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This post accompanies the video of the same name.

MJHD.NET went and locked the forum down to members only. Big fucking deal. The members along with the moderators are the cause of the drama. So lock it and everyone can work round that so nothing is gained.

As the video (linked below) mentions use proxies and email addresses to get round being banned or not wanting to be located. I am a member of both the S&M forum and MJHD.NET and I can guarantee that the Admins and Mods of both forums have no clue who I am on their own forums.

It is none of their business. I don't take drama to either of these forums so who I am on their forum is not important. I was banned on the S&M forum and re-joined 12 minutes later and am still a member there.

So why do it? As I said it is not important who I am or where I am from. If I was Julia Jones from Austria or Frank Furter from Germany or even Mo Souza from Netherlands it just doesn't matter one little bit.

So on to the point of this post. I noticed on MJHD.NET someone mentioned they were banned by their IP address and wanted to know how to get around this. So here is the quick and simple guide (same as the video, just a little more in-depth).

Install Firefox. Most important step really, as without it all the other steps make on sense. (http://mozilla.com/firefox)

Once you are using Firefox as your browser install a couple of addons - AdBlock Plus and FoxyProxy. (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/1865) (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/2464) AdBlock Plus is not important but it does get rid of all the advertisements on almost every single website.

Then once FoxyProxy is installed it will need some proxies. Basically these are servers scattered around the world so that it appears you are coming from that location. As an example - if you were viewing the MJHD.NET forum with a proxy from China and you were located in Germany the server in China requests it from the S&M forum server and then sends it to you in Germany. That way the S&M forum server just sees requests from China. There are endless supplies of lists all over the Internet for proxy servers - my personal choice is HideMyAss.com. (http://www.hidemyass.com/proxy-list/)

Put the proxy details into FoxyProxy. I like to use the URL Pattern with my proxies. What this means is that it basically uses certain proxies for certain sites. So with a German proxy you could go to the S&M forum and with a Russian proxy go to the MJHD.NET forum. This is actually easier than it sounds to setup. (http://foxyproxy.mozdev.org/patterns.html)

And that is really all there is to it. Now you can view the forums wherever in the world you want it to appear that you are.

As mentioned in the video you can sign up for email accounts and using different email accounts and proxies be a member of the same forum more than once. There are literally loads of free email services to choose from. But if possible choose one from the country your proxy is set up for mo.souza@freemail.jp if your proxy is located in Japan looks way better than just another generic Yahoo or Hotmail account - although it won't be noticed.

This should piss the fucking moderators at MJHD.NET off when they go snooping around members details which they shouldn't any way really.


Legal Notice: This information is for educational purposes only. Although its use is not illegal it may break certain forum rules and terms. Check before using such techniques.


Conrad Murray To Appear In South Park

Comedy Central announced an episode to be screened later this year will feature Conrad Murray as a character; and Conrad Murray has agreed to do his own voice for the episode with a working title of "South Park Hospital Nightmares".

Comedy Central spokesman, Steve Albani, said: "Although the episode in question is not finalized it is expected to be aired during the Summer when Comedy Central start their 'Friday Fright' season. We chose Dr. Murray as one of the special guests in the all-star episode due to his notoriety at the moment; and by Summer his court case should be in full flow."

Although Conrad Murray was unavailable for a comment his attorney Ed Chernoff said "This proves that Conrad is innocent. He wouldn't want to be seen laughing at himself if he had anything to fear with this looking bad for him. Conrad spent a day with the South Park team completing his voice over."

Trey Parker, creator of South Park along with Matt Stone, commented "It is so fucking funny. Working with Conrad was just one laugh after another. Matt faked having a heart attack and Conrad told staff to move him to a soft surface and started laughing. He looks like a pompous fucker, and the media has really shown him in a bad light; but all in all he was a great laugh to work with."

Although no details of the episode are being given to the media until a couple of weeks before the episode airs Trey Parker confirmed that in the episode Stan does indeed say to Dr. Murray "Oh my god you killed Kenny - you bastard."

Other stars which will be appearing in the special 1-hour episode which explores the main characters nightmares are Tiger Woods, who is caught having an affair with Sharon Marsh (Cartman's mother); Robert Englund, who recreates his Freddy Krueger character for Kenny's dream sequence; and Martha Stewart who tries to convince Cartman to diet in his nightmare.

Murray As He Appears In South Park


Legal Notice: None of the people mentioned in this post had anything to do with the post. This post is merely satire at a possibility that may happen, or not, one day.


Now Thats What I Call MJHD

Sony/ATV announced at a press conference today, in Los Angeles, the forthcoming album entitled "Now Thats What I call MJHD". The album is expected to go on sale on June 25, 2010 - one year after Michael Jackson's alleged death.

Jimmy Asci, a spokesman for Sony/ATV Music Publishing made the following statement:
"Since June 25 last year we have been watching the media, and the Internet, for various reasons. One reason is that we want to take the 'Now Thats What I Call Music' range to whole new level. We want each CD to be not only relevant to our target audience but also relevant to current events. Sometimes we may make decisions which are controversial but in the long run we are sure that the new path we are following will be well received. This compilation is the first in that new direction. At this time I would like to dispel the rumors that are currently being spread that Michael Jackson had anything to do with this compilation. Although he is named as a producer it does not, I repeat does not, mean he had anything to do with this compilation. This is merely a rumor - but when Michael is ready to participate in this venture he will be welcomed with open arms by Sony."

Although the CD is not officially endorsed by Michael Jackson, the Michael Jackson Estate, or the Jackson family a couple of members of the family were at the press conference. Jermaine Jackson, Michael's brother, had this to say "Although the family is not endorsing this CD I feel that as the major artist of the family I should be here to support it. I have spoken with Sony with the possibility of doing a tribute concert with the artists from the CD. According to Sony this may happen in the future. Well their exact term was 'when hell freezes over' which means there still might be a chance."

Tito Jackson, Michael's other brother said "Well it is another CD using Michael to make money. Sony have done that shit for ages why stop now? As for Jermaine, that jheri-curl fucker does whatever he wants without the support of the family. We will know if this tribute ever happens as he will have another attack of pink eye."

Simon Cowell, of American Idol, said "Well for me the CD stinks. I know exactly what I like and I don't like this; but for once this is not about me. From what I can gather Sony worked in partnership with some small record label called Doggie Productions in creating this. Although I don't really like anything I will say this I admire what they are doing and taking music to another level is always a good thing."

Simon went through the tracks, explaining their importance to the Michael Jackson Hoax Death.

Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy: "Well Amy started everything on June 23 or 25 last year. But as soon as her motives were questioned she abandoned everything after screwing her members one last time. I heard from Paula that Amy had some diaper fetish too."

Five - Keep On Movin': "Well Five was a member of the MJHD forum, I mean if you had visited the forum you would know that. Supposedly she was a disabled, alcoholic, ex-hot dog cart owner. Nobody was ever sure why she was never banned for her whole retarded act. I have nothing against the disabled but you don't have to be a fucking idiot with it."

The Adventures Of Stevie V - Dirty Cash: "Amy was out to make money pure and simple. People finally saw through her schemes. Enough said."

Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds: "When MJHD went down people got suspicious. Was it hackers, Amy, John Smith, or Sony? Turned out in the end it was just another mind game from Amy."

Dashboard Confessional - The Best Deceptions: "I like this group, not sure what it is on this CD for though. Only think I can think of is that during the transitional period of MJHD there was a lot of deceptions to various people."

Cypress Hill - Hits From The Bong: "Title says it all; this track marks the start of Souza and Mo running MJDHI. Rumors have speculated because of their theories they must be on some sort of drug."

tATu - All The Things She Said: "I was actually instrumental in their career taking off. I didn't like their music but I knew they could make money. This track was included because of the speculation that Souza and Mo may be more than friends if get what I am saying."

Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy: "Badkolo could have been the 4th member. Bald, gay, and bad taste in sunglasses."

Fatboy Slim - Illuminati: "Well when Souza and Mo took over things at the helm so to speak things really went downhill. The topics moved away from Michael Jackson hoaxing his death to the Illuminati and the New World Order. Why that happened I just don't know. But by their theories every single person in the music industry has connections to being either a slave or a master of the Illuminati."

Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds: "Lyrics can say so much. The lines Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you chew until it bleeds? Can you get up off your knees? Are you brave enough to see? all show the hidden message of not being sheeple."

The O' Jays - Backstabbers: "I was surprised to see this classic on here. Although it was released in 1972 it speaks volumes about what is happening today with MJHD and the forums."

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us: "A statement from Michael himself saying if you don't like how you are being treated stand up and do something about it."

Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You: "I was surprised that Sony put this one on. I was talking to them about it earlier and they said it was to do with the return."

Joe Jackson, father of Michael, said "It's all good. I may not be getting money myself. But every time this CD gets bought Katherine, my rich lovely wife, gets money. I get some from her and we all be smiling."

Sony refused to comment on future plans.


Legal Notice: This CD, press conference, and quotes may not be real. This post is merely satire. Anyone with a problem about this post should contact someone who cares.


Joe Jackson Book Published

At a star-studded press conference Joe Jackson released his new book entitled "1001 Legal Tips" which is being published by Random House.

The press conference got off to a shaky start when Joe Jackson arrived 45 minutes late. When he finally arrived, although he was there to promote his book, he had in tow the usual arm jewelery - namely Taina.

Among the faces seen swanking around the press conference was Brian Oxman, Ed Chernoff, and Jerry Brown. One person said "You wouldn't fucking believe it if you didn't see it with your own eyes. These people are all working supposedly on opposite sides of a legal case and yet here they are sipping champagne like they were all buddies. It is sickening."

The book of legal tips from Joe Jackson is clearly not a legal manual and is merely advice from Joe himself.

Tip #777 reads "Always ensure that if you have no real claim make sure that you employ someone who will screw the system on your behalf."

Tip #779 reads "Never accept legal advice from family members. Although they mean well you will always have a nagging feeling they are looking out for themselves."

Joe Jackson said at the press conference "Since last year I have learned more and more about the legal system. And I wanted to pass what I have learned on to others while making a buck or two for myself. My friend, and legal counsel, Brian Oxman helped with some of the legal terms in the book."

When questioned why he was supporting such a venture Brian Oxman said "As you know, with my selfless promoting of t-shirts, caps, mugs, bumper stickers, and other Justice4MJ merchandise I like to help the struggling businesses. Initially when Joe came to me with this idea I thought he was mad. But then I realized he would have more money to pay his legal bills so for me it was a win-win situation."

The book is expected to be released in May; and retail for $24.95. It will have a launch on Amazon.com for the first two weeks then an international launch after that.

Ed Chernoff, the attorney for Conrad Murray commented "It is a good book, I was lucky enough to get Joe to sign my copy. Some of the tips included in the book we might use as part of the defense. I particularly like tip 666 which states 'that every judge is open to bribes.' A very well written book."

To pre-order your copy of 1001 Legal Tips by Joe Jackson got to Brian Oxman's store website.


Legal Notice: At the time of writing this post Joe Jackson had not written a book based on legal advice. There is still doubts about his reading and writing ability. Ed Chernoff, Jerry Brown, and Brian Oxman made no comments about any book. All in all it was satire apart from the reference to Brian Oxman promoting merchandise. Random House although being publishers of books have no business dealings with Joe Jackson.


MJHD Vs SeeingClues

I'm sure most are aware that the major news today is that SeeingClues has three user names on MJHD.NET. Yes, things have got that slow in the hoax, that this topic has 20 pages as I write this.

The problem I have is that it has been made public. Personally I don't give two shits if SeeingClues has 3 or 33 accounts on MJHD.NET but for the moderators and administrator to publish this fact is fucking wrong beyond belief. A simple PM to SeeingClues would of been enough if you want them to use just one account. You don't need to start whining like a fucking bunch of pigs on a public forum about it.

It is going to somewhat kill my soul to agree with Rubis1966 but it should have been a private warning. This is what creates drama. Something which could have been settled without all the bullshit drama was dragged out in to the forum instead of between the Admin/Mods and SeeingClues.

Lara the Admin wrote "Everyone has the right to explain themselves, of course we are NOT going to ban everybody who has more than 1 username, they will have to choose 1, and of course, everybody deserves a second chance." This is after it has been dragged in front of the kangaroo court that is the rest of the members? What about a right to MJHD.NET being straight with all their members and if there is a problem discussing it with them first?

For a forum that is not allowed to discuss Souza and Mo because there may be some sort of lawsuit it seems very hypercritical to allow all the members to discuss another member. Maybe SeeingClues should threaten a lawsuit over the lack of privacy shown - then maybe they will get treated the same as Souza, Mo, and Badkolo on the MJHD.NET forum.

Come on the 3 stooges are afforded every right in the world because they threatened a bullshit lawsuit, but the members of MJHD make one mistake and the moderators are instantly figuratively frog-marching members in front of members.

Will the same mods, and the Admin, be happy this time next week when the whole forum is paranoid? They created this shit by not talking to the member first. It is fucked up that three people (Souza, Mo, Badkolo) are afforded more rights and more protection than the members.

Actually it is fucking bullshit that two dutch fucking lesbians and a broke faggot cannot be talked about because they said they were going to launch a lawsuit. Yet a member can be questioned by the moderating police and other members. Fucking bullshit.

I don't make recommendations too often, especially to particular persons, but SeeingClues if your reading this, get your ass out of there because unless you yell "lawsuit" at the top of your voice it would appear the moderators can walk all over the members.


Legal Notice: This post was based on the first 6 pages of the post. Kangaroo courts are neither fun or worth reading most of the time.


We All Need To Pull Together

I just had a conversation with someone - and I'll admit I didn't know how to answer one of the questions put to me. It is a question I myself have tried to work out but as yet have been unsuccessful. The question was this: "What happened on June 25, 2009 if Michael Jackson didn't die?"

The person I was talking with is not a believer as such, but does see some problems with how the whole thing has been handled. As we were talking about it I mentioned the fact that the ambulance picture was a fake and he was never in the ambulance. So that was basically answered with "If he wasn't in the ambulance who was in the ambulance if anyone? And how did he get to the hospital - obviously everyone knows Michael Jackson so he would of had to have been there unless you think the hospital is involved in this alleged hoax?"

That is kind of where I myself get stuck. And ask myself the same similar question. If Michael wasn't in the ambulance did he go to the hospital if not is the UCLA hospital in on the hoax?

It got me thinking about the 9/11 conspiracy and how that has a particular time line to follow of what happened. No I have never followed the 9/11 Truth that well but have seen a few different videos on it. The best in my opinion, because it gives enough facts without going too deep, was Loose Change.

Anyway the 9/11 conspiracy has a time line which is pretty much agreed to by all the conspiracy theorists, and in most cases for the time line evidence has been shown. Without getting too deep into the 9/11 needless to say there is a time line that extends before 9/11 up until after building 7 is 'mysteriously' pulled; and then the wreckage of the buildings being shipped off to Europe before investigators had looked at the building wreckage.

This leads me back to June 25, 2009, 100 N. Carolwood Drive, California at the time of approximately 1.08PM (PST). There is at present nothing known about what happened on that day with regards to Michael and his whereabouts when the ambulance pulled out without him in it.

Doesn't matter what forum you are part of, doesn't matter if you think Kenny Ortega is an asshole or an answer, doesn't even matter what language you speak. This hoaxed death has brought so many people from all over the globe together in trying to figure out the hoax.

So with very little going on at the moment, Brian Oxman selling some knock off t-shirts and caps to allegedly help a struggling businessman doesn't really count, shouldn't all members of all the forums, regardless of history and petty grudges be pulling together, working on this as a whole team, looking at all the possibilities to try and figure out what really happened on that day?

In my mind until we all work out the question we can never be expected to work out the answer.

Forum admins, don't block access to topics, don't try and keep possibilities hidden. Share with the rest of the people investigating this hoax.

Forum members, give credit where credit is due. If you find an article on the S&M forum and want to share it on the MJHD.NET forum just give credit to where you sourced it from.

It doesn't matter who finds the answers. All that matters is that all those who seek the answers can find them.

More and more people are thinking that something is suspicious with Michael Jackson's death. They might not be willing to admit it is a hoax yet; but they are looking for answers.

I was talking to a colleague when Murray was charged and he said it was odd that a doctor charged with Murder 3: Involuntary Manslaughter should still be allowed to practice medicine of any kind. These sort of things open people to the idea that something is just not right and they start to look for themselves.

By the way, in case you wondered, I gave him the link to a few forums and this blog. Only comment the following day was about there being a lot of information to look at and he'd been on Youtube most of the evening before.



Injustice 2 MJ

Ever been wandering down the sidewalk and had to cringe as some jackass walks towards you wearing their "Justice 4 MJ" t-shirt?

Well, now thanks to GoTees.com you can show you are a true hoaxie with their brand new t-shirt.

At a small press release today Bob Knockoff, CEO of Go Tees, unveiled the "Injustice 2 MJ" t-shirt.

Bob Knockoff said "We have all seen those 'Justice 4 MJ' t-shirts being sold by attorneys and others wanting to just make a quick buck from Michael Jackson's name. Well now people can say "Fuck your lies" and push their chest forward with our 'Injustice 2 MJ' t-shirts. I know some are going to think we are just out to make a quick buck too, but we are selling at cost. Our t-shirts retail at just $7.95 plus shipping and handling."

In keeping with the hoax the t-shirt sizes are labeled completely different to the other t-shirts available from Go Tees. Souza, Mo, Lara, Extra Lara (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) are the four sizes available.

Bob Knockoff continued "We thought it fitting to change the size labels, to say that Go Tees is truly backing the message given by the t-shirt. We named names and said to the world that Go Tees believes Michael is alive. We don't know where and we don't know what he is doing but we know he is alive."

The only celebrity that was present at the press conference was Jessica Simpson. When she was questioned by the press why she was supporting this t-shirt she replied "I thought it was a charity type thing. I got a call from my agent and he said something about a favor which didn't involve showing skin so I was like yeah I'll do it for sure. I think Michael is either alive or dead but I dunno really."

Bob Knockoff said "We got Jessica dirt cheap. Her agent owed me one, so basically he put her on a greyhound bus and we put her in a t-shirt. Simple as that really. We are a small company so getting any celebrity to turn up was pretty much a miracle."


Legal Notice: Go Tees is a fictional company and bears no resemblance to any company that may exist. Bob Knockoff and Jessica Simpson have never really met. Jessica Simpson does not endorse this fictional t-shirt. No dumb actresses were hurt in the making of this blog post.


Selling Out Michael Jackson

We are heading into 9 long months since Michael packed up his single sequined glove and disappeared. In that time more and more people have come out of the woodwork to try and make money by either trying to destroy Michael's reputation and legacy or just making money from his name.

Each day the list grows longer and longer. Day by day more and more vultures jump on the bandwagon wanting their pound of flesh so to speak.

Amy Sampson
- On June 25, 2009 (So as not to raise the whole June 23rd controversy again) Amy gave us MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com. Along came the store selling t-shirts, the PayPal donate button, and premier membership. Nothing screamed "Making money for diapers" more than this money making wench from kangaroo land.

Ian Halperin - On July 14, 2009 Ian gave the world the book "Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson". Hopefully, soon someone will give this fudge-packing asshole AIDS. In his book he claims that Michael was gay. This coming from some shit-shoveling faggot. Sure he was. And Roger Rabbit was really a hare.

Jermaine Jackson
- So many dates to choose from. This greasy fucker has tried more than anyone else to make money off his brothers name. Two failed tributes, a TV series, and almost 10 million interviews later all Jermaine has done is make himself like one of the biggest crooks alive. Remember this is the same bastard that said the family needed time to grieve and was doing interviews a day later so I don't even want to hear all that respect the family shit. Respect is earned not given. Had Jermaine acted respectfully he could have earned respect.

Joe Jackson
- Wants money from the estate each month. Why? Joe is meant to be some sort of businessman. Business doing so bad you need to try and get money from your grandkids Joe? See that is the thing, the more the estate spends the less that goes to the kids. So to Joe it may only be 10,000 a month but if he lives another 20 years that is almost 2.5 million he is taking from his own grandkids. If this guy put as much effort into getting money for nothing into his record label "Ranch Records" he wouldn't need to go to court whining and trying to get money. Billions across the globe do it every day - earn the money they need.

Rabbi Shmuley
- Another fucking author. With his book "The Michael Jackson Tapes" this Rabbi tried to sell the story of what Michael told him in confidence. Way to go Shmuley you fucking asshole. Bend over and let Halperin give it to you. Is this the way a Rabbi acts nowadays or just Rabbis that forgot why they became a Rabbi. Releasing the conversations between himself and Michael in an attempt to make cash this guy achieved only one goal making himself look stupid. The only remaining question is why the Jewish religious hierarchy didn't bitch at this fucking lame excuse for a Rabbi for doing this.

Kenny Ortega
- The tweet master when it suits him. And when does it suit him? When he has something to sell. Prayed on MJ fans and hoaxies alike with cryptic tweets that suggested he believed Michael was alive. Tweeted like a motherfucker on crack leading up to the movie release. Then died away. Then lo and behold as soon as the DVD was getting ready to be released here comes Mr Ortega with his cryptic tweets again. Fuck Kenny and fuck his little dog. Make money sure but not at the expense of integrity. If you want to tweet to sell something be honest about it. "Movie coming out soon - I made it. Please see it." would have been the reality.

Brian Oxman
- T-shirts and caps. Doesn't sound like an attorney to me. Sounds more like that guy selling the shamwow cloths. How many attorneys use their website (www.brianoxmanspeaking.com) to sell stuff? Did the late, and great, Johnny Cochran ever list on his website that he had a ride-on lawnmower for sale which was $1000 or best offer? No. It is just not the done thing. Attorneys selling shit on their site cheapens their integrity and their reputation. Are we going to see the Department of Justice with a link to used cars next. And I don't want to hear the "but he claimed he was hacked" bullshit. Hackers don't give two fucks about Brian Oxman, and I'm guessing would give one less fuck about hacking his website, facebook, and twitter all at the same time. And while we are on it - if they did Brian, or his staff have had almost 48 hours to remove it. And as for it not being Brian Oxman - the fucking guy is a lawyer with some serious connections. A guy who wants to take on the Michael Jackson estate cannot have a website using his name removed? Just does not add up.

But let us not make this a bitchfest and just sit here and complain about all these people, and others, making money from the legacy and name of Michael Jackson. Like anything, you spot a problem, you have two choices:

1. Complain and do nothing.
2. Analyze the problem and then solve it.

I myself am going to go out on a limb and take option two. And the solution to this problem is none other than Billy Bretherton, more commonly known as Billy the Exterminator. Billy is not your usual exterminator, looking like a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Bon Jovi. Billy arrives at jobs looking like he's about to head off to a Marilyn Manson concert.

But this guy gets the job done. We send Billy the Exterminator off round the world killing all these vermin off and A&E can film it. It is a plan that cannot go wrong. Billy uses VexCon to kill everything from cockroaches to wasps. Surely a few humans can be taken out for the greater good.

This guy can get the job done. Billy you need to be a hero.


Karen Faye - Bitch Or Believer?

The great Karen Faye - where to start. This woman has single handily made herself a target of hate for her comments, tweets, and Facebook postings. But is she really as bad as she seems on the surface?

I'll be honest here, I've never really followed Karen Faye or her gibberish on Twitter or Facebook, and the only thing I was aware of was that she took some photos of the mausoleum. If that makes her a target of hate then we should all be bitching at Ben and Chris who originally took responsibility of taking the infamous ambulance shot. Seriously, Karen takes a few snaps of a mausoleum where Michael is allegedly buried and is now close to the #1 spot on most hoaxies (thanks Souza and Mo for that word) hit list. Shouldn't Ben Evenstand and Chris Weiss be taken out and publicly executed by the hoaxies for shooting their photo?

So I fired up Google on Karen Faye and in the first few results it mentions her and Lisa Marie Presley contacted Michael's spirit. Just how dumb is this woman? A medium tells you it is Michael's spirit so you have to believe her. Karen if you are reading, I am a medium and I am talking to Ghandi's spirit and he says you must change your ways and your hairstyle.

Come on a medium - for real? In one report about this fucked up seance it states: "The 53 year old insists the psychic had "no idea" of her relationship with Jackson, adding, "There were definite, deep insights that would have been difficult (for a psychic) to make up."

Relationship with Jackson??? No idea??? How about no relationship. You have to be fucking kidding me that a 53 year old woman actually fell for this sack of horse shit. Let me use my psychic powers - you walked in with Lisa Marie Presley who wants to contact Michael's spirit. If you had no connection to Michael you would of been sat outside the seance eating McDonald's waiting.

And what fucking relationship did this fucking great psychic pick up on? Karen Faye and Michael Jackson ever date? Fucking woman is crazier than fucking Charlie Manson. She's living in some fucking dream world.

Let us get this straight. Michael dated Tatum O'Neal, Maureen McCormick, Stephanie Mills, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley, and Debbie Rowe.

With the exception of Debbie "The Baby Carrier" Rowe these are all beautiful women. You couldn't get Michael to drink enough Jesus Juice to sleep with Karen Faye. So she can take her fat ass to the back of the line with all the other women that think Michael will take a second glance at them if he ever does make a comeback.

I think a large proportion of Karen Fayes problem is she is living with the knowledge that as his make-up artist she saw Michael with all these women and he never once took a second glance at her. She is living in hatred for Michael for not choosing her as a girlfriend; for never acknowledging her as more than a friend.

But there are two questions that remain. No matter what you think of Karen Faye as a person does she know anything? Allegedly she did the make-up on Michael in his casket. She worked with him for 15 years, she would of had to known that it wasn't Michael in the casket. And the second question has to be why is she doing this? Why is Karen Faye putting herself on the front line to take all this hatred?

I have a few theories, none of which at the moment make any sense, but the possibility is that Karen actually knows about the hoax. All of the people that worked with Michael for years get re-hired and are around him again, and then he fakes his death. I know Karen wasn't re-hired but if she did the make-up for the funeral she would have to have been trusted by Michael or the family.

Karen: Hi Mrs Jackson.
Katherine: Hi Karen, you here to do the make-up?
Karen: Yes.
Katherine: OK then, pleas do a good job.
Karen: I will.

[Karen sees the body in the casket]

Karen: Excuse me but this isn't Michael.
Katherine: Of course it is.
Karen: I worked with him for 15 years I know what he looks like.
Katherine: Alright smart-ass, keep it down, let me explain something to you.
Karen: This is not Michael.
Katherine: Well aren't you the bright one. It's a hoax.
Karen: What?
Katherine: Just do your job, keep your mouth shut, and I'll make sure you do alright from this. I have contacts that can get you a lot of work.
Karen: If it is for Michael I will do it. About that work? Anytime soon? I'm almost broke. By the way did you know Outkast did a song about you?
Katherine: They are on my list to take to court. Don't worry about me deary.

So we can all band together and start creating "Death To Karen Faye" banners - but are we jumping on her back too soon?



Brian Oxman Just Cashing In?

Anybody sure what side Brian Oxman is on any more? First he comes out saying the now infamous ambulance picture of Michael Jackson is fake then the next minute he is selling t-shirts saying "Justice 4 MJ" on the front and "In Memory of Michael Jackson August 29 1958 - June 25 2009" on the back.

Is it just me that finds it highly suspicious that an attorney is selling t-shirts? I know he was fired by Michael Jackson in 2004 but have times got so bad he is now selling merchandise to survive?

And if Brian Oxman believes the ambulance picture is fake why is the t-shirt in memory? You cannot have it both ways. Either he was in the ambulance and taken to the hospital or he wasn't which makes everything that happened at the hospital a crock of shit and just put on as a show.

When is Mr. Oxman going to tell everyone what really happened in his fucked up world? Michael was not in the ambulance but he needs justice; and according to Mr. Oxman that means 2nd degree murder charges.

Did Michael get a fucking ride to the hospital?

Security Guard: OK Conrad CPR is not really doing shit let the paramedics take him to the hospital.
Dr. Murray: Great idea. But instead of the ambulance, with all that medical equipment, maybe someone could give him a ride.
Security Guard: What the fuck?
Dr. Murray: Yeah, send a fake ambulance out, and maybe Kai can take him out the side entrance to the hospital.
Paramedic 1: Great thinking Einstein. You sure you are a doctor?
Dr. Murray: Do not question me.
Paramedic 1: I wasn'tt the useless fucker doing CPR on a bed.
Dr. Murray: My bed ... I mean bad.
Paramedic 2: Is this fucking joker for real?
Security Guard: $150,000 a month says he is.
Paramedic 1 (laughing): 150 grand a month and the fucker can't even do CPR.
Dr. Murray: OK you two clowns drive that ambulance out off here - take your time, cause a fuss and nobody will notice Kai driving out the side.
Paramedic 2: We need a body.
Dr. Murray: There are some mannequins in the garage, I'll get you one of those.
Paramedic 1: If people don't spot this is a fucking hoax they might as well off themselves.
Dr. Murray: The troot will prevail.
Security Guard: When did you get that speech impediment?
Dr. Murray: Huh?
Paramedic 2: Let's get this show on the road then.
Dr. Murray: You take the mannequin down and I'll call Brian Oxman.

This to me is where the hoax somewhat falls apart. There is no clear time line. Let us say for the sake of argument that Brian Oxman knows for a fact the ambulance photo was a fake. What was all the hospital charade for? If Michael was not at the hospital, and not in the ambulance was he still at home? Or did he never return from rehearsals early in the morning?

There is speculation that LAX having delays on the morning of June 25, 2009 means Michael jetted out before anything happened. Did Michael clear out before all the insanity started? Was he sitting in some foreign country watching his own hoax unfold on TV?

And if Michael did indeed go to the hospital, but not in the ambulance, how did he get there? And for what purpose? Not like he could take a quick stroll down a couple of wards to make sure someone could say for sure they saw Michael at the hospital.

Brian Oxman, in my opinion, needs to grow a set of fucking balls, and get off the fence. There are still hundreds of questions needing answers. There is no time for attorneys selling t-shirts.

The guy is an attorney and on his website he uses the legal shit that most lawyers talk to tell lies. On his website he states: "He was counsel for Michael Jackson in one of the most widely publicized criminal trials in American history in 2005." forgetting to mention that he was fired in 2005 for falling asleep in court by Tom Mesereau Jr. Forgetting to mention it is on Court record that the day after he was fired he tried to sit at the defense table and was told to sit in the public section.

I'm not saying the guy is all bad, but I'm suspecting that Brian Oxman is jumping on the ever-increasing bandwagon to further himself. And the only justice he cares about is $24.95 for a t-shirt and $24.95 for a cap.



Michael Not Mike

I know I have mentioned this in previous posts but it really is eating at me. Not eating at me in the fact that I don't eat or sleep because of it; just that when I see it no matter what mood I'm in it pisses me off.

The two Dutch cunts keep bleating the word "Mike" like they know Michael or something throughout their blog, website, and forum. The two Dutch rug munchers know Michael Jackson about as much as I know Miley Cyrus - absolutely not at all. Fuck it, Souza even admitted she isn't a fan of Michael Jackson - which I agree does not mean she cannot investigate into the hoax.

But why do these two Dutch cunt lesbians keep referring to Michael as Mike? Because they need to boost their own fucking drug fueled egos. Oh we know Michael so well we call him Mike. Yeah and I know Souza and Mo so well I call them Nazi Cunts because that is what they are. Fucking piss on the Dutch lesbian bitches for their egotism.

Now before the fucking crazy dumb ass zoo animals all jump to the fucking Dutch lesbians defense I am actually going to use the words of Souza and Mo to prove that these crack whores should not be using the term "Mike" when referring to Michael.

The Dutch dykes have a blog which is called the Double Dutch Blog (although sometimes because of lesbian jokes it is occasionally referred to as the Double Dong Blog). If you don't know what a double dong is just google it with SafeSearch turned off (NSFW).

I digress slightly. On the Double Dong blog is a post entitled "The Mike J Jackson - Michael J Jackson Thing Again" Any way here are a couple of quotes from that post (used under the terms of fair use):

"Name and DOB, as we can see he has not the same DOB as Michael, so let’s say that, if this info is correct, he might be a cousin or other relative."

"So can we say, with this knowledge, that the SS# listed under Michael Joseph Jackson in the SSDI, born August 29, 1958, is not his, but Mike J Jackson’s, born August 8, 1958? Clearly none of them died, because they both turned 51 years old in August... take an SS# from person 1 and the name of person 2, get them in the SSDI, nobody died."

So, by the very own words of the Dutch duo Mike Jackson and Michael Jackson are not the same person.

Which leads to the very important question - If Mike Jackson is not Michael Jackson, are the Dutch duo investigating a different hoax death to the rest of us? It might explain why their investigations have lead so heavily into the Illuminati. Maybe Mike Jackson has some Illuminati connection which has nothing to do with Micheal.

Fuck it. No need to end on a nice note. All the fucking shit the Dutch fucking queens put up about respecting people. They don't even respect Michael Jackson. It has nothing to do with being a fan. Or maybe it is merely a plot to confuse people from realizing that the Illuminati has nothing to do with Michael Jackson and that Mike Jackson is nothing more than a pseudonym for their drug dealer who reads the posts and works out orders for various hallucinogenic drugs.

Everyone on that forum should change their signature to read "MNM - Michael Not Mike" to prove a point that if the Dutch lesbian druggies wish to be taken even half-seriously they need to start respecting the person they are supposed to be investigating.

Even some DJ by the name of Fatboy Slim knows his name is Michael Jackson:


Legal Notice: Satire. Satire. Satire - Souza and Mo may be lesbians, crack whores, druggies, or Nazis - but this has never been proven. All Dutch lesbian crack whore druggie Nazis are presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

Conrad Drives Me Crazy

At a press conference today, held in downtown Los Angeles, Britney Spears announced a new project she is working on with none other than Dr. Conrad Murray.

"I have seen him on the news, and I was like, who is that guy? and my kids told me it was Dr. Murray. I was like well who is he? They explained things to me. Then my agent contacted Conrad's agent and we decided to do a drug awareness song together." Said Britney at the press conference.

Britney's manager, Jason Trawick, said "Britney is trying to clean up her image. She has been in and out of rehab for a couple of years and her image just needs tweaking to get her back in the mainstream media again. Britney felt doing a drug awareness song with Conrad Murray was a great idea. We tried to talk her out of it but she was as high as a kite - so we let it go."

Ed Chernoff, speaking on behalf of Conrad Murray, who was unable to attend, said "Conrad hopes this raises awareness of how drug misuse can happen to anyone and not just incompetent doctors. He is hoping that this record makes money and looks good for the judge."

A source at Jive Records, who wishes to remain anonymous, said "Seriously, you couldn't make this shit up. I thought I was half-baked when I heard about it. Then when Murray turned up at the studio it was just so fucking surreal. I did notice a little bit of a spark between the two; so who knows maybe romance. Can you make the check out to Tice Merriweather?"

Although the song is being guarded 24/7 as a top secret until the video is shot later this month our anonymous source, Tice, did release to us the lyrics.

Conrad Drives Me Crazy



Conrad, I'm so dependent on you
You got that propofol, what can I do?
Conrad, you inject me in the arm ohh
My head is spinning, don't do me no harm.

Every time I look at you
I see money for the things I do

Chorus by Britney:
Please help me Conrad
I just cant sleep
I'm so drugged up, I'm in too deep
Ohh...Conrad, you make me feel alright
Conrad, your drugs help me sleep at night

Britney, Your so dependent on me
That im the only doctor you will see
Britney, my account is in the red
I'll do CPR on your soft bed

Every time I look at you
I see money for the things I do

[Repeat Chorus by Britney]

Help me Conrad, I just can't sleep

Help me Conrad baby
With drugs I'm in too deep
...You make me feel alright
Conrad, your drugs help me sleep at night

[Repeat Chorus by Britney]

Please help me Conrad
You make me feel alright
Conrad, your drugs help me sleep at night

The record is expected to be released in May; with an unspecified amount of the sales going to various drug charities.

Britney & Conrad - Could romance be blooming?


Legal Notice: Britney Spears has no romantic link to Conrad Murray or Janet Jackson would rip her throat out. Nobody really appeared at the press conference which is good as it is merely satire.


Finally An Admin Acting The Right Way

Before I start this post I don't want anybody thinking I have gone soft, lost the plot, or am mentally insane. Actually the last one might be deemed true actually.

The reason for this post is to highlight how an Admin of a forum should act. It has nothing to do with kissing ass or anything, just merely that a lot of people think I only concentrate on the negative issues surrounding the forums involved in Michael Jackson's hoaxed death. And it is also a nice reminder to the Admins of the S&M Concentration Camp of how they should be treating their members.

Over at MJHD.NET Lara, the Admin, posted a thread entitled "From My Heart" which is addressed to the members of the forum. It reads:

"Hey there,

How are you guys? I've been feeling some negativity lately, and I just wanna let you know that if I could hug everyone of you, I would do it right now, it's been 8 months since all this started, and we've shared so much, I feel you as a part of me, when you are sad, I'm sad, when you feel upset,
I feel the anguish.

We all are here for the same reason, and it's a painful reason, it hurts so much, everyday, but we've got to be strong, and stay united, when you feel like you can't go on, just shout and we will be here to give you strength.

Don't let the frustration get you and make you feel alone, you are not alone, we are a community,let's work together, let's love each other, let's respect each other, please, it hurts me SO much when I see you fighting over things. Hate will lead only lead us to hate, love and respect will lead us everywhere.

Please we are a family, I love each and every one of you, and we have to stick together. I know that this is internet, and that we don't know each other, and most people will think that this is ridiculous, but that's because they haven't been in our situation, we've been here, most of the day/night, while working/studying, thinking all day about Michael, trying to find the ''definitive clue'', the clue that will bring us back part of our happiness and part of our life, since we lost it the day when all this started.

We definitely know that something is going on, and we have so many inconsistencies, so let's all relax and give him time, maybe he doesn't want to come back, and we have to respect that.
Maybe we will never know the truth, that's Michael's decision or Michael's family decision, but this journey has taught us, many things, things that we will never forget, we are all a part of this, wether we find the truth or not, it has already changed our lifes, this is a journey that maybe it will never end, so let's hold hands with each other and try to make this journey as pleasant as possible.

love you all,


OK I don't agree with all of it. Wouldn't be me if I did. I'm not down with this whole "family" idea. Makes it sound like the Manson family in my mind; and every time I read on a forum the word "family' I start thinking of a bunch of crazed Michael Jackson fans killing Conrad Murray in a Sharon Tate style killing - luckily Conrad Murray cannot be pregnant or it would really get weird.

But a lot of Lara said makes sense. We are all here for the same reasons - to find out what happened, why it happened, and is Michael safe. Personally I couldn't give two fucks if he makes a comeback or not. Not because I don't care; just if he doesn't there must be a reason.

8 Months? Is that all? Sometimes it feels like 8 years. But yeah we have all been through so much. From the day MJHD.COM opened its doors to the present (notice I didn't start the June 23rd argument again). We have all been through so much with regards to this from clues, the highs, the lows, the fake twitter accounts, the fake ass people who pretend they know Michael, it has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

So I'm making Lara the official MJ Hoax Death Forum Admin of the month - showing that it is possible to be in charge and still care about members.

MJ Hoax Death Forum Admin Of The Month (March 2010)

On a completely different topic, sort of, Mo and Souza over at the S&M Concentration Camp did a great video on Michael's message. Part 1 & Part 2 can be found on their forum. Now although I don't agree with their message - all this Illuminati shit in my opinion is just getting too much I do applaud the effort they put into the creation of the videos. If that is the path they want to follow then they are doing a great job at following that path.

I know I have bitched about Souza and Mo - quite a lot to be honest; but way back in the day these two actually were good investigators. They still are it is just in my opinion they have lost sight and moved over more to a conspiracy theorist forum. Oh and the "Mike" shit still bothers the hell out of me as if they are best buddies and all that fucking crap. Michael is Michael. It is bad enough we have the confusion over "Joe" and "Joseph" without adding to it.

Luckily the Internet was not as popular in 1977 (actually 1989 was the real kick off for the Internet) otherwise they would of been referring to Elvis as "El" - he had the same middle name problem - Aron or Aaron.



The Biggest Clue Is Not Always Obvious

I have long been a believer that the ambulance picture was a fake. But this lead me to thinking that Michael left before the ambulance did.

Well, I was going over the ambulance leaving footage, from Hollywood TV, again and something hit me.

Once the first ambulance leaves and the cameraman runs to his car to start chasing the ambulance there is a shot of a second ambulance still in the driveway (approximately 1:42 to 1:48).

2nd Ambulance Visible In Driveway

The hoax started with one of the oldest magician tricks in the book. The good old tried and tested slight of hand trick.

The first ambulance leaves in basically a blaze of glory with the paparazzi trying to get pictures of who is inside. Then the paparazzi follow the first ambulance off to the UCLA Medical Center. But nothing is known about the second ambulance.

Bear with me on this one as it is somewhat confusing and I'm not 100% sure that my explanation will do the scene justice.

The first ambulance reverses out of the driveway with 'allegedly' Michael Jackson in it. The paparazzi try to get pictures of who is in the ambulance and then run to their vehicles to follow the ambulance. All of the fuss is over. Everyone assumes that the first ambulance as it left took whoever in it.

This is where the slight of hand distraction takes place. For years magicians have used the slight of hand to distract people from what is truly going on - look at this hand waving the scarf about while this hand palms the coin. So with everyone watching the first ambulance, and all the fuss being shown around the first ambulance making its way out of the driveway nobody is looking at the second ambulance.

Then like a master magician, once the distraction has taken place - in this case everyone has been distracted by the first ambulance and the paparazzi have followed that - Michael slips out in the second ambulance unnoticed.

It is so simple it could be considered foolish to attempt such a simple trick. But at the same time as it being simple it is also pure brilliance. A tried and tested method of keeping the distracted audience from seeing the illusion unfolding right before their eyes.

I'm not saying this is definite or anything close to being proven. Just that sometimes I look at the clues and think to myself "Is it really this complex? Has it really been planned for years? Do all these people really know anything?" Sometimes the most brilliant plan is the most simple plan.

Just an idea I had; thought I'd share it.



Controversial New Book

Today, at a private press conference, Amazon released the first edition of the Bible. Nothing odd about that except this Bible is a modern re-working by Jermaine Jackson. The book entitled "The Bible (New Michael Jackson Version)" is expected to go on sale by the end of April exclusively at Amazon.com.

At the press conference Jermaine read a few passages from the Bible, which biblical scholars have already started referring to as the NMJ version. As Jermaine read the passages it could be clearly seen that he was upset; although his choice of passages left a few of the assembled members of the press confused.

The NMJV of Matthew 2:1-2 was read "Now when Michael was born in Indiana of America in the days of President Eisenhower, behold, wise men came from Washington to Indiana, saying, Where is He who is born king of pop? For we have seen His star in Washington and have come to worship Him."

Matthew 3:16-17 of the NMJV was read "And Michael, when He had been baptized, went up immediately out of the water. And lo, the heavens were opened to Him, and He saw the Spirit of Joe descending like a dove and lighting upon Him. And lo, a voice from upstairs, saying, This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

Matthew 9:12 of the NMJV was also read "But when Michael heard, He said to them, The ones who are whole do not need Dr. Murray, but the ones who are sick."

The most astonishing passage that Jermaine read was Matthew 26:64 "Michael said to him, You said it. I tell you more. From this time you shall see the King of Pop sitting on the right hand of power, and coming on the clouds of the heavens."

As reporters started to question Jermaine Jackson if this was just another way of cashing in on his brothers legacy he replied "This book is not about me it is about Michael, I am all for Allah and not God. The money that I am making from this book can never be enough."

Amazon spokesman, Drew Herdener, said "We know this book may be controversial, and that some will think that by endorsing it Jermaine is merely cashing in, but that is not true. Many believe Michael Jackson was Jesus and the hoaxies will buy this book. Is it wrong for a brother to be involved in a book about his own sibling?"

Religious leaders around the world have condemned the NMJ Bible as heresy, and blasphemy, citing it as a 'damnation from Satan himself'. The Pope even went on record to say "What another Bible? What the fuck? Did Dan Brown write it? That bastard has been after the Catholic church since the Da Vinci Code book. What do you mean you are recording? Shut that shit off."

Pre-orders for the book, The Bible (New Michael Jackson Version) can be ordered at Amazon's website. An e-book version for the Kindle is expected later this year.

Amazon's controversial new book.


Legal Notice: The NMJV of the Bible may not really exist. The private press conference may not have taken place. Jermaine Jackson, The Pope, and Drew Herdener, may not have actually said those things. This is merely satire do not contact Amazon in an attempt to buy this book.


MJHD.NET Needs A Backbone

Over at MJHD.NET, moderator Wozniack posted an announcement under the title of "An Important Announcement Regarding MJHD.NET, Please Read..." Now I know it was posted on January 18, 2010 but it was brought to the forefront because there was a topic on MJHD.NET about Souza and Mo being interviewed by Gary James of ClassicBands.COM - well it wasn't really an interview as the questions were pretty lame and there was no digging deeper into the answers that were given.

But, I digress, the announcement reads:

"Hello everyone,

Many of you aren't aware of the "legal matter"; a lawsuit was about to be filed if sensitive material, and malign statements were not removed. We have since removed all topics and posts regarding Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com. However, all sensitive material was edited out prior to this event, unless we missed it. This consisted of physical addresses and phone numbers, first and last names, IP addresses, etc. Although this was public in other parts of the web, this information was to be kept private. Only the rightful owner should be able to publish it. We ask all members of this board to refrain from discussing and/or bashing Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com, or investigating them or their forum. We are here to investigate the 'death' of Michael Jackson and nothing more.

This forum is founded on freedom of speech, as such, we sanctioned all comments about Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com. We didn't see a problem with members venting their frustrations, so the comments remained. But the subject matter of Souza, Mo and badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com was not appreciated by the parties at www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com, and it put this forum in peril. Regarding posts of private information, we also experienced this with other members. We tried our best to edit and/or delete posts supplied with these details, but weren't always successful as the number of them increased while we not present. Any private information posted about a member without their consent will result in an immediate ban. Please make note of that. We must remember, even though this is the internet, your actions can have serious consequences. To avoid litigation, we had no choice but to go this route. We hope you understand.

Please see our Forum Rules: http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=2382

Thank you"

Freedom of speech unless it concerns Souza, Mo, or Badkolo? That really isn't free speech. And why can't members talk about the three stooges (Souza, Mo, and Badkolo)? Because of a threatened lawsuit. No actual lawsuit just a threat. An opinion about someone on a forum is not allowed because there may be a lawsuit if the three stooges get mentioned.

Judge: Lara, why did you allow the names Souza, Mo, and Badkolo to be used on your forum?
Lara: Well they are just first names your honor I didn't think it would be an issue. Also Souza, Mo, and Badkolo are not even their real first names.
Judge: Very true.
Lara: It is not like Badkolo's bankruptcy details were posted, or Mo's dog breeding site was mentioned, and nobody even mentioned the 2 bicycles leaning on the tree outside Souza's apartment.
Judge: This is also true. And it is noted by the court that Souza, Mo, and Badkolo are not names which can be identified to any living person; merely names which are used on a Michael Jackson hoax death forum. Case dismissed.

"But the subject matter of Souza, Mo and Badkolo, and www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com was not appreciated by the parties at www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com"

No fucking shit. They don't appreciate people commenting on them. Well if they can't stand the heat get the fuck out the kitchen. You can't come up with theories like an autopsied dog and not expect people to comment on it. The S&M concentration camp forum is "public" meaning that anyone can read it, and by virtue means that people can comment on anything they read on the forum. Are Souza and Mo going to remove all threads regarding Conrad Murray if he gets in touch and says it is not appreciated? Are they fuck.

If you don't want to be commented on don't throw yourself into the forefront of Michael Jackson's hoaxed death. It is that simple.

Lara has been sick as of late, but come on common sense says a threatened lawsuit is just Souza and Mo blowing smoke out of their fat Dutch lesbian asses. If they want to get up in front of a judge and say that they have investigated a theory that the Michael Jackson autopsy was really performed on a dog, and that every musician in the world is controlled by the Illuminati - just say "Bring it on." And as for Badkolo, the fucker is bankrupt, he has no money to launch a lawsuit - he can't even afford to move out of his mother's home.

Seriously, it is pretty sad that someone shouts "lawsuit" and people lose all common sense and panic. Nobody is on about posting all their personal details over the Internet - it is people merely commenting that the three stooges are so fucked in the head and are running a concentration camp. Freedom of speech is exactly that - FREE SPEECH no matter what the subject. If a student can wear a t-shirt that read "FUCK BUSH" at a high school when the president was visiting and not worry about a lawsuit I'm sure that MJHD.NET members can critique the S&M concentration camp and their fucked up theories without a lawsuit happening.


Legal Notice: There is no evidence to suggest that Souza and Mo are indeed fat or lesbians. It is merely a comedic statement used for satire. Also it should be noted that Lara of MJHD.NET has not been before a judge with regards to the MJHD.NET forum.


Michael Jackson In The Bible

Forget Jesus, forget Mary of Magdalene, you can almost even forget God. Because the truth of the matter is that the Bible was written purely for Michael Jackson to hoax his death.

I know there will be some people scoffing at the idea that the Bible contains any reference at all to Michael Jackson - but pick up your Bible (Modern King James Version) and check for yourself.

Daniel 10:21 - "But I will show you that which is written in the Scripture of Truth. And there is none who holds strongly with me in these things, but Michael your ruler."

Daniel 12:1 - "And at that time Michael shall stand up, the great ruler who stands for the sons of your people. And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation; until that time. And at that time your people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book."

Revelation 12:7-8 - "And there was war in Heaven. Michael and his angels warring against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels warred, but did not prevail. Nor was place found for them in Heaven any more."

That is just three examples of where the Bible mentions Michael Jackson. This is just scratching the surface. There are tons of examples mentioning Michael hoaxing his death and returning.

Daniel 11:9 - "So the king of the south shall come into his kingdom, and shall return into his own land."

Daniel 11:29 - "At the time appointed he shall return and come against the south. But it shall not be as the former or as the latter."

Hosea 5:15 - "I will go; I will return to My place until they confess their guilt and seek My face; in their affliction they will seek Me diligently."

Matthew 12:44 - "Then he said, I will return into my house from where I came out. And when he has come, he finds it empty, swept, and decorated."

It is easy to see that the whole Bible has been nothing more than two thousand years leading up to Michael hoaxing his death. Daniel 11:9 says "return to his own land" - could this indicate Michael returning to Neverland? Daniel 11:29 says "At the appointed time" - does this suggest that this hoax has been planned and a return is already known? Hosea 5:15 and Matthew 12:44 also point to the fact that Michael may indeed return to Neverland; which will be "empty, swept, and decorated."

With such undeniable evidence how can the masses even doubt that the Bible is written with Michael's hoaxed death in mind?


Legal Notice: This post was created with satirical humor in mind. No blasphemy was intended but if any happened then if God exists then may he or she have mercy on my wretched hell-bound soul.

Another Day Another Book

Doesn't matter which country you have been living in it cannot have gone unnoticed that since Michael Jackson's alleged passing that everyone and his brother has released a book concerning Michael Jackson.

Not missing an opportunity to cash in on his brief moment of fame Dr. Conrad Murray, in association with publishers IDG, released his new book at the New York branch of Noble & Barnes.

In a statement read out by his attorney, Ed Chernoff, Conrad Murray had this to say: "I have been portrayed by the media, including TMZ, as an evil man, like I am a voodoo witchdoctor or something. This is not true. I have did my best for Michael Jackson, giving him care, help, and love. I am a man that has been caught in the middle of something which goes a lot deeper than some will ever realize. I know deep in my heart that the truth will prevail."

IDG spokesperson, Mike Sponseller, had this to say: "We at IDG could not have hoped for a better Dummies book to come out right now. Conrad Murray doing a book on Propofol is a publishers dream come true. With all the media attention surrounding Conrad Murray right now this book is going to move off the shelves faster than we can print it. It covers Propofol and other sedative drugs and Conrad Murray, drawing on his extensive knowledge, gives an insight in to the medical world that up until recently we never truly knew about; or even that existed."

When reporters tried to question Conrad Murray on whether the book mentioned Michael Jackson, and the circumstances surrounding Murray's arrest all he would say is "You will have to buy the book to find out."

The book is expected for a national release in the United States on March 15, 2010.

New Conrad Murray Book


Legal Notice: Conrad Murray, Ed Chernoff, Mike Sponseller, were never at Barnes & Noble in New York. Nor has it been confirmed that this book will ever be released. This post is merely satire.


Dissecting The Hoax - Part One

Before anyone gets too excited that this is going to be a mini-series style thing that has loads of parts - it is only called "Part One" in case I remember to add some more at a later date.

A lot has gone on since June 25, 2009 and every forum, and all the members of those forums, have put a tremendous amount of work into investigating various clues, slip-ups, and theories trying to work out what happened.

The following is merely my 'take' on things. How I saw things; and a few observations. In no way is it a definitive theory or explanation.

Dr Conrad Murray

Without even getting in to the fact that may not even be his real name Conrad Murray did some weird shit on the morning of June 25, 2009. A cardiologist doing CPR on a soft bed? Give me a break - I did a first aid course which is about as low on the medical ladder as possible and even in that they said CPR was to be administered on a hard surface. Makes sense too - why push down on a chest which is just going to sink in to a soft mattress? So a licensed, if he is indeed licensed, cardiologist should have known that without even thinking about it - so why does this alleged doctor try to administer CPR on a bed and only move to the floor when 911 dispatch tell him? Seriously you wouldn't trust this guy to look at your dog never mind a human being. Something stinks - whether it was Conrad Murray really is that incompetent or whether the 911 caller forgot what he was meant to say.

The 911 Call

Once again without getting into the fact that the 911 caller, identified as Alberto Alvarez, sounded way too calm during the whole conversation nothing about the 911 call really adds up. Firstly the whole dialogue of the call just seems so wrong. If you call 911 for a musical icon you mention the name at the very beginning to make sure that they know it is not just some Joe Public. The call should have gone something like this:

911 Operator: What is your emergency?
Alvarez: I need an ambulance as soon as possible sir.
911 Operator: What is your address?
Alvarez: It is Michael Jackson.
911 Operator: OK, we will have someone there ASAP.
Alvarez: He has a doctor with him who is doing CPR on a bed.
911 Operator: You have to be fucking kidding me. On a bed?
Alvarez: Yes sir.
911 Operator: You might want to keep that quack away from Michael.
Alvarez: The ambulance is here.
911 Operator: OK, they will handle things, goodbye.
Alvarez: Bye.

The whole call would have lasted about 30 seconds not almost 2 minutes. The emergency services can say they respond to each case in exactly the same way; but real life proves this just is not true. If Joe Public is having a cardiac arrest he'll get an ambulance sure, but if Michael Jackson is having a cardiac arrest the ambulance gets there a hell of a lot faster.

As a trained bodyguard shouldn't have Alvarez known some first aid at least? You are protecting a musical legend and if by some chance he was choking, or had been shot by some crazed stalker, shouldn't the bodyguard who is closest to him know a little bit about first aid? Why didn't Alvarez know that CPR should be done on a hard surface?

Alvarez says in the 911 call "We have a gentleman here who needs help and he is not breathing yet, he's not breathing, we are trying to pump him." How does the quality 911 operator handle this statement? By asking how old the gentleman is. Does it fucking matter if he is not breathing? I don't think it matters one iota if he is 50 or 15 the guy is not breathing - seconds count when someone is not breathing. What the fuck next want to check his shoe size before you worry if anyone is doing CPR?

The 911 operator asks "Did anyone witness what happened?" but nobody answers. Why didn't the 911 operator ask the question again? There is a big difference between just stopping breathing and the possibility of swallowing something that blocks the airway. The 911 operator should have already guessed the doctor was incompetent by doing CPR on a bed.

Then the 911 operator says that the ambulance is less than a mile away call us back if you need any help. Call us back if you need any help? Fuck off that shit is not even funny. There is a gentleman not breathing and an incompetent doctor of course the caller needed help. He didn't just call to check on the order status of a new television. When did 911 start asking you call back? I'm no expert but everything that I found about this says that 911 operators stay on the line with you until the ambulance arrives. Was it his fucking break time? Was he worried that he may break some union rule by working a couple of minutes longer? Why hasn't this 911 operator been questioned by the police to see what was so important that he had to get off the phone?

The Ambulance Leaving

When is an emergency not an emergency? When it takes the ambulance 1 minute and 30 seconds to reverse out of the gates. What the fuck was happening here? Was there a 5 mile per hour speed limit sign posted on the drive?

Adding up all the time there is about 45 minutes where Michael Jackson has allegedly not been breathing (12:21PM the 911 call is made, 12:26PM the paramedics arrive, 1:08PM the paramedics leave). And the ambulance driver is on some fucking Sunday drive; fuck the paparazzi - if they are too stupid to stand in the way of an ambulance run them over. The reversing siren is going, and the dumb fucks run towards it - no judge would complain that they ran over a photographer that was impeding the emergency medical staff from doing their job. Judge would be fine with it:

Judge: Were your lights and reverse sirens working?
EMS Driver: Yes your honor.
Judge: Did the photographer run at the ambulance even after hearing the siren?
EMS Driver: Yes your honor.
Judge: Well, it's his own fault then. Actually by California law we should arrest the photographer.

So why does it take 1 minute and 30 seconds to leave? Because the ambulance has to reverse out of the drive. Why does it reverse? Because a second ambulance is blocking the drive near the house so that the ambulance allegedly carrying Michael cannot flip a u-turn. Were these paramedics all fucking training? Who the fuck was in charge of blocking access? Come on, it looks by all evidence that it was their first day on the job. Why didn't someone say after the paramedics were actually in the house "Get these vehicles sorted so we can get out when we need to."?

As the ambulance had to reverse out, that would suggest that allegedly when Michael was taken out of the house on a stretcher they had to walk round the ambulance to get him in the back.


Nothing adds up and everyone seems so amateur at their job. Dr Murray makes a huge mistake, the 911 operator makes big mistakes, and the ambulance personnel make some major mistakes. With all these inconsistencies in how things should go for just the general public when it is a musical legend, such as Michael Jackson, these people should be on their 'A game' not fucking up like it was their first day at training.


Legal Notice: For once there is no legal notice required. But as I'm always putting them here it seemed empty without one so I filled this space with a nonsensical explanation.


Egotistical Bull From MJDHI

Souza created a topic entitled "Are Souza and Mo on TMZ's / MJ's /Illuminati's Payroll?" Not sure how many people have asked this but the answer seems fair enough on the surface. It is only when you sit and think about it that it appears to have darker intentions.

If the question has come up I've never seen it. So if it hasn't really been an issue; why mention it? Simple. The Double Dong team are falling for their own hype. All the bullshit about the Illuminati and mind control - how everyone involved in any kind of industry is either a slave of the Illuminati or a member of the Illuminati - has finally got them thinking they can use these techniques for their own gain.

Reverse psychology is the answer. Nobody asks the question, so to implant the idea in the minds of the sheeple Souza suggests that it is a question asked over and over again. If she was going to answer a question which is REALLY asked over and over she would answer how many fucking drugs her and the other Dutch druggie take.

Too much digging into the Illuminati has got Souza thinking she can use these mythical techniques.

Harvey Levin has never hinted at Souza, Mo, or MJDHI, being connected with TMZ. Bumkolo made some phone call about Michael not being on the TMZ death list and lo and behold Michael now is on the list. No big deal, maybe it was a mistake. It does however prove one thing, that apart from MJHD.NET TMZ don't look at forums because if they had they would have seen that almost all forums have mentioned Michael Jackson not being on TMZ's list long before Bumkolo calls the "Hot" tip line.

If indeed there really was anyone thinking there was a connection between TMZ and the S&M Concentration Camp the fact they had to call the tip line should be enough of a clue that there was no connection.

As for being on Michael Jackson's payroll. Give me a fucking break. Michael didn't just trust anyone with the details of the hoax death. Why would Michael trust these two drugged up crackheads with anything? Just because they refer to him as Mike like they are best buddies with him does not mean they are. Remember Michael said just because it is in print does not make it gospel (well something close to that).

The Illuminati payroll? Which fucker even asked that? Come on, turn the computer off, pack it up in the box, and wrap yourself in tin foil to avoid them tracking the RFID chip implanted in your ass. I'm pretty sure that the Illuminati don't pay people to uncover their secret plans. And even if they did I'm sure they would pick a more 'mainstream' avenue to do so.

So as far as I am concerned this bullshit from Souza is exactly that - bullshit. Souza is guessing if she implants the idea that eventually someone may actually take that idea and run with it.


Legal Notice: As Souza, Mo, Bumkolo, are not real names this post is completely free of any "defamation of character" claims.


Religion Merely A Diversion

According to the MJHD Conspiracy thread at the S&M Concentration Camp; forum member Navibl has this to say:

"The Bible says we war not against flesh and blood, but again powers and principalities of darkness. Ask any Bible scholar about Nephilim...they will tell you were the Illuminati heritage comes from. The bibles is not as some would like to interpret it as a history book, it a book of instruction and prophesy. It tells of the things that are happening in our world today, and YES it speaks of Michael, but then I am not giving that piece way for diversion. If you want to know that one you will have to dig.

What has taken place in Michael's life is far greater than most indivduals will ever be able to comprehend. So if you really want to know the facts I would suggest that you talk to Michael's heavenly father and his son Christ Jesus, because that is the only way you will know the truth......I believe Michael has stated in many of his clues indirectly.."You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free....Jesus said I am the way and the TRUTH and the life and no man comes to the father but by me.....And no this doesn't involve RELIGION..religion was a diversion created by the Illuminati to confuse the world and that is has done...no one single thing is argued and fought over more than MONEY.. Christianity means to be Christ like and this is what Michael lived each and every day and he said that was his goal, to live like Christ and no..there is no one individual that can do it perfectly as long as we live on this earth but Michael was as close as most anyone will ever get. Jesus didn't die on the cross to give us religion, but to give us a close and personal relationship with our Heavenly Father the creator. So if you REALLY intend to know the TRUTH here, then maybe your approach need to be re-evaluated because right now it all seem to be about arguing and strife and confussion, and everyone wanting to be right about their opinions...In this case opinions are irrelivant. Only facts will lead to the truth.........PRAY!!"

Where to start? Lets go with the easy stuff. Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me." (John 16:4 Modern King James Version) So as this bit has absolutely nothing to do with religion, allegedly, Jesus must be talking about Joseph the carpenter as if he was talking about God obviously God has a religious connection. So if it wasn't God and it was about Joseph, was Jesus merely saying that he made appointments for a carpenter?

Jesus: Hello, Christian Carpentry, Jesus here - how can I help?
Customer: Can I speak to Joseph?
Jesus: Nope. You want to speak to my Dad you have to speak to me.
Customer: This is your mother, put your father on the phone.
Jesus: I clearly said you want to speak to him you have to speak to me.
Customer: Jesus, this is your Mother.
Jesus: No exceptions, sorry Mom, see you when I get home.

So Navibl was correct Jesus' statement had nothing to do with religion; he was merely a carpenter's secretary.

Religion was a diversion created by the Illuminati? I read that 5 times because I thought I must have read it wrong. Jesus died around 33 C.E. and Adam Weishaupt started the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. Unless you want to believe the theory that the Illuminati are in fact an extraterrestrial race of reptiles and can be traced back to the Garden of Eden. So Adam and Eve are happily living in the garden and the Illuminati seduced Eve with the tree of knowledge and 'enlightened' her. That clears that up. Next time anyone bitches that Satan fucked everything up by getting Eve to eat the fruit - just punch them in the face and show them back of the dollar bill and say "Satan is alright, it is those Illuminati bastards you have to watch for."

Michael Jackson lived each and every day trying to be Christ-like? Didn't Jesus Christ say something about a rich man getting in to heaven is more difficult than a male getting into Souza's underwear? Michael spent thousands on shopping trips. In the Bashir documentary (yes I know it is not meant to be mentioned) Michael spends thousands on various trinkets. More power to him, he earned the money, as I see it he spends it how he wants, he wants to buy a load of art and ornaments fair enough. I don't remember the Bible ever mentioning Jesus heading into the local Ed Hardy's and kitting all the disciples out. Maybe I just missed that bit.

The Bible speaks of Michael Jackson? What fucking Bible are you reading? I searched seven (thought the number 7 might help) different Bibles and not one mentioned Michael Jackson. NMJV (New Michael Jackson Version) might mention him, but not any of the so-called normal Bibles in use. And by the theory that religion is merely a diversion from the Illuminati would that not mean the Illuminati mention Michael Jackson?

And as for the Nephilim they get mentioned in Genesis 6:1-7. Noah built an ark and in Genesis 7:21 it states that "all flesh that moved upon the face of the earth died." So as the Illuminati never made it on the ark they died out. Sucks to be them. Dead in the first book of the Bible.

So while you are praying to an empty sky, seems the Illuminati created religion and there is no God, remember I'm not the one that said Christianity was an Illuminati trick. Hope your god, whomever that may be, strikes you down.

So the Illuminati who have been in power since man has been on the Earth can control billions of people through false religion yet they cannot stop two Dutch cunts from revealing all their plans? Doesn't seem that likely to me.