Ode To Auntie Amy

So that people don't think I am showing favouritism to Rhiannon I had to create a little poem for Auntie Amy. Before anyone decides to complain that I can't write poetry I already know this; but it is Sunday morning and God is smiling down so I thought why not.

Amy, your a florist, writer, and web designer
As scams go yours couldn't be finer
Making money with Paypal and Google
Logo design by Henda looks like doodles

Auntie Amy you need to really be honest
More and more people are picking up on this
So put on your diaper and shout out with glee
"I wear a diaper and I like to pee"

You know that Rhiannon will come to your aide
Kissing your ass and enjoying the taste
Commenting on things which she has no clue
Oh wait some people think Rhiannon is you

Have a wonderful Sunday (Tuesday if your computer runs on MJHD time).



Anonymous said...

can you edit the poem and put in how she adds pudding, whipped cream and a cherry on top(to the diaper)?
It was just a thought. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

standing and clapping....

Anonymous said...

Like ur blog....are u anna k?!?!?!?

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Like ur blog....are u anna k?!?!?!?"

Simple answer - no.

Anonymous said...

If Amy continues to let the members of her forum bash the Jackson family and harass everyone who knows them, I will continue to bash Amy. Also, she needs to delete all harassing topics. If not, I'll start my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh snap! Standing Ovation -- just as awesome as Ode To Rhiannon! Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I C&P'd this to my forum, by the way...credit and link to you, of course! (No chance you'd tell us who you are eh? Cause you're me hero)

Anonymous said...


They still copy and paste and offend and that post still is not deleted - mine was after a few minutes deleted hmmm...
Notice the post of Jeannine7411 she is dumber than dumb: "and why is she answering people from our site?" My answer to Jeannine: coz she don't know that her FB is full of hypocrites from MJHD (not the porn site! LOL) Idiot!

Uh uh uh can't you write a poem about Five the german masterposter (Five – 3085 posts, she is now a Diamond member and the one with the most posts). She is a faker and a snitch, don't ever tell her anything private she'll sell you if you stop believing or post against her opinion!

Anonymous said...

Five just posts dumb nonsense all the time to get her numbers up. she has no theories and I really doubt that she believes in the hoax. She posts but says NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh yes, please write a poem about Five!!!

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