Five Answers - The Clues Not The Moderator

So that everyone can really enjoy their weekend, and smile in the knowledge that they got the clues right. here are the answers for the clues that have been released this week:

#1: Just a simple one, the ABR (Australian Business Registration) number of Amy Sampson. It was listed on the Australian government's website.

#2: 5037853162289321; the Google Adsense account for Amy Sampson. Remember this number as there are approximately 23 other websites it is on.

#3: 06262010 is the date. 14703.93 is the amount Amy will make after paying for dedicated hosting with GoDaddy.

#4: It was just an anagram - Header Purifies Tits. Which when unscrambled is Diaper Fetish Is True.

#5: -1. Someone got it spot on, so here's their explanation: "
It indicates the number of posts a member has posted. Only the Admin can have a -1 posts on their username which indicates that the MJHD Admin has been posing as members while posting in the forums because there are a host of members with -1 on their user name."

That's the five clues answered. Hope most of you got them all correct.



Anonymous said...

I unscrambled diaper fetish site, I didn't get is true.

Anonymous said...

Where can u see the members with -1 posts?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Where can u see the members with -1 posts?"

Any member of MJHD can view the member list, and they are all in there.

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