Badkolo - Saint Or Sinner?

Some of you may have heard the rumor that Badkolo is some sort of savior for buying MJHD.COM; and then redirecting it to the S&M forum. But is Badkolo doing it purely, as the rumors suggest, to unite all the MJHD.COM members to one place?

Quick simple answer - No. I don't want to be blamed for yet another Administrator of MJHD.COM shitting their diaper and running off so I won't go too much in to the personal details of Badkolo. But just what is Badkolo's involvement in the death of MJHD.COM?

For those new to the whole MJHD conspiracy, first a short history lesson:

Early August - MJHD closed it's doors for a approximately 4 days. During this time Souza created MJKit as a back up; just in case MJHD ever really went down.

Mid-November - Auntie Amy takes a back seat at MJHD allowing alleged "trusted member" John Smith crashes the database and allows Fuckfish and Nightmare to run the place. (For those reading for the first time, Auntie Amy crashed the database and John Smith never existed).

End of November - ThisIsAlsoIt starts up, with the first re-direct being to MJHD.

Early December - MJHD closes it's doors and goes up for sale. Eventually it is allegedly sold to Badkolo, who uses it as a re-direct to the S&M forum.

With the history lesson over, we still have to wonder what Badkolo's intentions for buying MJHD was. Did he do it to unite all the ex-MJHD members in one place? Or, did he do it because he wanted to reduce the competition?

Back in early August, when MJHD first closed it's doors MJKit was created as a backup. Also at this time the S&M forum was registered. So Souza and Mo are heroes? No. The S&M forum isn't even owned by Souza and Mo. Enter Badkolo who is listed as the owner of the S&M forum:

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So on August 4, 2009 Badkolo decided to register, and own, the S&M forum. Then from there for MJHD it is all downhill until it finally closes its doors. Which Badkolo opens and uses as a re-direct to the S&M forum.

Now for me the biggest problem I see, as I don't really care which fuck up owns which website; seems they are all fucking each other in this whole mess, is that in the WhoIs of MichaelJacksonHoaxForum.com the registrant is listed as "investorsnet" which is listed at the same address as Badkolo (aka Louie Klarevas).

Now we have the problem, that Badkolo is no longer the savior of MJHD but is using MJHD to merely point to the S&M forum.

But just when you think that things cannot get any worse a whole bunch of questions come up:
  • Has Badkolo been in the background planning the demise of MJHD since August?
  • Does Badkolo even exist or is it merely another facet of Auntie Amy much like John Smith?
  • Why is the connection between MJHD, MJKit, the S&M forum, and ThisIsAlsoIt like a dirty pond where the water is getting dirtier and dirtier?
  • When will all the people involved in this web of lies, and deceit, tell the truth?
No matter how you look at it the whole situation doesn't look good.



Anna.K said...

OK, I'm kinda creeped out now. I thought his real name was Chris ? I used to have him on MSN. He OWNS Smouza's forum ? I know he's modding there since it went from MJKit to MJHDI but I didn't know he actually owned that domain name.

Anonymous said...

Seriously , Who the F cares, Like it matters in any way shap or form.

What does this do to help anyone in this hoax.

If you would spend half the time you did on worrying about who badkolo is or what mo and souza do and spent that time looking for clues to this hoax michael pulled off you would have found him already.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Anonymous said: "Seriously , Who the F cares, Like it matters in any way shap or form. What does this do to help anyone in this hoax."

It helps in the fact they can get an idea of the principles and morals of the people running the hoax sites that people go to. Would you go to a website if you knew that their motives were not as honorable as yours?

Iloveyoumore said...

Conspiracy said: "Early August - MJHD closed its doors for approxinamtely 4 days. During this time, Souza created MJkit as a backup"

No, no, no. I have already corrected you on this incorrect timeframe on another recent blog entry of yours, and provided proof via a link to mjkit. You are correct that MJHD closed its doors on August 4th, but Souza created mjkit one week PRIOR to this on July 28, "Just in case something happened to MJHD." Which makes it all the more noteworthy.

I am starting to get a little aggravated at the lack of accuracy of these statements.

Anonymous said...

what about your principal and morals, are they any better.

Get off the high horse. If you have been in the old mjhd chat you would know badkolo was a mod there and quit months later before that site collapsed onitself due to this amy character.

From what I gathered badkolo purchased the mjhd site and redirected to mjhf , yes he owns it but he actually gave all his mj sites and mjhd to mo and souza. He wanted to end all the crap that was going on and thats what he did.

Iloveyoumore said...

P.S. Louie whatever is not badkolo's name. I know his real name, and that ain't it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 11:56 am

Anonymous said...

I guess my question in all of this conspiracy is why would someone create a site only to intentionally destroy it and redirect people to another site? I cannot come up with a motive.

Also I want to thank you for showing us that badkolo owns Mo and Souza's forum. That proves to me he is an honest guy;)

Anna.K said...

Anonymous said: "Seriously , Who the F cares, Like it matters in any way shap or form. What does this do to help anyone in this hoax."

Honesty ? I didn't give an F until some people repeatedly asked me to praise Badkolo for such saintly godly actions. And pointing something out doesn't always mean being obsessive about it.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Iloveyoumore said: "I am starting to get a little aggravated at the lack of accuracy of these statements."

LMAO. Seriously? Luckily we have you to correct us. Your date "July 28" actually makes Badkolo look worse; creating a backup before anything goes wrong with MJHD. Says even more that he is in on it, and somewhere along the line fucking Auntie Amy's diapered ass.

And if Louie Klarevas isn't his real name, it is nice to see that he picked the name of a Huffington Post writer. Now who was the only place to report on the This Is Also It film? LMAO. Seeing the connections?

Iloveyoumore said...

"Your date of July 28 actually makes Badkolo look worse." Do I give a shit? Do you think I'm on the badkolo cheerleading squad or something? I'm simply trying to keep it real. Your timeline has been incorrect now on multiple blog entries. What I do give a shit about is misinformation, whether intentional or unintentional. But since I have already provided proof of the correct timeframe, it is hard not to feel that it is indeed intentional.

3D said...

Obviously, there is some discrepancy regarding the dates of when MJHD first closed vs. when mjkit first opened and what is really Badkolo's real name. I don't really care. Cause the bigger picture is about lies. MJHDC is right; why would you want any association with known liars? It's hard enough dealing with people you think tell the truth; are you so desperate to deal with people you know lie? And then take it in the ass like they did you a favor? Sorry, you are wired wrong if you do. This redirect is so bad and yet the sheeple close their eyes. MJ fought his whole adult life against lies and injustice. How can anyone support a forum that is exactly that? Would you support a leader who lies just so you can give your opinion? There are too many other sites that aren't part of this shit. Don't try to be in with the 'in crowd". Try to be in with the "truth" crowd. Even if it isn't the glamerous or the S&M route. Give me a break

Anonymous said...

Thisisalsoit started back on October or early November, I believe, because, I've been visiting the redirection for quite sometime. I've collected 48 clues, so far, unless I've numbered wrongly! This site has proven quite educational.

Anonymous said...

I know everything, but I ain't tellin ya cuz you're stupid.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Iloveyoumore said: "But since I have already provided proof of the correct timeframe, it is hard not to feel that it is indeed intentional."

It was intentional, I am Amy, Badkolo, Souza, and Mo all in one. LMAO. No it was never intentional.

Iloveyoumore also said: "Do you think I'm on the badkolo cheerleading squad or something?"

I actually spat coffee at that bit. Let me see, oh wait, you were on the Amy cheerleading squad. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

What a fucked up crooked mess! And nice to see ilovemyselfmore being so informative as usual. Take the knife out of your back Conspiracy, it doesn't suit you at all.

Anonymous said...

I also know that louie klarevas is not badkolo´s name. So who is that?

Iloveyoumore said...

"I am Amy, Badkolo, Souza, and Mo all in one." -- Not sure what you're referring to here. That's not what I was getting at. I was only saying you continued to give an incorrect timeframe of events even when presented with solid evidence. I wasn't accusing you of being any of those people. I have no idea who you are....

"You were on the Amy cheerleading squad." -- Yeah, I'm the first to admit (at MJA, in chat with you, on SW's blog) that once upon a time I indeed liked Amy and the way she handled herself at MJHD. I've explained why I felt this way on all three occasions. I generally trust people and support them until they give me a reason not to trust them. I'm not sure where you're going with that comment either, or why it matters if I initially had a sense of respect for Amy that was lost as events unfolded.

@4:53, it's so easy to throw insults when you hide under a mask of anonymity...

Anonymous said...

I am happy that I did not; register at any of the forums. Thanks Conspiracy ! Excellent editorial ! It shows clearly; all the crooked mess that is going on.

Lady with no name

Anonymous said...

Are you all sure that isn't really his name and that he lied about his real name being Chris?

If the new S&M forum is Badloko's how long have they all known each other, cause over at the MJDHI under Souza's avatar is the following:
Site Admin
Posts: 85
Joined: April 24, 2008 9:29 am

Anonymous said...

All these people who think they know Badkolo's real name...Oh Really?...And what proof do you have?..That he 'told' you his name was Chris..Have you physically been over his place & seen evidence of his real name?..No i didnt think so...Dont be so gullible & believe what people tell over the net...Noone is who they say they are for fucks sake...And if you do use your real name on the net youre a fucking idiot....

Anonymous said...

@ 6:55 I applaud you - my thoughts exactly!! Too many idiots and someone's gunna get hurt! Oh, did I just say that?

bec said...

You're a complete idiot, blogger. Time to fade away into obscurity.

News flash: no one gives a shit.

bec said...

Someone seems a little bitter for losing their limelight. Lol.

3D said...

@Anonymous 6:38
Souza and Mo are messing with you like they have from the very begining. Remember they are not MJ fans, they don't really give a shit about him or his fans. Just bad unclean fun.

By the way, Moe says she joined Nov. 22, 2009. Like I said messing with your mind for no damn particular reason.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

bec said: "You're a complete idiot, blogger. Time to fade away into obscurity. News flash: no one gives a shit."

So just why did you post here if nobody gives a shit. And the best you could come up with is "You're a complete idiot"? If you had read the blog I've been called worse. So run along little girl, there is a school yard missing their favorite retard. Maybe you could learn some better insults while you are there.

MJHD Conspiracy said...

bec said: "Someone seems a little bitter for losing their limelight. Lol."

This is why Michael could be hiding in your fucking dining room and you wouldn't fucking find him. I have said in the past that I don't need the limelight and don't want the limelight. I'm just putting on a blog what I see happening.

The only person looking for the limelight is you, posting pointless shit like you were back on MJHD.

Iloveyoumore said...

@MJHD Conspiracy 8:33pm, "So run along little girl, there is a school yard missing thieir favorite retard."

'Scuse me TB, sorry to interject into this conversation -- but why did you edit your spelling of "favourite" to "favorite"? I'm very curious to know. Also, did you not just tell me a couple of days ago that you can't edit posts on this blog? :)

MJHD Conspiracy said...

Iloveyoumore said: "@MJHD Conspiracy 8:33pm, "So run along little girl, there is a school yard missing thieir favorite retard." 'Scuse me TB, sorry to interject into this conversation -- but why did you edit your spelling of "favourite" to "favorite"? I'm very curious to know. Also, did you not just tell me a couple of days ago that you can't edit posts on this blog? :)"

I can't edit posts from other people. Just my own. It is a blogger thing. And the favourite & favorite was a joke that Bec didn't catch. Was seeing if she actually reads before she comments. LOL. Just seeing if she is paying attention to something that should fade away.

bec said...

Blogger is "AMY", lol. And "AMY" is real real angry that Badkolo fooled it.

LMAO!!! Oooo so angry, "AMY" forgot to not spell it "favourite", lol.

Iloveyoumore said...

@MJHD Conspiracy 9:05pm "And the favourit & favorite was a joke that bec didn;t catch. Was seeing if she actually reads before she coments. LOL. Just seeing if she is paying attention to something that should fade away".

Let me get this straight. You wrote the following sentencec in your post to her: "So run along little girl, there is a school yard missing their favorite retard".

I went to refresh the page just a couple of minutes later, and you had changed the spelling of "favourite" to "favorite".

And now you're trying to tell us that it was a "joke" to see if she would catch it? LMAO! Are you trying to sell me some oceanfront property in California to sell you, TB? Because I'm not buying it. Nice.

Anonymous said...

iloveyoumore ain't got her facts straight either. WTF? She thinks she's in the know, when at the end of the day she knows nothing. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I don't trust ANY of them!! Just like "Amy" and Badkolo or whatever it is, Mo and Souza are NOT fans or supporters of Michael! When will people get this...they don't actually CARE about him at all! They have also said it many times themselves. Isn't it a bit too convenient that Mo and Souza were the ones who were originally banned from MJHD and just decided for some reason to make their own forum, or did they even do that really? I mean why do they even care at all about this whole thing if they're not fans? Hasn't anyone ever wondered about that fact at all?

I think they've both been messing with the heads of a lot of VERY loyal and concerned MJ fans who only want to know the TRUTH from the very beginning. I don't think MJ has ANYTHING to do with any of these forums. Obviously because they were all started by non fans who don't seem to care about Michael OR his real, devoted fans! I actually think they are mocking and fooling the fans. These people have their own agendas, it's not about MJ for them that much is obvious.

People need to wake up to that fact. This is exactly why I stay away from any of these forums. The whole thing is just way too suspicious and confusing. I would rather do my own research, thank you. Especially since it really looks the Illuminati/CIA/Occult involvement in MJ's life seems like a forbidden subject or isn't taken seriously at all there. How can you even claim to be "searching for the truth" if you don't take every possibility or theory into real consideration? That's exactly WHY it's called searching for the TRUTH! Seems to me like someone doesn't want us to find the real truth...

So basically Mo and Souza (or whoever they really are ) are just as full of crap and LIES as "Amy" was!! WAKE UP!

Badkolo said...

Since your so into this badkolo and we all know you love the gossip then your free to email me. I will give you what you want so badly and that is to finally know what has been going on with mjhd and mjkit and whatever else you have been wrong about.

Your trying to look so deep into nothing that somehow you have concocted this whole new story that you have others following and inturn you all look like idiots and foolish, you do and ill tell you why, If you would have bothered to look around you would have known the whole story long ago since many know the whole actual story, that tells me you wherent at the OLD MJHD CHAT. So basicaly you have your webiste based around a guessing game when all the info was right in front of all your readers.

You have freely spurted out my name like a whore this past week but I never hid, many know my name, my facebook, what I look like, sound like and they all know the whole story.

As long as your not some gay stalker then your free to contact me as well, I dont hide. BADKOLO@HOTMAIL.COM, you have had my email for weeks, so unless you loast the ability to email then I will be waiting for yours. WE can talk about whatyever you like.

BUT >>> I ask you this??
Do you really want to know the truth, Becuase once you do then I am sure you are aware your site will lose interest overnight and would have no purpose, the mystery will be gone. Think about that pal.

Anonymous said...

are you insinuating the blogger is aussie or english because of the spelling of favourite??
we do that you know,colour,favourite...omg maybe Im the blogger:O> lol
the bad story is just Bullshit
sorry but it is
silverwolf I think has been the one tricked this time

The only place we are getting anything close to the truth is on here...so Im staying and not going anywhere

Anonymous said...

Thisisalsoit started at the end of October not the end of November. It was around the same time the movie was released.

This whole mess could all be part of the "GAME" for all we know.

Peace to you.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I like your blog. :)

I commented a few days ago, saying that all this anger and hate is upsetting and that Michael would have not wanted that. I wanted to clarify that I was not critizing you. I just noticed the hate and anger on all these sites - MJHD, MJDI, MJKit etc.

The more I think about it, the more I feel that nearly EVERYONE involved in these MJ Death Hoax sites is connected. Maybe it's always the same person...

Anonymous said...

or maybe your all crazy and dont have a clue as to what your talking about

Anonymous said...

Want to know what I think? Probably not but you're going to hear it anyways. Iloveyoumore is pissed because the blogger isn't Chris aka Badkolo with whom she's romantically attached and has been seeking out for weeks now in a desperate attempt to reconnect. And now, when the blogger typos a 'u' in favorite, then all holy hell breaks loose and she's not the oh so nice person everyone thought she was. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - take the knife out of your back Conspiracy, it doesn't suit you.

You all come here for truths, yet you bash eachother and the blogger and where does that get you? Umm, nowhere really. This whole Amy/Silverfish/S&M/and now Badkolo sauga is what you all want to know about, right? This is one person's point of view and how they see it. Sure, they've been wrong before but look in the mirror before you point fingers about who's right and who's wrong. If Conspiracy wasn't on to something, would you still be reading here? Didn't think so.

3D said...

Hey iloveyoumore, that is not the first time MJHC has used the British, Canadian or Aussie way of spelling. I have seen the "s" used instead of the American "z" in his/her blogs. Ie. realise instead of realize. Don't know if this points to Amy, just points to a Non-American. But why MJHC corrected this time is a good question. Oh dear God, can we ever just find one honest man/ woman in the land of Sodom? Ah, that might be a No. ^!^

Anonymous said...

@ Badkolo - So if this is all going to be some boring answer with nothing more to investigate, then would you care to share the news about thisisalsoit.com so every fruitcake out there quits following the fucking thing too then? I mean, seeing as you KNOW so much, I'm sure you have the scoop on this as well.

BADKOLO said...



Anonymous said...

Good Lord, what a bunch of fuck ups..

BADKOLO said...

To anon::

As everyone else knows, i have no clue as to who owns, is affiliated with nor am I part of that site nor do i know who is, I dont know exactly when it was started and i never followed it becuase I was told it was part of mjhd.com which i dissociated from. The fact that thisisalsoit.com was in godaddy in the first place led me to believe it was run by (amy) or mjhd.com. That is only an assumption since godaddy is popular and could be a coincidence. Now that I purchased mjhd.com and relinquished it to Mo & Souza it has to stay at godaddy for 30 days. Nothing I can do about that.

While some think thisisalsoit.com is part of this hoax and it well could be, I personally believe its someone from the old mjhd that decided to have soem fun with people and play with thier heads but hey thats just me.

Anonymous said...

@ Badkolo - thanks for your answer, much appreciated.

BADKOLO said...

oh let me guess your all dying to know one thing right?????.

Why did badkolo buy mjhd.com and redirect it to mjhf.com

I became a mod at mjhd, back in july/august when the site first went down. From day one we had to deal with trolls and people complaining to this amy. Time went on and fishy things went on in the chat and forum, Amy was caught in a lie and at the same time 2 mods where fired while 3 quit on the same day. Thats 5 mods gone in one day, the new trolls took over and ruined the site. (after a long discussion with silverwolf we have concluded they wherent part of the scum and in the end this amy character screwed them as well and i have no ill will towards him at all)During my time as a mod at mjhd.com i was hacked many times resulting in all my info stolen, bank info, emails hacked and erased, msn messenger hacked as well. That was part of why I quit.

NOw to present day. Mo and souza are my friends I met at mjhd.com along with many others I still speak with. While you all love to bash Mo and Souza with no reason , simply out of your own stupidity since you dont know them, becuase if you actually knew them you would know they spend every waking moment at home or at work trying to figure out this hoax and bring people some answers or some thought prevoking stuff to think about.

Yes I will agree sometimes what they have written can seem outrageous or simply cruel, but , if you would stop , read and think , you will see that they spent countless hours on research and are in this guessing game just as all of us are. If you dont like what they have to say that is your right, but to bash them for doing hard work is simply moronic on your part.
I find it shameful that you mock them when i dont see any answers from you about this hoax, at least they try, IF MICHAEL DID HOAX HIS DEATH then who are you to judge these 2 girs on any conclusion to come up with.

Now back to WHY i did what I did.

I dont trust amy and I was sick of the bullcrap that was poisoning both sites, amy was selling it and I bought it and ended the chaos. Except this blog exists to keep strring the same old crap about mjhd.com, that site is dead and I buried it and redirected it to MJHF.com which is also my name as many other michaeljackson names which i redirected all and have given to Mo & Suza as a gift.

In the end peace has been made if you like it or not.

Iloveyoumore said...

@9:23am I'm romantically attached to badkolo? Seriously? Are you on drugs? I've never spoken to badkolo, not one time. You're quite funny, "anonymous". Thanks for the laughs. Bec will get quite the kick out of that.

Iloveyoumore said...

@3D 9:24am "Hey Iloveyoumore, this is not the first time MJHDC has used the British, Canadian, or Aussie way of spelling" -- Hey 3D/elde, I know. It has been duly noted. And frankly it did not interest me all that much, until last night. I found it very curious that s/he wrote the word "favourite", and then when I went to refresh, had edited it to "favorite." Why bother this time? Odd indeed. And then the xplanation was absurdly stupid. Oh well, I'm done with this mess here. I feel like some of the "anonymous" comments are posted by the blogger (otherwise they make no sense - like about the backstabbing -- wtf?! LOL), I fefel like some of my words are being edited (I'm pretty sure @9:16pm I wrote "oceanfront property in Arizona", not "California", which makes no sense whatsoever); and something is just very awry here at the blog. I'm done though and I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. If anyone wants to keep in touch, come join us at MJA.

Anonymous said...

So if you are talking Badkolo what is the whole boring truth?

Anonymous said...

@Badkolo. Thanks again. I know you did what was best for MJHD:) I hope you come around again.

Anonymous said...


1. According to Souza and Mo, they claimed they "could not reach you and you "hoaxed your death", now you suddenly make an appearance to set the record straight. I don't think you ever disappeared to begin with and S&M were in the know all along since you are listed as their ADMIN contact.

2. According to Silver and Daydream, you were negotiating with AMY and MJHD.COM was going to be put in their hands. Instead, you redirected it to Souza and Mo's. What was the motive behind this decision and did Silver and Daydream have foreknowledge of this move. It seems to me that you not only fooled AMY, and you burned Silver and Daydream.

3. The connection between MJKIT and MJHD.com has existed from day one, is this true?

4. MichaelJacksonHoaxDeath.net is also part of this mess. What was the point of dividing the forums? It is obvious to me that MJHD.COM and .NET are also related.

Obviously you want to put the rumors to rest or you wouldn't be here.

You stated: " If you would have bothered to look around you would have known the whole story long ago since many know the whole actual story, that tells me you wherent at the OLD MJHD CHAT"

Not all members were involved in CHAT, so for those of us who weren't could you please explain what the "whole story" is.
Obviously there are those who have been privy to certain information from day one and others who have not. In all fairness, I think that ALL members of MJHD.com deserve an explanation right here and now, not in an e-mail. Why not make an official statement if there is nothing to hide? After all, a forum is only as good as its members. It is only fair that EVERYONE know the truth behind all the lies. Many hours of time, effort and hard work into making MJHD.com a success thanks to the loyalty of the members. And tell me, what did they get in return from the administration for their contributions? ONE BIG MESS created by none other than people like Silver, Daydream, and a few others I will not mention here.

The "real people" who have been innocent bystanders and stuck in the middle of all this deserve some real answers.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

You wont get a reply from Badkolo cos his head is so far up his own arse...What do you see in there Badkolo?...The crap that usually spills from your mouth floating around in there...Chunky

ReachingOut said...

Fascinating ...

@ Anon 12.54, yes agreed, the REAL people who DEVELOPED the database.


What a load of crap, really.

anonymous 3 said...

@ Iloveyoumore : do you think 3D and elde is the same person? Why do you think so? I don't think they are one and the same.

3D said...

Who the hell is elde? Not me the last time I looked. Anytiways...

Back at the farm. @iloveyoumore, it is disturbing that you found your posts edited. I was not that observant. But I did wonder if MJHC wrote some of the blogs himself.

And as for you Badkolo, if it wasn't for MJHC's blog, none of this shit would have ever been told. So maybe it turned into a den of hate but at least some of the truth was told and behind the scene mess revealed. I don't care about Souza or Mo or whether mjhd.net is mjhd.com is mjkit or TMZ. I just want to know: Where is the fucking database???????? V

Anonymous said...

The database base is sitting in Amy's PC in sunny Queensland... where else the fuck would it be...She owned it so obviously feels she can do as she pleases with it...Queenslanders are quite backward so got no idea what she would do with it..It will pop up again when she wants drama

Anonymous said...

The database is hidden safely inside one of Amy's heavily used diapers.

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