Michael Is Latoya - It Was On MJHD

I know a lot of people who visit this blog think I just want to bash MJHD, and the Admin of MJHD, but I don't. Sometimes I like to help them out in their investigations.

Well I noticed they had some discussion regarding Michael being Latoya (although I think the National Enquirer covered this back in the eighties) and I was a bit dubious at first. But I fired up Photoshop for the first time, and you know the comparison is like looking at twins.

Obviously I am joking. Come on MJHD, I know not much is going on until the movie comes out but digging up old National Enquirer stories until it does is sinking a little low. Who next - Larry King is Michael, Glenn Beck is Michael?

Actually I can't ever remember seeing President Obama and Michael in the same room. Could this be a coincidence or something deeper?

While I'm here. Why when you go to MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com does the title bar say Michael Jackson Death Hoax? What is the point of changing the title after members have already questioned the grammar?



Anonymous said...

Dave Dave is Michael, the guy with the swine mask is Michael (TMZ video), hat man is Michael, forgot all the others and I believe there is more to come...

And don't forget how many ppl are on the hoax LOL 'bout the entire world except the forum.

And they get their hints and clues served by Michael Jackson himself. Some of them get mad at him because "he gives them not really good clues" and "he don't proofs his love to his fans". Yeah anyway: the hoax believers are the only one and true fans, Michael don't loves the "non believers"...

I often think they can't reach a lower level, there is NO way to reach a lower level. Then they proof it: they can!

BTW: love your blog :-).

Anonymous said...

There is something shady going on over there and I believe souza is working with Amy.

Anonymous said...

if you notice that everytime there is a posting about the legal issues,
or anybody starting to have a doubt about a hoax,
here come souza with some far out there story that gives everyone hope. amazing

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