Badkolo's Sekret Diary

Since Souza's secret diary was unearthed it was only a matter of time before other diaries, concerning people in the hoax forums, came to light. The latest was the diary of Badkolo; the moderator over at the S&M Concentration Camp.

The following diary entries are just a sample of what is contained within the diary. Further entries cannot be disclosed due to contractual obligations between Badkolo and BigBoys.com.

June 25, 2009: Mom told me that Michael Jackson had died. She told me this while I was eating the stew she had made. I didn't want her to see me crying so I said I wasn't hungry and left the table. She also said that someone called Jason had called. Then we got in to an argument about my friends calling the apartment. I wish I had my own place!

June 30, 2009: Found a website today called MJHD.COM. A really nice woman runs it. Her name is Amy. I told Jason about it and he just laughed. I tried to explain it to him but as usual I had a problem forming sentences. As usual I cried when I got confused; but Jason comforted me.

July 6, 2009: Spoke to two women on MSN. Made a change for me to talk to women. Their names are Souza and Mo. By the way they act I think they are lesbians; but who am I to judge? Mom asked if I had started saving for an apartment of my own. She said she needed me out of the way on her Bridge night. I said I would look when I can afford it. She gave me $300 and said it was a start.

July 8, 2009: Mom asked about me moving again. I think she wants me out. She had circled all the cheap apartments in the local paper. Jason said I could move in with him if I wanted to.

July 9, 2009: Bridge night at Moms. I had to go out for the night. Spent the night in the park. I met this guy called Peter. We sat and talked for ages. He said he did websites and if I grew my hair I could be an Internet star. I could make money to get out of Mom's place. I must remember to look at his website; it is called RingRaiders.COM.

July 10, 2009: Went to the website Peter owns. Saw one of my old loves on there. He has changed. Mr Thompson stopped over last night. I saw him coming out of my Mom's room. He must have been gambling heavy last night as he told me to give my Mom the $50 he owed her. He said he would have but she was still sleeping.

July 19, 2009: Was talking to Souza and Mo again tonight. I wish I could tell them how I am as I am sure they would understand what I am going through. Mom was angry all day. I think she saw a mouse because she was muttering about 'getting rid of the vermin'. I hope there are none in my room.

July 22, 2009: Jason called today. Said he was into Vaseline. This really confused me as I thought he worked for a dermatologist.

July 29, 2009: I cannot believe my luck - I was on MJHD.COM and I found this thread entitled 'Gold Pants'. I spent 2 hours there before I went to Peter's website. I am sure Souza and Mo are lesbians. Souza accidentally sent me something which was meant to go to Mo. I showed it to Jason and he said something about 'a nasty couple of rug munchers'.

August 4, 2009: MJHD.COM closed. I don't really care anymore. Mom has arranged for me to meet this girl from church for dinner tomorrow. Mom gave me $30 for dinner and said to be back late as Mr Thompson was coming round. I found this funny because it was not her usual Bridge night.

August 5, 2009: I hate the world. I had a dinner date with Michelle from Mom's church. The dinner went well. And after half a glass of wine I confessed to her that I was gay. She said that I just hadn't met the right woman. We were in her car and she placed my hand on her breast. I just cried. I got out the car and ran home. Mr Thompson was fixing Mom's bedroom door and it wouldn't open so I couldn't even speak to Mom.

August 7, 2009: Jason came round. I think he is putting on weight; he felt heavier tonight. I told him about Michelle and he said that I didn't need a woman. He is so right.

August 11, 2009: Came home to find Mr Thompson putting my things on the sidewalk. Mom said Mr Thompson was just measuring my room to see if a pool table would fit in there.

These are the only entries which BigBoys.com will allow to be published until negotiations are finished.


Legal Notice: This diary has not been verified. All details contained within the diary entries have not been verified. Although Badkolo has never officially said he was gay the videos on BigBoys.com may prove it. This post is satire based on rumors and speculation.


She Never Left

Amy Sampson, the first admin of MJHD.COM never left. Now you all have a warm glow in your hearts because the cheating bitch who used Michael's name to merely make money never left - and chances are that she remains in control at the S&M Concentration Camp.

Back, on August 4, 2009 Amy Sampson allegedly closed the doors of MJHD.COM. Then came all the drama of Fuckfish and Nightmare; and the whole episode of John Smith crashing everything (which if you consider that MJDHI and MJHD.NET both link to an archive of the original MJHD.COM seems suspicious).

Then on December 3, 2009 Amy had allegedly had enough and put MJHD.COM up for sale. Enter Bumkolo, who being the nice, gay, guy that he pretends to be purchases it for $300. Which some think odd seems he has filed bankruptcy and lives with his Mom. So a guy leeches off his Mom to save enough money to buy a website that is attached to so much drama and bullshit it is practically worthless? (Doesn't sound right no matter what way you look at it.)

Today, May 29, 2010 I stumble across a profile of Amy Sampson - http://www.arkayne.com/1155/ - which gives a link to the MJDHI forum.

At first I just brushed it off as a mistake and something Amy hadn't removed. But I got to thinking how the fuck did Amy link to a website that was not created when she supposedly left? I mean it even has the musical notes on the text the same as the forum currently does. Why would Amy link to a forum that she had nothing to do with? I put it down to a glitch but it cannot be a glitch - the arkayne profile for Amy Sampson had to have been created after MJDHI had started.

This opened up a whole shit load of questions:

Why is Amy Sampson linking to MJDHI? - Only real reasons that exist is that she is either a member there or she still owns it; and the sale was a mere ruse to make everyone think it was sold. Anyone can photoshop an email screen to make it look like it announces a sale of a website.

Did Badkolo really buy MJHD.COM? - Unlikely. The embarrassment of living at home with his Mom and not allowed to bring his male friends home for the night would be enough for any real man to save everything for moving out from his Mom.

Are the four playing games with the members?
- Oh for sure. The only thing that really remains unclear is what they hope to gain from it.

Did Amy Sampson ever leave? - If Badkolo never bought the website she still owns it and just because it now redirects to the S&M Concentration Camp means nothing. The possibility exists that she owns that too.

Souza, Mo, and Badkolo just have not presented themselves as being intelligent enough to pull anything off on their own. Souza and Mo got fucked by two trashy tabloids. And Badkolo cannot think for himself. Every solution he presents is to ban members. So somebody has to be pulling the strings of these three puppets - and the chances are that it is indeed Amy Sampson.


Additional Information After Post Was Posted

The above is a screen grab which was taken on 29/05/2010 of http://www.amysampson.com.au - Amy Sampson's own website. Notice the image on the left and the image on the Arkayne profile match.

Legal Notice: Amy Sampson remains heavily involved with the hoax. Her exact involvement and reasons as of yet remain a mystery. Badkolo admitted to filing bankruptcy and living with his Mom. Souza and Mo have not admitted to being lesbians this is merely speculation.


MJHD.NET Proves The Predictions

I said in a couple of previous posts that MJHD.NET could not find Michael Jackson if he was sitting right there next to them fuckers on the couch. And in the topic they prove me right.

I have a little warm glow that I am right but at the same time it is kind of worrying that these flower throwing idiots are investigating the hoax.

In the topic "Guess What's Back!! :O" Secret Dove dons their stupidity helmet and announces to the world that something is back. And at the end of their post give the link to MichaelJacksonDeathHoax.com.

Now from the title of the topic I am guessing that Secret Dove knows about MJHD.COM or they would never have said "Guess What's Back!!" But as they logged in to MJHD.NET to tell the world the ground-breaking news you'd of thought they would realize that MJDH is somewhat different to MJHD - so nothing is back.

I was willing to cut Secret Dove some slack, and presumed they needed pity for their dyslexia as opposed to just correcting their stupidity. But just as I was about to a few more of the flower throwing idiots jumped on the stupid bus to rant about MJHD being back.

Along with their helmets and stupidity passes, without ever actually reading the link people start throwing accusations around like they know what the fuck they are on about. First it is Souza and Mo, then Amy gets thrown in to the mix, and before you know it even I get dragged into the whole mess.

We have to wait for page 2, where Xenogears puts some form of normalcy in and tries to point out the mistakes; not that those already aboard the stupid bus listen.

Then Slag.In.The.City has an idea that maybe I created the forum. Hey Slag.In.The.City read Xenogears comment there is an LOL at the end, it was humor. Don't try to think. Read first and then think, and if you still feel the need then type. Do NOT skip the reading and thinking part though because you look more retarded than usual.

But hold the front page. Someone wants to steal Slag.In.The.City's crown of stupidity. Along comes bittyditty on page 4 to categorically state "That is the address for the original site - Amy's site." No. If you'd read pages 1 to 3 you'd have left the crown with Slag.In.The.City but you thought you'd skip the first few pages. This is NOT Shakespeare and there are no Cliff Notes to cheat with - you have to read.

But like Xenogears another light of genius shines through the dark clouds of stupidity. Ovaltine Jenkins suggests that it could be Silverwolf. Now I'm not willing to stick my neck out like that and say it is but the writing styles and certain errors are the same as Fuckfish made. Personally I'm holding off on making that decision.

Then Xenogears shows why they are top of the class. They mention that 'doggie' has a forum of their own. Indeed I do. Now if only all the drooling morons could get off the stupid bus and learn from Xenogears things would be in better shape.

Rolling on to page 5 along comes bec who obviously got on the bus at the last stop. bec instantly jumps to the defense of Badkolo saying he never stole it and bought and paid for it. bec you need to do your history first. Badkolo didn't actually pay for it, the people of America paid for it. You see he filed bankruptcy and had all his gay debts wiped out. This in turn gets added to the bills of responsible people to make up for the various losses. So he lives at home with his mother because he cannot financially manage his own life. So no he didn't pay for it - everyone in the US who pays their bills paid for it. Which might be why he lives at home with his Mom seems he is putting $300 on a website that is dead in the water so it can redirect to the S&M Concentration Camp. It kind of proves he cannot handle money responsibly and will most likely end up in some welfare line with his boyfriend in tow.

But back to the point of this post. READ ... THINK ... RE-READ ... TYPE. If some of the members actually did that instead of handing out flowers and hugs they might get taken more seriously.

And before all you cunts at MJHD.NET start fucking complaining that I am ripping on all of you - I am not. I'm ripping on the dumb fucks that start commenting without reading the topic; and previous posts by other members. If you fit in that category and you want to bitch about it - go the fuck ahead.

To end on a positive note (I know it is scary) Xenogears, don't get too close to the stupid bus you are too good for that. You are one of the few bright lights in the craziness.


Legal Notice: I have no affiliation with any forum involving the letters MJHD in any anagram. The only forum I am affiliated with is Army Of Laugh - which I need to visit more often to be honest.


Elizabeth Taylor Issues A Challenge

Speaking exclusively, today, Elizabeth Taylor issued a challenge to Arnie Klein and Jason Pfeiffer. Elizabeth said: "I'm tired of these two faggots disrespecting Michael. If they wanted an enemy they have got one. But I'm not just going to find these two on the street and set them straight; I want to meet either of them in the ring."

Elizabeth Taylor announced to a press conference that she is willing to meet either Arnie Klein or Jason Pfeiffer in the boxing ring with the loser donating $1,000,000 to the winner's choice of charity.

Don King, boxing promoter, and long time friend of Elizabeth said: "Oh my god these two better watch out. A lot of people know Liz from her movies but what most don't know is that back in the day she used to box. I said back in the 70s that if she wanted to go pro I'd make her the women's champion within two years. These two clowns better watch out she has one hell of a mean right hook."

Elizabeth Taylor continued: "I don't agree with these two people. People have the choice to follow whatever sexuality that they want but when you disrespect someone else you cross the line."

Reed Richards, spokesman for BetUS.com, said: "News of this challenge spread through the betting community like wildfire. BetUS took a look at the challengers and to be honest it is looking like a one horse race. Arnie and Jason don't stand a chance. Elizabeth has the backing of Don King; and with that sort of backing the safe money is on Elizabeth knocking either opponent out."

A statement issued by Arnie Klein reads: "This is a very strange challenge. I have always admired Elizabeth but she has gone too far this time. If she thinks that either me or Jason will not face her in the ring she is right. I got a call last night about this and me and Jason have been up all night worrying. We get death threats already as it is last thing we need is to be beaten up by a woman in the ring."

Jermaine Jackson, speaking about the challenge, said: "Fuck Arnie Klein; this wouldn't be the first time that evil, ugly, fuck has been beaten about the ring if you know what I mean."

Arnie Klein has not answered as of yet whether he will, or will not, accept the challenge.

Elizabeth Taylor (circa 1971)


Legal Notice: Elizabeth Taylor, Jermaine Jackson, Don King, BetUS.com, or the two faggots had anything to do with this post. This post is merely satire although the odds for Arnie Klein or Jason Pfeiffer winning such a match stand at approximately 10000000000000000000000000:1


Souza's Secret Diary Revealed

A package arrived today, which was odd seems I was not expecting anything, and what was inside was just pure dynamite. Inside was Souza's diary.

The diary was started on June 26, 2009 and the last entry is dated December 24, 2009 so I can only presume that she got a new diary for Christmas.

Inside the front cover of the diary it reads "The private thoughts and feelings of Souza" Below are a few of the translated entries from the diary.

June 26, 2009: "Just saw on the TV that Michael Jackson has died. I really don't care as I never was a fan of his. Saw the ambulance leaving Michael's home. Something didn't seem right. Why did the ambulance reverse so slowly? Why no sirens? Very strange indeed."

July 22, 2009: "Just got off MSN. It has been a long day. Spoke to Mo for ages; it seems like we really connected. She thinks like me and everything. I know I don't really know her but she is very sweet. Conrad Murray's offices got raided - don't think they will find anything there."

July 23, 2009: "Had a really strange but sexy dream last night. It was weird at points but I was watching a video about Michael in his gold pants, and as I was watching the video for some reason Michael turned in to Mo. I'm not even sure what Mo looks like but she is hot in gold pants. I wonder if she is a lesbian?"

July 24, 2009: "For some reason I told Mo about the dream. At first she seemed shocked and signed out of MSN. But a few minutes later she came back on and said she had a husband but she wasn't happy. There might be hope there yet!!!"

August 4, 2009: "MJHD closed today. LOL. Mo said that Amy had enough. Serves her right for banning us. It is good news for us though as more people will come to MJKit to look at the hoax about Mike. I can't get Mo out of my head. No matter what I am thinking about I drift off to Mo."

August 5, 2009: "With MJHD shut traffic went up a bit but that information pales into insignificance with the other news... Mo called me Love tonight on MSN. I said goodnight as usual and she typed 'Goodnight Love' I was shaking for about 10 minutes."

August 20, 2009: "Sony announced the release date of This Is It. I found it strange that the press release did not mention the fact that the Illuminati may be involved. Mo was really nice to me on MSN tonight. She suggested we could get more 'investigating' done if we met up. I of course agreed to it - but what should I wear?"

August 21, 2009: "Didn't sleep last night at all, not sure if it is nerves or excitement. A million thoughts were going through my head. What will This Is It contain? Will there be any clues? Would Mo prefer the red or the black thong? After a tiring night I got stuck with Badkolo on MSN he said some things which made me think he is gay."

August 23, 2009: "Met Mo for the first time tonight. She was all that I expected then some. We talked for hours and hours about Mike, the forum, and the Illuminati. I told Mo I thought Badkolo was gay and she said she thought he was too. When we parted I went to kiss Mo, I so wanted to kiss her on the lips but instead I settled for the cheek. Seems I didn't need to worry about the thong."

September 3, 2009: "Mo and myself are catching some heat for the dog autopsy theory. Anything is possible. Mo sent me some pictures in an email, I printed them out and placed them on my wall next to my bed. Mike's funeral was today."

September 7, 2009: "This Illuminati is very scary. I told Mo if she needed any where to hide she could hide in my bed. She just typed 'LOL' which brought a tear to my eye."

September 9, 2009: "Someone calling themselves MJHD Conspiracy mentioned in a blog that Amy is selling t-shirts. I read the blog because it picks on Amy - that will teach her for banning us. Strange thing is that Mo feels sorry for Amy. Maybe Mo would feel sorry for me if she knew that my heart beats for her."

Most of the entries during September to December still need to be translated to English so that they can be understood. Although one entry in October stuck out.

October 28, 2009: "This Is It opened tonight. But the bigger news is that Mo opened tonight. We were working on a theory and drinking some wine, and after a couple of bottles Mo leaned over and kissed me - and not just on the cheek. It was magic. She blushed. She looks so sweet when she blushes. It didn't go any further but I am sure it will."


Legal Notice: This diary was never delivered. There is no proof that this is the actual diary of Souza; although the subliminal ties with The Hitler Diaries makes it funny. This post is satire - if any of these events took place it is purely coincidental.

Get Over Yourselves

Michael Jackson may never come back. Sad to say but it is true. And why would he? Every fucker is growing a fucking ego over the hoax. Wouldn't be able to see his way back.

Souza & Mo, PianoGames, Maura, MidnightMLK, and TS have all let this hoax go to their heads and inflate their egos beyond belief.

I know some of you will be thinking PianoGames shouldn't be on that list. But yesterday he tweeted something which really just irked me the wrong way. A trailer for a Youtube hoax movie. For fucks sake it isn't the latest Steven Spielberg film being released it is a fucking homemade movie which will be on Youtube. No fucking red carpet, no celebrity premiere - just being uploaded to Youtube. Just get it done and upload the video. Oh and for the record Uri Geller knows shit and has repeatedly said that Michael Jackson is dead on his website.

Souza and Mo are just on some ego trip contacting every fucking place that is guaranteed to screw them over. But within a few weeks they will contact the next rag mag to try and promote themselves - even though they want to remain anonymous. My guess is that Souza and Mo will soon be revealed by the National Enquirer.

Maura for me is just too full of herself. She has some good points and some, that I consider, crazy points. Anyone who disagrees is instantly wrong. People have different opinions - Maura nobody, except Michael, knows anything for sure so at least listen before you dismiss anybody that doesn't agree with you. You are starting to act, and sound, like Souza and Mo. Maybe you spent too much time there.

MidnightMLK. For fucks sake. Why anybody is still following this shit is beyond me. Let me sum up their tweets - Mind Control, I know nothing, I know nothing. Might as well fucking follow Ashton Kutcher on Twitter for the same amount of clues.

TS/TIAI. What the fuck is wrong with some of the dumb cunts in this hoax. Most of the TIAI bullshit points to Illuminati involvement. So these alleged all-powerful Illuminati cunts can control the world but not stop TIAI from giving clues? Give me a fucking break.

At present, every believer - myself included, is in the same fucking boat. We all know nothing for sure. We all have theories, we all have ideas, we all have interpretations of clues. But we just don't know for sure. We never will unless Michael makes a come back and sets the record straight.

Doesn't matter if you are fucking Queen Souza, Lord PianoGames, or Overlord TS or anybody else we are all on the same level playing field. Nobody knows more than anyone else - and we may never know the truth; just our own individual theories.


Legal Notice: None required again.


Michael Jackson Tweets

As I am sure many of you are aware not only is Michael Jackson alive and well he is tweeting his little white socks off.

Sorry, but he isn't tweeting.

Let us all get on the magical bus and take a virtual time-travel journey to 100 North Carolwood Drive on June 25, 2009. Michael fakes his death and has the worlds media watching every step of it unravel a little bit at a time. Yes, the whole fucking world was watching, within 24 hours almost everyone in the world had seen the infamous pictures of the ambulance leaving the home of Michael Jackson.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Now anyone who has tweeted to someone thinking it to be Michael Jackson, a friend of Michael Jackson, or an insider who worked with Michael Jackson and is telling you clues via Twitter, can get the fuck off the bus. This bus is heading for reality and you obviously are not ready for reality.

No matter if you think Michael is alive or is dead the one thing that nobody can argue with is that Michael Jackson was a megastar. Everyone knows who he is. Doesn't matter if you live in the middle of some African jungle, with no TV, or radio, you know who Michael Jackson is. If you live in the middle of a desert with no water, no electric, and only a passing camel to call traffic you still know who Michael is.

Through the process of rational thought we, together, have proven that Michael is famous the world over. So what makes any of you monkey lovers think that Michael is going to comeback, or announce his comeback, through Twitter?

Seriously a tweet comes from @TheRealMJ saying "Hi this Michael Jackson but twitter hasn't verified my account because they think I am dead." and you jump up and down, all giddy that Michael Jackson is tweeting to you. Wake up smell the coffee, and accept that injection of reality from Conrad Murray. Michael is not tweeting you. Chances are Michael will never tweet you.

Then we have all the friends and insiders that are tweeting cryptic clues to when Michael is coming back. Once again it is not going to happen. Do you really think that Michael Jackson is telling someone to give cryptic clues as to when he is coming back?

Michael: Hey Dave can you tell the people on Twitter when I am coming back?
Dave: Sure I'll do it right now Michael.
Michael: No wait, don't just tell them. Make them add some numbers up and then they will have to work out what the numbers mean.
Dave: Couldn't we just tell them?
Michael: Yeah we could but let us have a little fun first. Make them work for it.
Dave: That is no way to treat your fans.
Michael: True.
Dave: Why are we announcing in Twitter any way?
Michael: We are not. Do you realize the amount of effort that went into this hoax? Think I'm going to announce it on Twitter to someone following 17 other Michael Jacksons?
Dave: Well you did say ...
Michael: I was making a point.

But we don't have to just worry about the mentality of these people following the 17 Michael Jacksons we have to worry what are the motives of the people pretending to be Michael Jackson, his friends, and the insiders? Is it loneliness? Is it that their own real life is so pathetic that they can only get enjoyment in their miserable lives by
fooling people?

There is a real Michael Jackson Twitter account it is @michaeljackson - it is verified and is linked to the official Michael Jackson website which surprisingly is www.michaeljackson.com - there is no other Twitter account for Michael Jackson.

So now we have the real account who are the fakes?

@TheRealMJackson, 0 tweets, following 27, 26843 followers.
@MJJackson1958, 11 tweets, following 20, 3727 followers.
@mj0898, 0 tweets, following 77, 484 followers.
@themikeofficial, 4427 tweets, following 558, 5909 followers.
@mikejackson, 0 tweets, following 0, 16 followers.
@MichaelJune2010, 3285 tweets, following 426, 1409 followers.
@thisisalmostit, 61 tweets, following 30, 680 followers.
@RealKingOfPOp, 3 tweets, following 3, 974 followers.

We have a possible 40,000 delusional people that think Michael Jackson is tweeting. And that is not even including all the crackheads and dumb losers that are claiming to give clues about where Michael is; and when he is coming back.

Think about it. The man is a superstar, known throughout the world, and has faked his death; and now he is going to sit and tweet to just anybody that will follow him? I don't think so.


Legal Notice: Twitter owns the fail whale until some Japanese whaling boat captures it.


Illuminati Warn Souza And Mo

Yesterday, the Illuminati issued a stern warning to Administrators of the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators website - "Leave the Illuminati alone or you will die." Usually such a statement would not carry much weight but Joe Jackson, patriarch of the Jackson family, has said that he totally supports the sentiments contained in the video.

The video was sent to ABC news, who broke their usual program "Money Matters" to show the video in full. Although it lasts a little over a minute the message is very chilling. The full transcript of the video is:

"Who I am is not important. Who I represent is important. I represent the Grand Lodge of the Order of Enlightened. We watch your media and see the lies that are perpetrated against us. We have been watching conspiracy theory websites and forums for a long time now. We are not happy with how two Dutch women are portraying us on their forum. The lies must stop or action will be taken. We had nothing to do with Michael Jackson faking his death and have no desire to be associated in any shape or form with this matter. If the people who run this forum do not cease their constant lies then our order will have no other alternative than to act to ensure that our good name is not marred by these foolish people.

The Order has a strict code which is adhered to. We do not promote violence of any sort unless it is in defense. The administrators of this forum have consistently attacked our very order; and as such we are afforded the right to defend ourselves. If this results in death it is justified by the very code which we follow. We are not trying to control the world, we are not involved in clandestine activities which impact world governments, and as I stated we are not in any way involved with Michael Jackson faking his death.

If this constant attack on our order does not cease we will have no option than to take action on these people; and believe me when I say our order will not stop until their blood is raining from the very skies."

ABC Nightline news reporter, Chris Bury, said "We were not sure who sent the video to us. And we originally had no intention of playing it on air but something about the video just screamed that it needed to be shown to the world. We have since removed the video from our websites due to threats which were made against our producer Tom Bettag. It did however open my eyes to the lengths that some people will go to just to promote their own ideology. I mean this Souza and Mo are seriously on another planet."

As usual the Jackson family remains split about the video; with very few members of the family acknowledging the existence of the video. But Joe Jackson spoke about the video: "I'm not into that Illuminati bullshit crap. Ain't nobody controlling my world; except Katherine if you know what I mean. But I had a look at this forum that was mentioned and these people are fucking crazy. Who in their right mind goes to the Sun newspaper? Them motherfuckers used to use Michael as fodder for their rag. And then that lesbian, according to rumors, gets on her forum and starts fucking crying about how the sun misquoted her. Fucking shut up bitch. So I agree with these Illuminati people if you can't stand the heat get the fuck out the kitchen. I would have to bitch-slap Katherine upside the head if she pulled that shit. Come on, you can't take two alleged lesbians, and a gay clown seriously. No wonder these Illuminati people are pissed. If someone is going to step up and diss you then you want it to be someone worthwhile. No point busting a cap on a couple of lesbians and a faggot unless that faggot is Jason Pfeiffer. I'd bust a cap in that motherfucker in a motherfucking heartbeat."

Although the video was removed from the ABC website the controversy over the contents have sent shock waves throughout the Internet. Google co-founder, Larry Page said: "That is some scary shit, but you mess with the big boys you better bring your 'A' game. We had the same problem with China. We just sat back and said fuck them and look what happened. You have to take this sort of thing seriously."

(Video Capture from ABC News 05/12/2010)


Legal Notice: The Illuminati does not exist in the scary way they are portrayed it is just a bunch of corrupt governments and bankers who think they control the world. They get away with this because people believe it. ABC and Google, and their representatives, had nothing to do with this post. This post has no connection to Vanity Fair and as such should not be taken seriously. This post is satire.


A Letter To Souza

Below is an open letter to Souza. Basically saying that the shit she got herself in with the Sun was her own fault. If she wants to reply she can.

Dear Souza,

So the S&M Concentration Camp made it to the Sun newspaper, and now you are bitching on your website that the Sun did not print what they said they were going to print.

Big fucking deal. Karma is a bitch sometimes that comes and bites you in the ass just for the hell of it.

In the first reply to Jenna Sloan, of the Sun, you told Jenna "Members call your paper 'tabloid trash'."

So why not listen to your members who may have actually read the paper to know it is tabloid trash? Failure to listen to advice from your own members got you in this fucking shit hole - too bad, suck it up, and next time listen to your members for a start. Does their opinion mean so little to you?

Then you give Jenna 3 links to look at. Debunking Wacko Jacko For once And For All, Mike - Victim Of Illuminati Mind Control, and V For Vendetta V For Vengeance. Why? If in your race for fame, you had bothered to check the term "Wacko Jacko" was first used by the National Enquirer and then the Sun newspaper. Which should of told you what sort of newspaper you were dealing with. Research would have paid off.

Why those three topics? Why not mention the ambulance picture, Jermaine slipping up and saying "airport", some of the legal issues? These would have been mainstream hoax topics that almost all hoaxers agree with. The Illuminati is very much restricted in the audience of the general public - due to the fact that the Illuminati and government control are in the realms of the conspiracy theorists. This article was supposed to be about Michael Jackson being Dave Dave, and thus faking his death. It was a chance to promote that idea and not the New World Order.

When Jenna replied to this and she said "I guarantee your words will not be twisted or changed." why on earth did you fucking believe her? You can trust someone from a tabloid trash newspaper but not your own members? All you had to do was read the policy over at the Sun website to know she could change anything she wanted. It clearly states:

11.1 By displaying, emailing, publishing or submitting for display or publication ("posting") any Content on or through the Website or the Services, you hereby grant to Provider a Worldwide sub-licensable, perpetual, transferable, non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use in any way whatsoever including but not limited to, public performance, public display, publishing, reproduction, broadcasting, amendment or modification of Content, transmission and distribution of Content on and through the Website, the Services and/or any newspaper or other publication published by Provider in its different present and future forms for example newsprint, Braille, talking book, electronic databases, e-paper, website or any other facsimile or derivative versions in any medium.

Yet again your need for fame stopped you from checking out the facts.

So the mess you now find yourself in is your own fault. You created by being too eager to have some link in a fucking trashy tabloid. Grow up. You made the mistake you have to live with it. Don't expect your members to feel sorry for you because you were so eager to jump into the limelight you didn't bother to check on what your members had already told you; and yet for the fame you were so willing to believe someone from a tabloid your own members had said was trash you fell for Jenna Sloan's lies.

What about doing the things you do for the right reason - to find the truth?



Legal Notice: None required for a change.


How Dumb Are Some Of You People?

What a way to start the day - pissed off, because some dumb ass sends me an email with regards to Justice4MJ. Obviously some half-wit who had never read the blog, otherwise they would of guessed that I believe Michael Jackson faked his death and is still alive.

But as I read the email I realized that the person who sent it believes that Michael Jackson is still alive. So what fucking gives? How can a person believe that Michael faked his death and still want "Justice 4 MJ"?

Simple answer, according to the intersection graph above, is you cannot. You are just retarded. Which makes sense. You cannot believe that Michael is alive and still want justice in court; with Conrad Murray being charged with murder.

It is just impossible. But it ties with so many other elements regarding the hoax that are impossible too.

The S&M Concentration Camp keep going on and on and on about this all-powerful Illuminati group of elite people that control the world. Yet the forum that supposedly shows all of their crooked schemes remains up along with their sources such as Alex Jones and the Vigilant Citizen.

The ThisIsAlsoIt (aka ThisIsASackOfShit and ThisIsAllShit) redirects point to various things. Go through the list from the very beginning and you will find at least 50% of that shit points to the Illuminati and conspiracy theories.

You cannot be on both sides of the fence. You cannot think Michael is alive, and at the same time believe that the Illuminati had something to do with his murder. It is just not fucking possible. Murder means someone took the life of another person; so if you believe that Michael is alive how the fuck can you be screaming for "Justice 4 MJ"?

It is just so fucking retarded that people who believe Michael Jackson is alive follow these fucking idiot groups on Twitter and Facebook screaming that they want to see Conrad Murray swinging from the gallows. You just cannot have it both ways.

So next time, if you believe Michael is very much alive, and you want to go to the court and protest about "Justice 4 MJ" you can wear the exclusive badge designed specifically for those occasions. And tell people with pride that you are a fucking retard and your time on this Earth is really just a waste of oxygen.


Legal Notice: Thinking that MJ is alive and screaming for "Justice 4 MJ" does not entitle anyone for any special mental disability payments which may exist. Although it does suggest that you should seek help immediately.


Comedy Central Causes Controversy

Comedy Central are catching some flack for an episode of Teletubbies which is to be screened on Friday, June 25, 2010.

Although the half hour show is a parody of the Teletubbies, and has not been aired yet, the channel has already started receiving complaints.

Steve Albani, a spokesperson for Comedy Central, said in a statement: "We hoped that people would see the funny side. We are not sure why people are having such a problem over this particular show. It is not like South Park where the creators were going to put the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a particular episode. People need to lighten up and see the funnier side of things sometimes."

The Teletubbies parody episode in question is all based around Michael Jackson hoaxing his death. Tinky Winky will be played by Jason Pfeiffer, Po will be played by Arnie Klein, Lala will be played by Joe Jackson, and Dipsy will be played by Brian Oxman. It is alleged that video footage of Michael Jackson was superimposed to be the child in the sun.

Brian Oxman, talking about the show, said: "It has been a nightmare. Everybody involved wanted to get something in the show. Joe wanted to somehow promote his record company, and I, myself, was hoping to get a plug in for the t-shirts that I am selling; although I make no money from their sale. But the biggest argument was between Jason and Arnie over who was to be Tinky Winky. Both wanted to be the 'gay' teletubby in the end it came down to fight; well if you can call it a fight. It was more like handbags at twenty paces."

Although other characters have not officially been named it is rumored that Katherine Jackson will be doing the voice of Noonoo. Katherine confirmed the rumors in a recent interview when she was asked about her involvement when she replied: "Once again it looks like I'll be cleaning up Joe's mess."

At the announcement, which was rather low-key, Jermaine Jackson had this to say: "It is nice that even though my family have their pains we can still laugh. That is what Michael wants. I don't think this will distract from the planned tribute concerts that I have put together." Joe Jackson, father of Michael and Jermaine commented: "Don't put down that I'm Jermaine's father, I play that down as much as possible. If you had seen the milkman we had in Gary Indiana you would know who his father was. That greasy fucker is not the fruit of my loins."

Comedy Central expect the controversy to heat up once the show is actually aired. Steve Albani continued: "Oh come on. South Park can put Jesus in a brothel but we put a couple of gays and a couple of crooked bastards in some silly costumes and we get the hate mail. That shit is seriously fucked up."

Although the show itself has already caused controversy some of what has been captured during filming has caused even more controversy. An argument between Jason Pfeiffer and Arnie Klein was caught by one of the production staff; and the audio has been circulating the Internet.

Pfeiffer: I knew I should have been the gay teletubby.
Klein: Oh, just shut up. It was meant to be me.
Pfeiffer: But I was Michael's gay lover.
Klein: For fucks sake. That was a lie. It was all bullshit. We made that up to get you in the media. You never had an affair with Michael.
Pfeiffer: But you said that I did.
Klein: Just to get you noticed. Michael would never look at a couple of fat gays like us. For one he was straight.
Pfeiffer: So why did we say it?
Klein: Because we needed the exposure you dumb ox.
Pfeiffer: But you said it was true; and I would be famous.
Klein: Just shut the fuck up. You ruined that for us both.I told you to lose some fucking weight so it might be slightly believable. And when I got you that fitness instructor he was meant to help. But no, you fucked him and ate him you asshole.
Pfeiffer: Your just pissed because he liked me more than you.
Klein: Come on, you believe that? I had to pay the fitness instructor to sleep with you. I didn't know you was going to eat him after you fat cunt.
Pfeiffer: Ooh. Look at the pot calling the kettle black.
Klein: Least I don't look like a pot-bellied pig.

With all the controversy surrounding the show, and the main people in it, this is definitely going to be a show you do not want to miss.

The Teletubbies - Has parody reached a new low?


Legal Notice: Comedy Central, Steve Albani, and anyone else mentioned in this post had nothing to do with anything. This post is satire. Although Jason Pfeiffer and Arnie Klein are both self-confessed gays it has never been truly confirmed that Tinky Winky is; although the handbag is a big clue.


Vanity Fair June 2010

Yesterday, for a few mere minutes on the Vanity Fair website (www.vanityfair.com) there was what could be the biggest clue in the whole hoax.

Clicking the button "Magazine" took you to the usual show of Vanity Fair magazine covers. Except above June 2010 was the following image:

Vanity Fair June 2010 (Click image for larger version)

Obviously some over-eager web designer put up a shot of next months Vanity Fair cover. Within minutes it was taken down and replaced with a grey box just saying "Subscribe Now".

I called Vanity Fair, and was eventually put through to a spokeswoman, Beth Kseniak, and asked her what was going on. Her only reply was: "Vanity Fair cannot comment on future issues. If a mistake was made and it has been rectified then the matter is closed."

I sent an email to Vanity Fair to see what they would say; but so far they have not replied.


Legal Notice: This image has nothing to do with Vanity Fair. Beth Kseiak does work for Vanity Fair as a spokeswoman but had no conversation with me or anyone else concerning Michael Jackson and the June 2010 cover.


Fuck Facebook

Facebook is at it again. You are the target and unless you are careful you will be added by Facebook to whatever pages Facebook feels like; and if you don't opt in to the 'Connected Profiles' your profile will become blank.

The privacy of Facebook has always been an issue since it started in September 2006 due to the Privacy Policy of Facebook:

"We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and Internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services, Facebook Platform developers and other users of Facebook, to supplement your profile."

"We may share your information with third parties, including responsible companies with which we have a relationship."

Basically put Facebook can collect information about you from all over the Internet and add it to your profile. Then Facebook can share (read as sell) your information with third parties (read as advertisers). So your email may get a bit more spam - and depending on user name, location, etc. it may not even be anything you have an interest in.

But both these privacy matters pale into insignificance compared to the latest Facebook controversy.

First, there is the "Like" button which any web designer, blogger, crazy person can put on their website so people can click it to say they liked a certain website; or article from that website. The "Like" button will allow Facebook to keep a record of what a user linked to, providing the company with ever more data about people’s preferences. Facebook, in turn, plans to share that data with Web publishers, so that a magazine Web site, for instance, may be able to show users all the articles that their friends like. So, in theory, if you are a beLIEver and you go and click the "Like" button on a site which has nothing to do with Michael Jackson hoaxing his death, and it is something you don't want your hoaxie friends to know about, too bad Facebook will know, and share that information.

Secondly there is the "Connected Profiles" which Facebook are forcing on to users. With this option, the text in your Facebook profile section where you list your hometown, education, work and interests, is now being linked to the respective pages on Facebook. So for example, if you live in New York, that's linked directly to a page for New York. If your favorite TV show is "Lost," you'll be linked to that show's page, and so on. Those who choose not to link, though, are informed via a Facebook pop-up box that their Profile page will be left empty.

So if you don't want Facebook to decide what pages you are linked to then your profile will blanked. I don't wish to sound like a conspiracy nut but to me that just seems like some web dictatorship. It would be the same as Facebook saying "If you don't allow us to link to whatever we feel you should be linked to you will no longer exist."

And in my opinion that is just fucked up. I'll decide what groups and pages I am linked to thanks. I don't need Facebook deciding for me. And if I don't want Facebook deciding I shouldn't have a blank profile. Fuck that shit it is pure dictatorship.

So make sure when you are on Facebook you choose your options carefully and READ it before you just click the "OK" button. Before you know it just because you have MJ in your name you will be linked to Justice4MJ's page and maybe even some anti-MJ pages. And all this information will be collected and shared (or sold) to third parties without you knowing. Before long your email is getting more and more spam, and although you are a beLIEver your Facebook profile is linked to the "MJ is DEAD" page somewhere on Facebook.


Legal Notice: All of the privacy concerns about Facebook are well-documented all over the Internet. There is no real conspiracy in all this but choices need to be made carefully so that YOUR information remains YOURS.