Ode To Rhiannon

Oh MJHD member Rhiannon
The only thing that rhymes is cinnamon
You comment on things you don't know
Take your mouth away from Amy's hole

You claim I'm disgruntled and rather upset
You don't even know if Michael is Latoya yet
You sit on your pedestal as you judge
Take your mouth away here comes Amy's fudge

You think I care what you say about me
I care about as much as Eminem and Christopher Reeves
Say what you want you stupid little bitch
When I reach between my legs its not from an itch.

We love your special helmet Rhiannon - Keep the faith


sunny said...

LMAO @ the poem

Anonymous said...


GirlwitBrains said...

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! NICEEEE HAHAHAHA i hate it when they say oh latoya is michael jackson i think thats disgusting its like saying michael is diana ross..in "Leave me alone" music video the beginning it had newspaper and one of the headlines said.. michael jackson diana ross? or something like that...LMAO

thats what they are doing .thats insulting...
and they even said MICHAEL JACKSON HAS A TWIN!!!!! WTF!

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