I was asked my opinion on the 'why?' Michael Jackson faked his death. And as I answered that particular question then with a 'I don't know' - nothing has changed I still don't know why Michael Jackson faked his death.

Well, anyway, I awoke this morning and as I was having the usual morning cup of coffee I was once again wondering why Michael Jackson faked his death. I came up with a list of possibilities. The list doesn't exhaust the endless possibilities in any way, shape, or form. It is just a few thoughts I had.

Murder Plot
Death Threats
Publicity Stunt
Rest & Rehabilitation
Money Problems

I am not saying any of these are correct; actually I am not saying anything at all. These are just thoughts on the whole 'why?' of the hoax.

Murder Plot

OK I know it is a bit far out there. But the first question is who would want to murder Michael Jackson? Thinking about it I drew up the mental list:

Randy Jackson/Nation Of Islam
Jermaine Jackson/Tohme Tohme/Nation Of Islam
The Jackson Family
The Illuminati

Randy Jackson/Nation Of Islam - Some have suggested that it was not Jermaine who introduced Michael to the Nation of Islam; but instead it was Randy. But if it was Randy why is it widely reported that Randy was instrumental in severing ties between Michael and the Nation of Islam? Maybe, once they had enough information from the inside they were no longer needed and could be removed to avoid any suspicious connection to the Nation of Islam; who have a history of violence and killing. But it still doesn't say what Randy gets out of it. The only possibility, which is really slim, is that as Katherine gets 40% of the Michael Jackson trust. When Katherine dies Randy would most likely inherit some of that. Which just doesn't seem a good enough reason to murder a sibling.

Jermaine Jackson/Tohme Tohme/Nation Of Islam - Again, there are a lot of suggestions that Jermaine introduced Michael to the Nation of Islam; and if so it would follow the same path, as way of an explanation, as Randy with there being two major differences. Firstly, Jermaine through his marriage is connected to Tohme Tohme who has some shady connection with the Nation of Islam. Secondly, Jermaine has some well publicized money problems. But personally still not a good enough reason, in my mind, to off a sibling.

Sony/AEG - Yet again the end result is money. On the side of Sony they would some how take ownership of Michael's 50% of the Sony/ATV catalogue (valued at approximately $50 million). Also,, down the line, I am sure they would find a way of making millions more from other Michael Jackson related ventures (such as TII - the Director's Cut, ore Album sales, more singles released). AEG on the other hand don't make too much money in comparison. They got the $60 million for the TII footage, and if Conrad Murray is convicted of involuntary manslaughter I am sure they have some more insurance money coming in; maybe. But is the value enough to kill? Both companies make billions each year. Sony as Sony and all its subsidiaries. AEG as part of the Anschutz Company and all their subsidiaries. So once again, in my mind, a good motive but just not enough of a motive; so ultimately unlikely.

The Jackson Family - Before everyone sends me hate emails saying leave the Jackson family alone; this is just a thought. Since June 25, 2009 the solo careers of many of Michael's siblings have been rebooted; as has public awareness of the whole Jackson family. Who can forget FOX news calling Jermaine Randy because they did not know who he was? But enough to kill one of their own for? Very, very, unlikely.

The Illuminati - I only mention this because it has been suggested in the past. In my mind I don't see it. An elite group hellbent on world domination taking out a singer who had not really released anything in a while. Just doesn't make sense to me. I'm guessing they had more important things to do.

On the basis of the list I don't see a 'murder plot' being the reason for Michael Jackson to fake his death. Plus if these people (Nation of Islam, Sony, AEG, Illuminati) wanted Michael Jackson dead they have the money, power, and resources to get it done without leaving so much 'mess' behind.

Death Threats

I kind of blew this one off altogether. Remembering the FBI papers mentioning a previous death threat; which didn't cause Michael Jackson to fake his death. But as I was thinking about it the major change would be the children. Maybe it was not Michael being threatened at all but the kids. So he fakes his death to protect them; which gives the idea a certain level of plausibility. But 20 months have passed now. Surely if Michael went into hiding for the fear of his kids being harmed this would have been investigated, and resolved by now.

Publicity Stunt

There would be an uproar, even from hardcore Michael Jackson fans, if the whole death hoax was no more than a publicity stunt. I think if Michael was going to come back and say it was just a publicity stunt - it would be safer for him not to come back. Also a publicity stunt that lasts 20 months? Very unlikely; and very unrealistic in my mind.

Rest & Rehabilitation

Yet again send the hate emails if you really must - this is just thinking aloud. Rest? Not buying it for a second simply for the fact of one question - Rest from what? Rehabilitation? The media maintains that Michael was a junkie addicted to painkillers since the Pepsi incident. There were reports that the family wanted to do an intervention. Reports that AEG did an intervention. But nothing really substantiates these claims; in fact the family intervention has been heavily denied. So rest and rehabilitation - I'm not buying it.

Money Problems

Did Michael Jackson have money problems? It would appear so. And I say appear because the whole money situation is a financial minefield. Loans, catalogues, legal fees, and spending - all widely discussed. But then the estate reports $310 million profit since 06/25/2009 - which is allegedly paying off debts and creditors. But forget the financial details and think of the bigger picture. Michael was a businessman no doubt. So with a business mind and extensive knowledge of the music industry - did Michael fake his death to solve the financial problems and secure his kids futures? It is not that weird a thought really; hundreds each year commit suicide because of debt. Why not take it one step further - fake your death, solve your money problems, and reap the rewards? Possible but unlikely. If it was ever uncovered you have all the legal aspects to consider; and if you are Michael Jackson you have to stay hidden.

So after thinking about it, personally I am nowhere nearer knowing the why. The options I could think of seem a little too extreme in most cases; and absurd in some cases.

Which lead me to the one final thought. Are we, as hoaxers and believers, just seeing what we want to see with regards to a hoax? Is it possible that sadly on 06/25/2009 Michael Jackson did indeed pass away and that all the 'clues' are merely of holding on to Michael Jackson? And are all the legal, and paperwork, 'mistakes' merely an insight to a system that is failing; and needs an overhaul of mammoth proportions?

As I said at the beginning these are merely thoughts. Some will not like some of the suggestions. But if we are ever to find the truth of what happened on 06/25/2009 we really need to look, and investigate, all reasonable possibilities. Because only by ruling out various things can we ever find the truth, and reality, of what happened; and why it happened.


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Over 4 Billion Believers In The World

Website Yes No Unsure Total
Derek Clontz 60% 40% N/A 100%
Grown Up Geek 64% 32% 4% 100%
MJ-Conspiracy 76% 24% N/A 100%
San Fransisco Chronicle 22% 46% 32% 100%
Quibblo 68% 26% 6% 100%
AVERAGES 58% 33.6% 8.4% 100%
(Figures correct as of 2/22/2011)

The world population is currently 6,901,600,144 so with 58% as an average; it would theoretically mean there is the possibility that 4,002,928,083 believe that Michael Jackson is alive. While only 2,318,937,648 believe that Michael Jackson is actually dead; and a mere 579,734,413 unsure.

Although the study of 5 polls which exist on the Internet is not a completely scientific way of calculating the value of the world population it does at least give a view that maybe the world is not ready to believe all the stories fed to them by the media.

The 5 polls appear on 5 different style of websites. Derek Clontz covers conspiracies and the New World Order style stories. Grown Up Geek covers all things geek surprisingly. MJ-Conspiracy is a Michael Jackson hoax website and forum. San Francisco Chronicle is the website of the newspaper with the same name. And Quibblo is a poll hosting site which hosts polls on all topics and subjects.

So it is not like the 5 polls chosen were all from one style of website; it would be fair to say they are somewhat diverse in their audiences.

So it seems their are more believers in the world than non-believers; even if all those who are unsure decided they were sure Michael Jackson was dead there would still be more believers than non-believers.


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Legal Notice: This post is accurate to a degree, although it is by no means a TS mathematical equation, and does give a good idea of the possibility of over 4 Billion believers in the world.


Jermaine Speaks Again

In a telephone interview I was given the opportunity to speak to Jermaine Jackson. What follows is the transcript of that telephone call:

Jermaine: Hello, Michael Jackson Tributes LLC.
HNN: Is this Jermaine Jackson?
Jermaine: Yes it is. I'm fully booked solid until March.
HNN: Hoax News Network for a telephone interview.
Jermaine: Oh yes. I thought it was a business call.
HNN: No. Not really. So let us get straight to it. What happened in Africa?
Jermaine: Just a misunderstanding.
HNN: Passport expires and it cannot be renewed because of Child Support payments that are not paid. A bit more than a misunderstanding.
Jermaine: Well it was a misunderstanding. I thought I had paid them.
HNN: So why file to have the Child Support payments reduced if you thought you had paid them?
Jermaine: The tribute business is not what it used to be. So many Michael Jackson impersonators it is hard to make a living.
HNN: But you said you were booked solid until March?
Jermaine: I just say that to try and make it look like I am busy.
HNN: So how busy are you really?
Jermaine: Obviously not that busy; I'm doing a phone interview for a blog. It has been real slow. You do one tribute and nobody wants to hear from you again.
HNN: Have you considered 'rebooting' your solo career?
Jermaine: Thought about it a lot. Actually I mentioned it to my Mom the other day. All she did was laugh.
HNN: So she is not supporting you?
Jermaine: Yes. She pays all my bills. If it wasn't for her I would be homeless.
HNN: Ever thought of getting a real job?
Jermaine: I did. I looked into a couple of things.
HNN: And they were?
Jermaine: McDonalds and Burger King.
HNN: No luck?
Jermaine: McDonalds said they were not hiring; so it was a no go there. Burger King were not hiring either; but they were looking for a new grease supplier - so that might pan out.
HNN: Yeah. Anything is better than nothing.
Jermaine: I've been trying. I set up a car wash at the stop light. It was OK for a couple of days. Then my Dad, Joe, found out and said it was his corner and I was interfering with his fine ladies' business. Said if I wanted to stay I would have to give him 50% of everything. It just was not worth it.
HNN: So. To the hoax. Airport and hospital - why did you make that slip?
Jermaine: Oh come on. Everyone does it. Like the other day when I was talking to my Mom. She said I was worthless; I know she meant talented. You see it was all just a mistake. You say tomato I say tomato. You say hospital I say airport.
HNN: You say Jermaine and I say stupidity.
Jermaine: (clapping is heard) See, now you are getting it.
HNN: No. Not really. Going back to June 25, 2009 how come you made the announcement of Michael's death and not a doctor?
Jermaine: Well there was some confusion. The hospital thought Dr Murray would announce it but he had left to get something to eat, So, I was there and thought 'what the hell' I'll do it. I honestly thought they would pay me. Although I did get a free t-shirt, but it was covered in blood so I gave it to Latoya to get cleaned. Come to think of it she never did get it back to me. Brand new it was; even had the price tag on it still.
HNN: And why was Tohme Tohme hanging around like a bad smell?
Jermaine: Tohme was there for support.
HNN: Your own family were there for support.
Jermaine: They do not really like me. It is like when we were kids; everyone else would travel on a tour bus and I would have to travel on a Greyhound bus.
HNN: Lt us be honest here Jermaine. Your family is pretty fucked up as far as support goes.
Jermaine: No. We all support each other.
HNN: So you support your brothers and sisters solo careers?
Jermaine: Yes definitely. Although I have not actually purchased any of it; although I did record Jackie's song off the radio. And I do intend to download Janet's album. Tito got me an iTunes gift card for Christmas but I do not have an iPod; I sold it to Tito for $20.
HNN: Might want to sell Tito the gift card too.
Jermaine: No. I will ask Santa for an iPod at Christmas.
HNN: Santa? What will Allah think?
Jermaine: Who?
HNN: Allah. You are a Muslim.
Jermaine: Oh. Oh yes. But not at Christmas; I just take the day off. Mom does the same thing with her Jehovah Witness beliefs too. Man does she fly into a rage if she does not get no presents.
HNN: Talking of your Mom what do you think about her book?
Jermaine: I have not read it. I looked at the pictures. There was some really difficult words though.
HNN: Do you think your Mom is cashing in?
Jermaine: Maybe just a little but it is OK she is a Jackson; and she pays my bills.
HNN: Michael's death - a hoax or not?
Jermaine: I do not know. I asked him that last week and he just laughed at me.
HNN: Well that kind of answers it if you spoke to him last week.
Jermaine: Forget I said that.
HNN: I can't. Sorry.
Jermaine: But I am not meant to tell anyone.
HNN: Well you just did.
Jermaine: Oh boy is he going to be mad with me again.
HNN: Most likely. So, Jermaine any thoughts on Bahrain and Egypt?
Jermaine: I do not like sand it sticks to my hair.
HNN: I actually meant ... never mind. Anything you want to say?
Jermaine: I am available for tributes just dial 1-800-TRIBUTE. If a woman answers just ask for ...

I hung up at that point.


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What Happened June 25 2009?

We all saw the ambulance leave 100 North Carolwood Drive:

And whether you are a beLIEver or not is where the story changes. BeLIEvers believe it was the beginning of the greatest hoax ever pulled off. Non-believers see it as the end of Michael Jackson; with his legacy living on only in his music.

But what did his family see? Instantly Jermaine was at the hospital, supported by Tohme Tohme, making the now infamous speech about how the family needed privacy:

As a side point it is kind of ironic that the Fox News person didn't even know who Jermaine Jackson was; and called him Randy Jackson.

But the serious part of that statement is that nobody really knew anything about the brothers and sisters of Michael Jackson until June 25, 2009.

Now whether the family believe it is a hoax or not, and whether they know or not, they have used this time to catapult their own 'failing' careers.

All of a sudden they had to be on Twitter:

Janet Jackson, @janetjackson, joined Twitter on July 2, 2009.
Jackie Jackson, @jackiejackson5, joined Twitter on July 21, 2009.
Jermaine Jackson, @jermjackson5, joined Twitter on April 2, 2010.
Randy Jackson, @randyjackson8, joined Twitter on October 14, 2009.
Tito Jackson, @titojackson5, joined Twitter on December 4, 2009.
Marlon Jackson, @marlon_jackson, joined Titter on December 15, 2009.
Latoya Jackson, @latoyajackson, joined Twitter on June 18, 2010.

Twitter actually launched on July 15, 2006 as Twttr and changed the name to Twitter on February 20, 2007. So why did none of the Jackson siblings need an account until after June 25, 2009? Surely they were still doing things before that date; which would of been important to let their fans know.

Well, truth be told, they were not that busy until after June 25, 2009; except for Janet. Jermaine had not released a solo album since 1991; and then all of a sudden on November 24, 2009 he releases a CD entitled "Jermaine Jackson: Greatest Hits". Tito had not released anything since 2003; and now all of a sudden he just came out with a CD entitled "So Far So Good" this year. Jackie who has not released anything since 1989 all of a sudden has a single out entitled "We Know What's Going On"; which was released on November 3, 2010. Randy has not released anything since 1989 - and so far has no plans to release anything in the near future. Latoya has released nothing since 1995 but has a studio album entitled "Startin' Over" set to be released soon. Marlon has released nothing since 1987 and does not intend to as he has a sucessful career as a real estate agent in Southern California.

Being somewhat skeptical it does seem that some of the siblings of Michael Jackson have used the reported death of their brother as a springboard for their own careers. And let us not forget Katherine Jackson writing a book and Joe Jackson using the BET awards of 2009 to advertise his record company when asked about Michael.

So it would appear as long as your last name is Jackson it is OK to make money off of Michael's name. But if anyone else does it - according to the fans - they are complete scum and should be hung from the nearest tree for their absurd belief that it was OK to make money off Michael Jackson.

And that is the thing. Oprah does a documentary and she is cashing in. TMZ constantly put stories out about Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, and the forthcoming trial and they are cashing in. Is it not fair to say that the majority of Michael Jackson's siblings are also cashing in? And yet nobody screams "Boycott Jermaine" or "Boycott Latoya".

You just cannot have it both ways. Either it is fine for everyone to use, and abuse, the legacy of Michael Jackson for their own gain; or nobody should.

And don't be thinking that because it is his family they have the right to do it. He was very distant from them. He had not seen them for almost 2 months before his reported death. Not exactly a close family; and they are already making money from Michael thanks to the Trust fund paying Katherine who in turn supports all the siblings of Michael Jackson in one way and another.


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Hello From HNN

Welcome to HNN: Hoax News Network.

The new home of what was MJHDC. The reason for the change is just that I got bored of going on about the bullshit that was going on in various hoax forums. It is still going on; but to be honest if people have not woke up to the fact by now chances are they never will.

So HNN, the new blog, will pick up on everything else. There will still be satirical stories about what is going on in the Michael Jackson hoax world; just not the forums.


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MJHDC Is Not Dead

This is the last post on this blog. No I'm not going anywhere; and nothing really is changing. Just that personally I feel that if people haven't got the idea to keep an open mind in this whole hoax by now they may never.

I am just dropping the MJHDConspiracy name and switching to the new name of HNN or Hoax News Network. Also I'll be using the new Twitter account @HoaxNewsNetwork

So I'm switching blogs. The new blog is HNN: Hoax News Network - which will be full of satirical stories and the such.

So with that said it is "goodbye" from MJHDC and "hello" from HNN.

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The Bel13v3r Monthly

American Media Incorporated, the very people that bring you the National Enquirer, have launched a new monthly publication entitled 'The Bel13v3r'.

At a press conference on the sleazy side of downtown Los Angeles the February edition was unveiled.

David Pecker, no seriously that is his real name, the CEO of American Media Inc spoke to the crowded bus depot waiting room: "We at American Media have always gone after the story behind the story. When unemployment was the biggest issue in the United States we gave the story that President Obama was having an affair with Vera Baker. We pride ourselves in uncovering the stories that nobody else will print; not even TMZ. As such we feel that America, and the world, need a monthly magazine explaining the real stories behind the news and how they have an impact on the Michael Jackson hoax death conspiracy. We are not just cashing in like that fucker Rabbi Shmuley we are doing this for the millions of Michael Jackson fans around the world; the fact we intend to make money from this deal is just a coincidence."

Before the first issue has even hit the newsstand the Jackson family has started to complain. Joe Jackson, abusive father of Michael Jackson, said: "Man this is bullshit. Everyone is making money off Michael except me. I can't make a dime from that boy. Hell even Jermaine got money for that fucked up tribute. I have been talking with my attorney Brian Oxman to see if this magazine can either be stopped or at least cut me in on the deal. Pimping is not what it used to be I barely make enough to buy me some bling. And what does Michael do for his father? Fuck all - I got to make my own money yet them two fucked up white boys running my boy's estate are making money. It just ain't right. A son should look after his father in his twilight years no matter how much he beat on him."

Other members of the Jackson family refused to make any public comment except Jackie Jackson who just bleated on about "I know what is going on".

I can reveal some of the stories set to be in the first issue of The Bel13v3r:

Taco Bell Meat Scandal - An in-depth look at the scandal surrounding claims by an Alabama law firm. Although it does not tie in to the Michael Jackson hoax it does mention Tito Jackson:

Head cashier of the Los Angeles Taco Bell, Amanda Gitadun, said "Tito is always making sure my taco is full of meat."

PianoGames Video Award - A look at how PianoGames, a hoax video maker, won an award for the trailer to his latest video yet the actual video itself flopped:

PianoGames said "Hey I got an award. Who cares it was for the trailer. That is better than Maura or any of them other hoax video producers got. So the actual video was a flop. Who cares? I didn't put nearly the same amount of effort into the video that I did the trailer. It is a great honor to be awarded by the Youtube PianoGames Appreciation Society."

7-Eleven To Sue TS - A look at the lawsuit being launched by 7-Eleven against hoax mathematician TS:

7-Eleven spokeswoman, Stacia Kirby said "We were playing with the numbers 7 and 9 long before TS was. OK eventually we chose 7 and 11 but that is not the point. We think it disgusting that some Michael Jackson fan may be misled in to believing that 7-Eleven has anything to do with this idiot. 7-Eleven will not stand by and let this go on amidst rumors that this TS is actually a lesbian Nazi."

The first issue is expected to hit newsstands across the world later this month.


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Legal Notice: This post is satire. There is no magazine called The Bel13v3r being released by American Media Inc. None of the people mentioned really said anything. But David Pecker really is the CEO of American Media Inc.