How Much Does Free Speech Cost?

Slightly off-topic, but what is up with MJHD Chat? When you go to enter Chat you are greeted with the screen below:

Now the screen clearly states: "The Michael Jackson Hoax Death Discussion is brought to you by Gixaw Chat and is no longer controlled by MJHD or MJHD Administration. MJHD and it's Administrator take no responsibility for any events and/or conflicts within the chatroom."

Well a little bird told me that last night a member by the name bec came into the chatroom and asked about timestamps as hers was displaying that she was last logged in on 10-23-2009 even though it was only 10-21-2009.

Instantly she was jumped on by the moderators of the chatroom (who don't have any right to moderate seems it is not controlled by MJHD any more) and told that the subject was off limits because it would lead to questions about Amy and possibly bashing the Admin.

But, surely, as a hoax death site which investigates various things concerned with the faked death of Michael Jackson wouldn't the fact that the date is 2 days off be important? It certainly ties in with other possibilities about the site being created before the reported death.

So the question remains. Why do moderators, linked to MJHD, have the right to constrict the flow of freedom of speech and thought in a chatroom not controlled by MJHD? Is it OK to discuss all other possibilities as long as you don't question what could be the most important thing about the whole MJHD site - it's creation?

And as a closing note for the MJHD members, that have discussed the possibility that there is more than one person acting as Admin of MJHD. Notice the screen above says "ADMINISTRATOR" not "ADMINISTRATORS" - so a single person and not a group of persons.

Finally, and all MJHD members should be posting topics about this like crazy - MODERATORS NEED CASH TOO. If Amy was to give up some of her profits to the people that actually do the work, maybe they would be more accommodating if they were receiving some of MJHD's vast profits.



Anonymous said...

If it is no longer controlled by MJHD, what right do they have to say what they can and can't talk about? Why are the mods so far up Amy's ass?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if some of those mods are the admin. just posing as a mod.

GirlwitBrains said...

you know what that chatroom sucksss! when i first arrived there i didnt know any better and i didnt know that mods were there so i started to talk about the memorial..and one stupid mod told me "oh thats old news" mind u that i was NEW and i got mad..and then i asked the mod in pm why are they so rude? and they cursed at me... another time i told a mod that you cant kick off anyone for no reason and she wanted to kick me off. i KNEW LONG TIME that these stupid mods are dictators..they want u to ask questions they want to answer..but when it talks about the website..they get defensive and even want to ban you! its crazy and it made me want to investigate on this ..and i THANK God ALMIGHTY for showing me this site... God Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Private messages in Chat can be read by admin? Is this correct? If so, how fucking rude!

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