Victory For The Real Fans

Finally the Admin of MJHD is starting to see sense. The line of tasteless, and down right tacky, clothes that the Admin of MJHD was selling seems to be no more.

A quick jaunt over to the MJAS (Michael Jackson/Amy Sampson) shop and at the moment (10/23/09) there is nothing there.

A moral victory for all the true fans of Michael. Tonight we celebrate in the streets.

But wait, it still doesn't alter the fact that the Admin of MJHD was selling t-shirts and other tasteless items which stated that Michael Jackson was Resting In Peace.

So on the high of this victory, I urge all members of MJHD to look deep into your hearts, look past the hype of Amy's sob story, look past the fact you mistakenly clicked the donate button, look past all that, stand up and proudly shout "THIS IS IT - NO MORE WILL I BE LEAD BY A MONEYMAKING SCHEMER!" Then politely, and merrily, go to MJKit's forum where free speech is still alive; and Moderators don't delete topics without reading them.

On the subject of Moderators deleting topics without reading them (It was possibly a message from Michael. Not that important, delete it.) How do you become a moderator at MJHD with only 15 posts? Is there an application form? What about the members that have worked their asses off investigating, analyzing, and researching since day one?


Anonymous said...

Are you souza? Do you believe Michael is dead or alive? Why are you promoting the backup forum?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

No, I'm not Souza. I do believe that Michael is alive. And I'm promoting MJKit (the backup forum) because MJHD is full of drama, and is being run by a person who has tried to sell t-shirts stating MJ is dead and therefore I do not believe that MJHD, with it's current Admin, is the right forum to be involved with.

If there was a change in Admin, and how things are run at MJHD, it might be different.

Anonymous said...

That's where you and I won't agree, I believe Michael is gone. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many t'shirts Amy sold....lol

Anonymous said...

I think that Amy is into internet business.
you can make a lot of money running website, forums, and affiliate ads.

I think that she was smart and jumped on the hoax theory knowing that there would be nuts that believed it.

When the estate went into probate and the Social Security listed him as deceased, the theories started getting stranger and more out there.
they have to do anything that they can to keep the believers, or Amy loses income. period.
Don't be fooled by some of the "Cheerleaders" they are all the same, the administration.

Anonymous said...

Those T-Shirts being sold were nothing to do with Amy - it was not her selling them, it was a member who did it without her knowledge. Perhaps you should do some more research rather than posting the wrong facts.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Those T-Shirts being sold were nothing to do with Amy."

Yes they were, I got the message from Auntie Amy herself; along with other members of MJHD that were disgusted also.

Anonymous said: "Perhaps you should do some more research rather than posting the wrong facts."

I did my research. There isn't much research required when you get a message from the Admin advertising the stuff. So maybe next time remove your mouth from Amy's ass while you try and think.

Anonymous said...

@annonymous :
I got an email from Henda11. This email was sent to all the members of Michael Jackson Hoax Death.

the object : Tshirts

Hi everyone, there are some news tshirs availlable on http://mjas.spreadshirt.com, jsut remember i dont get any final fee off these tshirts apart from commission which is all getting donated to MJHD to help with the daily running of this website, so please play your part and help maintain this website, thanks

So MJHD Conspiracy is right regarding the information about the tshirts and Amy.

Anonymous said...

Ask Henda11 yourself - She took down the T-Shirts site because she posted it without Admin's consent.
Admin was against it.
But you probably won't because you just prefer to post crap you don't know about and act like your above all of the MJHD bullshit - even though it's all you think, post, eat and talk about.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Admin was against it."

So why did Amy apologize in the thread called "What happened to the MJHD shop, Amy?"

Read your own forum.

And as for being pathetic. Which is more pathetic - me writing about MJHD or you returning time and time again to witness it?

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