Who Killed The Hoax?

The short answer is that the hoax killed the hoax. There you go saves a lot of time reading the rest of the post. Enjoy your Christmas and all that; thanks for stopping by.

If you want to hang around and read the long answer; then carry on reading.

Warning: This post contains strong language; but hey what did you really expect?

The idea that Michael Jackson may have faked his death, just like Elvis, sat with me for ages. But the dawn of realization made me reconsider this; and I decided that no matter what Michael Jackson had truly passed away.

But the hoax lived on with various mentally retarded people thinking they were Michael Jackson; and they made their way to various social networks. But these dipshits are just the bottom-feeders of the whole hoax community; the real turnip-munching, ass-chomping, fucktards are the ones that support these basement dwellers.

The people know who they are. They follow these wannabes as if it really was Michael Jackson tweeting away to them. And if you gives these fucked-up individuals any information which proves that these wannabe cocksuckers are not Michael Jackson they get all defensive and go into some #TeamDMovie or #TeamAMSI protective little ring to protect their 'supposed' idol.

Well, there is no nice way to put this, you are all fucking stupid assholes for thinking that someone who attacks Katherine Jackson openly in their tweets is Michael Jackson; the guy who adored and worshiped his mother. And you dumb fucks that support these basement dwellers are the ones that killed the hoax. You killed the legacy of your idol by believing that these fuck-ups of life are Michael himself.

So, when you follow the every word of these wannabes like they are some sort of savior remember the hoax is looking like a complete fucking joke so you people can get your kicks thinking that some high school dropout is Michael Jackson. So pat yourselves on your back and then wipe that slimy grin off your face because in all honesty you people make Conrad Murray look like a nice guy.

Some quick facts to piss you off just that little bit more. AMSI, or whatever shitty name they are using now, is not, will never be, and can never be Michael Jackson. You feed their ego, which they nurse because their mother rejected them at birth. You hang on their every word and treat it like some sort of gospel of Michael. You really think that Michael Jackson is tweeting to you. You need to just get over it. You need to look at all the evidence that various people have presented and realize that Michael Jackson is not, and never will be, on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or Pinterest.

You need to stop allowing these dumbass wannabes to mind-fuck each and everyone of you. If you really need to hold on to the idea that Michael Jackson is alive and well so be it. But to dilute his legacy with the belief that some ex-felon on Twitter is Michael Jackson not only deludes yourself it slowly but surely  leaves Michael Jackson's legacy looking like some murky pool of shit and piss.

Who killed the hoax? The people who fall for every fucking mind game going. If you think some asshole on Twitter, or some crazy Nazi preaching some regurgitated Seven Day Adventist bullshit can save you I truly pity you. But while you fall for everything you will receive an email from an African prince that needs your help - in advance he thanks you for your cash.