What F**king Script Are They Using At MJHD?

So the topic was entitled "What Happened To The MJHD Shop, Amy?" Before I fell off my chair laughing I decided to read it. WTF is this?

From reading the topic, I came to 3 possible conclusions:

1. TrustNoOne is actually Amy.
2. TrustNoOne received her script by email.
3. TrustNoOne has their head so far Amy's ass they can't even see the light.

For those that don't want to give MJHD the traffic the main part of the script is as follows:

TrustNoOne: "I thought about the shop again and would like to know if it's completely off target. I like Dragon's MJHD sign very much and could imagine it on bracelets and even printed on T-Shirts and caps. It could be a 'cryptically' written "Addicted to" or "I luv" and the MHJD sign. Think that would look great and no rights stuff to take care of………."

Admin: "Hi Trust – It's a great thought, I would really love to do the MJHD apparel, but I don't own mjhd.com or anything like that – wish I did then it would work out great. Sadly, the merchandise has been met with much controversy – with Michael's name or not – and I think I'd prefer to leave it alone."

Seriously, what a load of shit. "has been met with much controversy" should read "I am a dumbass who put MJ RIP on t-shirts, traffic went down and less of these morons were clicking on my ads."

What the hell is happening over there? Auntie Amy has you so brainwashed that you cannot see the truth. Think Michael, when he returns, is going to be oh so happy that you supported another money making schemer? Get real.


Anonymous said...

Hello MJHDConspiracy,

Just wanted to say that I've been agreeing mucho with the whole "Amy = non-fan in need of quick benjamins." Myself and Amy haven't been the best of friends lol I'm still on MJHD though and posting doubly on another forum, which I'm modding and inviting you to check out : http://mjalive.forumwise.com (One rule : there are no rules).

Having talked to TrustNoOne, option 1 is ruled out - leaves option 2 and 3.

I've seen you on MJTruth as well.

"Sadly, the merchandise has been met with much controversy " - oh, woe is me Amy again.

BTW : MJ = Latoya theories are from your besties MJkit admins......

Anonymous said...

Well meanwhile I really strongly believe that the most members of MJHD urgently need professional help!

They analyze their dreams and think that their dreams are signs from GOD!!!

Members which wanna leave the forum get offended so harshly - there is nothing to see from the L.O.V.E. and respect they pray.

Members and fans which don't believe in a hoax get offended too and are - according to them - NO true fans (if you read the german postings Michael would even kinda HATE the non believers...).

Who do they think they are? They offend, stalk and defame and if somebody strikes back they feel deeply insulted LOL.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we would LOVE to have you on the MJA forum. You would fit right in! Do come join us.

Anonymous said...


MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "E I A A"

Everyone Is After Amy?
European Interactive Advertising Association?

Hell, I don't know.

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