MJHDC which stands for Michael Jackson Hoax Death Conspiracy was originally started in late 2009 to expose all the bullshit in the hoax forums surrounding the theory that Michael Jackson faked his death; in particular MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.COM which was started by a Ms Amy Sampson on June 25, 2009. Actually if you read far enough back there is some confusion over that as the diaper-wearing Administrator of that website and forum is Australia. So with the time difference it may have been before the alleged death of Michael Jackson - weird I know but hey shit happens.

Anyway Amy got out while the going was good. To be replaced by Silver Wolf and Day Dream (read as Fuck Fish and Nightmare). Anyway they didn't last long - not that you can blame them seems they were fucked over by the aforementioned Amy Sampson.

Well someone had to step up and take the reins so to speak. Enter Mo and Souza, with Badkolo trailing behind like a bad smell, to start MJDHI. Mo got wise to Souza's bullshit and left; and Badkolo only pops up once in a while as the forum goes from Michael Jackson related to more Illuminati conspiracy related.

Then over at MJHD.NET you have another splinter of the old MJHD.COM crowd.

Then came me. I just wanted to point out what I saw as being wrong in this whole mess; and I did. I got hate mail (much appreciated) and other stupid threats. But I feel I did my bit to keep the hoax alive when nothing was going on; after all I was the only one to interview the syringe in the Conrad Murray case.

Then as the hoax went on and more and more crackheads and basement dwellers arrived. I got bored of pointing these muppets out. So Hoax News Network, Homeless Dave, and Starving Marvin were introduced. After a while I realized I had neither the patience or the inclination to keep all 3 alive so I killed them of - technically Homeless Dave was fired, Hoax News left, and only Starving Marvin died after about a week.

Now the blog is about anything and everything. Kind of whatever I feel voicing an opinion about. I don't expect people to agree, nor do I care if they do or don't, it is just there.