The Notebook Of Michael Jackson

Yesterday, it was announced that a notebook was found, reportedly belonging to Michael Jackson, in a bookstore in Germany. The one thing that makes this stand out among other writings from Michael Jackson is that it is supposedly written after his reported death.

Dieter Ehrlichmann, of Dresden, said: "I was looking for a particular book. It is a very old book. It is called 'Der Schiess-Sport und seine Regeln'. Well I never found it. The bookstore said they could not order it either. But as I was looking at the shelves of dusty old books I noticed this light blue notepad. I pulled it out from the shelf and the cover read 'Michael's Notebook - Do Not Look Inside'; being German the first thing I did was look inside. It appears to be notes written by Herr Michael Jackson. But as I read some of the pages the notes were dated after he was dead."

Although the notepad has not officially been verified in any way the Michael Jackson Estate has already filed papers restricting the sale, or reproduction, of the notepad. John Branca said: "This is obviously not the work of Michael Jackson, but at the same time we don't want this sort of thing flooding the market as if it was. So, we have ensured for the time being that the notebook is never made public."

Amazon spokeswoman, Patty Smith, went on record saying: "I know that the Jackson Estate is trying to make sure that nobody reads this as it blows the lid off of the whole idea that Michael Jackson is dead. But what they seem to be forgetting is that if this notebook is proven to be real then the world has a right to see it. That is why Amazon, along with other reputable publishers intend to challenge this ridiculous legal move to stop the reproduction. We are interested in getting this to the public; so that they can decide."

Although reproduction and sale of the notebook has been temporarily halted below is a few extracts that were noted by Dieter Enrlichmann before handing the notebook over to a representative of the Michael Jackson Estate:

"June 26, 2009 - Seems odd to be dead. First time I have been able to wake without the media wondering what I was eating for breakfast. At least now Jermaine will stop calling asking for money; it is not my fault he cannot hold back long enough to put a condom on. I pay for my own children why should I pay for his? Anyway enough writing I'm heading to Walmart to get some less suspicious clothes. The woman across the road noticed my white socks and fedora hat. I had to lie to her and tell her I was ECasanova. She didn't know who he was."

"July 7, 2009 - Watched my own memorial, well most of it as TBS had a Family Guy marathon on, cannot believe that Jermaine sang Smile. I really liked that song. But not anymore. Every time I hear it now it will make me think of Jermaine looking like he is straining on the toilet. Nice to see Mom wearing something other than blue; but I would have had a nice hat to finish the outfit off."

"August 8, 2009 - There is a forum about me hoaxing my death. It is run by some woman who wears adult diapers. Why? I don't know. I think this forum is pretty good but the way it is being handled it will most likely go down the tubes very fast. It looks like something Jermaine would try and set up."

"March 6, 2010 - Why are people so stupid? Obviously if you are running a hoax death website the Illuminati didn't kill me. That doesn't even make any sense. Called Dad; didn't say anything but it was good to hear his voice. Not sure who the woman who answered the phone was but it definitely wasn't Mom."

One note that Dieter remembered vividly was a recent entry concerning a comeback.

"March 22, 2011 - Read online that Jermaine is writing a book. What the hell? Wasn't even sure that Jermaine could form complete sentences without help from his many kids. I wasn't planning on coming back until July; but if he releases a book full of lies I might have to come back early just to defend myself."

Although the notebook has still not been verified it has given hope to those that believe Michael Jackson is still alive.


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Twitter Stories

I, along with many others, have always considered the 140 character limit set by Twitter as very restrictive in the creativity that exists with the users of Twitter. There is only so much that can be squeezed into 140 characters.

I know that services such as TwitLonger exist which ultimately allow an almost indefinite characters; but they do not really allow any interaction between users. It is a case of one person writes a long speech, statement, or tweet and everybody else reads it; and at the most comments on it with the 140 character limit.

Other than conversations the one thing Twitter misses out on is collaboration between users.

This idea was being discussed in a TinyChat chat room and the following was put forth - Twitter Stories.

It is basically a 21st century version of an old idea. Back when you were younger there was this game, when you were bored, where you wrote one line of a story and folded the paper over so the next person could not see what you wrote; and then they wrote a line, folded the paper, and passed it on to the next person. This continued until everyone had wrote at least one line, the sheet of paper was full, or everyone found something better to do.

Admittedly, when it was finished most of it made no sense; but for some reason reading it back all as one 'story' there was always the humor factor - seems nobody actually knew what anybody else had written.

The Twitter version, which is being done, goes along the same lines more or less. The first person tweets at someone with the first line; then that person tweets at somebody else with the second line and so on. The only difference with the Twitter version, from what I have seen, is a unique hash tag at the end of each line.

It is easier to show an example rather than try to explain it:

Which reads as: "Once upon a time there was a three-legged dog. Who in his spare time was a superhero with incredible powers. At the bank there was a crime in progress and the dog heard it." - Not very exciting, or humorous so far but it is merely the beginning.

The reason for the hash tag (#st00HNN) at the end of each tweet is so that it can be searched for using the Twitter Search. And this, from what I have seen, is because not everyone follows the exact same people. For example I follow people that neither @mj_conspiracy or @kingofpopart follow.

Anyway, when it was being discussed there were a few 'rules' to think about:
  • Twitter search does not display protected accounts in search results.
  • There is no point tweeting a line to someone who is never online.
  • Most celebrities, but not all, will not get involved - so if it goes to a celebrity it may kill the story.
Other than that it seems as though anything goes. So if you are on Twitter, and bored, it might be worth a shot - if just to waste a few minutes.


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Jermaine Jackson Wants You To Kiss His Ass

I awoke this morning, and after waking up with enough coffee to sink a small boat, and checked on Twitter. I was blocked by Jermaine Jackson.

I had to laugh, really I laughed, I couldn't care less. But thinking about why he would block me now compared to all the other things I said got me thinking about Jermaine Jackson's true purpose on Twitter.

Taking a step; back let me explain. A few days ago Jermaine started tweeting concerning a tribute and truth. And like many others I started taking wild stabs in the dark to what the hell he was on about. Admittedly, my first thought was that Jermaine was going to do another tribute concert. About 4 tweets later I jokingly put that it was going to be a book.

Well, lo and behold, it is a book.

I like many others felt this was Jermaine cashing in. Everyone thought the same when Rabbi Shmuley wrote his book; and many others who have written books since June 25, 2009. I even tweeted this idea that he was cashing in to Jermaine himself. And I got blocked.

Like I said I don't care. Jermaine has never tweeted anything that I cannot live without. But as I thought about it I looked into Jermaine writing a book. I remembered he had tried the same thing previously.

Back in 2006 there was a book proposal from Jermaine where he claimed: "Michael has 'a thing for young children' as well as a drug and alcohol problem that included a preference for Vicodin, Demerol, codeine, Percocet, cocaine, Jack Daniels and wine." Jermaine also claimed: "the former 'King Of Pop' paid former wife Debbie Rowe 'several million dollars' to bear two children fathered by a 'sperm donor'."

He also claimed: that their father Joe molested his sisters Rebbie and La Toya when they were children.

The proposal was withdrawn after Jermaine and other Jackson family members met to discuss its content and the effect that its publication could have. When Michael found out about the book he threatened to sue Jermaine and throw him out of the home he owns in Encino, California where Jermaine lives.

(Full article)

So when in 2011 Jermaine says he is going to be writing a book. You are damn right I am going to be skeptical about his reasons.

The guy is in court trying to get his child support payments down because he cannot afford them. So yeah, that does make it look like it is a case of cashing in. And like so many others, why didn't Jermaine write this book while Michael was able to defend what is said in this book? Was Jermaine worried that what he is writing is not the truth, and if Michael was able to say so he would prove Jermaine as a liar.

And let us not forget that Jermaine has been somewhat vocal on people cashing in on Michael's name and legacy. If he is not doing the same why leave it until 2 years after his brother's reported death to say what he feels?

So Jermaine blocked me for questioning his motives for releasing a book now. No big deal. But the old saying "Sometimes the truth hurts. And sometimes it feels real good." really fits.

I do not use my Twitter account to kiss ass. I just tweet what I think and what I see. And if Jermaine cannot handle the truth he might want to rethink writing a book because the media is going to be a lot harsher on the final resulting book than I was.

So if Jermaine wants a flock of sheep that will follow, and kiss his ass, he can have them. But when people question him he should actually think of the things he has done in the past. Because his previous actions is the reason for questioning him now.


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Legal Notice: This post is based on free speech and free thought. Also it is worth noticing that the denial of the 2006 book proposal was only after it was rumored Michael Jackson would sue Jermaine; and kick him out of the house that Michael owned.

Tweets You Will Never See

With an average of 140 million tweets sent each and every day; there are some tweets you just wish would, one day, turn up in your Twitter time line.

Here are just a few that people are waiting to see appear:

Michael Jackson:


Justin Bieber:

 Jermaine Jackson:

Nelson De La Nuez:

Charles Manson:

Lindsay Lohan:

Barack Obama:


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Legal Notice: None of these tweets have taken place at the time of writing; as it is merely satire. Do not quote these quotes as being from the accounts. This post is satire; and is not connected to the real world or any news agency.


American Idol: The Jacksons

Just recently a unaired special of American Idol turned up. The unaired special features members of the Jackson family. Although, due to legal reasons, I am unable to supply any footage; but the full transcript is reproduced below.

Ryan: Welcome to American Idol, tonight coming live from Encino, California. A special for one night only; featuring Jermaine, Tito, Janet, and Joe Jackson. So without further ado - This is American Idol: The Jacksons.

[Title sequence]

Ryan: Introducing, as always, our expert panel of judges. Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson.

[Judges walk in and take their seats; waving to the audience]

Ryan: So, what can we expect tonight?
Steven: Well obviously the talent is expected to be that much higher.
Randy: Hold up dawg. What about Joe?
Steven: I'm expecting big things from Joe.
Jennifer: So was I - but it wasn't ... oh you mean the show.
Ryan: Well the judges are already having differences. So let us introduce our first performer; Jermaine Jackson.

[Jermaine steps out of a cloud of fog]

Ryan: So Jermaine, what was it like growing up in the shadow of Michael?
Jermaine: I don't see it that way. A lot of the success Michael had was because of me.
Ryan: Really?
Jermaine: I taught Michael everything.
Ryan: If you say so. So why was you not as famous?
Jermaine: Michael got beat less than ...

[From offstage Joe Jackson is heard shouting: "Boy shut your mouth or I will come on that stage and whoop your ass."]

Jermaine: See what I mean.
Ryan: OK Jermaine. So what song are you going to be performing tonight?
Jermaine: Tonight Ryan I am going to be singing Jenny From The Block by the beautiful Jennifer Lopez.
Jennifer: Like hell you are.
Ryan: Seems at least one of the judges is doubting your ability.
Jermaine: I'll show them.
Ryan: OK, tonight Jermaine Jackson is Jennifer Lopez.

[Jermaine sings for about 20 seconds]

Randy: Hold up; hold up dawg. What was that?
Jermaine: Jenny From The Block.
Jennifer: Uh uh. No it wasn't.
Jermaine: Sure it was.
Jennifer: It is my song. I know how it should sound.
Randy: I wasn't feeling it dawg.
Jermaine: Can I try again?
Jennifer: What song would you kill this time?
Jermaine: Love In An Elevator by Aerosmith.
Steven: Like fuck you will.
Randy: Sorry dawg. It is just not happening. So Steven?
Steven: Yeah. What?
Randy: What do you think dawg?
Steven: No words can describe that performance. It would be a no from me.
Jennifer: [Through tears] I cannot believe what you did to my song. It is a no.
Randy: Sorry dawg. But it is 3 noes.

Ryan: So Jermaine, the judges were just not liking it.
Jermaine: What do they know. I'm famous. I was on Celebrity Big Brother.
Ryan: That is not really fame.
Jermaine: Sure it is. I was even thinking of doing an American Idol tribute.
Ryan: No.
Jermaine: Please?
Ryan: No Jermaine. Go home.

[From offstage Joe Jackson is heard shouting again: "Pick up some condoms on your way. Your Mom is sick and tired of paying for your kids. I should of done the world a favor when you was a kid and kicked you in the nuts."]

Ryan: We'll be right back.

[Commercial Break]

Ryan: Welcome back to American Idol: The Jacksons special. Coming up now is Tito Jackson.

[Tito steps out of a cloud of fog]

Ryan: Tito.
Tito: Yeah.
Ryan: No, I was just welcoming you. So what song are you doing tonight?
Tito: On The Roof Again by Eve 6.
Ryan: [Laughing] Will you have a taco with you?
Tito: What?
Ryan: You know what I mean - you always go on about being on the roof and eating tacos.
Tito: It is just a song. I cannot eat and sing.
Ryan: Um OK. Tonight Tito is going to be Eve 6.

[Tito sings for about 40 seconds]

Randy: Hold up dawg. Hold up dawg. How old are you?
Tito: I am 57 and holding.
Randy: Really dawg?
Jennifer: I liked it. At least it wasn't Jermaine killing one of my songs this time.
Steven: It was OK but you was all over the place with your pitch. It is a no from me.
Jennifer: It is a yes from me.
Randy: And it is a yes from me.
Steven: Wait a fucking minute here. So basically my vote does not count?
Randy: Of course it does dawg. Just it was 2 - 1.
Steven: You know I could be touring with Aerosmith?
Ryan: Well Tito the judges are split but you made it through.
Tito: Can I go back to the roof now?
Ryan: Sure.
Tito: Thanks.
Ryan: Two down and still two more to come right after this.

[Commercial Break]

Ryan: Welcome back. We have seen Jermaine and Tito and still to come Joe and Janet. Right now Joe Jackson.

[Joe steps out of a cloud of fog]

Joe: Do that again. Introduce me as Mr Jackson. Do it right or I am going to whoop your ass. Just because you are not my kid does not mean I cannot beat you.
Ryan: Really Joe?
Joe: Just do it. Don't make me take my belt off to you boy.
Ryan: Um. OK. Right now is Mr Jackson.

[Joe steps out of a cloud of fog again]

Joe: Now that is better.
Ryan: So Joe.
Joe: I'm taking my belt off.
Ryan: I mean Mr Jackson, what song are you going to be performing tonight?
Joe: Tonight I am going to be singing Thriller by my son Michael.
Ryan: Really?
Joe: Of course not. I am going to be doing Beat It. That has always been a favorite of mine.
Ryan: Figures.
Joe: Don't back chat me boy. Just introduce me.
Ryan: OK. Tonight, for one night only, Joe ... I mean Mr Jackson will be performing Beat It by Michael Jackson.

[Joe sings for about 15 seconds]

Randy: Hold up dawg. What was that?
Joe: Dawg? Last person to call me dawg ended up in the emergency room; it was Marlon. You can call me Mr Jackson or sir. I am not no dawg.
Randy: OK player.
Joe: That is it. You are going to feel my belt.
Randy: Look Mr Jackson it is a no from me.
Jennifer: And it is a no from ...
Joe: Woman who said you could speak? Did either of these men indicate you could? You know my wife? She knows how to behave. She ever steps out of line she feels the back of my hand.
Steven: Mr Jackson it is a no from me too.
Joe: Don't interrupt me when I am speaking. I'll whoop your ass too. That is it I am taking my belt off.

[Joe takes off his belt. His trousers fall around his ankles revealing silk Superman boxers. As he tries to pull his trousers up he is escorted off the stage by security]

Ryan: Only on American Idol. We'll be right back.

[Commercial Break]

Ryan: Welcome back. Our final performer tonight is Janet Jackson.

[Janet steps out of a cloud of fog]

Ryan: Welcome Janet.
Janet: My brother was murdered.
Ryan: Yes; the events were very tragic.
Janet: It is OK. He just faked his death.
Ryan: What?
Janet: My brother was murdered.
Ryan: But you just said. Never mind. Moving on. So, Janet what will you be singing tonight?
Janet: I'm going to be singing Papa Was A Rolling Stone by The Temptations.

[From offstage Joe Jackson is heard shouting yet again: "Girl you pay me respect. I'll beat you too; I don't care who is watching. Now where the hell is my belt?"]

Ryan: OK. Tonight Janet Jackson is The Temptations.

[Janet sings for a full 2 minutes]

Jennifer: [Crying] That was beautiful.
Steven: ooh Momma.
Randy: You knocked that one out of the park.
Jennifer: Everything was perfect. That is a definite yes from me.
Randy: You know I am not related; right?
Steven: Hey Dawg I saw her first.
Randy: Dawg dawg dawg dawg. She is not going to go with some wrinkled up old man.
Steven: Janet, here is the key to my hotel room. That is how you get a yes from me.
Randy: Damn I lost a sister to a white dude. Janet it is a yes from me anyway.
Janet: Thank you, thank you, do I have to let a nipple pop out now?
Ryan: Whoa. And on that note we bring a close to this special edition of American Idol. Janet Jackson is clearly the winner. Goodnight America.

[Ryan walks off drinking a Coke before getting into his Ford Fusion. Steven pops a Viagra pill and heads to the hotel. Randy is last seen scuffling with Joe; arguing about a birth certificate and shouting about "sowing wild oats"]


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To Plea Or Not To Plea?

So, Lindsay Lohan never accepted the plea deal offered by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office. And then lo and behold Judge Schwartz was kind enough to offer her another two weeks to consider an undisclosed deal. The problem with both deals are that they include jail time and have Lindsay Lohan admitting to a felony.

There are a few reasons why Lindsay is better not to cop a plea.

Firstly, there is a witness that has come forward to say that when he went into the jewelry store, and showed an interest in the necklace that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole, he was told the price was $800. The man has contacted Lindsay Lohan's defense team; and is willing to testify to the fact. California law states:

California Penal Code 487:

Grand theft is theft committed in any of the following cases:

(a) When the money, labor, or real or personal property taken is of a value exceeding nine hundred fifty dollars ($950), except as provided in subdivision (b).

(b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), grand theft is committed in any of the following cases:

(1) (A) When domestic fowls, avocados, olives, citrus or deciduous fruits, other fruits, vegetables, nuts, artichokes, or other farm crops are taken of a value exceeding two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

So as the item in question is a necklace and not a domestic fowl, avocado, olive, or a deciduous fruit the fact that the necklace is only worth $800 takes the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor; at the very most.

But we also have a few other facts to take into fact. The video surveillance:

It clearly shows the date as January 21, 2061. So, in court, is Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers going to try and convince a jury that Lindsay Lohan travelled 50 years into the future and stole the necklace? Actually as a felony case it would actually be better for her to suggest this as the $800 necklace may indeed be worth $2500 in 2061. As evidence goes it is pretty worthless due to the incorrect date. As the date is so far out it could have been any time. No it is not the greatest defense in the world; but one of the jobs of a defense lawyer at trial is not only to prove innocence but also prove that the evidence that the prosecution has is worthless.

Then we have the actions of the Jewelry store. Kamofie and Co., of Venice, California have not only sold the surveillance footage to the Associated Press for $35,000 but have also indicated they will auction the necklace after the case concludes. Hardly the actions of a "distressed victim" of a felonious theft. More like the actions of a company wanting to "cash in". And it gets even more surreal when a representative from the jewelry store makes the following statement when Lindsay Lohan threatens to sue for the release of the surveillance footage; citing that she never gave them the right to use her image for profit: "We regret to hear there is trepidation by Miss Lohan in connection with the video. We hope that everyone understands that this is beyond our control, the flood of the requests to see this video were simply too overwhelming. It was truly necessary to put it out."

Beyond their control? Yes, maybe the release of the footage may have been out of their hands. But to sell the footage? No.

So, back to the original question, should Lindsay Lohan take a plea to a felony? Hell no. At the very most it was a misdemeanor. And at the very least it was an honest mistake.

And if you really want to get technical. The Deputy District Attorney and the Judge are pushing that this is also a probation violation. The question is why? Lindsay Lohan has not been found guilty of a crime; merely accused. Is it fair, or even legal, for the Deputy District Attorney and Judge in a case to basically say she is guilty without being found guilty? Now although the US Constitution does not actually say the immortal phrase "innocent until proven guilty" it does give a couple of provisions; such as the right to remain silent and the right to a jury trial; and that the jury be impartial. Nowhere does it state that you can be assumed guilty.

So, back to the question - To plea or not to plea? In this case the answer is obviously No.

And let's not forget that a theft usually involves some sort of loss. Kamofie & Co. have made at least $35,000 from the sale of the surveillance footage and will make even more when the auction of the necklace takes place.


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Things Don't Add Up

Personally, I don't care if people believe in the hoax or not. But as time goes by the increase in nutjobs and fake Michael Jacksons it is like the hoax is a light to the retards that troll the Internet - flying straight in to the light.

But whether you believe or not some things just do not add up; and I'm not talking about some dumbass math equation. Nor am I talking about supposed clues that Michael Jackson put into place back in biblical times.

The things that make me wonder the most are proven facts which just do not make sense; and can be checked by anybody and everybody. More to the point they should be checked by everybody.

1. AEG Live is part of a multi-billion group called the Anschutz Entertainment Group. Michael Jackson is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, superstars of our time. AEG were betting a lot of cash on the O2 tour dates; and Michael Jackson saw it as an opportunity to 'reboot' his career and possibly be the start of a world tour. So why hire a doctor who by his previous medical record was not that good; and by court testimony from Michael's bodyguards didn't even know CPR even though he is allegedly a cardiologist? And AEG were to pay this doctor $150,000 per month? Sorry but for $150,000 a month I would at least want a doctor who actually knew CPR.

2. The TMZ connection. No I don't think Michael Jackson and Harvey Levin are working together; but TMZ did report the the death SIX whole minutes before it was pronounced. And since June 25, 2009 TMZ has become the Mecca for Michael Jackson fans; both believers and non-believers alike. Obviously it can be said that TMZ just got lucky - but their 'announcement' of Michael's death was a whole SIX minutes before the doctors at UCLA pronounced him dead.

3. CPR. Just how long did they do CPR? Well that depends on which series of events is true. But, if we take the reported series of events, which may or may not be true, Conrad Murray started CPR before the 911 call, continued while the paramedics were at the house, continued further in the ambulance, and then other doctors at UCLA tried even more. So the 911 call was supposedly placed at 12:21PM, paramedics left 100 North Carolwood Drive at 1:08PM, doctors at UCLA pronounced death at 2:26PM. So, in total approximately 2 hours of CPR. I'm no doctor but in checking all this CPR stuff out it is noted that brain death occurs after 10-12 minutes; with brain damage occurring after just 3 minutes. And most doctors would cease CPR after 30 minutes.

4. Since the reported death of Michael Jackson on June 25, 2009 instead of friends, family, and close business associates respectfully mourning they have all been cashing in. There have been books by the boat load, AEG & Sony rushed to get This Is It out in the cinema and then on DVD, Jermaine Jackson has organized more tributes than he has kids, Katherine Jackson with the help of one seriously shady businessman, Howard Mann, wrote a book about her son, and Joe Jackson instead of grieving on June 29, 2009 used the BET awards tribute to his son to advertise his own recording label. Hardly, in my mind, the actions of family and friends that are mourning the loss of a loved one.

5. On the subject of loved ones grieving. Where were close friends of Michael Jackson during the memorial and funeral? Most notably Diana Ross, who Michael was going to trust to look after his kids never made it to either. And other friends never made it because of their schedules. I know they are famous but when a death occurs family and friends pull together.

These 5 things are not clues which only a 'true believer' can deduce. These are reported facts which when considered just do not add up.

A brief overview of these facts would read:

An incompetent doctor gets paid $150,000 a month for a job he cannot do. Medical professionals, paramedics, and the doctors at UCLA forget all protocols. TMZ announce the death before it actually happens. Friends don't show up to pay respect. And instead of grieving the family cash in and start lawsuits against anyone and everyone for capital gain.

Reading the facts off it is difficult to decide it is not a hoax. And to answer these things that don't add up:

1. For $150,000 a month Murray better have been something else; because for that money he wasn't worth it as a doctor.

2. TMZ messed up. Not sure why they would know but maybe, and it is just a maybe, they knew something. Either that or a doctor at UCLA called TMZ before announcing the death. Or Harvey and the crew realized after an hour of CPR there was no coming back.

3. CPR for that long makes no sense whatsoever and appears to be just a cover.

4. Friends and family are not grieving because they know Michael is alive. Not all of them; but the important ones.

5. Same thing really. Why turn up to a memorial and funeral when you know the person is alive?


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