Five Changes Name To Orange Dude Culver 405

I'm hoping the poem wasn't that bad that Five changed their name because of it. Strange coincidence most likely. Would the name change distract people from thinking that Five is Auntie Amy? If the name is no longer the number on your front door people will soon forget I suppose.

Orange Dude Culver 405 is a bit of a mouth full so I'm glad I got the poem out of the way. Although it ends in '5' still.

So please Silverfish/wolf, Tis_Ruthy, and any moderator please do not change your names until your official MJHDC poem has been completed.

Orange Dude Culver 405? Seriously was you whacked out on medication at the time? Drop a few pills and start seeing orange people. The orange people are the Oompa Loompas from the original WIlly Wonka film. Don't be afraid, they want to help you. Speaking of which you might want to get some help.

405, did you know your picture to word ratio is approximately 7:1 (based on three random posts)? Speak up more. Your username has more words than you say.



Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. Where have you been all my life? Bravo, encore encore.

Anonymous said...

So Silverfish (aka SilverWolf)is getting a poem?? Whipeeeee!!

Anonymous said...

Please keep on writing! I am your fan! By the way I like your logo !

Anonymous said...

i fuckin love u and this site

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! how can ONE person talking so much BULLSHIT??? serious..you need a girlfriend..or a rubber doll...lol...idiot

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