MJHD Locks Out The Illuminati

Before I go anywhere with this post I wholeheartedly believe that the Illuminati and New World Order is right in everything that they do; no matter what they do. I'm kidding. Now that my bank account is safe from the Bilderberg Group I'll get to the point of this post.

Someone, most likely Auntie Amy, decided in their infinite wisdom to lock, or delete, all topics regarding the Illuminati. Why? - I don't know - the official response over at MJHD, supplied by moderator Henda11, is "People post topics about the Illuminati and NWO to intimidate people ... I have had 1st hand experience of friends who have let it rule their life ... it is completely pathetic."

Woah, hold up. It is pathetic? Rules lives? It intimidates people?

Pathetic? From the people following MidnightMLK on twitter - don't make me f**king laugh. You follow a person on twitter because they have told you what? Oh yeah they told you that GH was controlling their mind and committing astral murders; and trying to control Michael too. Wait - Mind Control? Like what the Illuminati are alleged to do? So why not lock the MidnightMLK topic, because someone robbing the world through corrupt banks doesn't scare me half as much as a nutjob on twitter thinking they are being astrally attacked by Gary Hudson while they experience DMT.

Also MJHD, in their infinite wisdom, allow a topic which was started on 10/17/2009 by MJHD member all4love to remain. In it all4love claims: "I have been researching 2012, energy, vibrations, etc for quite some time now and Michael just slots right on in there."

2012? The end of the world is slightly more worrying than a bunch of power-crazed bankers thinking that one day they will rule the world. Hell, in 3 years there will be no world to rule.

And while we are bitching at topics remaining. Who selectively allowed the topic on 33NWOmj's twitter remain? Just in case you didn't guess it the 33 could be the thirty-third level of the Freemasons aka Illuminati - could it be more than a coincidence there are 33 clues in the movie? And just in case the 33 means nothing NWO aka New World Order is the Illuminati.

And for some people it might seem weirder to believe that Michael Jackson is alive than the fact a bunch of power-crazed, warmongering, bankers are controlling the world. And the Illuminati, and NWO, have been investigated a lot longer.

So Tupak Shakur mentioned that the Illuminati were trying to kill him because he was a successful, black, musician. Why would there be the possibility that they might go after Michael - because he's black, successful, and a musician. Nah. It's a coincidence and Henda11's friends let the Illuminati rule their life so obviously all the people who know about the Illuminati will be ruled by them just like Henda11's friends.

Come on members of MJHD. If you like it at MJHD that is great. But would you let your neighbour come round and tell you what you can and cannot discuss? The Admin, Auntie Amy, and the moderators need you. Without you the members there is nobody to moderate. Without members Amy has nobody clicking her ads; making her money. Don't roll over, stand up, and if you don't get what you want go to other forums.

MJHD keeps mentioning they are the biggest and best MJ forum concerning the faked death. But that is only possible because of the members.



Anonymous said...

LMAO! I think I'm in love! Oh, wait...I'm being mind controlled, and those are somebody else's vibrations!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "LMAO! I think I'm in love! Oh, wait... I'm being mind controlled."

LOL - Wait until Auntie Amy has you fully controlled. One read of the subliminal thread and you'll be clicking the donate button faster than ever.

Anonymous said...

That forum is full of crap cooks and crap eaters.

I had an experience yesterday. I offended a member AFTER that member offended me and my opinion.
There was a warning and a deleted member: in both cases it was ME.

So I came to the result:
- there is NO freedom of speech when you state that you don't believe anymore
- there is NO freedom of speech if you are not one of the bumlickers
- and there is FULL freedom of speech if you insult Michael's entourage and if you are one of the brownnoses and there are many brownnoses! With Five (she is german and snoops the german posts to snitch it to the mods!) leading the way of the lower classes.

I guess the smell of Amy's and some mods asses has brainwashing ablilities.
That is why the Illuminati posts were deleted: Amy don't likes to fight against potential competition...

Anonymous said...

Exactly, MJHD was made by its members. I don't know if you've noticed that Amy's homepage posts are totally crappy and irrelevant, when you consider how far in the investigation and theorizing some posts on the forum have gone into.

Also, henda is a douchey douche. He's a frickin' moderator but keeps opening up threads just stating an unoriginal thought of his, already discussed 1000 times, like a whole thread just to say "I have a good feeling about the movie...".

Honestly, I don't believe in the Illuminati stuff, I think it's bull - but the posts have a right to be there and they're not bothering anyone. The Illuminati people just stay in their little group and don't really cause drama, from what I've seen.
And it's rich coming from Henda, deleting them 'cause he think they're "pathetic". From a mod, that's not appropriate. But Amy likes her douche mods.

Anonymous said...

LOL great post 4:13!
Henda is a douchey douche love that and don't forget the brown nose ;-).

MJHDConspriacy you should open a forum called "AntiMJHD" (or Antidoucheydouches LOL). I bet there will be a run on that and you'll have more than 6000 members in just a wink :-).

Anonymous said...

I agree. You should open a antimjhd forum. I'll join and recruit!!

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