Another Clue: The Evidence Keeps Coming

So for all that enjoyed yesterday's clue, and some of you got it right, here is the new MJHD clue. A little bit easier this time; but fun none the less:


Now as a hint, this number is why you don't need to donate any money to MJHD.

Talking of donations, you all know the 'paypal donation' button on the MJHD website, which helps the upkeep of the site, or the Admin make money if the truth is finally sinking in, have you ever looked at the source code for that button? Well, for those that answered "no" here is a snippet of that source code:

name="business" value="payments@michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com"

And I know this is going to be explained as yet another glitch, or the Admin didn't realise there was an option for personal use, but donations are meant for charities that need money to help people, animals, or causes not a business which already makes in excess of $900 a month with running costs each month less than half that.

Have fun with the clue and remember "The Truth Is Out There To Be Found If Your Eyes Are Not Blinded By The Hype."


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