You Just Couldn't Make This Up

I originally logged in to do a quick poem on Silverfish; but I was checking email at the time, and someone had sent a link to the MJHD forum and said I had to look it.

So I did. What drugs are those people taking? I mean, I know some crack addicts that don't even think this shit would be normal.

The topic is "my computer sent me a strange message??i tryed that 7 thing someone brought up". I apologize for the spelling errors in the title and the connected post but I had to leave it as originally posted.

EternalBliss.Mikela wrote: "i was on the forum and stuff and searching other things in my other tabs…you know search Michael Jackson sites and stuff..i was looking for site with 7 links and kept clicking on 7 links…the 7th link each time…okay well i kept doing this and it brought me to a page that said.."Are you sure you want to do this?"….weird..it had like no answer box or nothing just the big words on the screen…so i go and refresh the page..the same words come up bigger.."Are you sure you want to do this?"..so i wait..and im think now..yeah i wanna do this..and i was like going around this page for like a secret passage thing or somethiing ..found nothing..so in the web address entry thingy i typed yes….so the screen refreshed but like my computer like went into some freaky mode..like my whole entire screen was filling with words..seven,alive,and all this stuff..like everything was flashing b4 my eyes..and like this clip started playing…my volume was up and it was like..opera music?? playing in the background..you know suspense music..like dunh duhn nun nun dhunhdun..something like that….and then this is it in big words..with Michael's voice just saying like this is it.the way he says something like thriller..like he was saying THIS IS IT..like as a statement..then my screen went blank..i was angry..i think somebody was hacking my computer but my virus control didnt detect anything..and now my history has been erased..my search history..its all blank…can somebody explain this too me cuz im freaking out…now im trying to go back to all the sites in the order that i did but nothing yet..ive been trying for like 2 and a half hours now…that seemed like so surreal..wth….edit:i meant 7 links..i was nervous and was typing fast..sorry"

Then fellow MJHD member, Loveu, replied: "That sounds totally weird. Maybe someone is messing with you or maybe our beloved Michael is trying to tell you something!"

You have to be kidding me. This Is It has been out for 2 days and the best that can be posted is this drugged-up shit? Come on. It doesn't even work.

"so in the web address entry thingy i typed yes" and nothing would of happened. Ever hear of HyperText Transfer Protocol? The word 'yes' on it's own would do nothing in the address entry. At the very best it would search for a site with a common ending such as .com, .gov, etc.

And mysteriously EternalBliss.Mikela cannot remember the link where all this marvelous technical magic took place.

Did you realize if you type EternalBliss.Mikela into the address bar it just comes up with a white page with the word MORON?

On a more serious note, and no this isn't me confused or anything, Henda11 put up a post for a petition for the media to stop using the term "Jacko". Something I wholeheartedly agree with. And yes I did sign the petition if the MJHD members want to try and work out which one I am.

The MJHD Forum topic is here. And if you just want to sign the petition without visiting MJHD then just go here.

Now although I support this petition 100%, and have never liked that term being used, I do have to wonder how the Admin of MJHD, Auntie Amy, feels - seems the original web page of MJHD used to say "Is Jacko Really Dead?" rather than the "Is The King Of Pop Dead?" that it now uses.

Let's hope Auntie Amy has truly learned the error of her way (well at least in this aspect) and has made retribution by signing the petition.



Anonymous said...

I never saw this gem of a post, but it has me laughing until my sides hurt. If I was smoking crack and this happened to me, I certainly wouldn't tell anyone about it.

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