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So with MJHD redirecting to Souza & Mo's forum, and MJKit directing to the same place; and everything is all 'lovey-dovey' I thought I'd start another blog:

Its going to be a blog about celebrities that have:

  • Hoaxed their death.
  • Been reported dead even though they are alive.
  • Jokes that were played by others concerning celebrities deaths.

It is just a blog, just somewhere I'll be putting things to do with Celebrities hoaxing their deaths. I already started with Paul McCartney (which still needs to be finished).

It is a bit more relaxed, and thoughtful, than this blog, and for once I won't be swearing.



Anonymous said...

ok, I think it`s the first time that I write something nice here...lol... great idea mjhdc!! I`m looking forward to read it:)

anonymous 3 said...

I'm like Pavlov's dog, can't stop drooling...I'll be there.
I love hoaxes because years ago my mum had an accident on the highway and she made headlines "Driver burnt alive" bla bla (she landed on her bum on the highway because she was driving a hatchback and it opened on impact)....wasn't that funny really. Angry friends, angry neighbours and why...because some idiot of a journalist who heard something somebody said (no internet, no mobiles in those days; that was a valid excuse for the journalist in question - never forgive him for being lazy though, he could have checked his info) ....wow and there we go.. My whole family has spent hours, days and weeks explaining to people Mum was still alive..
And this was no hoax, it was a genuine mistake out of being lazy on the part of that journalist (it happened in winter..cold).
It is so incredible that what started as a mistake (on purpose or not, whatever) can lead it's own life (talking about the mjhd hoax-hoax). Just look at what is going on on the forums; no new threads, oh yeah what about the hoax in the hoax, can we trust each other bla bla.
The golden pants thread is still there.... a life jacket...haha

Anonymous said...

dont forget the hoax rumores of hitler....and the doule of him ;)u find their poison,u find their a strange coincidennce about a flight(lax)and so on....

3D said...

So this might be good although I am a sucker for dirt on dirty people. I will hold my judgement cause you are so darn ( see I am following your lead) good and funny with comebacks. I hope all this stuff haven't knocked your wind out. It is just great timing and distraction around the holidays. Anyway, I support you. Now that you are turning over a new leaf ( are you ? Or are you just waiting for the inevitable to happen- you know what I am talking about), what was your username on MJHD? I am suspicious and thinks it begins with a S but hey! I have been wrong so many times about things that I take it all in stride. Good luck with this new blog, my mother is very interested in your Paul McCartney info.

Anonymous said...

oh no.. 2:08 PM
dragon you german retard, spare us your spasms..

MJHD Conspiracy said...

3D Said: "what was your username on MJHD? I am suspicious and thinks it begins with a S but hey!"

LOL. I'll add the latest username to all the others I have been called... Amy, Silverwolf, 4TheTruth, Tis_Ruthy, Michael, and now something beginning with "S". OMG I'm Souza. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

MJHDC, excellent idea ! I support whatever you do 200%.

Lady with no name

3D said...

MJHDC said:

OMG I'm Souza. LMAO.

Oh no, my sweet blogger. Not the infamous Souza. That would be too transparent. She is too obvious and her style is eaisly spotted. I mean another original MJHD member that begins with a S. Hint: this member is of the male persuasion. ^.^

Anonymous said...

oh don't go attacking dragons. If u can't drown em you ain't nothin...

Iloveyoumore said...

Heh. I was convinced he was Shikky once upon a time as well. Shik was the only person I knew who had a beef to pick with Rhiannon, and loved to write poems. But now -- meh, not so much. I'm not as convinced. Shik was always crying and weepy and melodramatic and stuff. TB is a badass.

3D said...

Lol. That's right Shik was a bit of a drama king. But maybe underneath all that hysterics beat a real ball buster. Maybe we never saw the real man. lol Oh well, Blogger, whomever you are, you have cracked me up, delighted, informed and intrigued me. I don't have to know who you are really. I'm just being nosey. You might need a new name though if you are going not going concentrate on MJHD anymore. Right?

Anonymous said...

Shitster was a fucking over dramatic faggot.
im just saying he was always bitching like a girl. geez man up.

tis_ruthy said...

who said you were me????? lol takes the knife out of my back

Diana Jean said...

I have a long post on my blog about the Paul McCartney death hoax. I have posted it on many forums aswell. Believe it or not, allot of people have never heard of it. I thought that was strange.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the "real people" who has been involved in this shitty mess from day one. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that 90% of you work in the same fucking office.
You're just a bunch of disgruntled, overworked and underpaid journalists that haven't gotten laid since June 25, 2009 because you're too busy working days and attending night school working on your Ph.D's, Doctorate's in "Load of Piss and Shit". Go do yourselves a fucking favor. You'll all feel better in the end. Hey, if you all go blind, what is the fucking difference, you can't see the light of day anyways. Even if it takes a dog to lead you around, well we've got a good one who can sniff out your shit, my shit, and all the shit that's going on here and does a fine good job of reporting it.
Many of you need to just cut the crap; slice it, dice it, chop it, I don't give a rats ass how you do it, just cut it.

Anonymous said...


I have an axe to grind:
At the top of this list is AMY who started this shit brigade. She has yet to come clean and I don't think she ever will. Silverdick, Daydream who turned into a real Fucking Nightmare, Goldicocks, Shovetheglove and the rest of the crew are on Team A. Their job is to control the the sheeple, aka "The "real" people. Team B, S&M; if the name doesn't speak volumes I don't know what does. Their job is to present to you the most outlandish theories re: MJ and make it look and sound believable. If you buy their story, they score brownie points. These teams were specifically designed to manipulate our minds by presenting information via fabricated stories that they twisted, to see who believes and who doesn't believe. An experiment to see how far they can go before we, the sheeple totally lose our shit. And indeed many have opted out of the game. But mind you, the SHIT PATROL seems to come out at EXACTLY the right moment to boost your morale.

Seems to me that Team A and Team B got into a bit of a feud and out of nowhere comes BadASScolo to patch things up right before the office Christmas party, and the "real" people are stuck in the middle of this whole fucking mess. Where does that leave us? Swimming in a load of crap over at MJHD.net , another SHIFTY BITCH creation, and all LARAFUCKSMICHAEL can say is: "I hope you understand".
Well Merry Fucking Christmas is right! WTF!!!!!

I'm sorry but it is blatantly obvious, BadASScolo only fucked things up even more. Who the hell does he think he is fooling?
Do you really think I buy the story that BadASS bought MJHD.com from the SHIFTY BITCH aka AMY? And then turned around and drop it into the hands of S&M? Fuck no.

He is a diabolical shifty dicking liar considering he was going to put MJHD.com into the hands of FUCKFISH and NIGHTMARE, well damn me, Who Is IT, cuz "he has left
For Such Reasons Unexplained
I Need To Find The Truth
But See What Will I Do!"
No one has the answers ha. If he was so BadAss, he would have addressed the "real" people but no, he decided to"Hoax his death". I never new the real meaning of the word "pussy", but I sure as hell do now.
And I hope the fucker isn't thinking of making a comeback because he is on the Illuminati hit list. And then to fucking top things off, all of a sudden Silverballs, and the rest of the crew show up at S&M's and they get the Royal treatment as if nothing ever happened? WTF!!!!.
Don't be fooled sheeple. This is just more action from the SHIFTY BITCH, she's just moving the shit around on her MAC. And guess what. Read the front page of the backup forum, and pay close attention to the wording:

"Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators is dedicated to investigate the circumstances of the Michael Jackson Hoax Death."
Let me break it down:
MJHDI is dedicated to MJHD, well well well, look who's been backing the SHIFTY BITCH all along. Double Dutched up the ass, well isn't that a Double Royal Fuck? You mise well change your user name to BEN DOVER 1 2 and 3 hehe.

On a final note, Do some of you people realize what a blessing this is?
I don't think you do based on the comments I have read.
Well let me tell you something and I've been meaning to say this for a long time. Thank God for the Conspiracy Blogger. You need to get shit off your chest, you are welcome here where you can say whatever the fuck is on your mind however the fuck you want to say it and not get your ass raked over the coals.
I don't normally talk this way but after almost 6 months of getting fucked over, damn straight I am fucking pissed.
Believe you me, You would NOT want to be playing any alternate reality game with me right now.

Steam Rising~

Anonymous said...

@ 5:27 - Ok Amy, whatever you say, you're the boss, I forgot! Pfft, fuck you! Stupid bitch. LMFAO

Iloveyoumore said...

omg @ 5:44pm. That is one of the funniest pieces of work I have ever read. Holy shit batman. I ahven't genuinely LOL's that much ona long time. "Silverballs"......lmfao!!

Iloveyoumore said...

Also, @5:44pm -- awesome catch of the front page of MJDHI. I never would have noticed that. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Steam Rising 5:44 I salute you. 10 stars I agree with all that you stated.

Lady with no name

Anonymous said...

Well, it's now a long time I've left all that shit.I'm so bored by this alternate reality MJHD.com game that I don't care if he's dead or alive. I move on.No one will really know what happens.....And I now don't care!

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