One Year On

The video says it all.



Shut The Fuck Up Souza

I was perusing the forums this morning to see if there was anything new - I knew it is a long shot but I did any way - and came across possibly the most disrespectful post from a forum administrator I have ever seen.

The topic is entitled "Important Videos: Info About Mind Control & Illuminati" and yes it is at the S&M Concentration Camp.

Personally I don't give a fuck about the nWo, mind control, and Illuminati but obviously some do. But that isn't the problem I have with the topic. The problem I have with the topic is how alleged lesbian Souza starts it:

"I think it's important to make this thread, because I feel we are focussing too much on clues and bamsdate again. Totally understandable after almost a year, but we must not forget what this is all about."

Oh come on you have to be fucking kidding. As the administrator of a forum that is titled MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH HOAX INVESTIGATORS you want to say people are losing focus by focusing on CLUES and BAMSDATE? Too fucking funny.

Because obviously a forum about Michael Jackson hoaxing his death needs to concentrate on Mind Control and the Illuminati.

But the real kicker is the dumb fucking administrator not only wants members to forget about CLUES and BAMSDATE she wants them to "not forget what this is all about."

Sorry to burst your fucking bubble Souza but clues would be a big thing. But Souza doesn't stop there. She just keeps on digging deeper and deeper:

"I selected some videos I found on YouTube that will get us back to the most important things about this hoax: exposing the 'Industry', Mind Control, Illuminati, deception, new world order, mass control etc."

So the most important things about the hoax are the Illuminati, nWo, and Mind Control? Well I'm just a stupid dog then because I thought the most important thing about the hoax was Michael Jackson. Not the fact of whether or not he is going to return but whether, no matter what he has decided to do, he is alright.

The first video, under the heading of "Mike's Message" the video is entitled "Michael Jackson Warns of 2012 Conspiracy?" has the following words spoken by Michael Jackson:

" I want to show them talent like they have never seen before so give your all. I love you all and we're a family, just know that we're a family. If we bring love back into the world, remind the world, that love is important, love each other, we're all one. Messaging, 'Take care of the planet'. We have four years to get it right or else it's irreversible then... we're done." - Michael Jackson

Well the most obvious thing from that video is that we are, according to Michael, safe in 2012. He did say FOUR YEARS. So unless This Is It was recorded in 2008 we are all good until 2013. So fuck the dumb cunts that read a Youtube video and thought the Mayans said the world would end in 2012 - which they never did, they said something about a period of time ending and a new beginning in 2012.

"Misinterpretation of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is the basis for a New Age belief that a cataclysm will take place on December 21, 2012. December 21, 2012 is simply the first day of the 14th b'ak'tun." (Wikipedia) So no end of the world in 2012 it would seem.

And from MICHAEL'S WORDS I didn't see any mention of mind control, nWo, or Illuminati.

Actually forget this post. If your still fucking dumb enough to follow the fear-inducing bullshit that the S&M Concentration Camp is putting out chances are you are wrapped in tin foil and will follow these two alleged lesbians and the bum bandit clown all the way up the yellow brick road they force you on. And, if Michael ever returns you'll have your head so fucking far up Souza's alleged lesbian ass you won't even know because you will be in some nuclear bunker by then fearing the very air you breath is controlled by the nWo.


Legal Notice: Souza and Mo have never confirmed their lesbian relationship. Tin foil has never been proven to protect from mind control - this is an urban myth.


TIAI Revealed As Bullshit

I said it a few posts ago that Xenogears, over at MJHD.NET, was one smart cookie and they proved it by digging in to TIAI and its creator Tim Simkin.

I actually have nothing bad to say about the whole thread entitled "S.T.U.D.Y Revealed" except a little bit of flower giving for the flu on page 2 but because of the overall quality of the thread I'll let it slide this once.

Then Anna K did a post on her blog entitled "What TIAI Is Actually About" which is a great read and really revealing. On Anna's post she mentions "I know lots probably will dismiss this post but I’m taking that chance. The truth is out there – if only people are willing to want to know it." and she is right.

For some reason the whole hoax has made the majority forget to use common sense. Information is given by some and instead of the majority looking into things they dismiss it because it does not fit with their ideals. I openly admit I dismiss lots of information regarding the hoax; but mainly for two reasons:
  • It cannot be verified or proven
  • It just doesn't seem plausible to me
Not the only problem I sort of have with the MJHD.NET topic, and Anna K's blog post, is that they were too nice to this Tim Simkin. This guy mind fucked a lot of people with his religious mumbo jumbo bullshit redirects. And the fucker deserves nothing less than to rot in hell seems he wants to be this fucking Charlie Manson wannabe and at the same time start playing mind games with people.

There are some young, impressionable, people on the various forums that fell for sick fucking game. These people may already be vulnerable because of dealing with various emotions. The last thing they need is some fuck playing with their heads.

Anna K provides a link to little Timmy's introduction PDF. http://www.s-t-u-d-y.org/1Introductory.pdf Anyone who wants to know for sure that this guy is seriously fucked in the head just needs to read that. It starts of with a little Bible logo and little Timmy uses 2 Bible quotes from the books of Timothy. How fucking egotistical do you need to be? Great start Timmy.

"It was not long after, when I was impressed that I had a talent for writing which could be used in the LORD’S work" What fucking Lord's work are you doing there Timmy? Where in your obviously fucked up Bible does your God say "Thou shalt fuck people over and deceive them"? What fucking Bible are you wannabe cult cunts reading now? One written by Jim Jones?

"Whether writing or speaking: I believe that my talent and calling is in the area of teaching doctrines" Teaching doctrines of what? Fuck off you are nothing more than a Jim Jones / Charlie Manson / David Koresh wannabe but without the charisma. And what religious fucking doctrine involves mind games and fucking with people?

"I have been called by GOD for a specific work" God? God said little Timmy go fuck with those investigating the Michael Jackson hoax death? Your God is seriously one fucked up God if that is what he wants you to do.

"From now on, though, you will need to send the donation to the Wenatchee address if it is for S.T.U.D.Y.—or else send it to my parents if it is for their ministry" What the fuck? Is this some fucking family business? The whole family go around fucking with people? Oh little Timmy I bet your parents are really proud of you. Did Daddy sodomize you especially hard as a reward for fucking with people?

"I have only received a small income from tithe of about $700 a month" Bet all your little cult friends are glad they gave you money so you could register websites to mind fuck people? They are either pissed at you right about now or just as fucked in the head as you so it doesn't matter.

"Whether you send tithe or offering: I will not take the time and money to send you a receipt, unless you specifically request one." Just so you know I did email a copy of this introduction to the IRS. And any of your followers, or whatever the hell you call them, that run across this are encouraged to call 800-829-0433 and check if their donation, or offering, was listed as it is a tax write-off.

To quote the Bible, Matthew 7:15, "Jesus said to his disciples: 'Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing,but underneath are ravenous wolves.'"

If there was a "Hoax Investigator of the Month" award it would indeed be awarded to Xenogears.


Legal Notice: Any religion that tries to fuck with people in any way, religious or not, deserves public ridicule.


Sony Release New Jackson CD

Today at a somewhat small press conference Sony released a new CD from the Jackson family. It was not the unreleased tracks of Michael or another dire offering from Jermaine - it was a compilation CD that was compiled by the patriarch Joe. The CD simply entitled "Selected By Joe Jackson" goes on sale early July 2010.

Sony Spokeswoman, Lisa Davis, said at the launch: "We spent a long time going through the tracks that Mr Jackson had selected. Originally he had chosen over 100 tracks. We couldn't get the go ahead on some and some were just tunes Mr Jackson had heard in his head. But we got it down to a single CD and we at Sony, and Mr Jackson are happy with the final result. I would like to point out at this time that there are no hoax clues hidden within the CD, there is no significance of track 7, and if played backwards it means nothing."

Joe Jackson, always on hand, sat and went through the track listing and explained why each track was on the CD.

1. Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J
"This track is an inside joke that the family will get. When I used to beat the kids I used to tell them - Yo mama told me to beat your ass so don't go crying to her or you'll get more."

2. It's All About The Benjamins - Puff Daddy
"I've always admired P. Diddy, and this track kind of explains my actions. I never meant to hurt the kids I did it for the kids. They wouldn't be where they are today if it wasn't for me beating them. Hell, those ungrateful bastards should be thanking me for beating them."

3. I Fought The Law - Bobby Fuller
"This one is close to my heart, it is what I am going through now. I am fighting the law. Michael never meant for me not to be provided for. Yeah we had some problems, and I know he didn't trust me, and yes I beat him but that is in the past. I don't hold any grudges towards my golden egg, I mean Michael, and I'm sure he doesn't hold any against me. So I'm just doing what a brother got to do and fighting for what is mine."

4. Dirty Deeds - ACDC
"Oh come on I don't have to explain this one. Hell, everything I have done in my life has been a dirty deed one way or another. I remember when I first met Katherine and we pulled over on this little back road, I turned the engine off, reached over and damn the woman hands me a watchtower to read."

5. Parents Just Don't Understand - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
"Jermaine used to always be playing this. I'd hear it and go running up those stairs and beat his ass and shout - Understand this you little punk. Oh those were happy days. But now when it comes on Jermaine just shudders and hides; go figure."

6. Dirty Cash - Adventures Of Stevie V
"Practically all the money I have ever made is dirty cash. I remember back in the days being on the corner with 3 cups and taking money. You got to do what you got to do."

7. I Want You Back - Jackson 5
"You know how many times I have heard this from Katherine. Damn, no matter what I do the woman just wants me. Brother got it going on in the bedroom if you know what I mean.

8. I Just Don't Give A Fuck - Eminem
"I knew when I put this one on the CD it was going to be controversial but damn the white boy got some lyrics. It kind of says a lot of how I live my life - I live for me and as for everyone else I just don't give a fuck."

9. Please Mr Jailer - Rachel Sweet
"I remember first hearing this back in 1990 and I thought it was OK and then when those bastards arrested Michael back in 2004 it was on the radio as I was leaving Hooters to go home. I got a call from Katherine telling me to get my ass down to Santa Barbara and sort shit out. It has kind of stuck with me ever since."

10. Teletubbies Say Eh Oh - Teletubbies
"I always thought if we got rid of Jermaine the boys could have done this job. Damn Jackie would of made the best Lala you'd of ever seen."

The CD will be released on iTunes on July 7 with an international release to still be announced.


Legal Notice: Lisa Davis, who does really work for Sony, and Joe Jackson had nothing to do with this. Actually Sony had nothing to do with this either. But that was kind of obvious.


Welcome To The MJ Death Hoax

Just imagine you have come out of a 11 month coma and you start to look at all the news you missed. You go right back to June 2009 and find that the media has reported Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest. You watch a few Youtube videos concerning the reports and decide something is just not right. And you join all the others around the world that believe Michael Jackson is actually alive and faked his death for some reason.

You start to look at blogs, websites, and forums and eventually you have the misfortune of running across the S&M Concentration Camp.

Well if you did at the time of writing this article you would have noticed that the top of the list on the active topics is "President Told Aliens Are On Earth".

I fucking kid you not. I don't personally give a flying fuck what people believe with regards to the Illuminati, Aliens, and the nWo but what the fuck does Eisenhower and aliens have to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death? Absolutely nothing.

For fuck sake some Dutch lesbian cunt will make a ridiculous theory connecting the two, and then a fucking gay clown will jump up and start banning anyone who might even think about disagreeing with the Dutch lesbian.

The S&M Concentration Camp is trying to portray itself as a serious investigative forum in the whole hoax and yet this Illuminati conspiracy fueled shit keeps coming up. It has about as much to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death as The Sun has to do with actual real journalism.

No matter what happens in the next few months the S&M Concentration Camp will never lose the stigma of three main points:
  • The dog autopsy
  • Illuminati Bullshit
  • Selling their souls to The Sun
As I said I don't fucking care if people want to don their tin foil hats and sit and discuss how the Illuminati and nWo are taking over the world and have aliens in high power positions around the world. But there are forums for that.

You don't start a topic called "1001 Ways To Expose Gay Clowns & Dutch Lesbians" on a forum called 'Website Design For Beginners'. Same as you don't start a whole fucking forum about the Illuminati on a Michael Jackson Hoax Death forum.

Everyone should be contacting Sony, the Estate, the Jackson Family, and anybody else to say that MJDHI is disrespecting Michael Jackson more than any tabloid newspaper has ever done.


Legal Notice: The reference to 'Dutch Lesbian' does not mention either Souza or Mo so is safe for a change. The 'Gay Clown' comment does not mention Badkolo by name so that is safe. Actually there was no need for a legal notice; just wanted to point out the post did not tie Souza, Mo, or Badkolo in with lesbianism or homosexuality.