Creative Advertising At MJHD

We all know that MJHD has advertising, it is the biggest money make for Auntie Amy, it makes more money per day than the donate button does in a month. But the adverts don't always match the overall feeling of the website or the forum.

So as another gift to Auntie Amy, and all the members of MJHD here are some adverts which are more fitting:

The tag line could be "For the busy administrator who is just too busy counting money to stop."

No tag line - the advert speaks for itself.

Once again the advert speaks for itself.

So hopefully, with these ideas in mind, we will all see more appropriate advertising on MJHD.



Anonymous said...

Absolutely priceless! Amy should hire you..LMAO.

Anonymous said...

I especially love the "A souza production" one!

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