How Dumb Can MJHD Members Be?

Before everyone starts bitching, saying I have no right to attack MJHD members intellect levels, let me just state that I am not attacking the intellect of anyone; merely the ability to read information.

Has anyone else at MJHD noticed that all the members that were there at the beginning, that made the site what it is, are now primarily over at MJKit and other forums.

Back to the main point of this post; the fact that certain members cannot read information that is clearly laid out in front of them. Hell, Michael Jackson could sit next to some of you people and you wouldn't be able to see it because your eyes are blocked by the ass cheeks of the Admin as you kiss her lying ass.

Quoting from the following topic on the MJHD forum; member Rhiannon, stated: "And as for the discrepancies in the Google cache, if you want to see something weird, go to the Google news search, and over on the side you can search by dates, go set the date parameters to like 1980 and search for anything! Stuff pops up listed as cached for decades before it ever even happened. No lie."

Sorry, but if you read the post that got this subject up and running again it doesn't even mention Google's infamous cache - just time zone issues.

See, and that is why today I resign my membership to the MJHD forum. Everyone is stuck on the same things, and you have to be in a certain 'click' to get your point across. And if your not in that 'click' your post is either ignored or people comment about stupid immature things over it.

And as for Michael reading that forum - get a grip on reality. You already forget the t-shirts being sold which state Michael is dead? (read the previous post and see for yourselves if you don't believe it). Michael would have nothing to do with that money making website/forum. Michael was all about giving, and the MJHD website/forum is all about taking - why would he want anything to do with that?


GurlwitBrains said...

Infoseekergurl@aim.com >>> thats my aim

OMG HI AND I JUST FOUND YOUR SITE.. sorry for the caps im a bit excited and interested about
learning about admin.. i think that that site is werid an i agree with you that you have to be in a certain "click" to get your damn point across and its ashame...if you go in the chatrooms...the mods curse and doesnt even follow the rules! and they get to be rude and nasty and kick people or ban people for no reason. but all im saying is... im a member of the site and im beginning to hate it more and more every MIN.. instead of asking if mj is alive.. im questioning about the stupid site that im going on everyday...when i ask the mods or people over at that site...they respond to me as tho i shouldnt say anything and i should just take it and eat it.. NO I WONT.. why should i do that if your not doing that about MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH!

Anonymous said...

You're a complete asshole.

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