MJHD Ask For Darkness - I Am Happy To Oblige

Some of the the people, obviously from MJHD, think that what they have seen written is vile, disgusting, and a load of other pointless words. Now after Tis_Ruthy's appearance supposedly I am confused, and need to look inside myself for the evil that I truly am. It was something like that - not too sure seems I only read it once. So I took a look and for once MJHD members that wanted to bash me were right; I had gone soft to some extent. So now I'm back...


Six thousand members; not all of them real
Auntie Amy makes money on her google deal
Afraid to speak for fear of being banned
What you give, she takes with one hand

The Illuminati - two words which can't be mentioned
All of the topics must be approved and sanctioned
Auntie Amy rules the forum with an iron fist
If you question her then she will be pissed
(It's OK she wears diapers for that)

You all bitch about Karen Faye and Facebook
Have you ever stopped and took a look?
It is one persons opinion, just words and thoughts
MJHD stole and were eventually caught

All you fuckers can come back here and bitch
Ramblings about how I'm evil - that's rich!
I'm not the one selling or dirtying Michael's name
I leave that to MJHD and Auntie Amy's game

And that was pretty light. I was going to get really dark but the words dead, Amy, cum, blood, and whore shouldn't appear in any sentence. So I lightened it up.

So for the ones taking notes - this is how Auntie Amy sees Michael's name:




MJHD Conspiracy said...

Just because I forgot. The Silverfish poem will be here tomorrow some time - work permitting.


Tomate Joyeuse said...

I would like to put a comment on this blog, because Amy and lot of members of MJHD are reading this.
They have put one of my quote of facebook on the forum of MJHD.

But the problem now, they put on their forum my real identity.
I am not a believer. I do not believe that MJ is alive. this is my opinion. And for the one who believe that MJ is alive, I respect their point of view.

I do not want my real name on forum. I am pissed off.
I do not find this funny anymore.
If they do not remove it, i will complain.
Yes I was a former member of MJHD, cuz there were full of information regarding the death of Michael Jackson. And now i think they do not respect the privacy of the kids, and friend and family of Michael Jackson.

Are the members and Amy are doing a war with the none believers??

Anonymous said...


@MJHDC: Check that link/post... I am speechless... WTF?! I mean come ooon in the end they'll claim that MJ himself was a hoax, an actor/ double whatever...

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Tomato - I'm not 100% sure of the legal aspects of the MJHD forum putting your real name, especially as you are a member. But I presume courtesy would say that the Admin of MJHD, Auntie Amy, would remove it.

I mean the Admin closed the entire forum down for the release of personal information of herself; so if she is not going to protect her members that shows what sort of person she really is.

It also says that she believes that all personal information is OK to be published. Which in turn would make her a hypocrite alomg with everything else.

I know other forums would not allow this. I believe this is something that ALL MJHD members should be concerned about if she is going to allow personal details to placed on the forum.

Once again, I state, if she does not remove your details as you request then she is blatantly saying that it is OK for any individual to post personal information; and she opens herself up to be a target without the right to complain about privacy.

Anonymous said...

@tomato I know who you are and I know who this blogger is too and so do half of mjhd
PEACE!!! lmao
not that clever after all are you??
oh and tomato..good riddance if you think mj is dead you tool why fucking hang around in the first place?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

@Anonymous - So you, and half of MJHD think you know who I am? OK why not prove it and say who you think I am.

And as for tools, the only one who is going to look like a dumb fuck is you when you get it wrong.

There is a warning though - Get it wrong, or don't post an answer and I'll post everything that is personal about the Admin, the moderators, and all the members that I don't care for. And just to make it interesting I'm going to start with FULL NAMES, ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, and CELL PHONE NUMBERS.

And if you think I'm bluffing, try me!

You come all macho on a blog, but you have absolutely nothing to back it up with. I on the other hand do.

So now you either back your idle little lame threat up or I release everything. You want a war on the internet I guarantee I'll win. And the first thing I'll do is publish so much personal information (all of which is publicly available and therefore legal) about Auntie Amy on every blog, forum, and website going. Watch her close MJHD quicker than you can blink.

So I'm waiting you lame little fuck. And my friends are bigger than yours - trust me on that one.

Oh, and as for the hanging around, ever think someone might not be 100% in their decision. So instead of possibly persuading them you insult them - that is why the traffic at MJHD is falling.


Anonymous said...

Ummm...hey, Sputnik? You're gettin' a little scary here, dog...'specially for someone who's supposed to be whining...

I'm thinking we're gonna have to send you back to ADU (Amy's Diaper University) to retake those classes on "Effective Communications through Whining" and "Easing Up" (AKA "How Not to scare the shit out of people by threatening to expose them")......but we ain't payin' (she's fuckin' expensive)....LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Quit letting them play you, champ...your blog; your opinions; your right to say whatever...but they're pushing your buttons and you're letting them. They obviously want to know what you have to say so they keep coming back.

Stupidity and provocation are best ignored. Anything else continues to stimulate their fevered little minds.

Anonymous said...

Do It - Stop just talking and do it. Post as much personal info as you like. Let's see it.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooh....I just saw your post. Can't WAIT for the silversfish poem. It will make my day, I am certain.

Anonymous said...

Me too, anxiously awaiting the silverfish poem.

Tomate Joyeuse said...

@tomato I know who you are and I know who this blogger is too and so do half of mjhd
PEACE!!! lmao
not that clever after all are you??
oh and tomato..good riddance if you think mj is dead you tool why fucking hang around in the first place?

My answer is on my blog.

For you information : this is forbidden to put my name and my familly on a forum without my consent. This is against the privacy law.

Anonymous said...

@ tomato
Is the your info still on the forum? If so, I'd call a lawyer.

Tomate Joyeuse said...

"Anonymous said...
@ tomato
Is the your info still on the forum? "

My familly name and my firstname, and my quote of Facebook are still on the forum of Amy.

"If so, I'd call a lawyer."
It's being dealt with.

GirlwitBrains said...

i wonder why we cant talk about the illumanti....is amy part of it?

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