If You Obey All The Rules You Miss All The Fun

The title of this post is a quote from Katherine Hepburn. And before the MJHD Admins get too excited she was not talking about MJHD.

So the database is corrupted, all the good posters, and members are leaving. Yet the rules remain in effect. The same rules that stop people posting, stop people from thinking, stop the members from expressing themselves.

If you want to read the rules they are here.

So let us look at these rules and see what they actually say:

"We do allow freedom of speech, but note that this is within the confines of the stated rules." - This can basically be translated as you can talk about anything you want as long as we agree with it.

"As members you can make the lives of the admins and mods much easier if you use this function when you come across a post that violates these rules." - This can be read as Please snitch on other members this is guaranteed to cause drama when it is discussed by the Admin with other people.

"All members are valued at MJHD." - You are kidding with this right? It can be read as please support Silverfuck and Nightmare as they screw up the forum.

"This rule includes Private Messages as well." - So you are saying Private messages are not private? How the hell do you intend to enforce this one? This can be read as We will snoop on your private messages.

"There is to be no swearing at MJHD. This is a child-friendly website." - Not sure which church they go to but come on seriously kids swear just as much as adults now. This can be read as Don't swear we are god-fearing Christians and do not want to go to hell.

"Michael Jackson was (and is) a great individual." - Whoa that had to be inherited from Auntie Amy. (and is)? Who forgot to remember he was still alive? That should not be read point blank.

"He also has made several videos, and many women adore him. However, discussing him in a sexual manner is not allowed." - He made more than several. But we'll let that slide. Discussing him in a sexual manner is not allowed? Michael spent 50% of his time on stage grabbing his crotch. Read this bit as you can watch videos of Michael, but don't tell anyone on MJHD what you saw.

"Invading the privacy (i.e., obtaining and posting personal information) of any MJHD Member, Moderator or the admins is forbidden. Privacy is valued at MJHD." - Privacy for for who? Certainly not the people that are constantly harrassed my MJHD. Please read this bit as it is OK to invade the privacy of everyone as long as it is not an MJHD Admin or moderator.

"Bashing his family/friends/associates will not be tolerated." - Even if they turn out to be fakes? You cannot bash his family? What? Read this as you cannot write the truth about how the Jackson family and friends of Michael have acted and profited from all of this.

"In no capacity may members discuss his children." - They have no connection with their father faking his death? There is a difference between bashing the children and discussing them. Read this as we do not want to talk about his kids no matter how important they are and also ignore the posts about them on the forum.

"Posting opinions and theories is allowed. It is highly encouraged." - Encouraged as long as it is not describing Michael as sexy or mentioning the Illuminati or his family or his kids. Read this as only discuss what we tell you to discuss. All other posts will be deleted.

"We will not allow posts that are obviously trying to mislead others into believing something." - Too dumb to even comment on. Read it as do not try to convince people of anything they do already believe. If someone believes Michael is dead let them alone.

"No one is to claim they personally knew MJ either." - So if Miko Brando joins MJHD all his posts will be deleted. Read as we already have a theory what happened we do not want anyone to say that theory is wrong.

"There is to be no discussion about the illuminate." - So it is OK to discuss the Illuminati? Oh sorry, got it. Don't discuss light. Read as we are rednecks and know nothing about this. Do not discuss it as we will look even more stupid than normal.

"It is a hoax-death website. If you want to discuss the illuminate, NWO, etc. then this is not the forum for you." - nwo33mj ring any bells? Read as if you think the illuminate (whoever they are) had any involvement fuck off to Alex Jones' website.

"If you want to know why a thread was locked, deleted, or post edited, then please PM one of the administrators, or one of the moderators." - Who will instantly lie to you. And say they had nothing to do with it and it was someone else. Read this as if a post is locked, deleted, or edited don't complain or the Admins and moderators will discuss you behind your back.

"Finally, have fun." - You have got to be kidding me. Don't discuss anything, don't upset anyone, don't suggest anything to other people, don't talk about all the people involved except for Dr Murray, but have fun. Read this as if you read this far we are still taking the piss out of you.

So that is the rules in a nutshell. I did hear on the grapevine there was a set of rules which mentioned invading Poland but I have not seen these for myself so cannot verify that.

With all the rules, the warning system, it is no wonder that MJHD is dead in the water. Even the Titanic had a chance before it sank - MJHD does not. Abandon ship! Abandon ship!


Anonymous said...

lies, lies, lies and even more lies! both the fish and the nightmare are lieing as soon as they open their stupid fucking face. it's so clear! lol! i haven't seen anything pathetic like this in a very long time. if ever. this is exceptionally retarded. lmaorofl! and hardly anybody seems to notice but a few. very strange indeed. it's like kindergarden over there. and the old database won't surface because fish and nightmare don't like it. they're ego powertrippin and there's no stopping them. you're right: that ship is sinking fast! lol! in fact, it already sunk.

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual

Anonymous said...

Have u noticed there are no comments at all under the rules of Silverwolf... Maybe MJHD members have not read the rules??

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Fuckface! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amy might have fucked them over with the database. I wonder how much they payed for nothing. Dumb fuckers. Trying to buy themselves a life or what? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Omg the "database thread" went from rallying to retard off-topic posts so fast.

And I love the fact that so many trolls popped up...and all those Admin/Mods are doing nothing. OH! that's right! Must be their BFFs trying to fuel shitty drama.


Only a matter of time before MJHD becomes an insane Christian "JESUS LOVES YOU" Forum . LOL!

Anonymous said...

http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=986 NO COMMENT... WTF???

Anonymous said...

So much hate. I'm guilty as well. I hope we can all let go of it someday, myself included. I'm starting to feel bad.... I allowed it to consume me.

Anonymous said...

They didn't pay anything retard...who would want to pay for that?

Girlwitbrains said...

umm yeah i understand what your saying... but i get alittle bit... no wait.. i get offended how you talk about christians.... not all i dont think you should even put christianty in this .....
i dont know where your getting at when you talk about christians...

i dont know what your intentions of putting christianity in it...put please be more considerate because MAYBE SOME OF YOUR READERS ARE CHRISTIANS

Anonymous said...

Godbotherers Unite !!!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. This really made my day. I would have posted a reply to this, if I had the energy to register. But if anyone is a member over there, maybe you should tell the person "it is now time to shut off your computer". Love it!

Just me.

Anonymous said...

Forget it.

Anonymous said...

This is the funniest thing I have read in a long time! I am eating fries and just nearly choked!!

MJHD Conspiracy said...

TO all the members of MJHD - Your voices have been heard. Amended rule #10 says you can now speak about the illuminati.

Let this be a lesson to all. You, as members, are too important for MJHD to lose. If you don't like something speak up together and you will get what you, the members, want.

Victory is ours - no matter how slow; but one small step is the start of a great journey.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Girlwitbrains said: ".. i get offended how you talk about christians.... put please be more considerate because MAYBE SOME OF YOUR READERS ARE CHRISTIANS"

Sorry, my bad, it wasn't actually aimed at all Christians, or Chritianity, it was just aimed at Fuckfish and Nightmare and how THEY perceive Christianity.

GirlwitBrains said...

oooh MJHD...lmao thats alright... im just very sensitive.. but WATEVER! your blogs are the best lol =D!

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