Looking At Logic

The Michael Jackson death hoax has been full of alleged clues which just blow the standard term of logic completely out of the water.

I started this post because a Twitter user, @appleheadlives, said to me:

"@Pearljr @d0gg1e @MJHOAXLIVE @peterpanpyt already posted that video saying "this is not me" so you're logic makes so sense.Pearl is right"

For those not following along at home - this is because Pearl Jr thinks that Twitter user @PeterPanPYT because he  joined Twitter on June 24, 2009 and sounds a little bit like Michael Jackson. Well when I disputed this Pearl Jr said I should 'RESEARCH'. Which to me was highly humorous as I already had. I did voice analysis on PeterPanPYT and Michael Jackson - and surprisingly they don't match (according to FBI standards of analysis). I haven't posted my analysis simply because the RESEARCH that I do is for my own personal use. As I have said many times this blog is merely an opinion; I don't give answers. I prefer that people do that themselves so that they can say they did look into something and got the answer themselves instead of just being told. Anyway, that is some of the history behind the tweet from @appleheadlives.

Now the logic 'argument' comes from the fact that there is a Youtube video pertaining to be PeterPanPYT. So i threw a link up on Twitter to said video. Is it PeterPanPYT? I really don't know; nor do I care as simply PeterPanPYT is not Michael Jackson as far as I am concerned. But PeterPanPYT denied that it was him in the video so it is obviously not him. And because he denied it this has been accepted.

But wait. This is where the fun and games really begin. PeterPanPYT also denied being Michael Jackson. But, according to Pearl Jr, we cannot believe that one. Why? Simple. Because it does not fit the theory that she is currently putting out there. I say currently, because last year she was so sure that the Leahcim video was definitely Michael Jackson.

So this is where 'logic' has a problem. If you accept one denial as a lie, surely if the person is thought to be lying then obviously any other statement made by the same person must be considered a lie? Logically if you think a person has lied before why believe that they are all of a sudden going to tell the truth?

That is the basis of logic. Logic follows a set pattern. If it does not follow a set pattern it becomes what is classed as 'fuzzy logic'; or on a slightly more extreme level may be considered 'chaotic logic'.

But let us not just look at logic. Let us look at the underlying reasons of why logic is being thrown out with the garbage to ensure that a theory remains.

Does anyone have anything to gain from PeterPanPYT being Michael Jackson?

PeterPanPYT obviously doesn't. I mean if, and it is just a hypothetical if, PeterPanPYT is Michael Jackson then why go to the bother of faking your death just to be discovered on Twitter? Logic once again means this doesn't make sense.

I have nothing to gain from PeterPanPYT being, or not being, Michael Jackson. As I have already said I am 100% sure he is not. So it makes no difference to me.

Pearl Jr on the other hand tweeted yesterday about Pseudocide 2 being written. Which will obviously be for sale. I'm not getting into the whole "Should Pearl Jr sell research obtained purely from the Internet" argument which was abound after the first Pseudocide was released. But it does indicate she has an agenda to keep the hoax death of Michael Jackson alive with various 'clues' for Pseudocide 2 to sell.

So when people start throwing terms like "logic" and "research" around. Don't just go with it. Stop. Think. And question everything. Because if you believe that Michael Jackson faked his death then someone, somewhere, is obviously lying their ass off. And the only person who can determine who, in all this mess of a hoax, is lying is - YOU.


To Believe Or Not To Believe

Shakespeare is dead; and has been for a few hundred years so the world can steal and fuck his quotes over however they wish.

To believe or not to believe the bullshit that is undergone at the Nazi HQ known as MJDHI. Well, the obvious answer is to not believe anything that falls out the cesspit of the whole hoax.

Front, Back, or Bec, or whoever is claiming to be the insider this week along with the everlasting TS is the official 'inside' voice of the Michael Jackson death hoax? Really? Because I swear to some God that when Front and Back first started the Admin of MJDHI and Bec were so certain that I was Front or Back because we both used the word "Atlas".

But no that has been forgotten now and because Souza and her new pussy-licking bitch Bec have said so Front or Back is actually an insider that knows what is going on. Hang on. Knows what is going on? Is Backwards actually Jackie Jackson? It could be. Hell it might even be Larry King - he's not exactly busy anymore.

What happened to all the other certainties? What happened to the whole "Where The Wild Things Are" theory? What happened to the "Double Bam" theory? Did that canceled because Elvis is in Las Vegas? What happened to the "Twin" theory? What happened to the "Dog Autopsy" theory?

All of these supposed 'on the money' theories are lost in the annals of hoax history because they were nothing more than guesses.

So why are the members of MJDHI so willing to believe that a few fucked up cryptic bullshit quotes and redirects mean anything? Because if they don't they get belittled by the Admin followed by Bec, still liking her lips after licking Souza's ass, and then all the people that will blindly follow these cunts without questioning anything.

Why has none of the members ever asked TS, Front, or Back to just say something in clear English which has not happened, and is not already common knowledge among Michael Jackson fans, that will happen. Come on, surely one of these three insiders can give a clear answer to something that will happen.

Just to give them a helping hand here is the layout that can be used:

DATE: (The exact date of a forthcoming event - after all they are an insider they should know.)
TIME: (OK The time might be difficult - lets make it easy and leave it in Dutch time.)
EVENT: (The exact details of the event. Not something like "An album will be released." And make sure you name where it will take place exactly and who will be there.)
TIME OF POST: (The time they posted it to the forum - so when it is found on the Internet from 3 days ago it can be proven.)

That is not too much to ask. Come on. Supposedly these mental patients are insiders to the biggest hoax in the world. A simple exclusive of an event, with specific details not available anywhere on the 'net, shouldn't be such a hard a thing. And having it in plain English shouldn't be too much to ask. No cryptic bullshit where you have to divide the number of times Bec has dreamed of licking Souza out by the number of times Souza has logged in as people other than herself. Just plain English.

But it won't happen. Why? Because these cum-guzzling sacks of shit know nothing more than anyone else. Don't believe me? Disagree with them and watch how fast you get banned or belittled by the Nazi bitch Admin and her cunt-licking sheep Bec.

And the reason you can't ask questions? Because these lying sacks of shit can't back up anything they say. Not a thing. Nothing they have said was not common knowledge already. And all the numerical mind-fuckery is just that. Look at the mathematical bullshit TS keeps spewing out - the equation changes to fit the answer. If it was all some numerical quest the one constant would be the equation not the answer.

Follow this shit if you want. After all who am I to say what is wrong? But seriously while you read the drivel of supposed 'insider information' at least look at it with an open mind; and not just take what is being forced down your throats as gospel.


Armageddon - The Game Show

Recently, with all the talk about 2012, an idea came to mind about a game show based on the end of the world. It was also put forth that Drew Carey host the show.

Well, neither idea went further than my own my mind. But if it had the script may have looked something like this:

Drew: Hi, and welcome to Armageddon. Where the only prize is staying alive. Tonight we have three contestants hoping to do just that. Danielle why don't you introduce tonight's contestants.

Danielle: OK Drew. Tonight's first contestant is Mya. She is from El Salvador. She is 36 and dabbles in numerology. Our second contestant is Witney, she is from Bethel in New York, she is 28 and she likes to walk in her spare time. And our final contestant tonight is Christopher. He is 31, lives in Jerusalem, and is a minister for the church.

Drew: Thanks Danielle. And welcome contestants to the show. Just in case you haven't seen it before, although I know you have, let me run down on the rules. All the questions tonight will be about Armageddon, the apocalypse, end times, call it what you will. The winner will get a chance at the final to go for eternal happiness; while the two losers will be thrown in the pit of eternal damnation. Don't worry folks its just a mix of jello and sulphur. So without further ado on to the first question.

Christopher: Excuse me. But you cannot decide who gets eternal damnation.

Drew: Don't worry about the details at this point Christopher it is after all only a game. So, get your fingers on the buzzers as we press on with question one. OK. How many times have the Jehovah Witnesses predicted that Armageddon was knocking on your door?


Christopher: Too many. No man knows the day or the hour.

Drew: I'm liking your style Christopher but that is the wrong answer. Mya or Witney care to take a stab at the answer?


Witney: Seven.

Drew: Nope I'm sorry. Wrong answer. Mya would you like to take a guess?

Mya: Four.

Drew: Not even close. The correct answer is eight. 1875, 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, and 1975. And we are still waiting. So no score on that one. Second question. When will the world end?


Mya: December 21, 2012 at approximately 12.21 PM.

Drew: Sorry Mya not the answer I have on the card. Witney, Christopher, take a guess.


Christopher: No man knows the day or the hour.

Drew: Look the answer wasn't right the first time so what the hell made you think it would be right this time?

Christopher: That is what my Dad told me.

Drew: Well your Dad is wrong too. Witney take a guess.

Witney: I agree with Christopher.

Drew: If it wasn't right for him. What makes you think it would be right for you? Did you even listen to the question?

Witney: Yes, but the New World Translation Bible says that no man know the day or the hour.

Drew: Well we are not using some Bible translated by five guys not qualified to translate. And for your information the whole "No man knoweth the day and the hour" speech is about the second coming of Christ not Armageddon. So lets just drop it OK. Armageddon will happen whenever the Fox Network manages to squeeze in to their schedule. That is the answer I have on my card. That is what the Fox Network will accept as the only answer. And for a bonus point who on the Fox Network will announce Armageddon?


Christopher: Bill O' Reilly because he is in league with the devil himself.

Drew: Thank fucking God for that. We finally have a correct answer. With that we'll go to a break. You have two minutes but don't go changing channels.

[The usual junk is advertised at this point. Some law firm hoping you'll sue the shit out of someone so they can take their 33% percent of the settlement. Medical insurance; which if you get out of your seat and read the microscopic small print is only valid while you are well enough to not need it. And a whole bunch of sex related items including dildos, vibrators, condoms, Viagra, and some lubrication.]

Drew: Welcome back. Christopher is in the lead but at this stage of the quiz it is anyone's. Why do Jehovah Witnesses knock on your door at the most inappropriate time?


Witney: To spread the message of Jehovah and warn people of the impending Armageddon that is to happen very soon.

Drew: I'm sorry. That wasn't really a question. I was just thinking aloud. But I meant their timing. Usually when I'm busy. Anyway. Question three. When was Jesus born?


Christopher: December 25, 1AD.

Drew: Still buying that story? I'm sorry it is the wrong answer.


Mya: According to the long calender Jesus was born on September 6, 3AD.

Drew: Wrong. Go on Witney take a stab.

Witney: Jesus was not born.

Drew: What the fuck?

Witney: Well he wouldn't celebrate his birthday so it doesn't matter when he was born.

Drew: Oh aren't you just the barrel of fun. I'm sure you are the life of the party. The correct answer, according to James Ussher, and he should know, is 4 AD. He never picked an exact date so you could have picked any.

Christoper: But if AD stands for Anno Domini, and means in the year of our Lord, how could Jesus be born 4 years in the year of himself?

Drew: Hey. Hey. Hey. I'm the one getting the big fat paycheck to ask the questions not you. And for your information I don't write the answers so don't ask me anything. Got it. Your losing your point for that. Moving on to question four. What is the Pope's full name?


Christopher: Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God.

Drew: What was all that?

Christopher: The official titles that the Pope goes by.

Drew: Well, mister know-it-all I didn't ask for his title I asked for his name. So you are wrong. Mya, Witney, care to take a guess?


Mya: Dave?

Drew: Nope. Not even close. Witney take a guess.

Witney: Whats a Pope?

Drew: No more fucking questions from you three. I ask the questions. The correct answer is Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger; which is worth a lot of points in a game of Scrabble. For a bonus point; where was he born?


Christopher: The Vatican.

Drew: Dumbass. Anyone?


Mya: Germany.

Drew: Thank you. There is a God. You got it right. You are now in the lead as we go to the final question. What was created first?


Witney: Light.

Drew: Wrong.


Christopher: Darkness.

Drew: It was already dark. Nobody had to create it. You can't create something that is already there.


Drew: Mya you are the only one who can answer. You don't have to buzz.

Mya: Night.

Drew: No. Pay attention. If darkness was not right then obviously night which is dark is not going to be right either. The correct answer is God. Someone had to create God so he could create everything else. Don't ask me who created him because I don't know. I'm just a game show host. We are going to take another short break while I beat some sense into these three worthless contestants.

[Even the commercial breaks are repeated. And it is once again the same shit as before. If you really care scroll back up and read it again. If not just carry on.]

Drew: Welcome back. As I look at the scores, not that I need to, Mya is today's winner with one point; and goes on to play Final Judgement. Witney and Christopher must take the plunge into eternal damnation.

[Witney walks forward makes a little prayer to Jehovah and jumps into the pit of damnation. The audience cheer like crazy. Christopher is hesitant but Danielle comes out with a ten foot barge pole and pushes him into the pit of damnation. Once again the audience cheer.]

Drew: OK Mya. It is on to Final Judgement. Danielle tell Mya what she could win.

Danielle: Final Judgement. Where the only prize is redemption. Choose one question from a possible, which we like to call the "Trivial Trinity", answer that question correctly and you win. Get the question wrong and you join the other contestants in the pit of damnation.

Drew: OK Mya pick a question from the Trivial Trinity.

Mya: One.

Drew: OK, tonight you are going with one. Let me open the envelope. The topic for your question is Superheroes. Are you feeling confident Mya?

Mya: Not really.

Drew: Good. Lets get this over with. In a 3-way fight between Batman, Superman, and Spiderman who would win?

Mya: Um. Um.

Drew: I'm going to have to hurry you.

Mya: Spiderman.

Drew: So close yet so far. The correct answer is Superman. Superman would team up with Batman, as they have done many times before, and once Spiderman is defeated Superman would take out Batman. Seriously would you bet against a man that can mess with time? Well I'm sorry Mya off to the pit you go.

[Mya heads over to the pit and takes a leap in; unfortunately landing on Witney.]

Drew: Well that is it for tonight folks. Nobody is saved. Join me tomorrow when three more contestants try for Redemption. And remember 666 is just a number unless it is the zeroes on my paycheck. Goodnight folks.