MJHD.COM Now Redirects To Mo & Souza

So MJHD.COM redirects to Mo & Souza's forum fuelling the rumors that Mo & Souza are now the proud owners of MJHD.COM.

Big deal, Mo & Souza bought MJHD.COM. But wait, there is a more sinister plot which is uncovered if you think about it.

What other well known site is constantly using redirects to allegedly give clues? ThisIsAlsoIt (aka WhoGivesAShit aka BunchOfShit). Did they really think that people wouldn't notice the connection? Auntie Amy uses ThisIsAlsoIt to redirect the mindless masses on a wild goose chase; and now the MJHD.COM is redirecting the same masses to Mo & Souza's forum.

This is the same Auntie Amy, who on Fuckfish & Nightmare's blog said she had had enough and walked away. The same Auntie Amy who wanted to keep her little experiment going by tweeting stupid messages of strings of numbers which when looked up on a cell phone keypad spell out some ridiculous message concerning Michael.

So Auntie Amy doesn't want to walk away, she just doesn't want to be in the limelight as the Admin. But wait once again, why does a person who has allegedly been so hurt by the breach in her privacy tweet coded messages? Why does the person who is so distraught that her details are available on the Internet use ThisIsAlsoIt to redirect sheeple to her selected clues?

Auntie Amy never walked away, she just wanted to try and gain sympathy. She just wanted to create hysteria and panic. Auntie Amy could be the biggest obstacle some face in finding the truth about Michael's hoaxed death. Why? Because she is leading them astray on different little things that have no significance.

When Michael makes a comeback he isn't going to do it through some retarded coded message on Twitter. Most of you that read this blog are aware of how much planning must have gone in to planning the whole hoax. Michael is not going to be putting that much effort into a hoax, and a comeback, for it to be announced through some diaper wearing, con artist's, Twitter account. No matter what you think of me, you have to credit Michael with more intelligence, and class, than that.

Where does that leave us? Well, with the sale of MJHD.COM (if it has actually happened this time, and Mo & Souza are not the new fall guys seems Auntie Amy cannot trust Fuckfish and Nightmare to keep their mouths shut while she feeds them another line of bullshit) the hoax within a hoax continues.

Some points to consider:

Auntie Amy sells MJHD.COM to the two people, along with me, a mere blogger, that she credits with the downfall of MJHD.COM.

MJHD.COM instantly starts using the the same redirect that ThisIsAlsoIt , which is run by Auntie Amy, uses.

Auntie Amy tweets her retarded coded messages to everyone through Twitter.

Do these actions sound like a person who 'wants to walk away from it all'?

As many have commented, this is all one big mind fuck game for Auntie Amy. And every time you retweet the diaper queen's tweets, every time you check where ThisIsAlsoIt is redirecting to, you are still playing her game.



Anonymous said...

and again you`re talking BS!! you can`t prove anything that you wrote here..what exactly is your point?? I thought you think, that amy created MJHD.com on june23?? so she`s in the hoax...why bashing her and mjhd.com?? if it`s true and that site was created on june23 you`re bashing MJ..wow..cool! I don`t understand you..are you a MJ fan mjhdc?? or are you just a bored person??

Anonymous said...

MJHDC you’re so right.
Mindless minds don’t/won’t see anything but what Amy, or any other individual with a simple knowledge of marketing want them to see. He/she will lead the masses wherever they want and as usual it’s all about making tons of money!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ 9:03 thinking the blogger bashed Michael. OMG GET REAL! It's one screwed up situation, that much I will agree with - but whether or not Auntie Flamey Amy had anything to do with being in on Michael's hoax is as ridiculous as it comes. She's as much 'in-the-know' as you or I. It's always been about money, and always will be about money. Get a grip before you accuse or assume. Michael would have nothing to do with that pathetic excuse for a website, let alone rope some money hungry bitch in to go along for the ride. I almost can't believe you typed that, but then again, chalk it up to the rest of the moronic comments lately.

Anonymous said...

@10:56 I don`t think that Amy is in the hoax.... you missed my point. I don`t think that mjhd.com was created before June25, but the blogger does..so what is his point??

anonymous 3 said...

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year to everyone...lol

This is Mo's and Souza's spirit....haha
They aren actually giving all the 'in crowd' of MJHD an open ticket.

Who ever said the Christmas Spirit had died, certainly not at the backup forum...woehaha

Troubleseekers..hehe. Wonder how long it is going to take them to get into trouble, unless.....Conspiracy, you must have a chrystal ball somewhere (can I borrow it? I'll share the profits..rofl). Haha, you were spot on...please, pretty please, can I borrow it?? lol

Anonymous said...

MJHDC you are always on point!

Diana Jean (Hope) said...

Amy does not want out of the limelight, thats a lie. She's lying too distract us from what she's really planning too do.

Were not stupid. Amy + SilverWolf& Daydream still talk on msn live, along with other admins somtimes.

If Amy were really done, she wouldnt be doing this. There stiring somthing up, and dont say you were never warned.

Anonymous said...

Well according to the hillbilly blog, they have seen the light about Amy and have made nicey nice with all the old mods from MJHD. There are no more feuds, everyone is one big happy family now. They were only defending Amy so she would sell the domain to Bad.

If you cruise over to Souza and Mo's forum, she has welcomed the hillbillies and the other former mods with open arms. She said she didn't want the members bashing them, it was over.

I'm all for forgiving someone for mistakes, we all make them, no one is perfect. What I don't get is why is everyone willing to take them at their word after being up Amy's ass for so long? After repeatedly lying NOW THIS TIME we have the truth? How many times are people going to bend over and let themselves be FUCKED?

Thanks Conspiracy for this blog, it's good to see that not everyone has lost their fucking minds!!!!!!!!!

Iloveyoumore said...

Agreed, agreed, agreed with anonymous@8:51. Weird, weird, twlight zone, suspicous, something ain't right with this shizzle. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Your Shadow said...

Old MJHD MODS are now members of the back up forum. Sniff..sniff...who smells trouble? The transplants have a new home to take a dump. Unless the backup forum Admins lay down the law, the shit will hit the fan in no time. Too bad. That was always a nice little place to visit for clues, news and the occasional laugh.

Anonymous said...

My question is Are Amy Mo and Souza actually different people? They are working alongside eachother if not. Mo and Souza ran the backup forum, if they arent really amy... so they are in partnership with her and the whole thing stinks to holy hell.. like amys dirty diaper, people have been so disgruntled with the level of stupidity regarding the theories that alot of people gave up and left. People are also mean and rude to eachother.

Anonymous said...

Mo and Souza spend a lot of time working on the website and in return you all say a bunch of bullshit about them. You idiots need to get a grip on life and study the hoax instead of making up lies about them.

Anonymous said...

Mo and souza stink

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