MJHD, Karen Faye, & This Blog - Who'd Of Thought?

For those of you following this blog, let me say that I was not sure that I was even going to do this post. I was unsure that it tied in with the whole reason that this blog exists. But then a MJHD member sent me an email which said that this blog was mentioned on MJHD. So I went and read the MJHD forum post which mentioned this blog to find out it was a post about Karen Faye (Read the forum topic here unless it gets deleted by the Admin or Moderators).

So now here comes the dissection of the topic:

The members of MJHD obviously don't agree with Karen Faye deleting one of their members from her Facebook page. The question is why? Karen Faye's Facebook states that she does not want the information from her Facebook page posted on forums or other websites. So if you joined Karen's Facebook and can't even abide by the one little rule why even bother joining?

Now to the individual posts:

Post #6, Dunno, Germany says: "Well...that's publicity for us, isn't it?"

Publicity??? It proves that the members of MJHD cannot read - that's it. If a person asks for their Facebook not to be published elsewhere and you do it proves you cannot read and also have no consideration for anyone else. Also it proves the Admin is a hypocrite, did she forget only a couple of months ago when things that she did not want publishing were spread all over her own forum? Does history have to repeat itself over and over again before someone finally learns?

Post #10, Shinchan states: "... I'm not interested in her."

If you are not interested in somebody why post about them?

Post #11, Groovylicious169 states: ".. Karen I think that you are nuts too .. you sounded too crappy to be around MJ."

Excuse me if I missed something. The best comeback that 10,000 years of evolution has given us is "you sounded crappy." Walk past any high school and you can learn better comebacks than that.

Post #19, Shirley-grace, Germany states: "Maybe we should start a welcome thread for them."

Why? Has the Admin given up making members? Come on! As a previous post says on this blog, the member numbers go up, yet the page views is dropping like flies. Also if you think someone is nuts why welcome them?

Post #54, Five states: "Right on ... she's pissed off ... she been punk'd."

Punk'd? Where? - I can't even be bothered to comment on this. It kind of speaks for itself.

Page #5, Post #154 Miss C mentions this blog. Woohoo (sarcasm). I don't need traffic I have enough thanks. I have enough people that read this blog and know the truth behind MJHD, the Admin of MJHD, the money-making schemes of MJHD, and the various other sites that the MJHD Admin is a member of.

So, almost 7 weeks after starting this blog nothing has changed at MJHD. They still get easily sidetracked and start arguing and bickering about the slightest little thing. Don't get me wrong, MJHD has some good ideas, thoughts, and theories, but they get thrown off course so easily.

And for the record I'm a member of MJHD too. I even posted on the topic of Karen Faye. Now the big question is - who am I? Actually the bigger question is why has MJHD slowly gone down the tubes to the level it is at? MJKit which was started as a backup is slowly overtaking MJHD in sense and overall constructive, investigative, work.

Go MJKit.


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