It's All About The Benjamins

A MJHD forum member emailed me when they got an email from MJHD. The body of the email was:

"Hey, everyone , there is some new tshirts available on http://mjas.spreadshirt.com , just remember I don't get any final fee off these tshirts apart from commission which is all getting donated to MJHD to help with the daily running of this website, so please play your part and help maintain this website. Thanks."

If you read the previous post, entitled "How Much Does It Cost To Run A Website?" you will already know that MJHD is considering a Premium Membership which will cost, and as stated in an explanation by the Admin of MJHD would "be going toward the site upgrade and the new Dedicated Web Hosting that this site now requires which is quite expensive."

Then there is the Ad Revenue which CubeStat.com estimates to be approximately $39.91 per day. (See previous post.) So just how much are the members of MJHD expected to pay for their free forum? How much is the commission on the sale of T-Shirts?

On the subject of T-Shirts, if you look at the T-shirts/Sweatshirts being advertised on mjas.spreadshirt.com you will notice that some would suggest the belief that Michael is dead:

The 1st T-Shirt has the text "Rest in Peace MJ", the 2nd T-shirt "Rest In Peace" and a glove, and the sweatshirt has "MJ 58 09"

Why would the Admin of MJHD, a site supposedly investigating, with the belief Michael is alive, be selling T-Shirts which suggest he has died?


GirlwitBrains said...

omggg that is soo weridddd... i wonder why she is playing tricks on ussss

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