MJHD - The Album

So as the peeps over at MJHD are so important it is only a matter of time before a compilation album is made for them; who knows it may even be a soundtrack to the film "MJHD - More Bullshit Than A Dairy Farm".

Here is the track listing, which I'm sure George Lucas will be interested in when he makes the movie. And in the movie I want to be cast as Auntie Amy - the warm feeling of pee filling my diaper as another adult stranger changes me for all to see - just sounds so wrong it might actually be fun.

Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy
Miley Cyrus - Quit Telling Lies
Mary J Blige - No More Drama
Live - Selling The Drama
Uncle Jim - Funky As A Diaper
Immortal Technique - Freedom Of Speech
Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
Andrea Parker - Breaking The Code
Thompson Twins - We are detectives
Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds

Auntie Amy, when you read this, because I know you do (see I'm a lowly blogger Michael doesn't come to me like he does to the almighty oracle known as MJHD), don't forget you caused this.



Anonymous said...


You hit the spot again!

I love the tracklist ROFL!
And I love your blog - of course. Thanks so much for making me laugh every day :).

Look what I found, that is a song about the common style so it'll never be DiaperAmy's fav:
The Diaper Song - Toilet Buddies

Anonymous said...

i swear im gonna die laughing reading this website keep up the good work

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