Public Information Is OK By MJHD

So the thread about Karen Faye has been on the forum of MJHD for over 20 hours now; and the Admin of the site has been on the forum and not locked or deleted the thread to protect Karen Faye from unnecessary, and senseless, 'bashing'.

Therefore it can only be determined that as long as the information is on the Internet it is OK by MJHD standards to post, and allow, it. With that in mind here is the information which can be found out about the Admin of MJHD; Amy Sampson.

All of the following information was derived from a simple Google search which anyone could have completed. I know this has been done previously, but I thought I would confirm the details myself rather than just let someone with a grudge say everything was so.

Amy, the Admin of MJHD, is also the admin of a diaper fetish site. Her profile is here: Fox Tales Times. So Admin of a hoax death site and a diaper fetish site. Must get quite confusing whether to post about Michael Jackson or soiled diapers.

Wikipedia, on the subject of diaper fetishism, states: "Many diaper lovers gain arousal from "wetting" or urinating in their diapers. A smaller number gain the same arousal from using the diaper to "mess" or defecate."

Amy, the Admin of MJHD, has her own website. Which not unsurprisingly has various links back to MJHD. But one point of concern is the page "Bored at work? Why not play a prank!" In my honest opinion it looks bad that the Admin of a hoax death site is on about playing pranks. There are other posts on the Admin's website that could be mentioned but that is another post all on its own.

Amy Sampson, the Admin of MJHD, has a Twitter profile. Where she states she is a writer, florist, and web designer. Just to make a point here, she is not a florist, her official title according to her employer is Floral Assistant. The Web Designer item is interesting though, might explain why the Admin of MJHD has 23 other sites.

Talking of websites. Ever wonder when MJHD was created? Was it June 23? Was it June 26? Well according to Syra.com.au the site michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com was created on June 25, 2009. So checking the Syra page I found their phone number and contacted them. I asked them why they used an incorrect time and date on their servers considering their servers were located in Perth; Australia. They said that they didn't and that their servers were set to the same time as the rest of Perth (Western Standard Time - 15 Hours behind Pacific Time in the US). If you want to check this call Syra on 08 9422 0800 (please be mindful of the time difference from your country to theirs). And the whois page for MJHD is right here.

Michael Jackson's death was reported at 2.26PM on June 25, 2009. Add the 15 hour time difference and you are in to June 26, 2009. Therefore using the available data MJHD.com was indeed created before Michael's alleged death. The Admin has disputed this in the past and will dispute it again, but the facts, which are all linked here, from results from a Google search, are all here and tell the truth.

Read all the posts of this blog, discover the true driving force behind MJHD. It is not the truth; as the facts speak for themselves the driving force behind MJHD is money.


Anonymous said...

Poke :( doesnt know that. Thats strange! Very strange! All for money? And why registered a day before? Then it could be really MJ or a person for him? Whats going on ????? :(
Gosh - Im so confused. Michael I love you!

Anonymous said...

what`s your problem you little asshole??

Anonymous said...

i dont think mj has a diaper fetish

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