The MJHD Muppet Show & Amy The Puppet Master

Before I start with this post I would like to congratulate a MJHD moderator once again for getting the answer again; although not the first this time. And yes it is true that is the amount Cubestat.com says the Admin of MJHD will make after paying for dedicated hosting.

Yes on June 26, 2010, after paying for dedicated hosting, with GoDaddy, Amy will have earned $14,703.93.

So that leads me on to the point of this post. How much money do the moderators get paid?

From what has been posted on MJHD, and other forums, has proven that the moderators of MJHD do all the work, with deleting posts, editing posts, and removing topics etc.

So, just how much of the $14,000 are the moderators going to get? Absolutely nothing, all they get is the eternal gratitude of Amy, the Admin of MJHD, and a smile as she walks off counting her money.

The moderators take all the crap from members that are truly upset with the rules that the moderators are commanded to enforce; and for this they get a nice big thank you. Amy who only comes on, under various different account names on MJHD, only appears when it is either time to create drama or write another "poor little me, everyone hates me, but don't forget to buy a t-shirt, premium membership, and a charm bracelet which someone on the forum will design for free so I can make more money - oh and click that donate button."

So if the moderators have any backbone whatsoever you should start asking for your cut of the profits that Amy is making while you try and work out if Latoya, Joe, Jermaine, or Katherine is really Michael.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me she isn't any better than Michael's gold digging family. Shame on her for making even one single cent off of Michael's name. She isn't a fan at all, she is a money hungry bitch, no better than the Rabbi.

Anonymous said...

That's what she is doing, cashing in on his death. She is such a hypocrite. No tears from me for amy

Anonymous said...

It's the Hitler mentality that pisses me off. Who the hell are they to tell me what I can say or think. WTF.

Anonymous said...

i agree with all the comments above

GirlwitBrains said...

wow...mj is really dead...how dare amy try to do this? try to use our emotions to get money... im deeply sadden

Anonymous said...

I go by the user name "Tenschi" on their site. I'm going now and cancel my membership! This is crap. How dare they/she, who the hell ever is behind this, take advantage of Mike's fans like this. But what's even worse - is he/she/they are using Mike's name and "death" to line their pockets. I have not the words to express how pissed I am rignt now.

Can you answer me this...are there any other hoax sites you know of that we should be aware of? If needed you can send your answer to me via youtube; My account is Tenschi77084.

I will continue reading the rest of your post and if my question is answered in later posts please disregard my request.

Thanks Conspiracy.

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