Predict The Future - Win A Prize

Before anyone gets too excited the prize is just the knowing that you were right. That is the grand prize.

So the predictions that everyone has to try and work out are:

  1. When will Auntie Amy return to prove she never left?
  2. How many spelling errors can Hitlerfish get in one post?
  3. What date will MJHD shut up shop for good?
  4. Will anyone care?

That is it. Nothing too difficult; just a little something for everyone to think about. And so I don't have to comment on my own blog here are my predictions:

1. Very soon, before the end of the year.
2. In excess of 100.
3. January 1, 2010.
4. I doubt it.

So now let's see everyone else's predictions. And just because we need a rule - the only rule is that Hitlerfish is banned from guessing how many spelling mistakes he will make. Although the dumb ass will still get it wrong any way.



Anonymous said...

1)Never, it remains a secret
2)One too many
3)I pray tomorrow, but on a more logical term perhaps in the beginning of next year.
4)Nightmare will care

Anonymous said...

1/ She will stay behind to cash in the real bucks.
2/ Endless....
3/ At any tax term, so probably at the end of the year.
4/ Hitlerfish, Nightmare and some of the rest will cry all their tears not to control everyone thoughts anylonger.

It's a long time I have given up on MJHD.First because I don't want my thoughts, work and knowledge to be the property of Auntie Amy. So I was just reading through from time to time. Too bad the good work is gone....cause I would not have had the patience to do some of the work people did there to demonstrate what happened in reality.

In the end it was too brainy and with less heart so I went distant. The mods were to directive and I am not a child.

Having lived in Santa Barbara County, not far from Los Olivos, I have my own opinion and always thought Michael was great.What they did at the trial killed him. He never recovered from the excruciating pain. I still hope he's alive but more and more I'm convinced he's dead.

So I don't care for MJHD cause what they did has convinced me now that Michael is gone for ever.

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