Starting Over Again

What we need to do is go back; way back. Back to June 25, 2009.

Why? Because if Michael Jackson did fake his death something prompted it. Which may answer those questions which are still lurking.

The 'why' is the most important aspect of the whole hoax. Once the 'why' has been established all the other answers should be easier; and fall into place.

Looking at all the possibilities with regards to 'why', nothing really adds up completely. For certain possibilities some things fit; but for others other bits fit. It seems nothing really fits one particular possibility.

The Greatest Show On Earth - Are we really meant to believe that Michael Jackson, as a performer, was reduced to faking his death to create the greatest show on Earth? The guy created Thriller in 1983, and classed as the most influential music video of all-time, and nobody thought that video could be equaled. But in 1991 he gave the world the Black Or White video and then in 1995 he gave the world the Earth Song video. So to suggest that Michael Jackson faked his death for the greatest show on Earth; as a comeback does not make sense when he had made phenomenal comebacks without having to fake his death.

Michael's Millions - Michael Jackson faked his death because someone, unknown, was after his money. If we were talking billions, or even trillions, then the possibility is a maybe. But we are talking millions. So the evil corporation that is Sony wanted Michael Jackson dead for a few million dollars? Why? Sony make billions each and every year (in 2008, the year before, Sony made $89,601,000,000 give or take a few million); from record publishing, sales, electronics, game consoles and software, and various financial investments. In all honesty Michael Jackson would be worth more to Sony alive rather than dead. With over 100 unreleased tracks lying around and a worldwide fan base; they could of had hit CD after hit CD pumped out to make billions through the Sony/ATV partnership. And that doesn't even include merchandising, concerts, DVDs, and other deals that could be had.

Please, discard the Illuminati. Allegedly these elite people are controlling world governments. Why would they want Michael Jackson dead? And, in theory, if they are as powerful as they are made out to be then Michael Jackson faking his death wouldn't save him. They would get to him. And if this Illuminati is made up of the elite surely Sony must have someone with some illuminated contact which means the Illuminati would be cutting off their nose to spite their face. So, I just don't feel it fits. Why control the world, and all the governments, and then go after one pop star; no matter how famous he is?

Death Threats - It has been suggested there existed the possibility of death threats against Michael Jackson; or his kids. Michael Jackson had death threats before, back in 1992, against himself and his sister Janet. He didn't feel the need to fake his death then. And if some psychotic person is threatening to kill his kids, faking his death doesn't guarantee they will be safe. And seriously what father goes into hiding while his children are being threatened? I just don't buy the death threat theory simply because it is no guarantee. If the threats were against Michael Jackson he can never come out of hiding because the risk could still remain. And if the threats were against his kids as a father he would stay, stand, and fight for his kids like any father would.

Witness Protection - Michael Jackson had help from government agencies to fake his death; and was put in to Federal witness protection. This theory has some merit; because for Michael Jackson to fake his death he may need some assistance from government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, or at the very least State police. But if it is witness protection; what will Michael Jackson be a witness to? Hollywood corruption? It was happening before he was born so why now do they need him as a witness? Medical corruption? Once again it was happening before he was even born; and there are people better qualified than Michael Jackson to be witnesses. Witness protection fits in some ways but it leaves the unanswered question of what he is a witness to that only he can be a witness to; and is large enough for him to fake his death.

That is why I feel that to answer all the questions that remain, without any doubt, the 'why' needs to be known. And for all I know the 'why' may be before June 25, 2009 by year; not just months or weeks.

Alive, or dead, some questions remain without answers. And these, as far as I see it, are important questions; but not as important as the whole 'why' question itself.

I split these questions, in my head, in to two categories - "If he is alive" and "If he is dead". Not that they really need to be categorized as such; it is just my personal way of ordering them in some sort of order from all the chaos.

If He Is Alive

  • What is Murray's role in all of it?
  • What do the Jackson family really know?
  • Who, if anyone, outside the family really knows?
  • Why such an extravagant faked death?
  • When did the planning really start?
  • Is it legally possible without government help?
  • Why the whole involuntary manslaughter trial?
  • Do his kids know?
  • Will there ever be a comeback?

If He Is Dead

  • Is the justice system so inept that it takes 2 years to get his killer to trial?
  • Is the justice system so useless that they can infer homicide but only try Murray on involuntary manslaughter?
  • Why the lies in various testimonies in court?
  • Is it right that certain members of his family, who he had no real contact with, are making money from his name?
  • Why haven't the family said much, and expanded, about the people behind the death if Murray was supposedly just the fall guy?
  • Why is the autopsy report so botched if they did an actual autopsy?

This post does not really try to answer anything. After reading it back, for me, it leaves more questions than when I started it. But if people, who believe Michael Jackson faked his death and is alive, think there is nothing to investigate - until every question has an irrefutable answer and the 'why' fits 100% there is always something to investigate to get to the truth of the matter.


How Many Fakes Does It Take?

Don't worry it is not the start of a math question.

Another week and another fake Michael Jackson rolls on to the scene; wanting their 15 minutes of basement fame. Scary bit is they will most likely end up with it.

I just don't get it. People that have shown themselves to be quite intelligent and make rational choices and decisions jump on these fakes like flies on cow shit.

And thanks to the fakes, and the people that follow them and hang on their every bullshit lie, all the other believers and hoaxers look like a bunch of mentally retarded monkeys waiting to be fucked over.

It may seem harmless to follow these basement dwellers wanting to be Michael Jackson or someone who is in the know - but seriously you make yourself look like a fucking mental patient jonesing for medication; and unfortunately for the people not believing in the bullshit you drag us down with you.

But while you are dragging the hoax into the realms of inbred stupidity try and remember why you believe.

If you think Michael Jackson is going to fake his death just for some cum stain to announce his return on Twitter you need help. Seriously, turn off your computer, get out and see the sun. Fuck it - see a doctor.

Let us look at some facts. Now these are proven facts which don't rely on any mathematical equation, they don't rely on some ever-changing date, they are just facts:

  • The album "Thriller" has sold more than 110 million copies; more than twice as many as the next best selling album.
  • Won 13 awards at the 1983 Billboard Awards; which has never been accomplished by anyone else.
  • Won 11 awards at the 1984 American Music Awards; a feat unmatched.
  • Won 7 Grammy Awards in 1984.

Along with tons of other awards. And let us not forget that Michael Jackson has been award "Humanitarian Of The Year" on countless occasions. And while we are at it - it might be worth mentioning that the music industry consider him a legend, a pioneer, and a one of a kind. Oh and while we are on facts. Let us not forget that This Is It sold out at world-record speed.

With them kind of facts in mind do you really think that Michael Jackson, if he is ever going to come back, is going to announce a return on Twitter? Do you think a man that wowed millions, if not billions, with his music is going to let a purple egg talk for him? Do you think that the man who undoubtedly did more for the music industry than anyone else ever is going to make you work out a math equation that would of got Einstein scratching his head?

Come on, wake up, smell the fucking coffee. Michael has always had people wanting to make their name from his. Think it is any different now? Think these basement dwellers aren't working on the fact that some Michael Jackson fans need answers? Actually just think.


Welcoming Sheila To The Team

The newest member of the MJHDC team is now on Twitter (@OutsideSheila). Before she went too mainstream; I sat with her and asked the questions that will most likely be asked.

MJHDC: Another homeless person. Some may compare you to Homeless Dave and Starving Marvin. How do you feel about that?
Sheila: One big difference; they were both male. I'm not. And I have no connection with either of them.
MJHDC: So as a member of the MJHDC team I presume that you believe Michael Jackson may have faked his death?
Sheila: I believe it is possible but I don't follow every little clue. If Jermaine Jackson uses 7 squares of toilet paper when he wipes his ass in the morning I'm not going to be tweeting it is a sign. We are talking a guy being away from his family and children; not some sideshow for the fans.
MJHDC: So, do you believe?
Sheila: It is possible.
MJHDC: Did the Conrad Murray verdict sway you at all?
Sheila: No. As far as I see it. If you believe then the whole Murray in jail has to tie in some how. I'm not saying it does for sure but I'm saying you can't believe and think Murray killed Michael Jackson.
MJHDC: So how long have you felt it may be a hoax?
Sheila: Actually ever since you started on the Nazis. Someone pointed it out and although I thought your style was crude and vulgar you made some good points.
MJHDC: Well, thanks.
Sheila: But you hid all the good points behind stupid jokes and stupid pictures. So nobody knew if the good points were good points or just another joke.
MJHDC: One mans garbage is another mans treasure and all that.
Sheila: Just saying I would of done it different. If you wanted to call these fakes, wannabes, and assholes out just do it. No need to make a joke of it. I mean I read your tweets from Saturday morning and you insinuate that one of the moderators on the MJDHI forum is also an informer. If that is what you are saying just name names and get it over with.
MJHDC: It is a tad more difficult than that. You name names and for some reason it turns into your fault for pointing out what someone else was doing. So I thought it'd be wiser to point them in the general direction.
Sheila: But you know who it is?
MJHDC: Well yeah.
Sheila: And you mentioned matching IP addresses?
MJHDC: Am I supposed to be asking questions and not answering them?
Sheila: You did mention matching IP addresses though right?
MJHDC: Yeah. Someone mentioned something so I went and checked it out. The MJDHI forum is a SMF forum, which is essentially PHP and MySQL, but as it has customizable reports created using SQL queries as Admin you can easily check for things. Let us say, hypothetically, that you had a MySQL database which had your users in; and the table was called "smf_users". And in that table you had the IP address field "smf_login_ip" it is just checking the field for a count greater than 1. Any forum Admin should be able to check that.
Sheila: I see. So why not just say that?
MJHDC: Because not everyone in the hoax is going to understand if I start typing SQL queries; and to be honest spoon feeding answers doesn't help either. Everyone, myself included, needs to always check things for themselves not just go on what someone else says.
Sheila: Well thanks for letting me join the MJHDC team; and it has been good to dig into your weird, twisted, mind.
MJHDC: You are welcome - although somehow I thought I was meant to be digging into your mind.
Sheila: Just shows how bad you are at interviewing.
MJHDC: Thanks.
Sheila: I'm joking.

So Sheila has joined the MJHDC team. Will she last longer than Starving Marvin? Who knows.


Who Did Murray Kill?

On November 7, 2011 Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Judge Pastor also remanded Murray in jail until sentencing on November 29, 2011. Does that mean the Michael Jackson death hoax is over?

Not necessarily. Certain things happened as Conrad Murray was found guilty that just didn't make sense.

Judge Pastor passes the verdict to Mrs Sammi Benson who reads it out:

"Superior Court of California; Los Angeles County. The people of the State of California, plaintiff versus Conrad Robert Murray, defendant. Case number FA073164. Title of court and cause. We the jury in the above title and action find the defendant, Conrad Robert Murray, guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter in violation of penal code section 192 sub-section B. Alleged victim Michael Joseph Jackson. Alleged date of June 25th 2009. As charged in count one of the information; this seventh day of November 2011. Foreperson juror ID number 145; seat number 3. Is this your verdict; is this your individual and personal verdict so say you one so say you all?"

Hold on there Mrs Benson. You said he was guilty yet the victim and day remain alleged? How is it alleged if he has been found guilty?

The dictionary defines 'alleged' as: "Represented as existing or as being as described but not so proved; supposed."

So Conrad Murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter yet the victim and date have not been proved? Does that even make sense? How can a person be found guilty without a victim, or a date, being proved? In theory; they can't.

Also the alleged victim was Michael Joseph Jackson; yet  his driving license which according to the L.A. Coroner's office was used for identification purposes states his name as Michael Joe Jackson.

And if you want to get really technical the court documents from the 2005 case against Michael Jackson, where he was acquitted of all charges, all used "The People of the State of California v. Michael Joe Jackson" (Case 1133603 if you want to check).

So who the hell died? Because legally Michael Joseph Jackson is not Michael Joe Jackson; as any aliases used in court specifically have to be defined as such. So Mrs Benson would of had to say "Michael Joseph Jackson also known as Michael Joe Jackson."

And I know some are going to be saying: "Well let's not get picky here Joseph or Joe it is all the same." But in a court of law it is not the same; it is not even close. In a court of law one is a legal name and one is an undefined alias; and as an undefined alias is worthless.

So Murray may have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter - but by legal definition it was not of Michael Joe Jackson.


Cigarette Warnings

Today A federal judge blocked a U.S. rule requiring tobacco companies to display graphic images on cigarette packs, such as a man exhaling cigarette smoke through a hole in his throat.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon sided with tobacco companies and granted a temporary injunction, saying they would likely prevail in their lawsuit challenging U.S. health regulators' rule as unconstitutional because it compels speech in violation of the First Amendment.

But what if the warnings were not so graphic; but still had an impact?


Maybe a picture of the celebrity skank known as Lindsay Lohan saying she smokes them would deter potential smokers?


Or Justin Bieber's fame rising because you smoke a cigarette could deter millions of people from lighting up.


How about the infamous Dr. Conrad Murray saying it is OK to smoke? Surely a recommendation from a doctor that famously screwed up basic CPR should be enough to get people to quit?

The warnings on cigarettes don't have to be graphic - they just have to have reverse endorsements.


The Jurors Speak

With the weekend being the only time that the jurors, in the Conrad Murray trial, can actually take a break in thinking about the trial; it seemed like a great time to get them all in one room. The alcohol started flowing; and the jurors opened up.

Legal Notice: Details may have been fabricated, omitted, or altered for legal purposes. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

MJHDC: So how is deliberations going?
Juror 1: Not good, it is taking forever. Juror 5 had diarrhea on Friday and we ended up taking more breaks than necessary ...
Juror 5: Hey, not my fault. I still say it was the chicken from the court cafeteria that caused it.
Juror 8: Well I had the chicken and it didn't effect me in any way.
Juror 5: Aren't you just special then.
Juror 4: I had a bit of an icky stomach and I had the chicken.
Juror 9: The beef was fine.
MJHDC: OK. Back to the trial. How has the medical evidence played a part in your deliberations?
Juror 7: It didn't. Not in mine any way. They totally lost me. I don't know if it was 25mg or the whole bottle.
Juror 11: Yeah. It was hard to keep up with all the experts.
Juror 10: It wasn't what they were saying it was just how they were saying it.
Juror 2: I'll agree with that. It was bad enough listening to Walgren and Chernoff. And then these so-called experts got on the stand. I was just about ready to blow my own brains out.
Juror 12: Some it did seem a bit in-depth. And how we are meant to understand it all is just crazy.
Juror 3: Its all a fucking hoax. You know that?
MJHDC: Well it is a possibility; that is for sure. So Juror 3 you believe?
Juror 3: Of course. I'm here for the free lunches and a bit of free time away from work and the family. I have 5 kids. Any break I can get I take.
Juror 5: Well if you don't think Michael Jackson is dead how do you intend to come to a verdict.
Juror 3: Not guilty. Dumbass. Its obvious if MJ is alive then Murray is innocent.
MJHDC: So are you allowed to discuss if you have taken any votes yet?
Juror 12: We took a vote as soon as we went in the room. It was 4 for guilty and 7 for not guilty ...
MJHDC: That is only 11.
Juror 12: Well Juror 5 was in the bathroom and wouldn't shout his answer through the door.
MJHDC: I see. Is it still that way now you have had a day of deliberations?
Juror 4: We don't know. We haven't had a vote since.
MJHDC: Well how about now, a quick show of hands? All those that think Conrad Murray is guilty raise your hand. OK that is 3 of you.
Juror 6: What we voting on?
MJHDC: Whether you think Murray is guilty at the present moment.
Juror 6: Oh sorry. I thought it was about who had the chicken still. I don't think Murray is guilty.
Juror 5: Nice going Janice.
Juror 6: Tom I didn't think we were allowed to mention names.
Juror 5: I'm sure he'll edit all that out at the end.
MJHDC: Yeah. Sure; if I remember.
Juror 5: See.
Juror 6: OK then. Well I really liked how Walgren composed himself in the closing argument. If I wasn't a married woman ...
Juror 4: Janice you are not married.
Juror 6: Yes I am. Just because we have never met doesn't mean we can't be married.
Juror 5: Oh for fucks sake. Crazy bitch is never getting married. Lets be honest about it. She spent 15 minutes at lunch yesterday lining her garden peas up on her plate.
Juror 6: Well they did look neater. You know I hate mess.
Juror 5: Yeah you are the only one who took notes in chronological order. Me I just winged it and hoped I could copy off someone at the end.
MJHDC: Sticking to the trial. A lot has been said about Propofol. Anyone ever had it before?
Juror 3: Me. Had it when I came back from the Gulf.
MJHDC: So you was in the Gulf war?
Juror 3: No way. It was a vacation before all this war stuff kicked off. Anyway I drunkenly fell off the balcony at the hotel. Broke my arm and cracked 2 ribs; and had a major gash on my head. They did some exploratory surgery and then it was when I had the Propofol. Well I think it was Propofol it is all a bit hazy.
MJHDC: This discussion isn't breaking Judge Pastor's guidance of not discussing the trial is it?
Juror 12: I don't think so. We only get paid Monday to Friday. So I think as along as it is the weekend we are alright to talk about it.
Juror 9: Do we get a lunch break?
MJHDC: You have been here for 20 minutes. So no.
Juror 9: What about a break?
Juror 1: That has what it has been like all the time. We just start talking and someone wants to do something.
Juror 4: We might head over to Carolwood Drive on Monday. I think as the jury we can ask for little trips to look at the scene.
MJHDC: Sort of. If it is relevant I think you can.
Juror 4: See I told you we could.
MJHDC: I wouldn't take my answer as the final answer.
Juror 3: I'm taking a camera. The only believer on the jury. Be a feather in my cap so to speak.
Juror 6: You don't wear a cap.
Juror 3: It is a figure of speech.
Juror 7: What will we learn from seeing Michael Jackson's bedroom?
Juror 3: Who gives a shit. At least we will be there. I'm wearing my fedora on Monday just in case.
MJHDC: Finally, before I wrap this up, I'd like to ask each of you for your opinion on how the trial went.
Juror 1: I was bored through most of it. Most of my notes are covered in little doodles.
Juror 2: I'd rather not say.
Juror 3: Boring. Boring. And even more boredom. I know MJ is alive so why go through this show?
Juror 4: Its been pretty exciting compared to my normal work. I have 17 cats you know.
MJHDC: I'm sure you do.
Juror 5: At least I'm getting paid for sleeping. And I did get the phone number of Ms Brazil. Result.
Juror 6: I think it has been very enlightening and we are going to be diligent in our deliberations.
Juror 5: Sure we are. Heads he is guilty. Tails he is innocent.
Juror 7: I don't know right now what is going on. Someone shouted 'murderer' at me last night. I got scared.
MJHDC: So, people know who you all are then?
Juror 7: It is a bit obvious. We all leave court wearing our 'juror number badge' so it didn't take them too long to work it out.
Juror 8: He's guilty and I'm going to recommend lethal injection.
MJHDC: Thats not possible. He'll do a maximum of 4 years by California sentencing guidelines.
Juror 8: Well we might as well let him go with the other 30,000 criminals they are releasing then.
Juror 9: Is Lindsay Lohan going to jail? I'm not allowed to watch the news.
MJHDC: Maybe. After she has posed for Playboy. She'll be in overnight and out the next morning.
Juror 10: She's nothing but a skank ho. I'd rather see Betty Ford naked.
MJHDC: Betty Ford is dead.
Juror 10: You got a problem with that?
Juror 11: I'm hoping it all ends soon. I think I am getting sores on my butt from sitting so much. I don't know how the judge does it all the time.
Juror 12: I say we go back Monday and just say "Not guilty" and get it all over with. Aint nobody going to have him as a doctor now anyway.
MJHDC: True that.
Juror 5: Its a fucking hoax. I tried explaining the ambulance picture to you; and the whole Robert Earl Carter connection.
Juror 7: Not that again.
MJHDC: Well you obviously have more to talk about. So good luck on Monday. And about 3.30PM if you could make your announcement I have a little bet going. Thanks.

After this discussion had taken place the jurors all left for their own lives. For legal reasons Janice's real name of Susan, and Tom's real name of Jason, were never mentioned.


Two-Faced Justice

Yesterday as Conrad Murray left the court some of the 'Justice4MJ' people were heard shouting "Murray is a murderer". Well, actually they were chanting it as he left.

So what the hell are they going to do if the guy is found innocent by 12 jurors?

They going to say that the decision is wrong? They going to complain there is no justice in the justice system? Or are they actually going to think before they start chanting their judgemental bullshit outside the court?

Let us take a little trip down memory lane, back to 2005, when Michael Jackson was acquitted of all charges.

Michael Jackson was indicted for four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor in order to molest him, one count of attempted child molestation, and one count of conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive at his 2,700-acre Neverland Ranch, as well as conspiring to commit extortion and child abduction. On June 13, 2005, the jury found Michael Jackson not guilty on all fourteen charges, which included all of the above plus four lesser-included misdemeanor counts.

So the question remains: Are these people that have promoted themselves to Judge, Jury, and executioner for Conrad Murray really going to say that there was a miscarriage of justice? Because the way I see it - If it is good enough justice to prove Michael Jackson innocent; no matter what the outcome it must also be good enough for Conrad Murray.

The 12 jurors are just ordinary people, like you and me, that have no specific medical training in the 'Propofol' area; and are working with the evidence and facts that were presented in the court room. As Judge Pastor said yesterday; this is the only evidence and facts they may use in reaching their decision. And to be honest, the whole 'medical expert' testimonies confused the hell out of me; but I see it from both sides.

Yes Murray was employed, although he never got paid, to care for Michael Jackson. But if the whole theory for the prosecution is that Murray set up a Propofol drip; and there is no tube for that then a question remains: Why did Murray leave everything else and just take one tube.

And that is going to be one of the many questions that the jury will be discussing I'm sure. And if they can't find a reason for Murray to take one item and leave everything else connected with the alleged Propofol IV drip it leaves reasonable doubt. And as such they cannot find him guilty of the charge of involuntary manslaughter without a shadow of a doubt.

So will the 'Justice4MJ' people forget that 12 jurors gave Michael Jackson an innocent verdict and they agreed with that just because the justice system may do the same to Conrad Murray?

I'm not advocating the justice system is perfect. Far from it. But at the same time it has to be said if it is good enough for one it is good enough for another. Yes mistakes are are made but at the same time it is not a time to become two-faced and say it is good enough for one and not the other.

It reminds me of the old saying "What is good for the goose is good for the gander."