Traffic Still Declining While Members Rise

OK so traffic may still be decining over at MJHD. But who cares, the members numbers keep going up and up.

According to Site Analytics the number of unique page views has dropped and dropped at MJHD; but somehow the member number continues to rise. The figures are:

July 09: 36,759
August 09: 16,061
September 09: 11,570

So with unique page views dropping like dead flies how do member numbers keep rising? In all honesty it is impossible, unless the new members don't post anything which would be pointless as they could just read without signing up.

And for the oh so important people at MJHD. Reality, and proven figures, would suggest your not that important. Could it be that your scripted appearances of clues, and the endless censorship is no longer amusing. Or could it be that when someone already registered with MJHD (or Auntie Amy) creates a new member it doesn't count for anything because it is not a unique page view?

Technical note: Unique page views represents the number of individual visitors who have reviewed your pages: Each visitor to your site is counted only once, no matter how many pages he/she opens. This is based on IP address so that figures cannot be cheated by spam and scripts.



Anonymous said...

And not so hard to figure out why the vistors dropped.

In July, many believed in the hoax,
everything was fun and games.
Theories made some sense and there was intelligent discussions going on regarding how there could be a hoax.

In August, the will was entered into probate and the legal stuff started.
The coroner issued a statement,
the final death certificate was admended and issued,
and the DEA and FBI along with many other agencies got involved in the investigation.

So I think that in August most members then saw the legal aspects and realized that there was no way that there could be a hoax without Michael being in big time legal trouble.

No matter if he was the King of Pop.

The members over there seem to dismiss any legal ramifications by thinking that he could plan it out so he would not be charged,
but that is not true, far from it.

The state and federal govt would be so quick to file charges for fraud on many levels.

If you'll watch those legal issue threads over there,
they don't get many comments.
it shoots down their theories.

But the threads about S&M theories like the dog autopsy and timex ads are clued and the little mindless members follow.
for 16 pages, they follow......

Anonymous said...

Well said anonymous. They dismiss all legal truths and follow the fake. They believe what they want to believe and they are hurting themselves hiding from the truth.

Tomate Joyeuse said...

Sorry ? what is the theory of the dog'autopsy?

Anonymous said...

I know this is an older blog post, but I just wanted to give SkylinexBleedsxRed a big standing ovation!! Congratulations on finally realizing why members are going up, yet posts stay at the minimum. It only took you 2685 posts to figure it out, but hey, better late than never!! And I'm not being sarcastic (well, maybe a little) but it shows that even the ones that have been there for the long haul, are figuring Amy out! :)

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