Hoaxing A Lawsuit

Those still believing that Michael Jackson faked his death cannot have missed the fact that Katherine Jackson, and the three kids of Michael, have a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live. For the grand total of $40 BILLION.

Putting aside the fact that the lawsuit has done nothing but give the media a chance to drag up more shit than a sewage farm on its busiest day. The lawsuit has killed the hoax. It is proof that there is no:
  • Game
  • Hoax
  • Comeback
I mean you can take the fanciful idea that Michael Jackson is hiding with Elvis, reading the Seventh Day Adventist literature, planning a comeback while keeping various informants (read as bullshit artists) and clues all up-to-date, if you want. But if you do what does that say about the family?

Seriously, mention in to any hoaxer about the Jackson family being nothing more than money-hungry leeches sucking the very life out of the MJ legacy and a good majority of them will act like you just said God doesn't exist, Jesus was a historical David Blaine, and the only thing after this life is that is you are worm food or ashes.

But what about the hoaxers. What do they say? I really don't know anymore. To be honest it all got a bit crazy in old hoax land. Souza launched some religious website bullshit (you cannot tell me you didn't see that coming), and every song, movie, and news event since the dawn of time is some clue Michael Jackson left before he faked his death. Oh, and don't forget the fact that Michael Jackson chose TMZ as his way of telling all the true beLIEvers.

If you look at what the hoaxers are saying by still hanging on to the idea that Michael Jackson is still alive you can read the subtext, and that is not a pretty picture. If you believe that Michael Jackson faked his death the subtext is:

Katherine Jackson is a hypocrite - As a devout Jehovah Witness she is getting up and falsely testifying in a court of law. This is called perjury, and as a Jehovah Witness she can be disfellowshipped for doing so.

Paris Jackson attempted suicide - Michael Jackson, in the pursuit of the all-mighty dollar from the comeback of the century, allowed his daughter to become so depressed with everything and attempt to kill herself.

The family is in turmoil - With all the in-family disagreements, fighting, and arguments since June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson has supposedly just sat back allowing this to go on.

OK, maybe, and it is a big maybe, the family don't know and they think he is dead. But then that means that the hoaxers are painting one of the most evil pictures of Michael Jackson ever. It would mean that his mother, and kids, all grieved for him without knowing he is alive and well and living with Elvis and all that.

You can only have it one way though. Either the family do know and Michael Jackson is allowing his mother and children to commit perjury just so that they can make $40 Billion. Or they don't know and each and every hoaxer thinks Michael Jackson is some sicko that is allowing his mother and kids to grieve, and all the other difficulties, while he plans some comeback.

Either way it doesn't do much for the legacy of Michael Jackson.

There is a third possibility. He is dead. The hoax was a fanciful idea for a while but in the reality of life, and what the kids and family are going through, is so unlikely it is laughable.