A New Clue For MJHD - Like JCC But Better!

Just a quick, short, post - done just for fun.

Well, as the MJHD forum members liked the clues from Joke Calms China (JCC) here is one to really baffle you all:

64 190 890 302

Now you just have to work out what it means. And MJHD members if you need help with this one ask the Admin of MJHD.


GirlwitBrains said...

can you explain wat that is??

Anonymous said...

a new zealand phone number?

Anonymous said...

It's a bunch of shit. That's what it is. Conspiracy is in fear of losing theit bit of attention they got here and needs another shot up the ass. You really ought to go and see a shrink, C. No health insurance? A rope will do..

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