alex West Consulting? The person who originally did this code, and assisted in the coding of phpBB2 & 3, is known; and it certainly isn't Alex West (for the geeks it is D4RK_L0RD).

And a minor point here (minor as in small, not minor as in what Silverfish's mom was when she had him) it is videos not video's - the second implies that video owns something.

Keep up the good work Silverfish. You make my job so much easier when you so easily prove what a fucktard you are.


Why Do MJHD Administrators Always Have To Lie?

Auntie Amy started the ball rolling, with constant lies, and seems to have set the trend for all of the people that take the role of Administrator over at MJHD.

Silverfish, made a big thing about being open to all the members over at MJHD and how him and his redneck mother were from Alaska. They both had posts on the MJHD forum which stated this; although both posts have been removed.

One thing - and Michael said this himself - "Just because it's in print doesn't mean it's the gospel." Silverfish may be a redneck, may live in some back woods place nobody else wants to live in, may be having sex with his mother, but as Silverfish's God is my witness he does not live anywhere near Alaska.

So the greasy Silverfish starts his life-long dream of being the MJHD Admin by lying to all the members. Just another wolf in sheep's clothing. And before he tries to convince you he is - remember he visits this blog. Yesterday he visited 3 times, and lo and behold, according to Google Analytics not one visit from Alaska.

I'm guessing when Auntie Amy left she must of took the MJHD balls with her because although she lied about a lot of other stuff she at least told the truth about her location.

So now, as loyal members of MJHD, we just have to wait for more and more lies to spew from the unclean mouth of Silverfish.


Wordpress Versus PHPBB3 - It Is Not Rocket Science

Once again, without confusion, I offer a proverbial olive branch to the people at MJHD. No I am not going soft. No I am not confused because Tis_Ruthy commented (btw - Hi Ruthy, we miss you). And finally, no I am not such an asshole that I wish to watch the painful experiences over at MJHD continue.

OK, on the forum thread "Wordpress or not? VOTE" some members mentioned pulling all the information from the Wordpress forum over to the PHPBB3 forum. Great idea; and easy to implement.

On the front page of MJHD it is stated that the database is corrupt, and for someone to fix it is going to cost $300. That is not so good.

So here is the proverbial olive branch: I can repair the database, and also transfer the Wordpress information over to PHPBB3 - and as a seeker of the truth; I will do it for free.

Technical information (a little boring but necessary): The old forum of MJHD is actually a Simple Press forum; which in turn basically uses MySQL as a backbone database. PHPBB3 also uses MySQL database. In transferring one to the other it is merely telling the PHPBB3 database where to put the fields/information from the Simple Press forum (for example Simple Press may have used user_id_number and PHPBB3 may be using user_id). It is all about mapping the old database to the new database. Nothing technical really. Using phpMyAdmin it is just a case of mapping various databases and fields etc from one to the other.

As for repairing the database, for free and not paying $300, some friends over at Database Journal have already discussed this and provided step-by-step instructions to do this. Here is the link for repairing MySQL database corruption.

Once again if any of that seems like it was written in a foreign language, or is too technical for the new Admins (hereafter referred to as Silverfish and Nightmare) I offer my services free; for the sake of the MJHD members.



Suicide Is Painless

So someone decided to post that Auntie Amy committed suicide. They did not say how she committed suicide or even say why. So here, in my humble opinion, is what I believe happened...

This Is It, the movie, was released and Auntie Amy was expecting an influx of new members (both real and imaginary members) which would add to the growing money that MJHD was making from mindless people supporting a non-fan that originally declared Michael as "Jacko". When that influx wasn't as great as Auntie Amy thought it was going to be she was stuck with the conundrum that she had ordered a stockpile of diapers that she couldn't afford.

Meanwhile, while all this was going on, Auntie Amy was spiralling further and further into depression as more and more people realized that she was just a money-making whore, that cared for Michael, and the truth, about as much as I care about David Hasselhoff's hemorrhoids or his ever receding hairline.

With growing debts, incurred by diaper purchasing, diaper fetish websites, and a load of other sick things too sick to even mention on this blog one night she couldn't take it any more.

She sat down at her desk, drinking kool-aid, and proceeded to print a list of all the members that she had created. Then she printed a least of all the people that she had conned. After wasting several acres of Brazilian rainforest on these print-outs and others she slowly started to suffocate as the piles and piles of paper started to close in on her. With her editor screaming down the phone for the book that Auntie Amy had promised: "100 Ways to Screw People and Get Them to Say Thank You" Auntie Amy could take no more. She started to rip off her clothes off - including her new deluxe diaper - and started using the paper to cut herself repeatedly until the room was a mass mixture of blood and paper. And thus the end of Auntie Amy.

Well actually it never happened, because after the supposed suicide Auntie Amy was making refunds to the people that she had ripped off, she had tweeted, and she had continued to buy diapers.

So next time you hear that a money-hungry Admin has committed suicide do not believe it until you see the body.

And as for this blog being reported to the police as the cause of Auntie Amy's suicide, I'm guessing the police (even the LAPD) would need some sort of proof that there is indeed a dead body of an Admin called Amy, and that none of the blog was true, before they did anything. And as everything that was ever written was factual I'm not really expecting the police to come knocking.


Jesus Loves Us All - Allegedly

So Auntie Amy is gone (allegedly), suicide or no suicide she is gone. Who cares? Me. So we now have MJHD being run by an Admin team, which seems to be Silverwolf and a few others, that are going to maintain the site and forum.

So the forum looks nice, thank god that Wordpress is gone - why fix something when you can just change it completely. Way to fuck the members over - delete everything from four months and start fresh.

Good thing is that the advertising has gone! Auntie Amy's money-making, whoring yourself for the Aussie dollar, is now a thing of the past! And she returned all the money to everyone - Well she said she did, obviously she forgot to list the people so that it could be verified; so we just have to take her word for it.

Auntie Amy's legacy is over, the mysterious "John" who allegedly crashed the site and forum is no more, but one question remains: Why does Jesus love us all?

OK, stay with me on this, there is a connection to Jesus and MJHD now. If you do a WhoIs on MichaelJacksonHoaxdeath.com you will notice that the name servers are no longer GoDaddy but are in fact a company called BlueHost.com. Now, if you go to the BlueHost website, and do a domain check for MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com it says:

The domain michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com currently belongs to the jesuslovesyouall.com account.

Now, if you go to JesusLovesYouAll.com website, and go all the way to the bottom of the page, you will notice that the website is copyrighted by Donya Crimshaw. So although everything with regards to the new MJHD registrar is private a very small piece of googling gives you the new owner owner.

And for those that just love irony, the opening statement on the JesusLovesYouAll website is: "
This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. ~1 John:4:10 (NIV)" Notice the word LOVE and we are all atoning for our sins? What sins? The sins of a previous Admin? Who knows!

And as a final point, MJHD still do not allow the Illuminati to be mentioned. Even though Dr. Conrad Murray, one of the main actors in all of this, is famously pictured in a Freemason chain - and the Freemasons having just a few thousand links with the whole Illuminati theories. I'm not saying the Illuminati theory is right or wrong, but as long as it remains a possibility it should be discussed. Nobody is forced to read these posts, so don't follow Auntie Amy's somewhat Nazi regime, allow free speech and let the members (less than 2000 all of a sudden - Auntie Amy leaves and so do 4000 members with a -1 post) decide what they want to read, and what they want to discuss.



A Fun Little Activity For You

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet.

This little activity is called, "Let's name Auntie Amy's new book", and give me your very best (10 lines or less), infomercial and sell it to me. This is simple really. The first thing that pops into your heads, go with it. Humor me, I'm on a roll here.



Some Things Just Speak For Themselves!

Without a doubt, this one single post takes the fucking cake. So get out your Betty Crocker Cookbooks folks, put on your aprons, get to cracking some eggs, and get baking because there's simply no time to waste. And of course, with cake, there has to be frosting. LMFAO

Here's the scoop, people! (by Silverwolf - Sat. November 7th, 2009 11:28 pm)

Well, I have good news and bad news people.

Good news is we have a less-buggy forum. Bad news? I heard from our admin that there was a MAJOR forum malfunction. Amy tried to fix it, our new admin tried to fix it...nothing worked. So, the forum crashed. Everything is gone, including wordpress.

That's the good news at least...no more darn WP bugs. The bad news? We have to start allll over. Small price to pay though, yes? At least MJHD is still up and running!




Can You Feel The Love

Can you feel the love at MJHD?
The heart felt support of the once great Amy
Don't leave us now in our Hour of Need
You've been such a great leader, we don't care about your greed

Reach out with love and kiss her big ass
Thank her for everything, the lies and the cash
And know when you're applauding the new god sent savior
Auntie Amy is still there trolling, watching all your behavior

Just sit back and watch all the drama unfold
So much left to say, so many stories to be told
Reality bites like a fucking smack in the face
The truth is right there, written all over the place



Not Confused - Just Helping

Before anyone starts bitching that I am confused, or I am kissing Amy's diapered ass, don't forget I am a MJHD member too. So this concerns me also. So get off your fucking hind legs and settle down. I'm mentioning this for me, and fellow members, not because I am confused or Tis_Ruthy visited this blog.

I noticed on the forum, under Admin Q&A, that a couple of members had issues with the site not working too well in Internet Explorer and FireFox.

If running Firefox 3.5 on Windows uninstall it (but keep your preferences), and then get an older version (3.0.15) install that and it will keep all preferences that you had when Firefox updated itself to 3.5. There are a few known issues in 3.5 which are documented all over the Internet. These will be addressed with Firefox 3.6 (currently in beta).

If running Internet Explorer 8, as soon as you arrive at MJHD, hit the compatibility button. This will allow better rendering of MJHD. Technically it is how Wordpress is rendered in IE8 which there is a big, long, technical explanation but I'm sure nobody would want to read it.

Those couple of things should help, not all problems, but most.

As for the run off on the right-hand side, I remember that being discussed somewhere on the Simple:Press Forum's forum somewhere. But that is something that Auntie Amy has to fix.


This Blogger Receives Award

While some of the members over at MJHD are losing their heads, minds, and marbles, one person stands proud in the knowledge that their hard work and dedication (it sounded good) has not only been noticed but appreciated.

Today I received an award:

I now, officially, rock.



Is This Really That Important?

Over the last few days it has become apparent to some that my identity is so important. They comment they are going to say who I am but never do. So to help them I'm going to give my identity. But as it is so important to them I feel, that as MJHD members liking clues, and solving puzzles, that I would give it in a puzzle format. No clues, no hints, no suggestions - just the identity:


So if it is that important. Work that puzzle out. And you have my identity. First one to get it right wins a pat on the back.


Is Auntie Amy Going To Ban Five's Ass?

The Topic "OMG!! OMG!! Don't tell me this is true!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" was started by Five, November 1, 2009, at 8.44PM (which could be any time really seems the timezone is way off except for the Aussies).

The topic was eventually locked at 10.39PM by GymBunny13. So now the question remains: Will we see favouritism and Five remaining at MJHD? Or will Auntie Amy do the right thing and ban this crazy from the forums for, according to GymBunny, rules being broken.

Now is the time for Auntie Amy to back her moderators, and other members, and ban Five from the forum. If Auntie Amy is going to let this incident slide, then there is only two possibilities: Auntie Amy is indeed Five, or Auntie Amy is going to show favouritism and allow Five to stay.

If she does indeed let Five remain as a member she may as well remove the terms of entry, and apologise to all the members because once you let this crap go once it just gets worse and worse.

Auntie Amy, when you read this I implore you on behalf of the members of MJHD that do not want to put up with this crap to remove Five. If you do not you truly are showing the kind of person you really are. And before Five uses the excuse she didn't realise where she was posting - it was in the AUTOPSY FORUM. If she was too drunk, or high on meds, to realise that she should never have posted. She upset a lot of your loyal members, people who have supported you, and if you do not remove Five you may as well go to each individual member and shit in their mouths; because that is what you are basically doing by allowing Five to stay.

I don't care that Five may or may not be disabled, running a hot dog stand, on meds, a drunk, there is absolutely no excuse for her action.

So Auntie Amy step up to the plate and ban Five so that she does not drag your forum down to the point of no return; where anarchy will rule forever and yourself and the moderators will have no control.


Is MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath Illegal?

Auntie Amy may have been quick out of the gate in setting up MJHD; but was she too quick?

Back in the latter part of September this year, Michael's estate started proceedings, which were eventually filed September 29, 2009, in a Los Angeles court.

The basis of the filing, is that "Allegedly using Michael Jackson's name and likeness without permission, as well as cybersquatting and trademark infringement."

Also, the suit states, "It pertains to the foundation allegedly using Jackson's name. Apparently, they've been doing it to get fans' donations for what appears to be a Jackson-related cause."

The question, therefore, is this: Is MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com illegally taking donations because of the words Michael Jackson in the web address?

Surprisingly enough most Intellectual Property lawyers seem to think that all the websites which sprung up after the 'reported death' are illegal; whether they accept donations or not.

The drama, and in-house arguing, over at MJHD could soon be the least of their worries as the Michael Jackson Estate has reportedly said they are looking into this and more lawsuits will be filed so that unscrupulous people cannot defame, or misuse, Michael's name.