The Final Chapter

Previously ... Mo was killed by Souza with a single gunshot, Bumkolo was killed by Henda with a single gunshot, Henda was killed by Amy by being blown up, and Souza was killed by Mo with a shower hose. Yeah I know it is fucked up that Mo was never really dead but sometimes things happen for a reason.

Mo awoke from her sleep, she looked over at Amy lying next to her on the bed, she lifted the covers and looked down. She still couldn't get over the fact that Amy had a Paul Hogan tattoo on her back. She looked at the clock and realized it was time.

Mo: Wake up Amy.
Amy: (still half asleep) I'll be up in five minutes Michael.
Mo: What? Michael? That's a man.
Amy: What? Morning honey.
Mo: Get dressed. We have to go do this.
Amy: Yeah in a few, I need my beauty sleep.
Mo: Just get fucking dressed we haven't got that long.
Amy: Oh someone woke up crabby.
Mo: Come on. I'll make some coffee.

After drinking coffee, and relaxing for a while, Mo and Amy started their journey in Amy's VW Beetle; Savage Garden was playing on the radio. Amy looked nervous as she drove. Mo sat in the passenger seat, checking the gun, making sure everything was ready. The song finished on the radio and the DJ spoke "G'day cobbers it's a fantastic day here in Brisbane and if your thinking of going to the Entertainment Arena to see Michael Jackson give a speech you better hurry up. It's 98 degrees out there so cover up and be safe. And now for a classic from INXS." Amy turned the radio off.

Mo: You know we have to do this.
Amy: But why? Why can't we just forget it.
Mo: It has to be done. It is what needs to be done. How can we keep the forum going if we don't?
Amy: But I could just create another website.
Mo: About Michael?
Amy: I was thinking of DiapersAndPeanutButter.com.
Mo: Well don't think just drive.
Amy: Or AmyAndMo.com.
Mo: Yeah, whatever, just get us there.
Amy: Are you sure about this?
Mo: Very.

Arriving at the Entertainment Arena Mo handed the gun to Amy. Amy took the gun; she didn't want to but her love for Mo meant she had no other choice. She slipped the small gun into the waistband of her jeans. They went in. Security were randomly checking people as they entered the building. Mo walked past the security guards without a problem, but Amy was asked to step to the side.

Guard: Excuse miss would you mind removing your jacket?
Amy: What for?
Guard: Just a security check. Nothing major.
Amy: But my girlfriend went through.
Guard: Well just take of the jacket and you can go through once you have been checked.
Amy: But. But...

As Amy started to take off her jacket her nerves were going haywire. Her hands were sweating as she unzipped her jacket.

Guard: Bit warm for a jacket?
Amy: Uh yeah. I have skin cancer.
Guard: Sorry to hear that.
Amy: It's OK.
Guard: Holy fucking shit! Is that who I think it is?
Amy: Yeah.
Guard: A fucking Paul Hogan tattoo on your arm. Now that is classy. I hope they make another Crocodile Dundee film.
Amy: You like the films?
Guard: Strewth. I watch them all at least once a week. Well as a fellow Paul Hogan fan you can go through.

Amy breathed a sigh of relief. She was sure the gun was hidden enough but didn't want to take any risks. She caught up to Mo who was waiting anxiously. They headed into the main arena. Pushing their way to the front they split up, Amy going to the left, and Mo going to the right. Then without too much delay Michael stepped on stage and walked to the podium. Amy thought it weird that she had not heard an announcement. Michael stood at the podium and started to speak. "Thank you, thank you very much. This is it. No, really this time it truly is it..." Amy was looking at him something didn't seem right. She looked over and saw Mo stood there watching her. Mo nodded towards Michael. This was the signal that Amy had been waiting for. She pulled the gun from her waistband, pointed it at Michael, and shouted "FOR MJHD" She let out two shots; both hitting Michael.

No sooner had the shots been fired pandemonium went through the entire arena. People were diving to the ground, covering their heads. Mothers were grabbing their children and covering them. It was complete madness. Then another shot was heard. Amy fell to the ground. A single shot to the head. Mo looked over to see that Amy had been shot, and started to make her way to the doors.

Mo ran from the arena, in all the pandemonium she had managed to get away without being stopped. She leaned against a wall out of breath. She smiled. Everything had gone according to her plan. She never intended to share the top spot with Amy; just use her. She had to get to a computer. She had to finish the last stage of her plan.

Sitting in a little cyber cafe Mo registered the domain MichaelJacksonDead.com. She set up a front page and forum exactly as Amy had taught her. This was too easy she thought to herself, all the grieving fans will be at my website donating money. I'm going to be rich.

She waited for her email to load up, as she did she turned around to watch the TV that was on in the corner of the cafe. She saw that it was about Michael being shot. She called over for someone to turn up the TV. The reporter started to speak.

"I'm outside the Entertainment Arena, here in downtown Brisbane. Just a couple of hours ago a woman, who the police have named as Amy Sampson, shot who she thought was Michael Jackson. Police shot her and she died instantly. Just to recap Michael Jackson is alive but unfortunately E'Casanova is dead."

Mo couldn't believe it. She slammed her fist down on the table. Then she smiled, the smile then broke into laughter. She checked her email. There was the one she had been waiting for:

Thank you for choosing GoDaddy as your hosting company. The following domains have been successfully registered.


Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions regarding this transaction. Once again thank you for choosing GoDaddy.

Mo checked the website. Three members had already joined MichaelJacksonLivesForever; and one had donated $10.


The S&M Forum Just Cannot Help Themselves

We have had the twin theory, the movie theory, the dog autopsy theory, and the Illuminati theory. And just when you thought they had done enough damage destroying Michael Jackson's name they find another target to pick on. And who is the lucky winner? None other than Elvis Presley.

According to the topic entitled "Elvis Presley Son Of Satan and Bush Bloodline?" Michangelo put down the crack pipe long enough to decide, and type, that Elvis is the son of Satan. And how do we know this? Because there are three 6's. Oh, it all makes perfect sense now.

This is how it can be proven that Elvis is the Son of Satan:

He was 42 years old when he died - 4+2=6
He died on August 16 - (1+6)+8=15 ... 1+5=6
He died in the year 1977 - 1+9+7+7=24 ... 2+4=6

Fucking hell, I'd never realized, Elvis Presley is the Son of Satan. And all because he died on August 16, 1977.

But wait. It wasn't Elvis' choice to die on August 16, 1977 it was planned by the Illuminati. They had a meeting on August 14, 1977 and decided that as nobody had anything planned the Illuminati should make sure Elvis dies on August 16, 1977. Luckily for the Illuminati his body was discovered at 2:30PM. Which meant they still had time to get a round of golf in - no point wasting the whole day.

There is more. Elvis is related to George W. Bush. That is it I'm sold on the theory. I am going to find every Elvis track and play it backwards to see what sort of messages come out.

But if Elvis is related to George Bush, and the whole Bush bloodline, would that not make him protected by the Illuminati as one of their own? And it is not like Elvis was sending some great message of LOVE like Michael that may or may not interfere with the Illuminati plans of world domination.

Luckily, in this instance, the following posts on the topic mostly disagree with the whole idea.

Just when you think it is safe to go back along comes Michangelo again with the revelation that ELVIS is an anagram of EVILS.

If you were not already sold on the idea that should have done it. Forget that ELVIS is also an anagram of LIVES. It is not important. So we should all put some Elvis tracks on our iPod and head out to find a virgin to kill and sacrifice to Horus.



Dogs Rule Cats Drool

There is another blog which wants to pick apart everything that I say, everything I write, pretty much everything I do. Big woohoo. Who gives a fuck? I don't. You don't agree with me its no big deal. This blog was merely for me to share various thoughts and observations. You want to create a blog and dissect every word I type - have fun with that too.

The blog, imaginatively titled "MJHDC: The Revelation" can be found at:


So we now have a blog investigating a blog which is investigating a hoax within a hoax. You have to laugh. No wonder Michael hoaxed his death. As the person has imaginatively called themselves 'The Cat' so from now on I'll be referring to it as the Pussy Blog.


In The Dog YOU Will Trust - Allegedly

Allegedly I am in to brainwashing everyone who views this blog. Not sure how I started brainwashing everyone; but if it is working you are all now calling yourselves "Puppies" and are under my complete control.

I did a little bit of research into brainwashing - well, actually about 3 minutes on a Google search to see if there was any comparisons to brainwashing techniques and this blog. I couldn't find anything that proves I am some brainwashing psychopath that is intent on ruling the world.

It is at times like this I wish I had a furry white cat to stroke as I hold the entire world to ransom with a blog about the bullshit, stupidity, and downright ignorance that exists in some of the forums that are investigating Michael's hoaxed death.

I use this blog to put some of the things that I find - and I call a spade a spade. If see a couple of people acting like dictators I call them dictators. And if I want to add humor in at the same time and call those same dictators lesbians I do. As a side note the lesbian theory of the Double Dong team is because they always sign as "Souza & Mo" as if they are joined as partners. Nothing more. It is not some homophobic rant that all homosexuals and lesbians will burn in hell.

And as for me desecrating the American flag by having it linked with my words. Big fucking deal. If you really want to get picky about this sort of thing about 60% of the world population feels that governments are corrupt. So we should pull the flag off the White House - don't want a corrupt government associated with the stars and stripes. Actually pull it off every federal building in the country just to make sure it remains pure and untainted by the politicians and the alleged Illuminati that run the politicians.

Yes I used the flag to point out the freedom of speech. Yes I used a picture of Hitler and Goering to depict dictatorship. But no I did not force anyone to pledge allegiance to the flag or to a picture of a dog.

It is merely a blog. I put my thoughts out there for people to read. I do not force anyone to agree with them. And as for me bashing all those that do not agree - you will find that is called debate; when two opposing ideas are debated. If people read this blog and think "That is fucked up, this person must be heavily medicated in a secure mental wing somewhere" then so be it. But at the same time if people read this blog and go and look at what is happening and form their own opinions that is great too.

As for the word "Peace" at the end of every post. That is merely a word. I could put "Fuck" at the end of every post. But I put "Peace". Why? Because I can. No other reason. It does not mean that I contradict myself. If you want to go back to the old CB days I could just as simply put"Over".

And back to the brainwashing:



The Plot Thickens More Than Grandma's Gravy

Previously ... Henda proved his stupidity and was killed by Amy. Souza admitted her love to Amy; and flew off to Brisbane.

As the airplane landed Souza could already smell the Kangaroo shit. The airport was full of people and Souza still felt like she was being watched. As she picked her bag off the carousel she wondered who was watching her. Was it the FBI? Was it Interpol? Was it Amy? She puckered up her lips and blew a kiss into the air just in case it was Amy.

As she went outside to get a taxi her cell phone rang.

Souza: Hello.
Amy: Hey it is Amy.
Souza: Are you at the airport?
Amy: No, just get your ass over here.
Souza: I'm now getting in a taxi.
Amy: I'll throw another shrimp or two on the barbie then.

Before Souza had a chance to reply the phone was silent. The taxi ride to Amy's house was uneventful. She knocked on the door. The door opened, there stood Amy. Souza could not contain her excitement, she dropped her luggage, and threw her arms around Amy. As she went to kiss her on the lips Amy stepped back and said "Whoa there. Slow it down." Souza composed herself and started digging through her luggage for the gift she had brought for Amy. She turned around and handed Amy an Edam cheese with a neon pink g-string on it. Amy said "Thanks."

As they walked through the house Amy placed the cheese on a small desk and promised herself to throw it out later. Once in the garden, Amy sat with Souza at the patio table. Souza couldn't control her emotions - a mixture of excitement, fear, and sadness.

Souza: Amy I think someone is watching me.
Amy: You are just paranoid. Who do you think is watching you?
Souza: I don't know I just have this feeling.
Amy: You are worrying about nothing.
Souza: What about all the murders? What about Mo, Kolo, and Henda?
Amy: Relax. Nobody knows. Here, have a beer.
Souza: What about Michael?
Amy: Don't mention him. Just relax. Everything will be alright.
Souza: I'm glad I have you.
Amy: Yeah. I would be too.

The two sat at the table chatting about the 'good old days' and how they had concocted various outlandish theories and drama to keep everyone interested in the forums and clicking the adverts and paypal button of the old MJHD. Amy was telling Souza what she had purchased with the money when Souza's phone rang. Souza answered the phone, but there was nobody there.

Amy said that Souza looked tired and once they had eaten she should rest and try and get a little sleep.

They ate. Amy showed Souza to the guest room, and apologized for the stacks of diapers; but explained they were an offer she just couldn't refuse. Souza looked around the room there must have been at least five thousand diapers. She thought how the members of MJHD would feel to know where their donations went.

Amy was about to leave the room when Souza said "Do you mind if I take a shower? I had a quick knuckle shuffle on the airplane and really need to clean up." Amy said "Sure." As Amy left she didn't hear Souza say "I love you."

Souza was in the shower, when she heard the door. She smiled to herself. Maybe Amy had taken the g-string off that Edam and was going to come and wash her back. She stood in the shower, shivering, waiting for the curtain to be pulled back.

Suddenly the curtain was pulled back. There stood Mo in nothing but a diaper. Souza stood motionless in shock. Mo smiled. Souza started to cry. Mo stepped into the shower. Souza wrapped her arms around Mo. Mo pushed her back.

Souza: How are you here? How are you alive? I killed you.
Mo: No you didn't. The bullet missed any vital organs I just went in to shock.
Souza: I'm so glad you are alive. I don't know what I was thinking.
Mo: It doesn't matter. I forgive you.

Mo leaned forward again, Souza wrapped her arms around Mo. Mo reached behind Souza and took the shower head and started to wrap the shower hose around Souza's neck. As she pulled it tight Souza started to panic. She screamed "Noooo." Mo pulled tighter and tighter until Souza's body went limp. She released the shower hose and watched Souza's body slump in the tub. She looked down at Souza and spat. "Don't fucking shoot me!"

As Mo stepped out of the shower, laughing, Amy met her and kissed her.

Mo: It was fun to watch her die.
Amy: At least that disgusting distraction is out of the way.
Mo: Good. Now back to business.
Amy: It will all be completed soon.

The pair left the bathroom and made their way to the master bedroom.


Where In The World Is Lara?

Kind of like "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego"; but not going to be an online game. A little more worrying than where Osama Bin Laden is though.

Lara, LaraLovesMichael, the Admin of MJHD.NET has gone missing for the last 10 days while the forum goes to the pits.



Same Scam - Same Old Henda

So Henda has finally graced MJHD.NET with his presence. Oh boy they never learn. Tell you what, why not ask the Double Dong team nicely and they might let you change your name to MJHD.COM.

What the fuck are you thinking? Let all these fuckers that created drama on MJHD.COM in on MJHD.NET and watch it fucking sink down the fucking toilet. Way to go. Might as well pack your shit up now; because within five months it will be in the same state that MJHD.COM was in when that shut down.

Firstly Henda joins under the topic "I'm Back". Big fucking deal. Let me ask them to roll the fucking red carpet out. Sorry, but nobody even knew you were gone; or cared. But what the fuck seems you went to the bother of announcing "I'm back" might as welcome you back... "Welcome back fuck stain. MJHD.NET needs an overinflated ego and look here you are."

Sorry but did anyone even know Henda had ever not been around? I thought he'd fucked off to jack off to WWE and Fishing magazines.

But don't give this guy time to breathe because he has an idea. On the second day of being a member he wants to drag a shitty idea over from MJHD.COM. Great idea. Bring Amy with you, she'll keep the members in line as it seems Lara may not be up to the job with all the monkey business she is allowing to go on. Lara, just as a suggestion, ban 4thetruth and Tis_ruthy, those two lying cunts were both in that Michael Jackson scam together. The only boyfriend involved is whichever one decided to be the butch bitch that night.

Anyway I digress again, Henda comes to MJHD.NET and wants to start a fund just like he suggested at MJHD.COM. Way to go genius. The idea never happened there what makes you think it is going to happen here. But wait, it involves PayPal. Truly the student has learned from the master; and Amy has taught this boy well.

Wake up. If it looks like shit, and it smells like shit you don't have to buy it to know it is shit. Get a fund together, cream some off the top. Wait, WWE King Of The Ring is pay-per-view; that is what he needs the money for - and Henda it is not King Of The Ring like you are thinking. He should of at least been honest and just said "Buy a band so I can jack off to Chris Jericho when he sweats."

You want to buy a band, buy the one below:


Drama Overtakes Message At 60MPH

In a topic entitled "Here Is The Final Message" it starts out with MJAwakening's final message. If you ask me this MJAwakening is on crack; but that is beside the point. Allegedly we have all been asleep for seven months. Fuck off, we have been awake for seven months looking at all the clues, theories, and deciding what is real and what isn't. Not twittering a ton of shit which leads to a final mission which most have been doing since June 25th anyway.

DaisyDyva got it right when she said "Another let down."

I digress. That was the start of the topic, which was finally locked at page 60, which somehow turned from MJAwakening to some crackpipe induced drama. On page 2 long time blog reader Tis_Ruthy types: "yeh its all gona happen in this next hour...Michaels gonna log onto mjhd and BAM." So let me get this right Michael is going to log into MJHD? Doesn't sound like that shit has been pulled before. Oh wait it has.

Then on page 6 Tis_Ruthy mentions the new member 'Michael Jackson' arriving. What the fuck, you have to be fucking kidding. If it isn't bad enough she announces it. She is the one that spots him as a new member. Smells fishier than between Tis_Ruthy's legs already. But as with all bullshit drama this is just the beginning.

Make way for page 7. Here Michael Jackson actually types something "I LOVE IT!!! What a FANTASTIC ARG. Just like the real thing, LIFE that is. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. L.O.V.E. to all and it IS a great adventure." Oh great another Michael Jackson that must ensure people think it his him by repeatedly making sure that love is all in capitals. Oh my God it says 'LOVE' it must be Michael. This shit just cannot get worse. But lo and behold it does. Tis_Ruthy mentions that Dave Dave joined last week.

Then on Page 8 the alleged Michael Jackson makes this statement:

Hi All,

Girls please, don't worry, the truth will prevail.
This is not it. This is not the final curtain call.
I came here because I read all the forums and this
feels like home. My true believers are all here.
You have Tis_Ruthy to thank
for my one time appearance at MJHD.net!

I love you, I really do, you have to know that
and I don't want anyone here hurting or crying
tears of sadness. Get down and JAM!
TMZ, TIAI, and anyone who claims to be me
well you know what I've said in the past
Just because you read it in a magazine or
see it on a TV screen don't make it factual.
And please, don't buy into the bullshit.
I was not a victim of any Illuminiti mind control, I have no twin and
that disgusting dog autopsy story, it simply isn't true.
Frank DiLeo is on to the Double Dutchies, so please don't worry.
Girls, I thank you for your patience and understanding.
This is an adventure, a great adventure.......
I love you all.

Any requests? Please ask now, I only have 5 minutes, it's time for Blanket's dance lesson.

I love you more!

Then on page 8 Tis_Ruthy opens her big fat mouth and says "eh lol dont drag me into this ... you dont have me to thank at all lol ..." Shut the fuck up. You are the dumb cunt that announced it. For fucks sake grow a set and admit it. And hey Michael Jackson said to thank you so there.

Welcome to page 9 where Michael Jackson calls Tis_Ruthy a 'very wise and intelligent woman'. Oh well that just proved it isn't Michael. I'm guessing he wouldn't lie like that.

Page 10 holds possibly the best sentence ever posted on a forum. Chance says "Michael.. no disrespect but what does Jermaine put in his hair?" Too funny. Nice to see Chance keeping it real.

Then on page 19, Bicky, who seems to be the voice of reason in this whole topic says "Ok I have noticed something the past little bit. I have been researching and watching members with my laptop and my pc. There is a member here that is being very dishonest with us. They know who they are. They keep signing off and signing in as Michael. When this member is off Michael logs on. When Michael logs off this member logs back in. Wasn't hard to figure this one out." A little bit too much time on your hands Bicky; but ultimately well spotted.

Finally on page 26 Tis_ruthy gets named. Well she may have been named before that page but some posts have been edited. But then just when you think the shit is over - on page 32 4TheTruth gets named as the Michael Jackson impostor. Come on, everybody line up, you will all be accused eventually.

Welcome to page 37 where Tis_Ruthy steps in to defend 4TheTruth. After 10 pages of bullshit, not worth mentioning really, an explanation comes: "She said that her boyfriend and her got into a huge fight about her thinking Michael Jackson being alive. He started calling her every name in the book and she left. He then created the Michael Jackson account on her computer and started posting as Michael Jackson after she left the house. She doesn't know how the IP addresses match up, but she swears she didn't do it, that he did it. She wants everyone to know how sorry she is for the drama this has caused and she will be posting here in a little while."

Fuck off. That is the best excuse? Sorry I'm not buying it for one second. The boyfriend did it. Sounds as bad as the butler did it. This is all reminiscent of the shit Five used to pull and then give the explanation of "I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing." Come on, credit the fellow members with some intelligence. But no it gets better because although the boyfriend doesn't believe Michael hoaxed his death he is in to Conspiracy Theories.

Anyway there is 60 pages to read. Go ahead, knock yourself out. As stated the topic is locked now. But don't buy into this bullshit. The boyfriend has been gotten rid of so everything is all roses again. Is it fuck. A member lied, and you are going to fucking let that slide? I hate to agree with a Tis_Ruthy statement but if the boyfriend didn't agree why sit there watching the forum? How did HE know about the forum, some of the topics, this blog, etc?

And for those with devious minds - yes it is indeed possible that Tis_ruthy and 4TheTruth cooked this little plot up together. Just remember who mentioned Michael would be there within the hour. Just something to ponder.

Nope, pure bullshit. Oh well yet another chapter of why Michael felt the need to leave. Talking of which I get the blame for him not coming back because I'm so vile and disgusting, and crude, and all that - but look around, you fuckers are creating Michael Jacksons all over the place. All I'm doing is giving my opinion with a little bit of humor thrown in. You buy in to all these fake cunts that show up and pretend to be something connected to Michael or Michael himself. If he doesn't come back it is because of people pretending to be him, fooling fans, would he want his name used like that? I doubt it (just my opinion), but I seriously doubt it.

So for all the fucking lame assholes that come on here and say that Michael is disgusted by what I write. Join a fucking forum, because eventually, one day, he'll log in and you can ask him how much he is disgusted by this blog.

Keep giving power to all the bullshit, all the fakes, all the fucked up theories and then sit in your little glass houses and start throwing stones at me for having an opinion. Least I don't buy in to all the bullshit.

And as for the 60MPH. No connection with anything whatsoever other than there is 60 pages.


Plan D - The Plan That Was Not To Be

Previously ... Bumkolo failed in his attempt to kidnap Michael Jackson; and was shot by Henda who then made his way to Holland. Amy put plan D in to effect.

Henda got off the airplane, Souza was there to meet him, as he saw her he said "Guten Morgen." Souza laughed at his stupidity and said "Welkom bij Holland u aap." Henda just smiled not knowing that Souza had just called him a monkey. His language skills in his own native English were bad enough but any foreign language he was fucked.

They drove to Souza's apartment, Souza avoiding all the questions that Henda asked about Mo. She didn't trust him. She couldn't tell him that Mo's naked, dead, body was in the trunk. As they drove the conversation turned to plan D.

Henda: So what is plan D?
Souza: Amy never said.
Henda: Well who knows then?
Souza: Amy knows that is all that matters. Kolo knew but you killed him.
Henda: That is what Amy wanted.
Souza: No! She wants me.
Henda: What?
Souza: Nothing.
Henda: So when do we find out about plan D?
Souza: Amy said she would email the details over.
Henda: Great. Can we pick up some pie and chips?

Souza never answered his question. Her mind was on the dead bodies that were piling up. First Mo and now Bumkolo. She asked herself how many more there was going to be. The more she thought about it the more she knew that no matter what they had to finish what they had started.

Once at Souza's apartment; Souza opened her email. She marked all the lesbian porn as important and promised herself to read them later. She opened the email from Amy.


It is most important that you carry out the instructions in this email to the letter. Everything is planned. Plan D cannot, and will not, fail. This is what I need you to do.

A package will arrive. Give the package to Henda and ensure that he drives alone to the location indicated on the attached map. When he gets there tell him to wait. When the time is right he will know what to do. As soon as he has finished get the fuck out of Holland.

Love Amy

Souza smiled as she read the last part. It was signed "love". She smiled. She wanted to touch herself. As she thought about Amy she kept seeing flashbacks of Mo's face. Somewhat like the scene from Lion King Souza saw Mo's face fade in and say "Souza don't do it. You know it is wrong. No matter what I love you." Souza closed her eyes, Mo was gone once again and the only thing she could see was Amy's face.

The doorbell rang, which confused Souza seems the postman usually knocked twice, she went to the door. There, stood before her, was a guy who just pushed the package into her hands and left.

Souza went back and gave the package to Henda. He looked at it.

Henda: So what is in here?
Souza: Fucked if I know.
Henda: You haven't been fucked in ages you dyke.
Souza: Shut up faggot. Here's the map Amy sent, the route is marked.
Henda: Fuck you drive it.
Souza: Amy said you have to drive.
Henda: Why have you got all these pictures of Amy any way?
Souza: Just fuck off and drive.
Henda: Wish me luck.
Souza: Yeah.

Henda put the package on the passenger seat. He was tempted to look inside and see what it was but as usual his A.D.D. kicked in and he forgot what he was thinking of doing. He put his Elton John CD in and sped along the highway to the tones of Candle In The Wind.

He arrived at the destination. He smacked the GPS system thinking he must be in the wrong place. The screen just went blank. He decided to call Amy to see where he was meant to be.

Amy: G'Day, Diapers Unlimited. What is your fetish?
Henda: What? This is Henda.
Amy: Sorry, thought you were a client.
Henda: Are you sure I'm in the right place?
Amy: Did you go where I told you to go?
Henda: Yes ...
Amy: Well don't fucking question me then. Just sit there and wait.
Henda: OK.
Amy: Anything else?
Henda: No, not really, just that I think Souza loves you.
Amy: What the fuck... Hang on I have another call don't call this number again.

Henda sat there waiting. Elton John crooning through the car sound system. Suddenly his cell phone rang. It was Souza.

Souza: Hey it's time.
Henda: What time for teletubbies? Doesn't matter I set the VCR.
Souza: What? Forget it. Just open the box. Follow the instructions. And hey Henda ...
Henda: Yeah.
Souza: Goodbye.
Henda: What?

The phone went silent. Henda picked up the package off the passenger seat, placed it on his lap, and started to open it. As he pulled the box flaps apart, he saw a note, he looked at the note. All it said was "Goodbye". Suddenly there was an explosion. The car ripped apart like Souza at a butch lesbian convention. Henda was dead; his body parts scattered.

Fire engines, ambulances, and police cars arrived. The flames were extinguished. Policemen started looking at the scene in detail, no evidence of foul play. Just a dead man and a completely wrecked car.

Over at Souza's apartment Souza received a call.

Amy: Hey it's Amy.
Souza: Hey, I was just masturbating to your picture.
Amy: What?
Souza: Never mind.
Amy: Whatever. Get the fuck out of Holland now. Get to an airport and fly to Brisbane Airport. I'll meet you there.
Souza: What about Henda?
Amy: He's dead.
Souza: Fuck. What? How?
Amy: No time to answer questions get to the fucking airport.
Souza: OK. I love you.
Amy: Umm yeah I love you too.

Souza put the phone down and got dressed. She headed to the airport. She got a ticket to Brisbane where she was finally going to be with the woman she loved. As she waited in the airport she felt like she was constantly being watched.


What The Fuck Is Going On?

A video explaining that some people refuse to look in to things for themselves. No matter how many times they are told that something is going on they blindly keep themselves in their 'safe' world without questioning anything.



After The Darkside - The Kidnap

Once again, previously ... Michael is back. Amy is back. Souza has declared to herself her love for Amy. Plan C is in effect.

JFK Airport, 11.55AM, Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bumkolo pulled up in his Toyota Prius, his George Michael CD blaring, he knew why he was here but didn't know the exact details. Then he got a call on his cell phone:

Bumkolo: Hello big boy, did you just wake?
Amy: What?
Bumkolo: Oh, Amy, I'm here. What do I do?
Amy: Follow Plan C.
Bumkolo: Which is what?
Amy: Don't ask questions. Just get Michael.
Bumkolo: How?
Amy: I told you no questions.

Amy hung up the phone. Bumkolo was confused even more than usual. He knew he needed money, but he didn't think he'd be kidnapping Michael to get it. He was about to get back in his Prius when he remembered his Mom's words "You are a lazy little faggot and if you don't start giving me some money you can live on the fucking streets for all I care. You are going to get AIDS anyway." A lonely tear streaked from behind his glittering sunglasses.

JFK Airport, 11:59AM

Following the crowds Bumkolo made his way to where Michael was going to give his speech. He still didn't know how he was going to distract Michael, but he also knew that if he didn't his Mom would be right. He looked across the crowd, it was full of people holding "Welcome Back Michael" and "We Love You Michael" signs, he pushed his way to the front.

JFK Airport, 12:01PM

The doors opened, two burly bodyguards walked through, cameras started flashing, the crowd started screaming. Bumkolo couldn't take his eyes off the doors. Any second now Michael would be walking through.

More bodyguards came through the doors; then Michael came through the doors. Bumkolo looked and started to try to work out how to get at him. There was too many bodyguards to just grab him and run.

JFK Airport, 12:03PM

Michael made his way on to the stage that had been prepared. He climbed up the stairs. He made his way to the podium. He leaned towards the microphone and said: "Thank you for this welcome, I feel the LOVE. I am back, no really I am back ..." Bumkolo listened but the words drifted off to silence as he thought of how to get Michael. Then very reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, Mo's spirit appeared beside him and said "Use the force Kolo, use the force." Bumkolo blinked and just as fast as she had appeared Mo had gone.

JFK Airport, 12:06PM

Michael continued to speak on stage "I want to speak to my fans, my real fans, and thank them for their support." Bumkolo knew now was his only time, if he didn't do something soon there would be no chance. He walked to the side of the stage. Just as Michael was leaving it, he reached out to take hold of Michael, but just as he did he noticed Henda. What was he doing here? He was still looking at Henda when Michael walked past him. He was still looking at Henda, as Henda pulled out a gun. He was still looking at Henda when he heard the shot. He stopped looking at Henda as he fell to the ground.

With all the confusion Henda slipped out like he had done to so many men before.

Somewhere In Holland, 12:11PM

Souza pulled her fingers out of her mouth, how she wished it was Amy she was tasting rather than just herself. The phone rang:

Souza: Hello.
Amy: Kolo is dead.
Souza: What?
Amy: Kolo is dead. Are you deaf?
Souza: No.
Amy: Henda will be arriving in Holland in 11 hours. Meet him.
Souza: OK, but I still need to get rid of Mo's body.
Amy: I don't care. Plan C failed.
Souza: So now what?
Amy: Plan D of course.

The phone went silent. Souza knew she had to pick up Henda. She had to get rid of Mo's body, she had to find out what plan D was.



Personal Information

I was just going to type all the personal information of Souza & Mo. Then I decided it would be better as a video seems it can be embedded anywhere and everywhere. So that is what I did. Enjoy.



Two Previously Unreleased Videos

Just two videos that got uploaded but never found their way to the blog. Enjoy.


Listen Up Crackheads

Over at the S&M Forum, there is a thread all about a doggie and how vile and disgusting they are. Laughing My Fucking Ass Off. You fucking crackheads need to lay off the drugs.

The post entitled "Can Anybody Let Me Know What Is This All About?" was started by Becca26, who goes on the forum and pretends she knows nothing about the blog post which I entitled "Rest In Peace Mo".

Then as usual they get into the whole mud slinging and saying that the blog should be taken for making death threats. Just to clear the matter up I didn't make a death threat; I wrote a fictional piece of literature. If you think that is a death threat Agatha Christie, Stephen King, John Grisham would of all been arrested years ago.

See you dumb fucks don't even know what you are bitching about any more. You just come out with some cum-induced crap hoping that Hitler and Goering might notice it and thank you for being such faithful sheep.

So everyone (Becca26, Kirsche, TruthBeTold, DancingTheDream, Jude (who managed to spell LOSERS correctly this time), IBelieveInMiracles, Puff, AngelShadow, MumOf3, Nefferteareya, AintNoSunshine, Liegi and all the others) learn to read and then decide what to type. Not just some shit because it sounds good in your feeble mind. Because it wasn't good. It made no sense. You hate what? The freedom of speech that I can write my own opinion?

And then we get Souza opening her fucking mouth saying: "My reaction to this is not suitable for this board as there are minors reading also. I think that says it all. This is not deleted because I hope people of this board will report this kind of hate to blogspot.com as well, like we already did. This blogger attacks us personally, but does not have the balls to reveal himself. First it was Amy, now it's us, I wonder who will be his target if his fantasies about us are becoming less interesting."

Fucking hell, how much bullshit can be on one forum? I haven't attacked you personally, other than a few names, I've attacked your ethos and how you treat people. I never attacked Auntie Amy either I just hated the way she ran things. And as for my next 'target' it depends on who runs a forum with such disrespect to their members like you do.

Souza grow a fucking pair of balls. I tell everyone my thoughts exactly as I think them. I don't hide behind some excuse to not say it. And as for BlogSpot pulling the blog I don't think so, there is nothing breaking their terms and conditions. The EFF would have a fucking field day if they did.

And just why are they going to take this blog down? Oh, because I show hatred to people being misled. Great reason. I can play that game too, I sent BlogSpot a copy of the entire blog, and various links to your forum where you allow hatred to the Jackson family to constantly persist.

See Souza, its not just about showing hatred. If you allow hatred to be shown, you have to expect to receive it. I receive hatred, I get hate emails. Think I care? No. Doesn't bother me one little bit. You know why? Because someone is thinking and making a decision. So it is all good.

You allow hatred to various people on your forum, the bashing of the Jackson family and others, yet when someone points out something that is very wrong with your website and forum you cannot handle it.


Retarded Shit Flows At The S&M Sewer

In the post entitled "Biblical References Inscribed On Gun Sights - Scary" there is some brilliant investigative work.

No there isn't - I was kidding. Thanks to TechDiva for the laughs. You ever wake up and want to guest write for this blog you can do it. No - I'm kidding again. Anyway TechDiva wrote in the post:

"Yes, I believe MJ is sending a message through is music. I feel that The Da Vinci Code, This is it, Vendetta, The book of Eli and 2012 are all connected. I haven't seen The Da Vinci Code, but Tom Hanks does mention Illuminati. I know the numbers like 3, 7, 9, 13, etc has something to do with the Illuminati. I feel that MJ is trying to get us ready. It has already started in 2010 the earthquake in Haiti."

Souza and Mo said they were going to delete posts which were basically bullshit and this fucking crap survives?

According to TechDiva the movies "The DaVinci Code", "This Is It", "V For Vendetta" (unless she really meant the 1999 classic Vendetta), "The Book Of Eli" and "2012" are all connected. Then TechDiva goes on to tell the world she hasn't even seen "The DaVinci Code".

How the fuck do you say a movie is connected to all these other movies if you have never seen it? That is great detective work. Make a connection without even seeing the movie. No wonder Souza and Mo left this post in, after they got high they must have pissed their panties at this shit.

But wait it gets better. JonnysGirlDangerous butts into the topic and states with her infinite wisdom:

"You're very right, everything can be connected. But just to clarify it is Angels and Demons the one about the Illuminati."

What the fuck? Does anyone actually watch these movies that have all the connections in them? The DaVinci Code does indeed mention the Illuminati - who do you think have been protecting the bloodline? One of the purposes of the Illuminati is to place a descendant of this sacred bloodline as dictator of a new world order.

So, JonnysGirlDangerous, leave TechDiva alone until you have something important to say which has actually been researched and can be proven. While you are at it you might want to check in to the idea that Dan Brown who wrote the fucking book is actually a member of the Illuminati. To put it bluntly she got it right and you should shut your fucking pie-hole.

So ladies, keep up the good work, you really rock. And TechDiva if you ever need a job reference drop me a line and I'll help you out. And I'm using your numbers for the lottery, if I win you'll get a cut of the winnings.



You Really Want To Follow A Person Like This?

MJYM from the MJs Secret Skittles Society posted a link to the conversation she had with Souza on MSN. Here is the entire conversation as it was posted (me is MJYM not me):

Souza: how you've lowered yourself to a terrible level oh oh oh you're gonna make an ass out of yourself, I made a nice pdf of of your message Mike is proud of you (NOT) wow what a fan are you and how did you get his message
me: Hilarious, just hilarious
Souza: yes, indeed
me: just do your thing and leave me alone
souza: oh, no, just letting you know. You're still not leaving us alone either it seems. But one day ... oh oh oh
me: I'm not leaving you alone?? you'll have to explain that one to me and threats won't get you anywhere with me
souza: Just look at your beautifull comments on at conspiracys blog and no, I'm not threatening you at all don't feel like it
me: I posted 1 comment on there since it started
souza: and it was verrry nice
me: and that's because I didn't think that picture of MJ belonged there
souza: but you agreed with it
me: yep, and I still do
souza: en that for a dutch that should know better
me: hahahaha don't insult me by calling me dutch
souza: oh, but I don't care what you think about me not at all even just laughing in advance
me: apparently you do care, or you wouldn't have started talking to me
souza: people who post that kind of comment on a blog are sick in the head, just like the blogger
me: so you're going around talking to everyone who ever placed a comment on that blog?? good luck with that!!
souza: just wanted to let you know, Mo and I arent the only ones that were DISGUSTED
no, but you're the only one online sssooooo have fun
me: yeah yeah, other people might fall for that, but I won't
souza: I'm gonna block you again
me: go right ahead!
souza: oh... I'm telling you now...
me: have fun!! hahahahaha
souza: so that, when it comes true, you'll believe me bye Yasmaine
me: see ya!! hahahaha

So there we have it. Souza claims "Mike is proud of you (NOT)" Once again with the Mike, like Souza is his best buddy or something. And really would Michael be proud of Souza? The dumb bitch likened him to a dog in the dog autopsy theory. Way to go Souza, sure your buddy is real proud of you.

And for the record MJYM posted one comment by the time this conversation took place. And what was the terrible comment that she placed that got Souza so riled up? That MJYM didn't like Michael's picture associated with Hitler and Goering. Seems a fair enough comment to me, and something that bashes neither Michael or Souza. So why the problem? Why would MJYM be "sick in the head" for disagreeing with Michael and Hitler being in the same picture?

This is the fucked up thinking of Souza. No wonder the traffic at the Double Dong forum is dropping like Souza's undies at the mere mention of Mo's name.

Then Souza says "Just wanted to let you know, Mo and I arent the only ones that were DISGUSTED" So who else was disgusted? And more to the point why? Did Hitler contact Souza and tell her that he didn't appreciate being her? Did Michael contact her? This bitch is seriously fucked in the head. Don't ask me how seems she is a dyke; must have been Mo with a strap-on dildo treating her ear like a cunt.

As some of the people who comment on this blog come from the S&M forum - read the above conversation. Read how you will be treated if you do not agree with the regime. Read what the S&M regime really think of you; and how you will be treated.

Do Not Buy In To Bullshit - Investigate Everything


This Blog Is In The Bible ... Sort Of

Keeping with the bullshit theories that are spewed from the S&M forum. Here comes the most ridiculous theory possible.

This blog is mentioned in the Bible. Which doesn't really mean shit to me seems the Bible is merely a book; but hey at least it is there.

In the book of Daniel it says: "And they arose against the two elders, for Daniel had convicted them of false witness by their own mouth." (Dan 13:61)

So let us break this down so that even though it is complete bullshit it at least looks plausible.

"They" - would be the people who read this blog. "The two elders" - would be Souza and Mo. "False witness by their own mouth" - would be the bullshit theories the Double Dong team have come up with.

Now although it is mentioned purely as a joke there are some serious points. Anything can be connected to anything if you want to. The passage Daniel 13:61 is actually on about something completely different; and doesn't even appear in most Bibles since it is part of the Apocrypha text (most Bibles end at book 12 in Daniel).

Just goes to prove that you can make anything fit to what you want. It is no more than propaganda without reality backing it up.

Investigate everything for yourselves and do not buy in to bullshit.


Rest In Peace Mo

In honor of the ongoing saga/story of the Double Dong Theory I take a moment to pay my respects to Mo. Sure she was a drugged up dutch dyke. But she didn't have to die from a single bullet from Souza.

So at this very solemn time let me say "In Nomeni Patri, et Fili, et Spiritus Sancti" and take a moment to reflect.

Ode To Mo

Sorry that you died the way you did
A bullet from Souza with a gun she hid
It wasn't meant to end like this
I'm just a dog taking the piss

You helped create the dog autopsy
You were part of the drugged up theory
You played your part and so on
But tough shit - now you are gone

So let us all take a couple of minutes to remember Mo; who will be missed deeply by someone I'm sure.

Rest In Peace.

After The Theory - The Darkside

Just like the Jack5ons show ... Previously ... On June 25, 2010 Michael announced his return. Souza shot Mo for no reason other than she could. Henda11 wrote an email to Souza and Mo so that he didn't look as dumb as he really is. Auntie Amy rallied the troops and started the rebirth of MJHD.

With Mo out of the picture Souza was able to pursue the true love that she lusted after. That true love was Auntie Amy. But as Souza thought lovingly about Amy she wondered about Bumkolo, he had gone from cheap Thai male sluts to sailors that he picked up at the docks; he needed someone more stable. Then like a drug induced theory it hit her; Henda was the ideal person for Bumkolo. Henda liked wrestling, so he would most likely like a greasy naked man on him, he liked fishing so he would have no problem guzzling down Bumkolo's hot fish yogurt.

But as she pondered on this considerable thought she remembered Michael had announced his return the night before. What the fuck could she do? How the fuck did Amy intend to bring MJHD back like a phoenix from the ashes when Michael was alive and well?

Souza got up off her fat ass and turned the TV on. She still had not found the TV remote control since Mo had used it as a sex toy. Michael was everywhere no matter which channel she turned to. Every single channel was showing the statement Michael gave to the media last night. She sat and watched as the statement replayed from the TV.

"I am back, no really I am back..." Souza never heard the end of the speech as the phone rang. She answered the phone, it was Amy; who sounded really excited:

Amy: Souza, I have it figured out. I know what we can do.
Souza: What? Do? When? Where? Umm is this Amy?
Amy: Yes it is. Now shut up and listen. I know how we can keep the forum going.
Souza: How? Michael is back, it is all over.
Souza: Ooh I love it when your forceful...
Amy: What?
Souza: Sorry, what are we going to do?
Amy: We are going to kidnap Michael and then the forum will get more traffic than Five's fat ass.
Souza: You can't be serious.
Amy: I am serious. And I have it all planned out.
Souza: How? Michael only announced his return a few hours ago.
Amy: Just listen you stupid bitch. We kidnap Michael and our forum gets 'exclusives' from him.
Souza: But there is no hoax in that.
Amy: For fucks sake there was no hoax in the dog autopsy but you printed that shit.
Souza: True, and some fell for it.
Amy: I'll call you when I need you.
Souza: I always need you, no make that want.
Amy: What? Oh forget it.

Meanwhile, at Bumkolo Mom's house, Bumkolo was surfing his usual gay porn, seeing if he recognized any of the men that were on his screen. The AOL message came up "You have male". It was an email form Souza:

Hey Kolo

Amy just called and she said something about kidnapping Michael. I don't know what to do. Oh and I was thinking maybe you should see if Henda is interested in you. He likes sweaty men and the taste of fish, so you two should hit it off.

There is a rumor going around that I shot Mo. Don't believe it. I have already been on MSN and told a few people that John Smith did it. LMAO. Have to love bringing that name up to cover our asses. I did do it but nobody needs to know that.


Bumkolo sat back, he hadn't thought of Henda in that way but now the idea had been planted he liked the idea. He thought about emailing Henda but he couldn't leave his gay porn long enough.

Then another email arrived, this time from Amy, Bumkolo wasn't going to read it but the subject read "Important - Kidnapping Michael".

G'day Kolo

I spoke with Souza and Plan C is a go. Get your ass to the JFK airport by 12:00 midday. Get Michael. As soon as you have him call me.


Bumkolo thought about it. The JFK airport was 2 hours away, and it was only 9:00AM, so he had time to surf a little more gay porn. Some guy caught his eye, he kind of looked like Henda, so he reached for the jar of Vaseline. Damn it was empty. He'd have to make do with his Mom's arthritis cream.

Meanwhile in Australia Amy was looking around her home office. It was a little scary being there alone. Her husband had left her a couple of months ago. But as she sat there she looked at the thousands of pictures she had printed and put on the wall. They were all Souza.



The Double Dong Hoax Death Theory

The time is slightly in the future, let us say June 25, 2010, and Michael Jackson has announced his return to the world via satellite; which interrupted every single TV station on a global scale.

Sitting in an apartment Souza and Mo, two dutch dykes that thought they knew everything, drop the joint they are smoking and start to cry. Souza looks at Mo and says "How could we have been so stupid? Why did we think we knew everything?" Mo, through her tears, burst out laughing and replied "It is hard to take you serious when you have that false mustache on." Souza also started to laugh as she looked at her reflection. She had forgot she was still wearing the fake Hitler mustache which was used earlier in the bedroom to give Mo a little tickle.

Suddenly the phone rang; it was Badkolo. "Hey girls, are you watching this? You know what this means don't you?" Souza answered "No." Badkolo continued "We have to go to plan C right now." Mo heard on the speakerphone another male voice in the background and guessed it must have been Badkolo's boyfriend. Then as Badkolo continued to speak she heard slurping sounds and knew she was right.

"We have to tell the people that we knew all along that he was coming back, but we have to make up an excuse for why we could never tell them." Souza interrupted "Kolo we do not need to tell them anything we just say that if they do not like what has happened we will ban them from our forum." Badkolo considered this and said "OK I can live with that, but what about the ones that have discovered that everything you dykes put out is bullshit?"

Mo, took her fingers out of Souza's snatch and said "Kolo, you worry too much. Everyone already knows that the Double Dong team is the center of the universe, and that some will blindly follow no matter what bullshit we put out there." Badkolo thought for a moment, and remembered the dog autopsy theory, he chuckled to himself because he knew Mo was right.

"WAIT!" said Souza. "Michael is back, that means we no longer need to make up crazy theories to keep all the sheeple in line." Mo, quick as a flash, backhanded Souza "Don't be so stupid darling. We still need to lead."

In the background Souza heard the usual 'You have got mail' sound, and rushed to the computer. It was an email from a member. It read:

Dear Souza and Mo.

I hope this email finds you in health and good spirits - like I really give a shit. I just saw the TV and Michael telling us what happened. How come you didn't know about this? OMG I cannot believe I trusted you two dykes. You have made a mockery of all your members. I hope you both burn in hell you lesbian bitches. Delete my account, ban me for all I care, I now know the truth.

How could I have been so stupid to believe you and that fucking faggot. I just wish I hadn't spent all my time fishing and watching wrestling. I've been depressed you know, but you two bitches wouldn't give a fuck. Rot in hell you scum.

I'd say more; but Newcastle is playing Man Utd.


Souza started to cry even more, she knew it was over, she knew her dreams of 'Hoax Domination' were over. There was nothing she could do. She closed the computer down for the last time.

She sat back down, next to Mo, raised a hand and held Mo's face as she kissed her. Then while Mo smiled, as the mustache tickled her upper lip Souza fired a single shot into Mo. As Mo's body went limp, Souza let go. She started to smile as Mo's body fell backwards.

Souza reached for the phone, and started dialling, "Amy is that you? Good. I have done it. Let us recapture our prime, let us build MJHD back to what it used to be." All Amy could say was "Strewth, damn your a crazy sheila, but this might just work. I'm having a barbie right now, necking a couple of tinnies down, but I'll get on MSN in about 30 minutes. Get a hold of Kolo and tell him to be there."

As Souza put the phone down, she looked at Mo's dead body. Her legs had fallen slightly apart, so Souza licked her lips and thought 'one more time for old times sake'.

The following is the chat transcript from the MSN meeting:

Amy: Good we are all here.
Kolo: Sorry I was late I had to get some cum out my ass.
Amy: Never mind.
Souza: Mo is dead, still tasty but dead.
Amy: We have to stay focused. Michael coming back has screwed up our plans.
Kolo: But that's a good thing right?
Amy: Shut up you stupid faggot, it is not a good thing.
Souza: But he is back.
Amy: How the fuck do we make money when he is back? Do I have to do all the thinking?
Kolo: I never thought about...
Amy: You never think, just do as you are told.
Souza: So what shall we do?
Amy: First thing, shut up. I'll tell you what to do.
Souza: OK.
Kolo: Sorry.
Amy: Right we announce on the forum that TIAI, MJHD, and MJHDI were all tied in to the hoax theory.
Souza: They might not believe that.
Amy: They believed the the dog autopsy, the twin theory, the movie theory, the Illuminati theory, what makes you think these idiots will not believe what we tell them?
Souza: Sorry.
Amy: We tell them we were in on the hoax and that we knew all along he was coming back.
Kolo: That's a great idea. I wish I had thought of it.
Souza: Brilliant.
Amy: Yes I am.

As the daylight started to break through the sheet that Badkolo had hung at the window of his Mom's house he knew it was early. But today was a good day as far as he was concerned. Today Michael was back, today he got his welfare check and today as planned all along Auntie Amy was back in the driver's seat.



More Reality For The S&M Forum

When people go to the S&M website they get mislead with nice graphics of Michael and a logo. But should it not be that when you go to a website you see what you are getting from the get go?

Take this blog for example:

It clearly states "Sniffing Out The Bullshit In The MJ Hoax Death". Nothing complicated, or pretending to be something it is not. Just tells it like it is.

So without further ado I present, copyright free, the reality version of the S&M Website:

Now it shows the truth of the website. You have Souza & Mo represented by Hitler & Goering. Which in turn lets people know the website is run like a concentration camp; and that you are expected to follow orders as, and when, they are given.

Also note the text "Official Home Of The Double Dong Team" which is just a reminder that the Dutch dykes run the place.


Mobile Madness

Amaze your friends and family; and at the same time let them know you do not buy into bullshit and you investigate everything for yourself.

Introducing the official MJHDC PSP wallpaper. Carefully crafted to match the PSP resolution of 480 x 272.

Anyone sat at an airport waiting 3 hours for a connection will know that a PSP with FIFA 10 is a must to while away the time.



The Reality Behind The S&M Forum

Just a short video which explains who is running the S&M forum; and what their practices are really like. Followed by a very brief survival guide to surviving the S&M forum.


Auntie Amy Is Dead Long Live Souza And Mo

You can always tell a forum started by people who were once members of MJHD.COM; and have been influenced by Auntie Amy's "iron fist" way of running a forum.

Souza, found it in her heart to post a thread entitled "When will people get banned and when will posts be deleted?" which is basically some bullshit post trying to rationalize the way members get banned.

Now, before the haters all come on supporting Souza and Mo read the fucking post that Souza did, and then read this blog post before you all start bitching like a bunch of lost fucking puppies.

So here is Souza's post (with all spelling and grammar errors intact):

"Due to some comments of some lovely people here that are complaining about them being banned, after they have stated that they didn't even like it here, I decided to let you all know WHEN Mo and I will permanently ban someone and also when we delete posts or threads.

First let me explain you that there are people on the fora (not just this one, also on others) that have an agenda. What do I mean by that? Well it means they don't have an open mind, they have their orders to ridicule other members or theories. Why? Well I will let you decide for yourself. Those members mostly have very few posts and only made an account to bash someone in a thread or try to get people on their sides. We like to call them "bad news'. They are not here to help, they are here to provoke, to bash and to ridicule.

So who gets a permanent ban?

  • those 'bad news' posters
  • anyone that is disrespectful towards other members, mods or admins
  • anyone that is only provoking in threads and trying to stir things up, without wanting to give a decent argumentation themselves
  • people that posts threads about the fact that they do nopt agree with the way we handle this forum
  • People making threats to other members, the mods or admins

Believe me, we check other hoaxrelated sites as well and other people are monitoring for us elsewhere too, so the fact that some play nice over here does not mean they have misbehaved about members from this forum somewhere else.

We can see more then you can, so we know more than you do about certain members. We do have freedom of speech here and that will stay that way. Everyone is allowed to disagree, as long as they will share their own, decent stated thoughts about it. People that will make comments like "This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen/read, you are insane, who the fuck do you think you are, he would never do that" are not only thinking for someone they do not even know, they are also not contributing anything relevant to this board. It's not a matter of Freedom of Speech, it's a matter of attitude and behaviour.

I know most of you don't feel addressed at all, and most of you indeed shouldn't. This post is to make clear why we do what we do because I can assure you, after 7 months on the way and 5 months of bashing and threats towards us, we are sick and tired of the drama and the circus.

If you like to bash, hate and ridicule, I advise you to check out some hoax bloggers on the net, they are good at it but we won't tolerate it.

Every thread or post that appears on this board with childish comments like "I got banned by Mo/Souza for nothing, we have no freedom of speech here" will be deleted and the poster gets a ban.

When will a post be deleted?

  • If it creates unstopable drama
  • If it is provoking an whatever way
  • If we get argumented complaints
  • If it's from trolls we don't trust or of which w think they are playing very nasty games with people
  • Double posts (the newest one will be deleted)

We got the attack with the BoW thread that we can't decide for others. Well there are minors on this forum and instable people, people that are easily influenced by these kind of people. I will not allow that kind of posts here on the board, because we are not all strong and mature, we have kids here too and there are very bad people that even try to obtain personal info from (young) members. We have the task to keep this forum as safe as it can be for everyone, and if you are interested in the BoW posts, you are free to check other forums as well, it's not like you can only be on this board.

Is your thread deleted or have you received a ban and you don't agree, you can contact us by e-mail, see contact page. If you have problems with a thread, a poster, a mods decision, or whatever problem you might endure: same story... e-mail or pm us.

I really hope I explained this now for once and for all and all I am asking is some understanding on this matter.

This is how it is. Strict and harsh? Maybe...but this forum needs to focus on something that is of importance, and that is Mike and his message.


Strict and harsh? Maybe... You have to be fucking kidding. Didn't I already cover this shit. Put the fucking weed down before you start typing. It is like saying Hitler was a bit harsh. You run the forum like some sort of concentration camp. Anyone steps out of line you take them to the gas chamber and delete their account.

And what is this bullshit that you check other hoax related sites and monitor what your members do there too? You should both pack your shit up, wave goodbye, and move to Germany. I'm sure they are looking for a couple of egotistical socialists that think they control more than they really do.

You are one forum out of many, in many different languages, you have the backing of a faggot that calls himself Badkolo, big fucking deal. You are still just one forum. And other people monitoring other sites to see what your own members say - give me a fucking break Adolf. But you don't leave it there you have to mention freedom of speech like you believe in it. Fuck off right now, you are just taking the piss. If any of your 6 members that are left feel they have freedom of speech they should be hospitalized by their parents. You don't even know the meaning of freedom of speech. It does not mean ban anyone who disagrees with you.

And as for threads being deleted - get over yourself. Shit, if you applied your own 'rules' to your own posts then most of your drug induced shit would have been deleted by now.

A thread can be deleted for being provoking in any way? What, like thought provoking? Shut the fuck up. It's the Nazi forum - think like we do or be ridiculed by the Admins and then banned.

You couldn't even get it right about the 'hoax bloggers' that allegedly like to bash, ridicule, and hate. I'm presuming that I am included in that statement. I do bash, hate, and ridicule - but only the people who deserve it. The people that have took this hoax and tried to make some fucked up theory and then belittle everyone who does not agree with them. Read the comments on this blog Souza, 25% of the people don't agree with me - now that is freedom of speech because their opinion still gets published.

See, it is not getting everyone to agree with you. Fuck that, it is never going to happen. It is about getting people to look for themselves at everything. Don't take anything for granted because someone told you - check it out for yourself.

And just when you think it cannot get any more retarded, lo and behold Mo follows up with another post on the same thread:

"Maybe needless to say, but the same as stated by Souza about the forums goes of course for the chat room as well.

Last week I posted a thread about what's discussed in the Hoax Room, and asked everyone to take non hoax related topics to the Chit Chat Room. Please do as we ask, as the non hoax related chat is very annoying for those who want to have a serious conversation in the Hoax Room.

Transcripts can be pulled, and this morning I had to ban a member because of ridiculing and bashing us and this website in the Chit Chat Room. That of course won't be tolerated."

Now as their chat is Gixaw Chat, Basic 2, the thing that Mo forgets to mention when rambling about pulling transcripts - this isn't just chat transcripts it is also PM transcripts. And before the dyke duo claim that is not so DON'T take my word word for go to www.gixawchat.com and check for yourselves. Administrators have the right to ALL transcripts including PM as long as it is not the free one.

It is not about keeping transcripts for the sake of prosperity. The dutch duo have done so many drugs that paranoia is setting in. They are worried that if they do not delete posts which ask questions, posts which disagree, members who want to know, then their little safe world will collapse around them. The only reason it is going to collapse is because the Double Dong team are the ones creating the drama, and are running the forum and chat like a concentration camp.



The Double Dong Theory

In honor of the Double Dong team here is a completely made-up theory along with bogus dates and every possible piece of bullshit that can be thought of.

The Double Dong Theory

Back in 1982 (start with some bullshit year where 9-2=7 and 8-1=7 so that numerology kicks in and can be a deciding factor that it must be true) Michael Jackson released the album Thriller on November 30.

One of the tracks on that album was entitled "The Girl Is Mine" featuring Paul McCartney (it had to feature Paul McCartney, because it wasn't really Paul McCartney it was William Campbell who took the place of Paul when he died in a car crash in1966). Also it is at this point it should be noted that Quincy Jones was chosen due to his first name being that of the famous TV coroner Quincy played by Jack Klugman.

Already the plot was taking place, Michael was surrounding himself with people that may influence his need to fake his death. All these clues were being put into place to be discovered eventually by the Double Dong team.

Now let's fast forward to 1987 (9-8-1=7 and another 7, the numerology was all being worked out so that 7 was everywhere) and the release of the album entitled "Bad". Now the track that was so important was "Man In The Mirror". It wasn't important to Michael because it was on about self change it was important to Michael because on that track the keyboards were played by Stefan Stefanovic. This was to leave an imprint in Michael's Illuminati controlled subconscious to use a double name as a clue. The seed for being Dave Dave on Larry King Live was planted.

Another jump in time, this time to 2001 (although not so obvious - place the 2 and 1 together and divide by the number of unique numbers (0,1,2) 21/3=7. See the numerology was everywhere all waiting to be used). The album is entitled "Invincible" and the track of importance is "Threatened". This was Michael's plea for help because of the Illuminati mind control. The almost immortal line, by Rod Sterling, is "What you have just witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare. It isn't. It's the beginning." Almost without doubt suggesting a hoaxed death was to be in the future.

So we have three albums with three tracks just screaming with clues about a hoax death. It is all so obvious I'm surprised we didn't all see it coming.

This is why we must all investigate for ourselves. Because if you are willing to be lead by a couple of drugged up dutch dykes they can lead you down any path they wish. Whether it be a dog autopsy, Illuminati mind control, a twin theory, or even that every movie ever made is proof that Michael hoaxed his death.

Did Michael hoax his own death? Yes. Did he leave clues about this? Possibly. Would he want you following two egomaniacs that come up with crazy theories that have no real basis? I doubt it.

Investigate For Yourselves
Do Not Buy Into Bullshit



Michael Will Save Us From WW3

So a post on the Double Dong forum, by Mo, entitled "September 3rd and the significance of this date" suggests that Michael faked his death to stop World War III.

Admittedly there are some dates from WW2 which have significance to September 3rd; but why is Michael going to stop WW3?

Didn't the same fucked up dutch duo try and imply Michael was being mind-controlled by the Illuminati? So now the Illuminati want to stop WW3.

But if you buy into the Illuminati theory they are all the major bankers of the world, control every government, and funded both sides in WW2. So if WW3 happens the Illuminati gain in two aspects:
  • They will fund all sides again; meaning they will control the eventual winner (if there really can be a winner).
  • They will achieve one of their goals set out in the Georgia Guidestones which states: "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."
Surely WW3 will be a nuclear war which will all but wipe out humanity? Thus, giving the Illuminati a start on reducing the population to 500 million.

So what are they controlling Michael's mind for? To try and make it look like they didn't start WW3? These people don't care what everyone thinks of them.

That is all based on the fact that the shadowy Illuminati actually exists and have as much control as suspected.

You can't have it both ways. Either Michael is controlled by the Illuminati or he isn't and is working against this elusive group of people.

Which makes you wonder just how much effort the Double Dong duo put into their theories before attempting to brainwash their members with their latest theory. Because if you are a member and you disagree with the Dutch dykes you are banned.

Don't Buy In To Their Bullshit.