MJHD Steals Cassandra From Derek Clontz

MJHD has done it again - another exclusive. MJHD has pulled Cassandra from Derek Clontz. Who cares? Me, and a few others as well. MJTruth stated on their blog that they had been reading the MJHD forum and noticed that the posts were saying that Michael Jackson was reading their forum, even though the original quote from Cassandra was on Derek Clontz blog. I was going to try to sarcastically say something about this but MJTruth said it so eloquently that I'll just a quote from their excellent blog on the subject:

"The folks at MJHD because of Google search results, have gotten it in their head that they are SO important that even though Cassandra said Derek's blog, she really meant MJHD."

The topic at MJHD can be found here.

So who knows what is next at MJHD. Maybe we should be checking Derek Clontz's site to find out!


Yet Another Member Leaves MJHD

On Tuesday, September 8, 2009 at 6.42 Anna.K posted on http://mjkit.forumotion.net/

"Hey everyone !

If you've been on MJHD, you might already know who I am.

Since it's turning into Nazi Germany over there and new Kapos have taken their sticks, I thought I might hang around here after all. The resistance's setting its quarters !

Love you all


So it would seem the investigation into the faked death takes a back seat as the money-making, drama, and dictatorship take over.

On the subject of leaving MJHD, on Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 2.42 on the MJHD forum, forum member bexuk posted a topic about members pulling together. Minutes later, Moderator ~SilverWolf~ locked the topic. In the post that bexuk posted she stated that Moderators, Mo & Souza were removed.

Just in case the topic is deleted; below is a screen capture:


It's All About The Benjamins

A MJHD forum member emailed me when they got an email from MJHD. The body of the email was:

"Hey, everyone , there is some new tshirts available on http://mjas.spreadshirt.com , just remember I don't get any final fee off these tshirts apart from commission which is all getting donated to MJHD to help with the daily running of this website, so please play your part and help maintain this website. Thanks."

If you read the previous post, entitled "How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website?" you will already know that MJHD is considering a Premium Membership which will cost, and as stated in an explanation by the Admin of MJHD would "be going toward the site upgrade and the new Dedicated Web Hosting that this site now requires which is quite expensive."

Then there is the Ad Revenue which CubeStat.com estimates to be approximately $39.91 per day. (See previous post.) So just how much are the members of MJHD expected to pay for their free forum? How much is the commission on the sale of T-Shirts?

On the subject of T-Shirts, if you look at the T-shirts/Sweatshirts being advertised on mjas.spreadshirt.com you will notice that some would suggest the belief that Michael is dead:

The 1st T-Shirt has the text "Rest in Peace MJ", the 2nd T-shirt "Rest In Peace" and a glove, and the sweatshirt has "MJ 58 09"

Why would the Admin of MJHD, a site supposedly investigating, with the belief Michael is alive, be selling T-Shirts which suggest he has died?


More Google Cache Questions

In a previous article it was mentioned that Google had cached MJHD on June 23, 2009. The Admin of MJHD explained this was a glitch.

Today, doing a search on Google for the term "illuminus theo order" MJHD came up as item #6.

As can be seen from the above screen capture the MJHD post about Illuminus Theo was on June 25, 2009. Strange considering the blog concerning this was not created until July 2, 2009.

Not sure how the Admin of MJHD is going to explain this. But just how many glitches can Google have?


How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website?

In a recent forum post, Amy the Admin of MJHD stated that there was the possibility of a PREMIUM membership which would include downloads among other things. The stated reason for the charge is:

"The money I would be gaining from anyone who CHOSE to become a Premium MJHD Member would be going toward the site upgrade and the new Dedicated Web Hosting that this site now requires which is quite expensive."

Which leads to the question how expensive is web hosting? As MJHD is on GoDaddy at present that's where we looked for pricing. Godaddy's Premium Dedicated Web Hosting plan is $419.91 per month.

So it only seems fair that a PREMIUM membership should help pay for this? Well it would if the MJHD site was not already making money from it's advertising.

According to CubeStat.com MJHD's daily ads revenue is $39.91, which over a 31-day month would be $989.21 - more than enough to pay for the dedicated hosting of $419.91 a month. Also CubeStat base this on 13,304 page views. As the Admin claims to get 60,000 a day the daily ads revenue would be higher.


Why Let These Hateful People On MJHD?

In a recent forum topic entitled "What has happened to the MJHD Forum??" Amy, the MJHD Admin asked what had gone wrong with the MJHD forum. In it she admitted making money from the website and asked members not to be rude to her. She also addressed the topic of some MJHD forum members accusing her of being selfish.

But the question remains, if these so-called members are being rude, making accusations against the owner of MJHD, and generally not abiding by the rules of the MJHD website, why not just ban them from entering?

Having conflicting ideas is one thing, but being disrespectful to the person who runs the website/forum is another thing. If action is not taken it will only get worse.

Where Does MJHD Get It's Ideas?

Just where is MJHD getting it's ideas? A question that has been asked more than a few times. On the surface it looks as though MJHD forum members are truly investigating the whole conspiracy behind Michael's alleged death. But where are they getting their information?

In a recent post, dated September 6, 2009, MJHD forum member J.A.N.E.T posted about Dr. Tohme and Randy Phillips being related through marriage. This was posted on another Michael Jackson conspiracy site - mj-conspiracy.com - some 3 days earlier on September 3,2009 (link to the original story). I'm all for people sharing information across forums to get as many people sharing the truth as possible - but at least credit the original.

The question arises. Are MJHD forum members still searching for the truth, or just copying and pasting from other sites while they argue amongst themselves of how the forum should be run; and complain about the Admin and Moderators?


Members Up Traffic Down

According to Google Trends, the traffic for MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com has fallen since mid-July.

Yet from August 2, 2009 to September 4, 2009 MJHD member numbers rose by 2250; from 2123 to 4373 members.

This does not tie in with the information that the MJHD Admin gave in a recent post. Where she states "Everyday, there is a minimum of 60,000 visits to the site." on August 25, 2009. According to Alexa, the Web Information Company, the Traffic Rank is 55,787. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past 3 months not daily visitors. And if you use that figure, Alexa states that for September 3, 2009 the Traffic rank dropped to 38237. So if the Admin is using the Traffic Rank figure as a daily count that would indicate it has almost halved.

Surely with more members there would be more traffic and not less?

Looking At Admin's Answer To The Creation Date

On the MJHD website, the Admin, who named herself as Amy and living in Australia, stated that "The image (above) is the email I received from my previous Web Host, NTC Hosting on Friday 26th June, when my website was added to my hosting account."

If we look at that email, the answer that is given raises more questions.

According to the email posted on the MJHD website it was sent on Friday, June 26, 2009 at 10.40AM. As can be seen from the image, the email was in Outlook. Therefore the 10.40AM is local time for the Admin, Amy in Australia, and would therefore be 17 hours ahead of California's time. This would mean that NTC Hosting sent confirmation of the website registration at 5.40PM in California; just 3 hours and 18 minutes after Michael's reported death.

When was MJHD.com created?

This question has been asked over and over in the forums of MJHD. Some are sure that it was started before Michael Jackson's reported death of June 25, 2009, because of Google caching. In the Google cache it is shown that a comment was made on June 23, 2009 which Google cached as "We are dedicated to unveiling the conspiracy and hoax surrounding the death of Michael Jackson."

This has been put down to a glitch by Google by the Admin of MJHD. Read the full explanation by the Admin of MJHD here.

MJHD Conspiracy

This blog was created to display the facts about the MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath website. This blog will contain nothing which cannot be found on the Internet using Google search. This will keep the blog totally legal in the sense that all information on it will already be in the public domain.

Any person commenting on this blog should bear in mind that unless it is fact, gained legally, that a comment will be removed.

This blog is not here to persecute anyone connected with MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com but merely question the existence of the website; and ask the very same questions that MJHD forum members are asking.