MJHD In The Media - It Wasn't Good News

So MJHD made it to the media, well actually the Scotsman website. Then they all got excited because MJHD was mentioned in a review of the This Is It movie.

The thread, started by MJHD member Serendipity, thinks it great that Andrew Eaton mentions the MJHD website in his review of the film.

Why do these people not read what they are posting? The article, by Andrew Eaton, states:

"It was all an ingenious, mindbogglingly elaborate plan to pay off his huge debts. He'd pretend to die, and the inevitable surge in music and merchandise sales would make him enough to start over."

So, according to the mindless members over at MJHD, this is good. Obviously they never read it. Just saw some text in front of them and decided to post a "Wow this is great" comment.

Andrew Eaton states that Michael, if he did hoax his death, did it purely for the money. Did it so he could make "enough to start over again."

So if Michael did it for the money, all your other theories are surely shot in the ass. He didn't do it to prove a point to the media, he didn't do it to prove the media is full of lies and hatred, he didn't do it for the fans, according to Andrew Eaton he did it purely for the money. So all the members of MJHD have been praising Michael for nothing because if your going to believe Andrew Eaton, Michael did it for the money and not the fans - so it's just a job.

Then just when you think the insanity cannot get any worse along comes member 3D and says: "Wow! Michael! Did you see this article? It's really OK to come back now. The world is waiting and they want back! We love you!!!!!!"

Oh no, back to the "we are so important that Michael reads this forum" crap again.

Read the article Serendipity. Andrew Eaton is saying Michael did it for the money, and not the fans, or any other reason, so although he mentions MJHD (not the porn site) he basically says you all wasted your time because Michael did it for the money - pure and simple.

Why do these members not read the posts of their own members? KLHayes put a great article on the front page about not believing everything you read and a lot more besides. My suggestion, Serendipity go back read that article by KLHayes, and when it sinks in and makes sense log in and then start to comment properly. Until that time stay away from the computer.


Anonymous said...

they don't even realize that he is making fun of them!

And Amy is laughing all the way to the bank, bad press is good for Amy
it brings clicks and clicks bring money $$$$$$

Anonymous said...

Serendipity needs to donate their computer to the charity of "our peace of mind".

KLHayes' article was an excellent article, and if it gets .05% of Amy's 'pod people' to wake up & smell the diapers, it'll be worth the time spent writing it.

Oh, damn...gotta go! I forgot to click the donate button!

Don't tell Amy; but you still rock!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Andrew Eaton might want to mention MJHDC in the future. He will think this blog is full of anger at Amy and MJHD people. It's a pity.

GirlwitBrains said...

o0 i love klhaynes lol shes a good mod....

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