The P.S. Post

I know the last post was the last post and all that - but just as I leave things get so crazy I just have to comment on the biggest mind fuck that exists on the Internet.

The ThisIsAlsoIt reveal happened. Big fucking deal, who cares? It is a crock of shit, and seems I always get asked for evidence I'll actually supply some instead of just giving an opinion.

Does Sony/MJ have anything to do with TIAI?

No. Take a look at all the websites that Sony owns. Then do a whois on all of them. You'll notice a couple of things that stand out with each and every one of them:
  • The hostmaster is hostmaster@sony.com
  • The domain servers are all ns1.sony.com - ns16.sony.com
Now take a look at the whois for ThisIsAlsoIt.com
  • The domain servers are listed as ns45.domaincontrol.com and ns46.domaincontrol.com.
Does the Mayan calendar mean the world will end?

No. You have a bunch of people that have heard about the Mayas in the last 6 months professing to know everything about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world. It is nothing more than sidewalk gossip. If you look at the Mayan calendar it is nothing more than a cycle - very much like when the western world thought the world would end because it was going to turn to 2000.

"The previous creation ended on a long count of Another will occur on December 20, 2012, followed by the start of the fourteenth b'ak'tun,, on December 21, 2012. There is only one reference to the current creation's 13th b'ak'tun in the fragmentary Mayan corpus: Tortuguero Monument 6, part of a ruler's inscription." - Taken from Wikipedia.

Does the Bible have anything to do with this?

Yes and No. No the Bible doesn't predict the end of the world to a specific date; as can be noted from Matthew 25:13 which states "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh." Also if you want to bring the Bible in to 2012 being the end of the world you have to remember God's promise to Noah: "And I will establish my covenant with you, neither shall all flesh be cut off any more by the waters of a flood; neither shall there any more be a flood to destroy the earth." So the tie-in with the movie 2012 is shot in the ass thanks to the very Bible that so many are claiming does actually tie the movie, maya people, and TIAI together.

TIAI it has been followed by many, but so has JokeCalmsChina, Susan Bowler, MidnightMLK. All proven to be fakes in one way or another.

JokeCalmsChina insisted that Germania is the key. Any Germans seen Michael lately? Anyone from the press been to Germania to discover Michael? But wait, RTL is a German channel - unfortunately they are not located in Germania which is only a small part of Germany.

Susan Bowler said that November 25, 2009 Michael would make an announcement from Bahrain. Did he? No.

MidnightMLK yet another Twitter account that had nothing substantial.

If I am wrong on this I'll admit it, but lets be honest here, the proof, facts, and evidence definitely point to TIAI being nothing more than a person pointing at various clues as they see it.

And the great big reveal by TIAI that was meant to happen 12/21/2009 never happened except someone gave their opinion on what it all meant. And where is that opinion located? On the S&M forum (anybody else still smelling a rat?)

Believe what you want, and decide for yourselves, but remember nothing is ever as it seems.



Last Post

Well it had to happen, there had to be a last post eventually. I've been reading the comments, and I am agreeing more and more with all the comments that say it's time to give it up.

There is a hoax. Will it ever be fully revealed? I doubt it. But at the same time I've done my bit. I gave the information as I saw it; and that opened some eyes. It allowed people to really see what is going on.

But now it is time to move on. The blog will remain up; and people can comment but for me it's time to move on to other things.

I hope everyone finds the truth that they are looking for and that they can come to peace with the one person that actually counts - themselves.

To all have a happy holiday and prosperous new year.



Badkolo - Saint Or Sinner?

Some of you may have heard the rumor that Badkolo is some sort of savior for buying MJHD.COM; and then redirecting it to the S&M forum. But is Badkolo doing it purely, as the rumors suggest, to unite all the MJHD.COM members to one place?

Quick simple answer - No. I don't want to be blamed for yet another Administrator of MJHD.COM shitting their diaper and running off so I won't go too much in to the personal details of Badkolo. But just what is Badkolo's involvement in the death of MJHD.COM?

For those new to the whole MJHD conspiracy, first a short history lesson:

Early August - MJHD closed it's doors for a approximately 4 days. During this time Souza created MJKit as a back up; just in case MJHD ever really went down.

Mid-November - Auntie Amy takes a back seat at MJHD allowing alleged "trusted member" John Smith crashes the database and allows Fuckfish and Nightmare to run the place. (For those reading for the first time, Auntie Amy crashed the database and John Smith never existed).

End of November - ThisIsAlsoIt starts up, with the first re-direct being to MJHD.

Early December - MJHD closes it's doors and goes up for sale. Eventually it is allegedly sold to Badkolo, who uses it as a re-direct to the S&M forum.

With the history lesson over, we still have to wonder what Badkolo's intentions for buying MJHD was. Did he do it to unite all the ex-MJHD members in one place? Or, did he do it because he wanted to reduce the competition?

Back in early August, when MJHD first closed it's doors MJKit was created as a backup. Also at this time the S&M forum was registered. So Souza and Mo are heroes? No. The S&M forum isn't even owned by Souza and Mo. Enter Badkolo who is listed as the owner of the S&M forum:

Click For Full Size
So on August 4, 2009 Badkolo decided to register, and own, the S&M forum. Then from there for MJHD it is all downhill until it finally closes its doors. Which Badkolo opens and uses as a re-direct to the S&M forum.

Now for me the biggest problem I see, as I don't really care which fuck up owns which website; seems they are all fucking each other in this whole mess, is that in the WhoIs of MichaelJacksonHoaxForum.com the registrant is listed as "investorsnet" which is listed at the same address as Badkolo (aka Louie Klarevas).

Now we have the problem, that Badkolo is no longer the savior of MJHD but is using MJHD to merely point to the S&M forum.

But just when you think that things cannot get any worse a whole bunch of questions come up:
  • Has Badkolo been in the background planning the demise of MJHD since August?
  • Does Badkolo even exist or is it merely another facet of Auntie Amy much like John Smith?
  • Why is the connection between MJHD, MJKit, the S&M forum, and ThisIsAlsoIt like a dirty pond where the water is getting dirtier and dirtier?
  • When will all the people involved in this web of lies, and deceit, tell the truth?
No matter how you look at it the whole situation doesn't look good.



Is Michael Behind MJHD.COM?

The basis of this post was inspired by a topic over at MJHD.NET.

It's been discussed before, and no doubt it will be discussed again, whether Michael Jackson himself is behind MJHD.COM.

If that were true, that would mean that this blog has been attacking something Michael wanted or even possibly created. But is it possible?

If Michael did indeed have anything to do with MJHD.COM you know that right now his comeback is cancelled. The site was built by someone who admitted she was not a fan. Why would Michael want a site that would bring hundreds of fans together run by someone who is not a fan?

What would Michael do with all the information that has supposedly been lost over the last 5 months? Will it be used for a movie? Was it all to judge the fans reactions? Neither. There can be no movie from the information. It would be a documentary; and then for a movie they would have to put real people to the names used. If MJHD.COM was used to judge fan reaction wouldn't it still be up? The comeback hasn't happened yet.

So what reason could Michael have for being connected to MJHD.COM? None. The whole MJHD.COM site stinks of all the things that Michael was against.

The following is my reasons why Michael had no connection with MJHD.COM. I do NOT know what Michael would think; these are merely my observations and how things at MJHD.COM don't fit in with what I see Michael standing for.

The obvious thing is hate. Michael is all about L.O.V.E. So why would he use a site which went so far into hatred and dividing people? Michael wanted to see everyone unite not argue and destroy friendships.

The whole hoaxed death is based on us finding the truth. Why would Michael be involved, in any way, with a site that has been blatantly full of lies - not clues but lies. Would he want thousands of fictitious members that fool his true fans? Would he want people lied to over and over again? Would he want to be witnessing the lies that were going to his real fans? The whole of MJHD.COM is based on a lie - that Auntie Amy cared. She didn't, and still doesn't, as she continues to play with some people's emotions and feelings with bogus coded tweets, with ThisIsAlsoIt, with the creation of fake 'friends' of Michael.

Throughout the whole hoax there have been clues from Michael. Not fake clues that come out of someones ass but real clues. These can easily be distinguished from all the fake crap that has come out. Ask yourself this question: Would Michael want me to be lied to?

In conclusion, the only answer that can be reached is - no; Michael is/was not connected to MJHD.COM.



Google Cache & June 23 2009

Google's cached version of MJHD.COM has been one of those recurring questions that just keeps popping up. Did Google cache the MJHD.COM website 2 days before the reported death? Is it a glitch? Is there a way of cheating the Google cache system?

Did Google cache the MJHD.COM website 2 days before the reported death?

No. The first cache of MJHD.COM, completed by Google, was actually done on June 27, 2009. Although the cache did contain the date of June 23. As can be seen by the screenshot it states:

"June 23, 2009 ... We are dedicated to unveilling the Conspiracy and Hoax surrounding the Death of Michael Jackson."

This is not the text from a post. This is a statement from the front page. This is Auntie Amy's opening statement for the website. Which has been on the website since day one.

Is It A Glitch?

Google cache is automatic, run by computers, which means it is open to errors. The way Google caches web pages means that errors in dates can happen, but at the same time the system has functioned very well. Does it mean that June 23, 2009 was definitely a glitch? No; it is merely a possibility.

If we take June 23, 2009 as a glitch, and accept Auntie Amy's email that she posted on MJHD as the real answer. It still leaves the question why was Auntie Amy so quick in declaring the death a hoax?

The email time is shown as being sent at 10.40AM. This would be Auntie Amy's time, which she has openly admitted as being Australian time. So June 26, 2009, at 10:40AM Auntie Amy has the site registered with GoDaddy. The time in Los Angeles is only June 25, 2009, 5:40PM. This means within 2.5 hours of Michael being pronounced dead (2:26 PM PST) Auntie Amy had decided there was a hoax and needed to register a website. And Jermaine didn't come out and do his speech at the hospital until approximately 4:30 PM. So in one hour of Jermaine's speech Auntie Amy decided that something was not right. Just because she is not a fan doesn't mean that she wouldn't have been shocked by this. So being shocked, she registered a website in 2.5 hours of the reported death.

Is there a way of cheating the Google cache system?

Yes. There are in fact two ways to cheat the Google cache system. The first way is through HTML coding, by hiding dates within the coding as comments. The second way is to actually ensure the date appears on the page being cached. With Auntie Amy showing she can HTML code with the ThisIsAlsoIt redirect it is a possibility. But this leads to the question - Why would Auntie Amy cheat the Google cache system to create drama, mystery, and confusion?



Who Am I?

So the ever so important question has risen to the surface. Who the hell is that cute little doggy that bashes MJHD, Auntie Amy, Fuckfish, Nightmare, and the drunk cripple Five?

Well to answer that question I ask another question - Does it matter who I am?

Everyone is entitled to guess who I am, which so far nobody has guessed correctly, and if it is the important question that they want to try and work out then that is their choice. But seriously, is the identity of the doggy that important? Didn't people learn from MJHD that to digress is to waste time on searching for the truth that we all seek?

Over at MJHD.NET there is a topic about this blog. And in the course of things the question of identity comes up again. I am 4TheTruth or I am Michael, it is not that important who I am. I have remained anonymous for one reason so that I am never considered part of the hoax. I continue to remain anonymous because who I am has no bearing on the information that is contained within this blog. I am merely a person searching for the truth. If on my own path I can assist others I do.

Everyone discusses the foul language, the hatred, the way I talk about people; yet nobody has ever really mentioned that I offered to help MJHD.COM on a few occasions. Everyone has got the little doggy wrong. I'm not a hateful person; although sometimes it may appear as hatred but sometimes the truth hurts. And if there wasn't the hatred, if there wasn't foul language, if this blog hadn't caused so much friction who would have read it's contents?

The blog is merely a portal for information. I try to make that information entertaining. But the only thing of importance is the information on the blog; not who writes it. I have no personal axe to grind I just noticed something was not right with MJHD.COM and decided to look into it further and watching how Auntie Amy had already handled the questions from other members it just got me thinking even more that something was not right.

I have been wrong on a few things; I'll admit that. But at the same time, as time has proven, I have been more right than I have wrong.

And if you still feel that the identity question is that important the answer is on this pevious post.


Another Great Blog From The Person That Brought You This One

So with MJHD redirecting to Souza & Mo's forum, and MJKit directing to the same place; and everything is all 'lovey-dovey' I thought I'd start another blog:

Its going to be a blog about celebrities that have:

  • Hoaxed their death.
  • Been reported dead even though they are alive.
  • Jokes that were played by others concerning celebrities deaths.

It is just a blog, just somewhere I'll be putting things to do with Celebrities hoaxing their deaths. I already started with Paul McCartney (which still needs to be finished).

It is a bit more relaxed, and thoughtful, than this blog, and for once I won't be swearing.


Merry Fucking Christmas

Over at the Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators forum (aka Mo & Souza's forum, aka the NEW MJKit forum aka MJHD Redirect) Souza posts a welcome to:

  • Silverfish (aka Fuckfish)
  • Daydream (aka Nightmare)
  • Biscuit (aka Goldielocks)
  • Purple 7
  • Starfox (aka Starfuck)
  • KLHayes (aka LoveTheGlove aka ShoveTheGlove)

So everyone is now one big happy family again. What fucking Christmas spirits have you been drinking Souza? Have you been at Five's medicinal whiskey?

You are going to invite the same people that supported, and stood by, Amy when you were banned from MJHD? Which brings the question - was you even banned; or is that all part of this elaborate hoax that is being built up around the forums?

Finally the whole scenario is starting to make sense. Its like reading the plot outline of a Dan Brown novel; just when you think you are starting to understand everything the priest that everyone trusted turns out to be the Illuminati member.

The Plot

Act I

Auntie Amy starts a website on the hoaxed death of Michael Jackson even though later she will admit to not even being a fan. Also the creation date will be brought into question - either because it was created before the hoaxed death or Auntie Amy used some creative coding to ensure that it would look like it was.

Act II

Auntie Amy introduces, Wordpress, Paypal donations, and Google adsense. Due to the members joining not being as high as Auntie Amy had hoped for she starts to create members to create interest, drama, intrigue. Unfortunately some people get caught up in this produced hype and start believing that MJHD is bigger than Michael himself, believing that MJHD is the new center of the universe.


After a few randomly created members (JCC, PeterPanPYT etc etc etc) claim to know Michael, speak on his behalf, and create drama things start going wrong for Auntie Amy. All hell is breaking lose on the forum. Some people just don't believe all these crackheads claiming to be somehow connected to Michael. A new sub-plot starts to emerge.

Act IV

In the dark of night, huddled around computers, the new sub-plot is formulated, and tweaked until it is ready. It is a great plot, it is almost believable; had it not been for the fact that people were already questioning things. Action needed to be taken, and fast, and Auntie Amy introduces the feared ARMY OF MODERATORS. Their task is an easy one:

  • Control the forum, do not allow people to wander off into their own theories.
  • Ensure that the Illuminati do not get mentioned.
  • If anyone questions my motives, or my reasoning, ban them instantly.
  • Lock any topic which does not conform to the thinking of the Admin.

And so began the reign of the AMY'S ARMY.

Act V

The real members started to get pissed about their friends being banned, their own topics being locked or deleted, and things just not being right. Auntie Amy sensed this and to make sure the revolution did not happen, she banned Souza & Mo - not once but twice; just for dramatic effect. It proved to the members that were ready to revolt that nobody was safe; step out of line and you will be crushed by the fury of Auntie Amy.

Act VI

Many of the real members saw this not as a warning, but as a step too far. Anarchy broke out throughout MJHD. People were opening forums and blogs to express their anger, disbelief, feelings about the whole situation. Auntie Amy trembled in her piss-soaked diaper as she realized that she was slowly losing control of the members - she takes MJHD offline to punish them.


MJKit is formed by Souza as a backup to MJHD. Just in case Auntie Amy loses it and takes MJHD down again. Members from MJHD start to leave for MJKit, preferring it's more relaxed style. As members leave, and traffic at the website goes down, Auntie Amy creates more and more fictitious members (like a mad scientist cloning in the hopes of creating a forum conquering army).

Act Act VIII

ThisIsAlsoIt is introduced. The sequel (that was never announced by Sony) would redirect people to MJHD then a whole host of other lame clues. This would be the saving grace, this would be Auntie Amy's golden goose, this would become so popular she wouldn't have time for MJHD. Auntie Amy, Fuckfish, Nightmare, and a few mods sit one night and create John Smith - the savior of the MJHD, who will give the members hope, and then crash their hopes along with the database.

Act IX

A new tyrant is unleashed upon MJHD. Fuckfish is somehow in all the confusion allowed to be the Admin of MJHD. Ruling with an iron fist he continues to ban topics, suggest that Michael Jackson is not sexy to the female members, and show photos of his greasy head on a blog. While Fuckfish is so busy protecting his greasy ass from all the hassle that he is creating the final plot starts to hatch. This one will be the Armageddon plot. This one will be the apocalypse of MJHD.

Act X

MJHD is put up for sale. Fuckfish being the fearless leader spills his guts on how it was all Auntie Amy's idea; and ultimately fault. He admits, in a last ditch attempt to save his own ass, that he lied to support Auntie Amy. ThisIsAlsoIt is rising in popularity, pointing to all that follow it that the Illuminati is the connection. Then just when things cannot get any worse they do. Badkolo buys MJHD and redirects it to Souza & Mo's forum; using the exact HTML that ThisIsAlsoIt uses. MJKit's new forum redirects to Mo & Souza's forum. The apocalypse is taking shape. A press release is released by MJHDConspiracy: "Believe in MJHD, MJkit, and Mo and Souza, because they hold all your forums now. They hold all your work, your thoughts, your ideas, and if you piss of one of these tyrants the MJ-Illuminati elite will ensure you never post on a forum again. V for Vendetta my ass. It is not taking a government over it is standing up for what you believe and ensuring your voice is heard. Ask questions, expect answers, and always look at the creation of these sites in the same way that you look at the hoaxed death."

Act XI - The final Act

Auntie Amy takes a bow, her work is done, she now has complete control. She now is sitting where she wants. She is in control, but no longer in the position where she is open for questioning. She smiles. She adjusts her diaper. As she leans away from her Mac computer she laughs an eerie laugh.

But it is not over, the acting, the illusions, the hoax within a hoax continues.

As my good friend Ebeneezer would say "Bah Humbug!"



MJHD.COM Is Linked To ThisIsAlsoIt.com

Proof was required, and proof shall be given.

Below is the HTML code for two websites. The websites being ThisIsAlsoIt.com and MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com.


<TITLE>Page has moved</TITLE>
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q2yIV-LaPI">
<A HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q2yIV-LaPI"><B>Click here...</B></A>


<TITLE>Page has moved</TITLE>
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/">
<A HREF="http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/"><B>Click here...</B></A>

You'll notice on both the TITLE reads: "Page Has Moved" - Not a standard title, something someone actually typed.

You'll notice the 'BOLD' around the "Click here..." Something someone typed.

The similarities in the HTML coding suggest that they were written by the same person. MJHD.COM is still owned by Auntie Amy. Case closed.

MJHD.COM Now Redirects To Mo & Souza

So MJHD.COM redirects to Mo & Souza's forum fuelling the rumors that Mo & Souza are now the proud owners of MJHD.COM.

Big deal, Mo & Souza bought MJHD.COM. But wait, there is a more sinister plot which is uncovered if you think about it.

What other well known site is constantly using redirects to allegedly give clues? ThisIsAlsoIt (aka WhoGivesAShit aka BunchOfShit). Did they really think that people wouldn't notice the connection? Auntie Amy uses ThisIsAlsoIt to redirect the mindless masses on a wild goose chase; and now the MJHD.COM is redirecting the same masses to Mo & Souza's forum.

This is the same Auntie Amy, who on Fuckfish & Nightmare's blog said she had had enough and walked away. The same Auntie Amy who wanted to keep her little experiment going by tweeting stupid messages of strings of numbers which when looked up on a cell phone keypad spell out some ridiculous message concerning Michael.

So Auntie Amy doesn't want to walk away, she just doesn't want to be in the limelight as the Admin. But wait once again, why does a person who has allegedly been so hurt by the breach in her privacy tweet coded messages? Why does the person who is so distraught that her details are available on the Internet use ThisIsAlsoIt to redirect sheeple to her selected clues?

Auntie Amy never walked away, she just wanted to try and gain sympathy. She just wanted to create hysteria and panic. Auntie Amy could be the biggest obstacle some face in finding the truth about Michael's hoaxed death. Why? Because she is leading them astray on different little things that have no significance.

When Michael makes a comeback he isn't going to do it through some retarded coded message on Twitter. Most of you that read this blog are aware of how much planning must have gone in to planning the whole hoax. Michael is not going to be putting that much effort into a hoax, and a comeback, for it to be announced through some diaper wearing, con artist's, Twitter account. No matter what you think of me, you have to credit Michael with more intelligence, and class, than that.

Where does that leave us? Well, with the sale of MJHD.COM (if it has actually happened this time, and Mo & Souza are not the new fall guys seems Auntie Amy cannot trust Fuckfish and Nightmare to keep their mouths shut while she feeds them another line of bullshit) the hoax within a hoax continues.

Some points to consider:

Auntie Amy sells MJHD.COM to the two people, along with me, a mere blogger, that she credits with the downfall of MJHD.COM.

MJHD.COM instantly starts using the the same redirect that ThisIsAlsoIt , which is run by Auntie Amy, uses.

Auntie Amy tweets her retarded coded messages to everyone through Twitter.

Do these actions sound like a person who 'wants to walk away from it all'?

As many have commented, this is all one big mind fuck game for Auntie Amy. And every time you retweet the diaper queen's tweets, every time you check where ThisIsAlsoIt is redirecting to, you are still playing her game.



History Just Keeps Repeating Itself - Why?

It seems that nobody ever learns from the lessons of the past where Michael Jackson Hoax Death seems to be concerned. Everywhere else people learn from the mistakes of the past.

People across the world learned from the mistakes of ignorance. That is why a rise from people like the Nazis will never happen again. From history we have constantly learned that prevention is better than cure which is why we will never see a disease outbreak like the black death which killed millions. Thanks to history we have constantly learned not to make the same mistakes.

So why when the four letters MJHD are around do people never learn?

What am I rambling on about? Fuckfish's joining of MJHD.NET. In walks Fuckfish and says:

"Hello people. Yes, I am the same SilverWolf from over at MJHD.com.

First let me say I am not here to cause trouble. I liked MJHD as much as all of you, and I want a place to go. This was the logical choice, given that I don't think Mo and Souza would want me at their forum, LOL. I'm not a mod here, nor will I ever want to be, so I hope you can let me post without bashing or hating me.

Now, I do want to say something. I was told that as a moderator, I could be kind of harsh. That sometimes I came off as a jerk. That was never my intent, and if I ever made any of you feel like a jerk, I am sorry for that. My goal here is not to be a troll, is not to cause trouble. I just want to post like anyone else.

If I am not welcome here, or if I am banned because of some baseless rumors, then so be it. I don't want that to happen, but if it does, then it does...nothing I can do about that.

Take care, and (maybe) see you forumside.


And what do the people over at MJHD.NET do? They welcome the lying fuck with open arms.

Come on, wake up, the hillbilly redneck admitted on his, and his lovers, blog that they lied to all the members about the whole Auntie Amy/John Smith saga. He might as well have signed up to the forum and said: "It's me Fuckfish, you know, the hillbilly that lied to all of you. I'm here now because I miss the drama. Thought I'd come here and start some."

MJHD.NET already has the crippled, drunk, hotdog selling, Five (It's not just a name it's her IQ) with her shitty ass pictures and retarded comments. Now they have Fuckfish there hoping that he was right, and that the people will be so stupid to welcome him back and forget that he lied to them. He considered them friends, yet he lied to them. Is that how you treat friends?

With all the liars and shit stirrers coming in from MJHD.COM soon MJHD.NET will be in the same sorry state that MJHD.COM was in just before it shut down.

And as a note to Wozniak - What the fuck are you thinking? Fuckfish talks shit about you and you just say: "The Amy/John thing got to me, and I had let it go-- until you blogged about me, haha... But it's in the past, and that's where I choose to keep it."

Why don't you just pull your pants down and let Fuckfish take you up the ass when he pleases. Hell you might as well open your mouth now just in case he needs to take a shit. You only saw a part of what he said about you. What about the times he spoke about you behind your back?

Lara, I like the look of the forum, and it seems to be doing pretty well at the moment. But allowing Fuckfish on to the forum is asking for trouble. You already have to type with your fingers crossed that the German cripple Five isn't going to get drunk and say something that will upset everyone. Do yourself a favor, keep a real close eye on who is joining; and dump those two or you'll regret it in the end.

If you really want to see Fuckfish's lame entry on to MJHD.NET and the subsequent ass kissing from people that don't even seem to be able to recall what happened only a few weeks ago - read the MJHD.NET Topic here.



MJHD Has Been Sold - But Has It?

So, MJHD has been sold. So now the mystery remains as to who bought the domain, did they get the database, and did they work on This Is It?

Well to answer those questions just take a look at the WhoIs of MJHD. For the untrained eye it doesn't tell you much. But to the trained eyes that have been following the whole MJHD.COM saga it tells a lot.

Firstly, all the people who enquired about purchasing the domain and database together were told: "There will be no copy of any databases being given. Both previous Forum Databases are unaccessible." Well the word on the street is that the old Wordpress will be revived and operational.

So if nobody could get a copy that means the only person who could put it back up is Auntie Amy. So point #1 of the sale is - there was no sale.

Now back to the WHOIS of MJHD.COM - When it went from Auntie Amy to Fuckfish and Nightmare; it transferred from GoDaddy to Bluehost. Well, with it being sold, it has now gone back to GoDaddy - more than a coincidence?

As to the mystery buyer working on This Is It. Nothing more than a smoke screen. There is no buyer for a start; but the buyer who is rumored to have purchased it has no connection to Sony, Michael, or Culver Studios - or anything or anyone else connected to This Is It. Just another random name thrown out there (much like the John Smith lie that was finally admitted) to cover the real owner - Auntie Amy.

So the sale, and subsequent purchase, was all a big ruse to make everybody think that someone new was running MJHD. Once again Chuck D, of Public Enemy, pops his head up to say "Don't believe the hype."

A big shout out to bec and ILYM who helped by listening to the chaotic thoughts of this blogger.



Hatred Or Vindication

I've noticed lately that there has been a lot of comments regarding the amount of hatred on this site, the bad language, Michael wouldn't have wanted to see any of this, and what has this to do with Michael?

So as nothing is really happening; I thought I'd take this quiet time to answer these comments in one big post.

Firstly, as the blogger, I write what I want. I don't force anyone to read it. I don't charge anyone to read it. As I have stated in the past it is just my opinion. Some people agree with it; and some people don't. As the poet, John Lydgate, said: "You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time." But that is the thing. I'm not trying to please anyone. I'm just blogging what I think.

Next comes the freedom of speech, or whatever you want to call it, that exists in almost every country (China, North Korea, Iraq, and Iran to name a few exceptions) which allows everyone to say what they want on any subject. So I use the freedom of speech to say what I think about MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com, MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.net, a couple of blogs and websites, and the Admins that have been part of those websites and forums.

Would Michael have liked it? I'm not Michael Jackson. I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. All I do know is that when certain things didn't sit right with Michael he voiced those opinions; and not always eloquently. As Michael was meeting fans in London last year he smiled as he held up a sign, briefly, which said: "Sony Kills Music". He can also be seen smiling at a fan who is holding up a sign which reads: "Fuck Motown".

So again I ask would Michael like what is on this blog? And I still have no definite answer. But what I do know is that he wouldn't have wanted people to lay down and be spoon fed bullshit from someone who was just making money off of his name.

And the final point. What has this got to do with Michael? Not a lot. This blog, as the name suggests, is about some of the underhand things that have gone on at MJHD. How a person put up a website, and forum, and then used that website to make money from it. Would Michael have liked that? Hell yeah, he didn't like anyone making money off his name, or legacy, so why would he have wanted to see MJHD do it?

So in response to all the people that complain about the language, the topics, and everything else - SHUT THE FUCK UP. Nobody forces you to come here and read this. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, or your family's heads, and saying "Read the MJHD Conspiracy blog or you will die!" IF you don't like what is on this blog, or the people that frequent it, there is other places on the Internet to go to.

This blog was put here for one reason - to show people what was really happening over at MJHD. A lot of people didn't believe it at first, and through time Auntie Amy, Fuckfish, and Nightmare, along with some others have proven to be liars and people that don't give a fuck what they do to people, or what they say to people.

No I'm not on some crusade to save the Internet from liars and assholes, there are too many for a start. But at the same time if I had sat and let the shit go on at MJHD which was going on and said nothing I would be no better than the ones that were, and will again, peddle their bullshit, drama, and lies.

So for the dumb and retarded I will say it once again:




Does ThisIsAlsoIt Contain Viruses?

Since my previous post mentioning ThisIsAlsoIt I've been asked on Twitter and Facebook about whether ThisIsAlsoIt.com has any viruses

Quick, and simple, answer. No. With it's current redirection going to a Youtube video featuring Aphrodite Jones and Tom Mesereau.

Did the redirection from yesterday, that redirected to a Google search results page contain viruses? No. Some of the links had malware/spyware attached but nothing that could crash a hard drive.

And doesn't that add to the whole feeling that this site (ThisIsAlsoIt) has nothing to do with Sony or Michael? Why would Sony want to infect computers with viruses from links which Sony would not want to be associated with? Why would Michael want to release clues to his fans which involves damaging their computers through links with malware and spyware?

So what is happening with ThisIsAlsoIt? Nothing. Just someone, possibly Auntie Amy, editing a single line of HTML code approximately every 24 hours. And that is the thing this is so simple to do.

< equiv="REFRESH" content="0; url=http://www.cnn.com/index.html">

The above example would take you to the CNN website. Notice the content="0; piece which basically means go there right now without delay.

So every day someone just edits the url= section to go to the next alleged clue. Is it Auntie Amy? I don't know 100% either way. What I do know is, as I have stated before, it started as Auntie Amy hid behind the curtain at MJHD.COM; and it's first redirection was to MJHD.COM. It's definitely a possibility.

And for those that really think ThisIsAlsoIt is actually owned by Sony or Michael, go to Google and do a search for "Sony This Is Also It". One news place, the Huffington Post, is the only media place to mention it. All other results which actually mention a film quote the Huffington Post article. Sony has never said there will be a sequel. And have actually denied the possibility of a sequel.

That's the final piece on this redirecting piece of shit. If you want to follow a hoax website just keep an eye on MJHD.COM for it's next reincarnation. But if you are stupid enough to keep seeing where ThisIsAlsoIt.com redirects you. I suggest you click every dumb fucking link they give to you. Because if you believe this is Sony or Michael you deserve every piece of malware, spyware, and virus they offer up to you.


What Is With All The Codes From ThisIsAlsoIt?

Codes are nothing new. As the above video shows, WWF used the 'code trick' to hype their fans for the return of Y2J (aka Chris Jericho, aka Chris Irvine) back in 2007. It worked, the WWF fans were in such a frenzy when Y2J finally returned that some even fainted. Don't they realize that it is acting?

Anyway, codes have been around since the dawn of time. Allegedly, there is even a Bible code, where all events are hidden within the text of the Bible. Incidentally, for those taking notes, MJHDC does indeed turn up in the Bible code (check if you want - set the steps to 10000). So Fuckfish and Nightmare I'm meant to be here - it's in your Bible. LMAO.

So what is all the hype about the website redirects from ThisIsAlsoIt.com (I have not linked it as supposedly one of the redirects crashes computers even though all it does it redirect to a Google search result).

Why speak in codes about the return of Michael? The answer to this one is actually so easy - If you speak in codes and point to websites which don't actually hold any answers, you don't have to admit it was a big crock of shit when at the end of it all you never actually proved anything.

Plus you have to look at all the hype surrounding this redirecting piece of shit:
  • It is owned by Sony.
  • It is telling us the truth.
  • Auntie Amy owns it.
  • Michael is using it to tell us something.
OK, so the third point may be valid seems when it first redirected it pointed to MJHD.COM.

But come on seriously, what has ThisIsAlsoIt.com really shown us? - Absolutely nothing. And in support of the Auntie Amy owning ThisIsAlsoIt.com theory. Is it just a coincidence that this shit started up just as she left MJHD.COM?

I leave it for everyone to make up their minds about this. But remember where it started (MJHD.COM). Remember who created JokeCalmsChina (Auntie Amy). Remember there have been others that supposedly were going to reveal all, and ended up revealing nothing other than they knew about as much as we do; if not less.

I'll end on a quote from Public Enemy front man, Chuck D, who said: "Don't believe the hype!"



There Is A New Blog In Town

So Fuckfish and Nightmare, the incest couple have started blogging. Like all innovations they eventually make it to the hillbillies (they will soon have inside toilets).

So what do Fuckfish, and Nightmare, have to say for themselves? Too much about nothing is the answer. And then when they try to defend their lies they get confused and contradict themselves.

As Sir Walter Scott wrote: Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive

I went to their blog, and had a look around, thought as they come to my blog I should do the honorable thing and show courtesy by viewing theirs. As I said the first two posts are Fuckfish and Nightmare trying to cover their asses. And watching them trip over their own lies, and inconsistencies, was just too funny to read when you know the REAL truth.

In his post entitled "@gymbunny" Fuckfish rants: "
You have even gone so far as to say that DayDream wasn’t hacked. How the hell do you know that? You don’t. 3 admins have been hacked into. DayDream was one of them, and if you want to know the others, maybe they will reply to this blog. She WAS hacked into, and if you don’t want to believe it fine."

Whoa, calm down Fuckfish you'll burst something. Who cares if Nightmare was hacked into? What is a hacker going to get anyway? Your incest, hillbilly, porn - that's it (which has been touched up (like you as a kid) in Paint Shop Pro). Who the fuck cares? Nobody. Nightmare's computer doesn't hold the working databases the server does.

Then in Nightmare's post entitled "The Databases And More.." the stupid woman has the insane idea that I am some how responsible for not wanting to be involved with MJHD. She rants: "I did know that conspiracy would find a way to target me and say things (though I didn’t know they be so disgusting towards my son and I). I thought I could handle that, and I thought that it wouldn’t bother me."

If you can't stand the heat don't host a website, or a blog for that matter. Read my comments. People think I'm retarded, Amy, Five, sick, twisted, fat, lonely, and a few other words. Water off a duck's back. I don't care what names I get called. Seriously if it bothers you that much you should never have hosted MJHD after seeing what Auntie Amy went through.

Back to the databases. Now although in her post Nightmare mentions they couldn't do anything with the databases because 40GB of files were missing he did then go on to say: "I have no use for your personal information, and had I been an ass and wanted to share it with others, I had plenty of opportunity to do so."

Share what information? Thought it was corrupt beyond repair? The web just tangles further and further.

There is a ton of shit on their blog if you want to read it. But from what I read, and this is just a personal opinion, it is simply more lies covering the original lies. Now they admit to knowing about this John character being a fake. Makes you wonder how many more lies these supposed Christians are going to tell on their slippery slope to hell.



New Hoax Theory - The Book

I'm not locking the blog until I feel it is time for everyone to know my version of a theory (so don't call me Souza or Mo). And I'm not even saying that any of this theory actually has any sound basis other than thoughts that go through my head (even though some say my head is retarded). But while I was watching the sun set (see I do leave the computer once in a while) I was wondering what was going to happen to all the information that was stored in the two databases from MJHD.COM.

So while members worry what is happening with their details, and who is going to get to see their information, a somewhat more important thing crossed my mind. What is going to happen to all the hard work that members put into those databases?

I know the idea of a book coming from Auntie Amy isn't a new theory, but I think the reason for the book is different to what everyone else is thinking. Stay with me on this one it gets complicated a bit and I ramble sometimes too.

Firstly, we have to look at the evidence. When the site was first created Auntie Amy used the term "Jacko" on the website; indicating she is not a fan.

Secondly, there is the way members were treated over at MJHD.COM. Me I couldn't give a shit what Auntie Amy, Fuckfish, and Nightmare thought of me. I was there for one reason only - to find out the truth. But Auntie Amy did a great job at alienating a lot of members; showing that she really didn't give a damn about any of them.

Thirdly, a forum was started; called "Emotional Support". Why would emotional support be of any interest to Auntie Amy when she was blatantly showing that she favored a few chosen members and fuck everyone else? All will become clear.

Fourthly, Auntie Amy was in no way just a dumb Aussie living in the outback, blowing Koalas for a living. She had some sense about her. She fooled so many people for so long that she couldn't have been as dumb as a box of rocks.

So, now we have the four main points, allow me to indulge a little with what I think my theory is.

The Book Theory

I do think that Auntie Amy will be using both databases (yes she was working Fuckfish and Nightmare like a puppet master - pulling their strings as she wished) to write a book. But I don't think the book will be on Michael, a faked death, a comeback, or hidden clues.

I think, and yes this is just an opinion, that Auntie Amy is going to write a book on Internet culture, and how to 'program' people over the Internet. The media do it all the time. CNN decides what stories go on their website, as does TMZ, NBC, BBC, and ABC.

Look at what Auntie Amy did to the website. Ever since she introduced the drama of JokeCalmsChina (JCC) and then a string of others. She has been keeping records on how people react.

Take a look at her latest creation - ThisIsAlsoIt.com, another social engineering project. Nobody has reported on there being a sequel apart from one article in the Huffington Post. If there was going to be a sequel to This Is It don't you think a few movie sites would of covered it? IMDB doesn't even cover it, and they cover movie releases that are scheduled for a 2011 release. So what is ThisIsAlsoIt.com really showing clues for? To get everyone to believe it is something, to build hype in a website that just re-directs where one person thinks they should be going or looking. It's a social engineering experiment and people are buying into this shit. I could put a link up each day on a different blog and proclaim it is clues or messages - doesn't mean it is.

When Auntie Amy releases her book I hope she at least has the decency to dedicate it correctly. And Auntie Amy, as I know you still read this blog, this is what your dedication should read:

"To all the real fans of Michael Jackson that I screwed over."

You haven't done shit for the real fans so far, so at least have the decency to admit it when you release your book.



Detective Work Really Is Not Working

With MJHD.COM being deader than Dr. Murray at a Michael Jackson tribute. I decided to venture outside the box. I headed over to MJHD.NET.

What do you know. I'm a celebrity there. People are discussing this blog. It was like looking, and seeing that people were starting to think.

I really think MJHD.NET will be a great forum/website if they eject Five's lying, fat, drunk, ass from the forum. That dumb fuck is going to sit there and create the drama and hatred that screwed MJHD.COM up. You want to blame me for MJHD.COM failing, that would be so wrong, Five pissed off members and was never banned because Auntie Amy felt sorry for this crippled bitch.

So a word of warning to MJHD.NET: You are starting on the right tracks with an open, well designed, forum. Don't let one drunk destroy it. Like Michael, when he went solo, make the decision that you don't need Five.

So what topics do I get mentioned in? First one is entitled "Intresting MJHD Cached on Google June 23" where they discuss the creation date of MJHD.COM. Then as you read through the comments it starts stating that June 23 could have been mentioned in a post.

This is where the detective work fails. Big time failure. If they had checked the text next to the date on the screenshot I provided them, they would have read these important words:

"We are dedicated to unveiling the Conspiracy and Hoax surrounding the Death of Michael Jackson."

These are not words of a post in a forum, these are the words of the introduction that was the front page of MJHD.COM. And for further information, the front page did not mention June 23 until it was addressed by Auntie Amy when she posted her email from GoDaddy. So no way was it a post that Google just read the date of - it was the date the website was created.

The second article I get mentioned in over at MJHD.NET is entitled: "Some info on MJHD...who will own it" it is suggested that the only reason for the "-1 posts" is if someone tries to register but doesn't succeed. As is mentioned by other previous MJHD.COM members only about 300 people were posting. So you can safely say that 6700 people tried to register. Let us deduct 700 for those who lost passwords and signed up with a different email address and username. Still 6000 people that allegedly couldn't register.

So let us think for a minute. Auntie Amy was, and still is all about money, that is 6000 people that could have clicked the "donate" button, could have clicked her Google AdSense adverts. Don't you think that someone who is so interested in money would not fix that to ensure she could get some of that money?

And if you take the stance that people tried to register "several times" it is still 857 people that could of clicked that "donate" button or advert.

So this leads to the question. Why are certain people over at MJHD.NET doing their best to protect Auntie Amy's reputation. She screwed the dumb fuckers out of 5 months information, investigations, and hard work and you are going to sit on your fat ass and defend that bitch - you have to be kidding me. Do you have to have Auntie Amy actually come round your house, knock on your door, laugh in your face, and spit on your shoes, before you finally wake the fuck up and realise she shafted each and every one of you?



June 23, 2009 - Revisted

So this post proves I actually read the comments. And sometimes I even answer them with a post rather than another comment.

Bec asked why the creation date of June 23 had not been covered by this blog. And to be honest the only reason it had not been covered is because I knew there was never going to be a straight answer from Auntie Amy (who I am not and nor am I a sympathiser).

So with the information that I have at hand, which some of it is really old, and taken from old websites which no longer exist, I'll do my best to actually address this issue.

Although the image is kind of small (due to Blogger restrictions) you can click on it to see the full size version.

The part highlighted in red, shows that Google cached a version of MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.com on June 23, 2009. This was still when the top read "Is Jacko Dead?"

I did some research, and contacted Google, who said that the whole caching of websites is automated and that if website was cached on June 23, 2009 it had to exist at that time. The technician did state that although it may have existed with some HTML coding it may not have been visible if you type the URL in to the address bar. But he was adamant that for Google to cache it the website would have to exist.

When I asked him about getting a copy of the cache from that day for a particular website he said if you can get a federal subpoena then you can get a copy. So basically no luck there.

This raises a couple of questions though. Who is Auntie Amy? What connection, if any, does she have to the whole hoax? And why was the website on the Internet 2 days before the death was reported?

I cannot answer those questions. I have Googled Auntie Amy, and shared the information that has been verified, and proven. As for what connection there is I don't know. If it pisses you off that I don't know everything that is tough. I cannot know everything. As for why the website was up 2 days before the reported death; once again I cannot answer for definite merely speculate that MJHD has some connection.

So in answer to my critic who felt that I never addressed this before. I did, but never was able to find factual answers to the questions that it raised. And without facts, or proof, it would merely be an opinion - of which many people have.

Is the date of June 23 important? Hell yes. Does it tie MJHD into the whole hoax? Definitely. Is Auntie Amy involved in some way? Possibly, but other than she had a website up before the reported death, and was tweeting about the website before the reported death (her account is now deleted that she tweeted from) there is nothing to prove any involvement. Also there is nothing to prove that Amy Sampson is really Amy Sampson - that name could have been pulled off the Internet for all we know.

Ina previous post, I discussed Auntie Amy's reply about June 23, in which she states that it was June 26 the site was registered. The email that she showed on MJHD said 10.40AM which if Amy Sampson is truly Amy Sampson of Queensland would put the registration ahead of the reported death due to the fact that the site had to be registered before they contact to say congratulations it is now registered.

So yes something is very suspicious about MJHD. But proving it becomes difficult. I never gave up on this topic of June 23, just that without more supporting details, and information, it merely is speculation.


Love Me Or Hate Me

As Lady Sovereign sings: "Love me or hate me that is the question, if you love me then thank you, if you hate me then fuck you."

Since the demise of MJHD, and the sale of MJHD, apart from Auntie Amy's comments on her Diaper Fetish site there has been very little to comment about. Some of the recent comments have been very insightful, and I thank the various authors for those. But some of the recent comments have been attacking me, and other commentators.

I couldn't give two shits if you want to attack me, fuck I created this blog of hate (as some call it) I expected to get some sort of retaliation against me. I don't care what people write about me. Actually I laugh along with most of the comments that attack me because you don't even know who you are attacking; which by psychology standards just means you are looking for an outlet for your own inability to actually do anything more meaningful - allegedly.

As for attacking other commentators on this blog that is just retarded. You want to argue with each other because the wool was pulled over your eyes at MJHD?. You want to bitch at people rather than the person(s) who wronged you at MJHD?

See, the more you complain about each other you forget the reason you are most likely reading this blog. And that reason is that Auntie Amy, the diaper wearing original Admin, and her cronies wronged each and every single REAL member.

So argue amongst yourselves if you want, but remember it wasn't the commentator that you had an issue with, it wasn't the commentator that did you wrong.



Who Will Own MJHD?

Officially MJHD is up for sale - No Black Friday sale, no pre-Christmas sale, just up for sale. And yet no price is given.

Who will own it? Well I for one will not be owning MJHD due to the fact that the original owner, Auntie Amy, is going to be holding all the data. Although 95% of the real members of MJHD do not trust her, although the moderators, and Admins, do not trust her; any new member is expected to trust her with their details.

I did intend to buy MJHD, and let it basically be run by the members, I even emailed mjhdforsale@gmail.com to ask about buying it. But the reply I got put me off.

"There is currently a bid in place for the purchase of the domain michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com. If you are interested in purchasing this domain, please offer what you are willing to pay. There will be no copies of any databases being given. Both previous Forum Databases are unaccessible.
As I'm sure you're aware, we would require the Name and Address of the buyer of michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com domain for Tax purposes."

Both previous databases are inaccessible? Why? Even if I was to believe that the original Wordpress database crashed beyond repair, why would the phpBB3 database be inaccessible? Could it be because the databases actually reveal who created the most users that do not really exist?

The domain name itself is pretty much worthless, and to be honest so are the databases. But anyone wanting to bring back MJHD to it's former glory would want to put all the information from the old databases up so that 5 months of hard work by the members is not lost.

There is supposedly a bid in place to buy MJHD please make an offer! This is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Make the purchaser name the price to see how high, or low, it is. And if it is way too high, accept it and don't mention you actually expected to get less.

So for all the ex-members of MJHD that have now gone to various other forums all I can say is that I tried. But due to insecurity by Auntie Amy that does not want any secrets released - which as the database is covered by the privacy policy of the old website/forum I, nor anyone else, could not release any information it may contain with regards to past lies by previous Admins - there is no real reason to buy MJHD.

After all MJHD is just a domain, it is the information it contained, it was the members that worked hard on it, it was the feeling in the beginning that made it a home to some. That is what I was hoping to purchase and give back to the members.

And for all the people that comment of why I "all of a sudden" care about the members, go back to the very beginning post and read them all. It was always about the members. I may not have said it very eloquently, but it was always trying to show the members the truth behind MJHD - truth, which I might add, is now being seen by everyone on how MJHD was really run.



What A Busy Admin Does On Their Day Off

With MJHD being closed, and Auntie Amy, being away from MJHD anyway, I know some have been wondering just what a busy Admin does in their spare time, so I thought I'd re-investigate just what Auntie Amy does in her spare time (which she has loads of right now).

So I decided to check if Auntie Amy was still administering her other forum over at Fox Tales Times, so I checked her profile on the diaper fetish site, and as of writing her last log in was on Monday, November 30, 2009 at 7.57PM. So with no Michael Jackson stuff to investigate it would seem that Auntie Amy falls back on her fetish of choice - adult diaper wearing.

This kind of got me thinking, why would so many seemingly normal people blindly follow a woman who was the Admin of both a hoax death site as well as an adult diaper fetish site.

As I looked at Auntie Amy's profile, I noticed it said she was unemployed, which really didn't tie in with her continual excuses over at MJHD where she constantly said that she never got to matters on MJHD because she was busy with work. So, was busy with work just an excuse, or did Auntie Amy claim that excuse because she was busy administering a diaper fetish site?

This lead me to check what the hell this sick bitch wrote on the diaper fetish forum. And to be honest, I didn't know people openly discussed this shit, I personally thought that they would be too embarrassed to even say it was their fetish of choice. But no, these sick fuckers basically admit to this fetish. Here are the posts Auntie Amy has over there:

Thu, Nov 12, 2009: "Yes... but most people aren't all people... Can't say such embarrassing things to wear in public would bother me... but then again I am not exactly normal even in the standards set here."

Tue, Nov 10, 2009: "Some people actually do find thinner ones more attractive, better fitting, more pleasant to be in and what not.
Most people however do find thicker ones much better, but lets face it, very few people are actually going to want to be the person wearing incredibly thick ones in public."

Mon, Oct 26, 2009: "if its actually going to be a proper interactive story with multiple paths and all, why not start the reader as a human and have them change into different species dependant on the path they take which continues to effect later paths yada yada yada..."

Fri, Oct 9, 2009: "actually... if the person actually cared about you you have like a 98% chance they'll stay. that 98% would then be devided into an unknown statistic of how likely they will actually PARTICIPATE in it in any way, depends how opened minded and accepting they are really. So if you want a partner who WILL be into that kind of thing, you've got more luck just searching for someone you want to be with who is willing to try new things."

Wed, Feb 18, 2009: "hmm.. you know what i find weird? The fact that nearly every 'Diaper outfit' everyone mentioned is pretty much somewhat infantile in nature.. no one really mentioned some of the more 'fun' things..."

Wed, Jan 25, 2009: "hehe hiya lola Razz I am the fox of three tails! Razz and lola seems to love chewing on one of them.."

There is actually 9 pages of that shit with varying degrees of sickness and stupidity - and that is just what Auntie Amy put; never mind the other sick fucks over there.

So now while everyone cries into their message telling muffins that MJHD is gone, before you shed one more tear for the website or forum being gone, look at the person that created it. Look at the person you would blindly follow as she lead you on a merry dance of drama, bullshit, and mystery. Stop crying, and rejoice, you are now no longer support this sick person's diaper habit. So cry no more, cheer for yourself, and move on because if MJHD does come back this sick woman is still going to be part of it and nobody wants to be part of that.


Contact All Your Friends At MJHD

So if you have been to MJHD in the last couple of hours you obviously saw these words:

MJHD is Closed

As most of you have probably already read in the forum, MJHD is closing. DayDream, the current host, does not wish to be associated with MJHD anymore. She will no longer be hosting the website, after a malicious hack into her PC. The domain is going back to it's origional owner, who will be selling it.

That owner will put up a different home-page with more details on how you can purchase the domain if you are interested.

The change from webhosts will occur within a few days time.

We, the administration, would like to thank our loyal and supportive members; and we apologize that you had to be caught up in the middle of all this. Maybe now you will be able to continue your investigations in peace.

MJHD Administration

I know on the forum there was a topic started about fellow MJHD members keeping in contact. And I am also aware that some people may have been working, sleeping, living, the usual sort of thing and didn't get any details.

So I'm just putting this post up so that if people want to contact each other they can comment their details here.


MJHD Is Allegedly Closing (Again)

So according to the topic "IMPORTANT NOTICE: MJHD IS CLOSING" supposedly MJHD is closing.

That is the bad news; the good news is that as mentioned I still want to take over the website and forum. So if it is for sale, the present owner (Auntie Amy, Badkolo, MJHD Founder, whatever their name) can contact me.

My email address is: mjhdconspiracy@gmail.com

But for me to purchase it there is a few stipulations.
  • There will be no other copies of the old Wordpress database, or the new phpBB3 database, except the copies that I get.
  • There will be no 'instant' Moderators, all moderators will be decided by the members.
  • There will be only one Admin, myself, who will be answerable to all the members, and answerable for the actions of the Moderators.
  • There will be no censorship of topics, opinions, or thoughts.
A few little stipulations, other than that I am totally up for buying a domain that has very little, if any, value.

So, whoever owns the domain, databases, etc. contact me if you wish.



Finally The Sheeple Are Waking Up

The topic is entitled "Just wondering..." An important topic gets started, and as with all important questions the redneck inbred Admins do not bother to answer it.

And the question was: "I don't know if this has been discussed before... but does anyone know why the members page says the MJHD founder joined on June 1, 2009??" - asked by ellbell290.

Shamone is the first to answer with: "This new forum wasn't created until around November 12th. Trust me, I know."

The other notable response was from Joperri1; who said: "MJ died on June 25th, so how can this be. Maybe we need to hear the answer from the person involved. Hummm. Seems a little bit odd. This site was already in the making before MJ's fake death. Maybe it's all part of the plan and another clue....(or an error) JUST WONDERING TOO"

This is one of those times you have to read the entire post to get the full picture.

How can the founder be registered on June 1, 2009? And to think the sheeple thought I was crazy when I suggested June 23, 2009. This is even worse.

But the good news is that the sheeple are waking up, and asking questions. Now we just have to wait to see what Fuckfish says about this. MJHD can deal with their own conspiracy this time; I don't even need to say anything for this situation to look fucked up in one way or another.


MJHD - Now The Bible Is In On The Hoax

It had to happen. As soon as two inbred, redneck, trailer trash, bible thumping, hicks were put in temporary charge by the diaper wearing Admin that remains lurking in the shadows, the Bible makes it to MJHD.

I'm pretty sure when God started the whole creation process some 10,000 years he was thinking "What if Michael Jackson wants to commit a hoax death? I better put some clues in the Bible so it can be traced back to me."

Surprisingly enough it wasn't one of the inbred Admins, but it was a member who hadn't posted but 11 times, so here is what they put:

"And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years. Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the Day of Atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land. And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family..."

It's actually from the book of Leviticus (Lev 25:8). So there we have it, Joperri1, MJHD member has proven that Michael Jackson faking his death was fore written in the Bible. Glad that is cleared up.

So now Joperri1 has cleared that up, they can unravel the codes within the book of Revelations to say when the world is going to end.

I know there isn't much going on at the moment, and that apart from the ongoing is Murray going to be charged or not, but come on the Bible?

Creating night and day, ensuring MJ gets a mention, and then the Apocalypse. Oh and don't forget once you have MJ's faked death done to include that other guy... you know his name... Jesus.

You want to read this crackpot shit head over to this link here.


This Dog Has Joined Facebook

Social networks are everywhere. Whether it is Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook, no matter where you go everyone you meet is on one of them; except the occasional person who is lost in cyberspace.

So if you need to find me on Facebook just search for the term "mjhdconspiracy" I should be there somewhere. Don't be surprised if you find the occasional fan site too (seriously there isn't one yet - but who knows).

So I'll be posting the occasional thing on Facebook when it is worth looking at but not really worth writing a blog post.

Also I'm still on Twitter. With the same username "mjhdconspiracy". So now you can find out whats happening at MJHD wherever you go.



It Is Coming It Is Coming

So according to Fuckfish, the database will be worked on by an expert on Tuesday. And for those with nothing to do on Tuesday it will be 9.00 AM if you want to schedule the time off work, or just make sure your calendar is empty at that time.

Nobody is saying whether this is the same technical expert that was going to charge $300, and nobody knows if the welfare disability check that Nightmare gets is actually paying for this. Nightmare has some disease, I don't remember what it is called, just know that it involves something in the womb growing in other places. Think it was called Endometriosis. It had something to do with a quilt. Fucked if I care or remember.

So with that in mind I'm almost 100% sure that it is time for the Paypal donate button to make a return.

Now Auntie Amy used the standard Paypal button:

Just a standard button. But Fuckfish and Nightmare are experts in PSP (Paint Shop Pro I'm guessing and not that they are happy they know how to play Tekken 6 on Sony's handheld) so they will design their own. An artist's impression is shown below:

This is merely an artist's impression of what is expected to come. But with two inbred, redneck, tobacco chewing, trailer trash, dumbasses completing the artwork, it won't be far from that.


Does MJHD Need Auntie Amy To Survive?

Before anyone mentions the release of personal information on this blog caused her to leave in the first place. Remember I did it because she started screwing with MJHD. Not to get rid of her. If the diaper-wearing Admin returned tomorrow, and told Fuckfish and Nightmare to hit the road I would be happier than one of Fuckfish's pigs in shit.

Before you all think I have finally lost the plot, and need locking up in a secure wing of some obscure mental hospital, there are reasons for these thoughts.

Auntie Amy started off well. OK, so she put "Jacko" by mistake, and basically admitted she wasn't really a fan by doing so, but the website and forum was up before the death had been announced (and for the non-believers just read that as 'up right after the death was announced').

Auntie Amy, the diaper-wearing Admin, had the sense to ensure that members stuck around. She'd create fictitious members, drama, and a whole host of situations to ensure members came back. She even created thousands of members so that everyone would feel part of something big.

Auntie Amy, was mysterious as Admins go, in the fact that she spent her time hiding, never showed up for days, and didn't actually answer any questions which would really need answering. She created an air of mystery around herself.

The diaper wearing Admin could at least type. Fuckfish has the typing capabilities of a kindergartner. Auntie Amy composed her well chosen posts with all the skills of an aspiring writer.

So yes Auntie Amy lost it and sent MJHD down the tubes but if she leaves these two moronic inbreds in charge she will have to watch HER creation, which evolved thanks to the members and their hard work, fall into obscurity.

So without further Ado, I plead for Auntie Amy to step out of the shadows (we all know you are still there), bring your database (we all know you have a good copy somewhere), and rescue MJHD from these inbreds and obscurity.



The Fight Continues

If you read the previous post you may have noticed that I said I was going to give up blogging about MJHD until something earth-shattering happened over there.

I did this for two reasons. The first reason is that MJHD is dead in the water. The second, more personal, reason is that I felt as though I was banging my head against a brick wall - trying to show the sheeple what was really happening at MJHD. I was thinking if they haven't figured it out now they never will.

Well, as I backed the blog up, I was reading through the comments, and more comments arrived, I felt the sheeple hadn't learned a thing, some had still not opened their eyes. So if I stopped blogging what would happen? Nothing much to be honest. But people may think that MJHD is OK now; and I never want that to happen because it is in the worse shape it has ever been and Hitlerfish is trying his very inbred best to fill Auntie Amy's empty diaper with his redneck mother Nightmare.

So now is the time to ensure that nobody is under the illusion that everything is well over at MJHD. Now is the time that people must be told what is really happening. Now is the time that the final nail must be driven into the coffin of the bastard child website of Satan that is MJHD.

The rule change about the Illuminati proves that we, the members, have a voice and if we all shout at the sane time it is loud enough to get through to the inbred, redneck, Administrators Hitlerfish and Nightmare.

The fight not only continues it will continue until MJHD takes its last foul breath before disappearing from existence.


Mine Is The Last Post You Will Ever Read

This blog has run it's course. It was never here for any other reason that to point out how MJHD was being run. It has done that.

Auntie Amy may still be lurking somewhere in the background, as Hitlerfish and Nightmare screw around pretending to be Administrators but to be honest almost everyone with open eyes can see that MJHD is dead in the water.

Also there is nothing to comment on anymore, everyone knows Hitlerfish is a retarded inbred, and Nightmare has the technical abilities of roadkill. There is no point pointing out the mistakes of these two fuck-ups.

So until something really shakes up over at MJHD it's time to just give up on posting about the disaster area that is MJHD.


Predict The Future - Win A Prize

Before anyone gets too excited the prize is just the knowing that you were right. That is the grand prize.

So the predictions that everyone has to try and work out are:

  1. When will Auntie Amy return to prove she never left?
  2. How many spelling errors can Hitlerfish get in one post?
  3. What date will MJHD shut up shop for good?
  4. Will anyone care?

That is it. Nothing too difficult; just a little something for everyone to think about. And so I don't have to comment on my own blog here are my predictions:

1. Very soon, before the end of the year.
2. In excess of 100.
3. January 1, 2010.
4. I doubt it.

So now let's see everyone else's predictions. And just because we need a rule - the only rule is that Hitlerfish is banned from guessing how many spelling mistakes he will make. Although the dumb ass will still get it wrong any way.



Stupidity Knows No Bounds

Someone posted a link in the comments. The link was to a post on MJHD, the post was concerning the embedding of Youtube videos.

I, myself, thought that with all of Hitlerfish's errors this post could get no worse. But was I wrong. The MJHD member StrangernMoscow had to reply. The reply reads:

"I'm excited about this, but what will the videos contain? Real videos of MJ after his hoax?


I was shocked, that this person had managed to even turn their computer on. I mean how the hell did they manage to turn a computer on and register for a forum in the first place? What will the videos contain? Anything that you link to in Youtube - it really isn't rocket science.

Just as I thought nothing in the world could top the stupidity of the post I saw who it was signed by, ~StrangernMoscow~. Now I know I have been accused of being cynical in the past but is it just me that sees the "~" on each side? Exactly like Hitlerfish. And lo, and behold, the person only has two posts.

Auntie Amy tried this trick, of creating members. She was at least smart enough to make it less obvious.

Hitlerfish, if you need to create members to prove that MJHD is not dying, or as most think dead, you know you should pack your shit up and move your trailer somewhere else.



If You Obey All The Rules You Miss All The Fun

The title of this post is a quote from Katherine Hepburn. And before the MJHD Admins get too excited she was not talking about MJHD.

So the database is corrupted, all the good posters, and members are leaving. Yet the rules remain in effect. The same rules that stop people posting, stop people from thinking, stop the members from expressing themselves.

If you want to read the rules they are here.

So let us look at these rules and see what they actually say:

"We do allow freedom of speech, but note that this is within the confines of the stated rules." - This can basically be translated as you can talk about anything you want as long as we agree with it.

"As members you can make the lives of the admins and mods much easier if you use this function when you come across a post that violates these rules." - This can be read as Please snitch on other members this is guaranteed to cause drama when it is discussed by the Admin with other people.

"All members are valued at MJHD." - You are kidding with this right? It can be read as please support Silverfuck and Nightmare as they screw up the forum.

"This rule includes Private Messages as well." - So you are saying Private messages are not private? How the hell do you intend to enforce this one? This can be read as We will snoop on your private messages.

"There is to be no swearing at MJHD. This is a child-friendly website." - Not sure which church they go to but come on seriously kids swear just as much as adults now. This can be read as Don't swear we are god-fearing Christians and do not want to go to hell.

"Michael Jackson was (and is) a great individual." - Whoa that had to be inherited from Auntie Amy. (and is)? Who forgot to remember he was still alive? That should not be read point blank.

"He also has made several videos, and many women adore him. However, discussing him in a sexual manner is not allowed." - He made more than several. But we'll let that slide. Discussing him in a sexual manner is not allowed? Michael spent 50% of his time on stage grabbing his crotch. Read this bit as you can watch videos of Michael, but don't tell anyone on MJHD what you saw.

"Invading the privacy (i.e., obtaining and posting personal information) of any MJHD Member, Moderator or the admins is forbidden. Privacy is valued at MJHD." - Privacy for for who? Certainly not the people that are constantly harrassed my MJHD. Please read this bit as it is OK to invade the privacy of everyone as long as it is not an MJHD Admin or moderator.

"Bashing his family/friends/associates will not be tolerated." - Even if they turn out to be fakes? You cannot bash his family? What? Read this as you cannot write the truth about how the Jackson family and friends of Michael have acted and profited from all of this.

"In no capacity may members discuss his children." - They have no connection with their father faking his death? There is a difference between bashing the children and discussing them. Read this as we do not want to talk about his kids no matter how important they are and also ignore the posts about them on the forum.

"Posting opinions and theories is allowed. It is highly encouraged." - Encouraged as long as it is not describing Michael as sexy or mentioning the Illuminati or his family or his kids. Read this as only discuss what we tell you to discuss. All other posts will be deleted.

"We will not allow posts that are obviously trying to mislead others into believing something." - Too dumb to even comment on. Read it as do not try to convince people of anything they do already believe. If someone believes Michael is dead let them alone.

"No one is to claim they personally knew MJ either." - So if Miko Brando joins MJHD all his posts will be deleted. Read as we already have a theory what happened we do not want anyone to say that theory is wrong.

"There is to be no discussion about the illuminate." - So it is OK to discuss the Illuminati? Oh sorry, got it. Don't discuss light. Read as we are rednecks and know nothing about this. Do not discuss it as we will look even more stupid than normal.

"It is a hoax-death website. If you want to discuss the illuminate, NWO, etc. then this is not the forum for you." - nwo33mj ring any bells? Read as if you think the illuminate (whoever they are) had any involvement fuck off to Alex Jones' website.

"If you want to know why a thread was locked, deleted, or post edited, then please PM one of the administrators, or one of the moderators." - Who will instantly lie to you. And say they had nothing to do with it and it was someone else. Read this as if a post is locked, deleted, or edited don't complain or the Admins and moderators will discuss you behind your back.

"Finally, have fun." - You have got to be kidding me. Don't discuss anything, don't upset anyone, don't suggest anything to other people, don't talk about all the people involved except for Dr Murray, but have fun. Read this as if you read this far we are still taking the piss out of you.

So that is the rules in a nutshell. I did hear on the grapevine there was a set of rules which mentioned invading Poland but I have not seen these for myself so cannot verify that.

With all the rules, the warning system, it is no wonder that MJHD is dead in the water. Even the Titanic had a chance before it sank - MJHD does not. Abandon ship! Abandon ship!